tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCharlotte’s Got Game Ch. 01

Charlotte’s Got Game Ch. 01

byGrandflasher C.©

[Hi! I hope you enjoy this story. It's a bit of a strange trek for me on this one started as a request. Of course the requestor wanted to be the star of the story... Now – I usually don't do requests, but the plot and characters seemed up my alley, and it seemed an opportunity to try something new. Enjoy!]

Ch. 01

Charlotte left early because she was afraid of being late and she wasn't too familiar with the football stadium on campus. However, it was a nice day to take a stroll, and she enjoyed the walk as she neared her destination. When she arrived at her destination and entered the stadium, Charlotte found a helpful security guard and was able to locate the locker room without much trouble.

She stopped abruptly just then, having reached her destination. The door before her was clearly marked as the "Panther's Locker Room – Keep Out." Underneath that a hung temporary sign made up in felt marker that read "Room closed to everyone except main roster players, coaches, and guests today!"

"I guess that means me!" Charlotte said to herself, before thinking about Alabama Tech's football team.

They were called the "Panthers" and were quite a good team, or so she was told. Charlotte shook her head and smiled – not that she would know, as she had only seen them play one time.

Football! It was very different than the "football" that she understood, back in the U.K. That football she grew up with had men running down the field chasing a small ball with their dexterous feet. This football she had very little understanding of – huge men in defensive gear, running into and then crushing one another – chasing after a ball that you could kick and throw. She giggled at those images.

Other images popped into her head: large athletes with thick torsos, muscular arms, and sizable thighs. Suddenly other naughty thoughts came to Charlotte, regarding other sizable appendages the football players might be sporting. Get a hold of yourself girl, Charlotte thought.

After all, she was there for a reason, which was for a photo shoot. This explained why she was standing where she was, dressed like a cheerleader, and why she about to walk into the Panther's locker room all by her lonesome.

In hindsight, it was obvious why Charlotte was chosen for this gig. She was one of the hottest babes on campus, after all! Charlotte had also done some modeling work before, and had a smoking bikini body that had turned heads all around the small college town. So when it was announced that a gorgeous model was needed for a photo shoot with the Panther's, the young woman found out that she had landed the gig, which she hadn't even applied for! Charlotte wasn't surprised, because she obviously had some fans rooting for her.

The young woman strolled into the men's locker room as if it were the most natural thing to do in the world. If she was a tiny bit apprehensive, she didn't let it show. It helped that the room was empty at that moment. A short corridor ended abruptly in a large room, with exits to the showers to the right and then exits to the toilets on the left. Sinks and mirrors lined the front of the room where she was standing, but these only went halfway and ended at the far side of the room, which was where the lockers and benches were.

The room at first glance appeared like any other locker room Charlotte had seen before: covered in ceramic tile that appeared aged, well-worn, but clean, faucets and sinks that had seen a lot of use, and equipment that was aged but well-maintained. However, as she quickly acclimatized to the environment, the girl realized there was one major difference here from any other locker room she had ever visited.

That smell.

Charlotte crinkled her nose. An incredibly virile aroma permeated the room. It wasn't so noticeable near the entryway, but as Charlotte got closer to the back – near the lockers themselves – it became stronger and stronger. It was awful, and it made her want to gag ... yet at the same time it wasn't ... that bad, Charlotte had to admit to herself. It was a masculine stink; the odor of numerous men and their sweaty, stinking bodies. And it not only gave Charlotte the chills, but it made her weak in the knees; she thought about how many hard, naked, muscular bodies had changed clothes in that place, their thick torsos clammy and drenched with perspiration after a tough game.

The young woman imagined beads of hot sweat, dripping in rivulets down a rock-hard six-pack, which then branched off down powerful thighs, all rigid with muscle and bone. She then imagined another bead of sweat as it followed another, more sexy path – down past the abs but then towards the penis, through a rough patch of dark pubic hair, and then a lengthy journey down the shaft itself which was thick and heavy, its dark smooth skin broken up by ridged veins on its surface and even in its flaccid state. The cock hung - huge and extremely long – downwards to point at the floor, and ended nearly halfway between those extremely athletic thighs. That bead of sweat continued on its way, down that cock's length, until it reached the edge of the circumcised foreskin, at which point the slick droplet slowly snaked down the crest of the bulbous head – all the way to its tip – before dropping to the floor.

Charlotte shivered all of a sudden, overcome by her illicit thoughts combined with that intense stench. Both threatened to overwhelm the young woman. Pull yourself together, she scolded herself.

She wandered over to one of the wooden benches and sat down, carefully smoothed out her tiny pleated mini-skirt over her legs, and then tried to cover up as much of her slim thighs as she could. It didn't help very much because her outfit was much too small, which made her pussy feel warm and a little tingly. A too-short skirt displayed her long, smooth legs wonderfully, but made Charlotte feel a little overexposed, even though she wore a pair of low-ride and snug-fitting white panties underneath. Next, a pair of slim white sneakers adorned her feet. For her top she had on a tight tank-top that was much too tight and showed off her large breasts wonderfully.

The top and skirt were adorned with the school colors and logo – a crisp blue and white which brought out the bright blue of Charlotte's sparkling eyes. They had requested that she leave her long, wavy chestnut hair down, which she happily complied with. A little make up and some white pom-poms finished off her look, which – she honestly thought to herself – looked really, really sexy. Charlotte had the face of an angel and a body of a bikini model, voluptuous from head to toe, which is why she had landed this job.

Just at that moment the door to the locker room swung open loudly. Charlotte listened to the sounds of a noisy group coming into the room, and she looked up expectedly. It was the football team standing before her, the starting lineup chosen to be part of the photo shoot to be exact. However, there were two figures that were conspicuously missing from the group.

"Where is the photographer and Coach Daniels?" Charlotte asked shyly. She found herself somewhat intimidated to be surrounded by so many large, sweaty men.

There were eleven football players in total; they were all huge, broad shouldered, and thick in the neck. Some were tall, some were short, and the lightest of them must have been about a hundred and ninety pounds, while the heaviest must have been close to three hundred pounds. Four were Caucasian, five were black, and the last two looked to be Latino. They all looked big, rough, and burly.

"Wow – look at this hot babe! Waiting for us in the men's locker room!" It was Matt who spoke, the star quarterback and the only person on this team whose name Charlotte knew.

The others sniggered and chuckled at Matt's comment. The players aggressively surrounded the young woman. Their thick thighs and enormous crotch bulges were suddenly alarmingly close to Charlotte face. She quickly stood up, rather uncomfortable with the situation.

"Now boys, behave yourselves!" the lovely Brit said in admonishment. She tried to sound as confident as she could. "The coach will arrive any moment now!"

"But we haven't done anything..." a player behind Charlotte said.

"Yet!" another unknown player piped up.

This triggered another round of sniggers from the group. Charlotte crossed her hands (beneath her heavenly tits) and tried to appear very cross with the football players. Inside she was deeply shaken at her circumstances, but on the outside she displayed her typical icy demeanor. As usual, it came off more as arrogance and condescension more than anything else.

A hand all of a sudden snuck up underneath her tiny skirt and began fondling her luscious bottom. Charlotte slapped it away and spun around swiftly, but didn't see whose hand it belonged to.

"STOP THAT!" she cried out loudly. The beautiful young woman scanned the five or six players who were the likely culprits, and she pointed a finger at them. "Who was that!?"

A bunch of hands grabbed Charlotte from behind just then. It happened very fast and she had no warning. Suddenly she was pinned and couldn't move. She could see the two men holding her hands at her sides, and she glared angrily at them, but she couldn't really see much behind her. There were too many of them to contend with. When she was about to speak out, more sets of hands reached beneath her skirt and began to play with her defenseless ass.

"Oh God!" the brunette squealed, as she felt fingers creeping underneath her panties. "Please, let me go!"

There was a strong crack of emotion in her voice, but this in turn made the team leer even more at the girl. Charlotte twisted about, trying to free herself, but the brutish hands that held her were incredibly strong and had no trouble holding her still. She swiftly realized how utterly helpless she was, surrounded by these muscular star athletes.

Then Matt laid his chin on Charlotte's slim shoulder so that he could look at her while standing behind her. He was a large, black African-American, and was widely believed to have a great chance at professional career in football after college. When she felt fingers pinching her rear end and then go on to toy with her little asshole, her eyes bulged out and became wide as saucers. Matt laughed at the expression of distress on Charlotte's face.

The beautiful Brit let out a shrill shriek before gazing at Matt with baleful eyes. "Stop that, Matt! Stop - stop touching my arsehole!"

Matt grinned, "What are you talking about, babe? I'm not doing anything!"

Both of the quarterback's arms reached out over her shoulders, which he then showed to Charlotte.

"See!?" he said innocently.

Charlotte gritted her teeth, but couldn't help it when her entire body shuddered. She felt other hands as they crept up in-between her ass-crack, which meant at least two or three players were about to feel her out. The situation had gotten way out of control!

"Oh God! Whoever's doing that - please stop it!" she pleaded. The brunette tried twisting her body once more but it was useless - she just couldn't break free.

"Jesus, guys, what a view!" Matt observed, whistling appreciatively.

From his present point of view, he could look down at Charlotte's impressive cleavage. Since she only had a flimsy, rather tight tank-top on with no bra, Matt could get a real sense of the girl's considerable assets. Charlotte's tits were absolutely real, they were absolutely huge, and they were absolutely magnificent. Not being able to deny himself, the quarterback reached down and fondled those fabulous boobs.

"Nooooooooooooooo!" Charlotte screamed out in despair.

As Matt manhandled her big tits, his teammates gathered in even closer. A few of guys in front of the brunette reached underneath her skirt and started fighting for her pussy. Charlotte let out another forlorn squeal, but was totally ignored.

"Nice rack, Matt?" asked one of his teammates. A big grin adorned his face because his finger twiddled with Charlotte's clitoris, causing the girl to squirm adorably in heat.

"Dude," replied the quarterback as he pinched Charlotte's hard nipples so hard that she jumped a little, "this has got to be one of the best sets of titties I've ever laid my hand on!"

The others all murmured to each other excitedly.

"Fucking rights - look at the rack on this chick!" one player yelled.

"First time I saw her on campus, I knew I had to grab a hold of those puppies!" joined in another player.

"First night after I saw her on campus I jacked off - and imaged spraying my load over those sweet boobies!" another player chimed in.

Suddenly Matt ripped the front of Charlotte's flimsy tank so that her breasts were freed, popped open from their confines and wobbling out in the open. Most of the men all stared in lust at the brunette's stupendous set of tits, which were large like melons and - best of all - completely natural. Her strawberry colored nipples were already hard and erect.

"PLEASE, Matt!" the girl cried in desperation. With her wrists still being held, there was no way to cover her nakedness up. Charlotte bit her bottom lip and flushed red as half of her body was on display. "Stop it!"

"At last, the Ice Queen shows her true colors!" cried Matt. "Every guy on campus has asked you out this semester! And you've turned every last one of us down! Now's our chance at payback!"

The quarterback went back to playing with her magnificent breasts. He was a big man with quite large hands, but even he was impressed with Charlotte's fabulous rack. They felt fantastically large and heavy in his hands. With both hands he relentlessly tweaked the girl's nipples until she twisted her body about, gasping at his unrelenting manhandling while his buddies all cheered him on.

Soon everyone else joined in on the fun. Charlotte's tits were worked hard, mauled by an endlessly changing set of hands. One by one the eleven teammates attacked her tits as well, taking turns groping, pinching, and stroking the girl's beautiful bouncing boobs.

However, she would have been more troubled by the mistreatment of her upper body if it wasn't for the many hands beneath her tiny skirt, freely playing with her two most sensitive orifices. It was an unbelievable sensation how so many roving hands and fingers – as they felt her up, rubbed her clit and slick little love-hole, and played with her asshole - could feel so gloriously naughty. Charlotte's simply couldn't keep up with all the sordid sensations that coursed through her. When one thick finger deep up her snatch was replaced by another big digit, it just barely registered in her mind before another finger replaced the second one!

She heard and felt some more ripping of fabric. Her white panties had been pulled down to mid-thigh, but now they were being torn apart. The panties were now tattered pieces of cloth on the ground. Charlotte moaned softly at her predicament, at how swiftly things had come to this point. She no longer had on a shirt or panties, and was surrounded by eleven horny football players! Where was the coach? Where was the photographer?

Then Charlotte noticed that her arms were free. At some point, whoever it was that still held onto had released her wrists to join in with their friends in fondling the brunette. The young woman tried once more and struggled again with the eleven men, but it was to no avail. Charlotte realized that even one of them could overpower her easily, because they all had rock-hard bodies with six-packs, huge pecs, and thick, muscular arms. Trying to fight off eleven of them was next to impossible!

"Jesus - did you feel these amazing titties, Franklin?"

"Of course, man! They're fucking fabulous! You know what I can't wait to do with them?"


"Dude - I can't wait to wrap them around my big dick!"

"No, man - I get to titty-fuck this bitch first!"

The guys all laughed loudly at those comments, while Charlotte writhed in their salacious hands. What felt like enormous fingers jammed their way up her swollen snatch to join competing with other fingers, and they all wriggled about deeply inside of her. More fingers ruthlessly pinched her nipples, while someone stuck his fingers into her mouth, forcing the girl to taste her own sex.

"Goddamn! I can't wait to fuck this slut's sweet little pussy! Look at how it grips my fingers - I bet it'll feel even better with my cock!"

"Yeah - we're gonna fucking this slut really good today! Think you can handle eleven honking boners, you slutty little bitch!?"

Again laughter erupted. Charlotte, on the other hand, tried telling the athlete off but couldn't due to the fingers in her mouth. She managed to get out some undignified grunts which helped to infer her outrage, but that only brought more chuckles directed back at her.

As if in retaliation, she felt someone rip apart her mini-skirt, which fell to the ground in ruins. The brunette let out a moan of utter desperation. They had torn up all her clothes! All she had on were socks and sneakers now, and she wondered how she would get back to her apartment across campus dressed like that! Her pretty blue eyes widened in panic and her nubile young body tried again to fight back against her attackers.

But it was pointless to resist the football team. In response to her struggling, however, the team of players attacked Charlotte with renewed vigor. Much to the girl's dismay, the players quickened their pace, finger-fucking her pussy at a blistering speed.

"Shit - baby! We're gonna fuck you so goooood!!" leered one of Hispanic players - a huge man with frightening eyes.

"You're sweet little pussy is gonna get pounded by our huge dicks that you're only gonna want to fuck football players from now on!" boasted another player. This one was a big black man who pointed to the huge trouser snake showing through his pants.

Alarmed, Charlotte glanced down and was astonished by the thick erections that all the men sported within the confines of their athletic shorts. Even as she squirmed in vain at their vaginal attack, her eyes darted around like a frightened deer to observe the tumescent outlines of hard cock on every player within her line of sight. Events were quickly spiraling out of control.

All of a sudden, for a split second, the group had forgotten to abuse the girl's mouth, and she was able to speak out. She pleaded, "Oh please - aaahhhh - please - dear God - ungh - NO! Please stop! OHHHHH!! I don't want to -"

Big fingers roughly plugged back up Charlotte's oral opening, and the guys all laughed at the brunette beauty. They were amused by the model's terrified demeanor as well as how she kept trying to hold back her heartfelt moans.

"Shut the fuck up, you snooty cunt!" ordered Matt, who slapped the buxom young woman hard on her spectacular ass. The sound of that contact reverberated loudly in the locker room. The quarterback sneered back at Charlotte, mocking her with a rather bad English accent. "Oh - I'm Charlotte, the hot little tramp from jolly old England! I talk in this sexy English accent and like to tease all the guys on campus, but I won't give it up! I'm the biggest little cock-tease exchange student this side of the Chattanooga!"

All the men laughed at Matt's horrible rendition of an English accent, but the consensus was clear on everyone's faces: this uptight British bitch that had turned them all down was due for a comeuppance. It was payback time, and they were going to do a lot more than simply cop a feel!

She felt fingers slip up her tight asshole, forcing their way through that incredibly clenched opening. Even with three thick fingers wiggling inside her mouth, Charlotte managed to get out a gut-churning, muffled screech. The lovely young woman tensed her entire body at the anal intrusion. The players before had just played with the outer rim of her pretty asshole, but now one of them had a big digit stuck up into her anus and slid it in deeper and deeper.

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