tagLesbian SexCharlotte's Alley

Charlotte's Alley


"Hello, I thought you'd gone."

Charlotte sat somewhat awkwardly at the raised table by the large circular pillar, placed her large glass of white wine spritzer down and smiled.

"Hello back."

Taking a sip from her glass Megan clinked Charlotte's with a 'cheers'.

"Who was that you were with when I arrived. Oh yeah, and thanks for letting me think you'd just gone and stood me up."

Charlotte smiled at her friend, a big toothy grin that said naughtiness.

"That, as you so eloquently put it, was Elizabeth, or Lizzie to her friends."

"Ok. Who was Lizzie?"

"I don't rightly know if you want the truth. She just came up to me, said the weirdest thing, then sat down next to me whilst I was waiting for you to arrive. Oh yeah and thank you for being late - again."

"Well I must disagree; I was not late actually. If I recall I said I would see you same time next week, which according to you was eight twenty-five, therefore I was actually early because I arrived at eight twenty." It was ended with a tilt of the head, along with an animated gesture with her tongue.

"Yes, but you were supposed to be here at eight last week, and the week before. In fact, Megan you are always late."

"Shut up. I pay my price for being late don't I?"

Charlotte smiled back at her ever so naughty and always late friend without replying.

"So, who was Lizzie, a work colleague?"

"Oh, gosh no. she was a random girl who suddenly appeared at my shoulder and asked if I was Charlotte. Naturally I said yes, although I was a little hesitant in case I had met her before and not remembered."

"Could easily be true. You have been known to suddenly depart a bar with a stranger on your arm from time to time," Megan interjected, looking up from her nearly empty glass.

Charlotte blushed. "I am sure I do not know what you mean."

"Yeah right. Carry on with the 'once upon a time' then."

"She stood with a smile on her face, well half a smile I suppose, and pointed to a yellow badge on her coat lapel."


"I think she expected me to say something for some reason. Fuck knows what, but she just said her name was Elizabeth and was pleased to finally meet me."


"You're telling me. Then she just sat down, ordered a glass of Chardonnay and asked me if I wanted another."

"Okay," said Megan with a puzzled look, not sure what to make of it. Her friend was known for being a tease and wind-up merchant so she wary of proceeding any further with this. "And you definitely do not know her?"

"Nope. She said some weird stuff to start off with, like I looked exactly like my picture, how nervous she had been all day, but glad to be finally here. The next thirty minutes she told me about herself, her separation from Edward, and her work at the hospital. I thought you could talk, but jeez, she beat you hands down."

Megan gave her the finger and took the final slurp from her glass."

"Another drink cheeky mare?"

Charlotte nodded and watched her friend disappear through the crowds of the now rapidly filling bar. She put her hands into her jacket pocket and fingering the still damp silky material wondered what exactly Elizabeth was doing and thinking at this moment in the taxi back home. The thought gave a little thrill inside, the sort that need attention sooner rather than later. A cursory glance around her to check if there was anyone who caught her eye. A black haired girl turned just as she looked her way. The Goth look suited her, so Charlotte gave her a warm friendly smile. Her totty spotting was interrupted by Megan returning with two drinks and a bag of peanuts. Charlotte hated peanuts, which was exactly why Megan got them.

"So, why did you leave with her, and more to the point, why did you come back?"

"You're just fucking nosey, that's your trouble Megan." Charlotte was a little miffed that there was a bag of nuts on the table and not the usual crisps.

"Yeah, and what happened? See I don't get it; from what you said Lizzie was exactly the type of girl you normally spend all night avoiding."

"True, but this one intrigued me."

"Intrigued, you, fuck off."

"Yeah, it was when she said she was separated that I got intrigued."

Megan giggled, shook her head knowing all too well her friend had a thing for married, or in this case nearly married women.

"I sussed that she must be on a blind date and for some reason she thought I must be her date. Lucky coincidence I guess, so I played along."

"A blind date with you? This girl needs a serious talking too."

"Well it obviously wasn't with me, but someone else whom she thought was me."

"Yeah, I get it. I still don't get though why you left with her and then came back."

Charlotte gave her the naughty smile again, slipped her hand in her pocket, slowly pulled out a clenched fist from beneath the table top and teasingly one finger at a time unclenched her hand.

Megan sat momentarily with a puzzled look on her face as the hand unfolded, she was left almost mesmerised at the silky black G-string panties in the palm of the hand.

"We didn't go far," was all Charlotte said leaving her friend to wonder in awe at her prized possession.

Regaining her composure Megan, who had believed that Charlotte could no longer shock her after all these years of friendship, was indeed taken aback.

"Might that be to the infamous alley, the so called Charlotte's Alley." Megan said with a little smirk on her lips that turned into a small giggle.

"Might be." A soft curt reply. "Can you smell the aroma?"

Megan eased forward gingerly, trying not to seem overly eager, she could taste the aroma of strong sexual arousal on her lips, then conscious of the people around her that might not fully understand the situation she nonchalantly sat back up.


"Yeah, sure is good, wanna lick?"

Megan shook her head, more in bewilderment, at the outrageous comment, whilst Charlotte laughed, still with the panties partly on display.

Charlotte took a glance around as she put the panties back in their hiding place, hoping the Goth girl had been watching the scene unfold. If she had then she wasn't at that moment. Her thoughts distracted by Megan.

"So Lizzie took a trip with you down the alley?"

It was her way of asking what happened, her way of asking for all the sordid naughty bits. She loved to hear about Charlotte's adventure, some of them too incredible for words at times. It was not that she did not believe they took place, as she knew from first hand experience what her friend was capable of, with willing (and some not so willing) partners.

"Well, all the time she kept yakking in my ear I couldn't help but think about what fun I could have with her. Well, she was clearly up for something. I mean why would a thirty something year old separated woman arrange a blind date with another woman, if it wasn't to explore her sexual fantasies."

Charlotte had to admit that the girl was ripe for plucking. The alley hadn't been her first thought, it was only when they opened the door that it popped into her head, unusual, as it was usually one of the first places she thought about. No, it was to go to Lizzie's house, have her do all those little sordid things in the marriage bed that she been missing out on all the time she was with her husband Edward. Make her masturbate herself to the brink in each room until they reached the bedroom when a pair of stockings would come in handy to spread her legs apart, her head raised so she could watch herself finger her hot and eager vagina to a shattering orgasm. Probably her first one for a while. Perhaps a dildo in her arse, maybe a virgin arse with luck, and spanking of course. Charlotte enjoyed spanking new playmates, it always amazed her how many first timers also enjoyed it.

Over the last few years there had been many late night visitors to the alley. Each one a tale that could be remembered each time she saw the pair of panties in the trophy drawer. It was filling up nicely, and here was another pair to join the ever increasing fragrance of the wooden box. Some even came back more than once. Indeed, she had taken, no perhaps followed was more appropriate now, Mary down there more than ten times. Mary, Mary, a very needy sort, well when your fast approaching fifty it seems the more fun you crave away from the loved one sat at home, watching god knows what on the television or computer.

"She was a bad kisser." Charlotte said almost too loudly. "I made her stand against the wall and give me a kiss. I nearly turned around and walked off."

"Obviously not enough practice," giggled Megan.

"I made her do it three times before I gave up and took matters in to my own hands."

Megan saw the scene in her mind, the girl stood with her arms behind her back against the wall, legs slightly apart and Charlotte forcing her tongue between the ruby red lips. The hands, that wandered unchecked all over the tense, yet excited body of the latest conquest to find out how mind blowing it was to be in the alley. The alley that was dark enough and just far enough away from the main street for people to see, but yet, there was always that constant thought that you were in danger of being seen in whatever compromising position that Charlotte had you in.

"Hello, hello, earth to Megan."

Megan just smiled back at the giggling Charlotte.

"So Miss Alley. Yes, perhaps I should call you Charlotte Alley from now on. We could have a blue plaque put to mark the spot where you spent most of your adult life."

"I will mark you in the alley in a minute," Charlotte interjected.

"Do you promise?" the ever hopeful, and ever wetter, Megan retorted.

They both took a drink. Charlotte took the momentary break to glance across at Goth girl. Their eyes met, mind the black haired beauty quickly turned away, having been caught staring yet again. Charlotte smiled to herself.

"Poor Lizzie, I bet she is sat in bed now wondering what the fuck happened. A night that had started with the promise of things new and unknown, ended with her down a dirty alley between a bar and a pizza shop."

"Yeah, I guess she never expected that when she slid on the stool next to me."

"So, what happened after you kissed her?"

"There you again, miss nosey-wosey. You'll be leaving a stain on the stool if you're not careful."

Too late, thought Megan. She blushed knowing that her friend knew exactly what might be happening down below.

"Well, and just for your delight, I will carry on with my tale. Perhaps we should call it Charlotte and the Three Fingered Virgin?"

"Ex-virgin now I'm guessing."

"Who is telling this tale, me or you?"

"You, my princess." Megan mocked with a sneer.

"Good, now shut the fuck up and try not play with yourself in public."

Megan gave her the finger once more.

"I really did try to take my time, try to make it a memorable evening, even pleasurable for Lizzie in a nice way, but it was soon lost when she just complied so easily when told 'fold your arms behind your back'. There was not even a quizzical look or question of why, just compliance as she folded her bare arms behind her back. Lizzie closed her eyes as I kissed her hard, forcing her head back against the brick wall. She surrendered her lips to me, then she surrendered each part of her body just as easily. Her tits, though small, were firm, the nipple soon bullet hard from the caressing, tweaking and pinching. The warm thighs, that seemed to quiver the first time my fingers stroked them. I smiled as I pushed my tongue once more into those smudged lips, whilst forcing the feet wider and wider. There was a thought at one point to take off one of the black stockings and tie her wrists together but the panting in my ear told me that Lizzie was needing something a little more urgently."

They both took another drink. Charlotte saw her best friend had used her left hand, the right was obviously busy elsewhere.

"It moved to whole new level when I pushed her soaking black G-string panties to one side and she took a long deep breath. I had wondered if she realised that her vagina was about to become my latest play toy. The slick folds that already come out to play for me, running two fingers over them, squeezing them from time to time. Watching my new friend for reactions. I love to see their faces as I play with them, tease them, until it was time to give them what they wanted. Not that most of the visitors to this part of town had come with that intention but they certainly left having found out about the delights of it. Three fingers it took to bring her off. First one slipped in easily, the wetness almost sucking it up the hot canal."

Megan was distracted by the people at the next table leaving. She cussed them under her breath.

"Then the second, it too went in easily. Finally, the third, a tight fit for a moment but then flesh parted wantonly. Three fingers pushed up her hot wet snatch, fucking her hard, or was it the hot wet snatch fucking the fingers hard. It was difficult to tell in the end as the first time alley virgin was lost in the emotion of the situation, the rapid up and down motion and the slopping sound that ended minutes later with a stifled grunt of sheer pleasure, though it sounded like someone in the throes of intense pain."

Megan sat listening intently as Charlotte began to recount her brief yet fruitful trip. She was feeling a little light headed, and it was not only with the wine. It had been a few days since her last 'relief' and a week since Charlotte had taken her home, spanked her arse for being late, and then fucked her arse with a pink strap-on. The memory gave her shudder as she remembered vividly the feel of her warm, sore cheeks banging harder and harder against the thighs of her friend as she orgasmed for the umpteenth time. There was also a thought that maybe wearing a light blue skirt was not such a good idea as there could be a stain from the dribbling between her legs

"I whispered in her ear take your knickers off and give them to me. Bless her, she was slumped against my shoulder. It made me smile, the arms still obediently folded behind the back, despite the shattering orgasm that she gone through moments before. This was someone I need to get to know more about. I mean just how far is she willing to go, especially if she gives it up so easily the first time we met. I cleaned my sopping wet fingers on the dress still around her waist."

Charlotte knew Megan was lost in her own little thoughts by now, imagining it was her up the alley being finger fucked.

"Willingly and without a word the blushing Lizzie slipped them off, even folded them, before handing the garment over. I was about to kiss her but the silly girl just at that moment decided to walk away, no doubt the post coital feeling of guilt had started to sink in, the need to get home quickly to the safety of her twee little house. I put a hand on the shoulder bent her over slightly then six quick hard smacks on the rear got her attention once more. Obediently she kissed me goodnight as instructed, and with another whack on her bum was dismissed with instructions to meet tomorrow afternoon."

"So you are meeting her again - not just a one night stand then?" Megan asked trying to keep focused and not let her mind wander to where her hands were at the very moment. It gave those across the room a cheap thrill to see her stocking tops as she caressed herself in the full view of anyone looking that way.

"Oh yes, tomorrow at the café in the park. Maybe, if she is a good little Lizzie I will introduce her to Charlotte's Bush."

They both giggled. It drew the attention of the girl in the Goth dress, Charlotte looked across the room and once more saw the interested look. Charlotte smiled to herself, perhaps tonight she might get to have fun with two total strangers in her alley. Of course it would be rude to leave her best friend out, it was clear from her twitching hands, that she needed a jolly good seeing too as well.

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by Anonymous

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by Bridget6901/06/18

Right up my alley

I see this path taking many interesting directions.

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by Anonymous01/04/18

Great story

I love it when just reading a story really turns you on makes your cock hard. I also would love for my wife to have a friend like her. Please continue writing this story and many more.

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by JamesRTickit01/03/18

A very English tale

It works nicely as an unfolding story.
Start with Megan, then Lizzie next the Goth.
Keep going Charlotte and her web.

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by jenorma201201/03/18


it was alright

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by Highpike01/03/18

Huge fun

Thank you for this hot little story

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