Charly Ch. 08

byPandoras Desire©

Chapter 8: Happy Birthday Darlin'

Charly stirred in her position, then stretched before opening and focusing her eyes around the room. She then noticed that Wayne wasn't in bed with her. She knew that he didn't have any business to take care of, so that meant that he had to be somewhere in the house. So Charly got up and went to the bathroom, and washed and dried her hands when she was finished. Then went down stairs and looked for Wayne. She finally found him in the living room, on the computer. So she crept up behind him, and scared the livin' daylights out of him. He let out a scream, that even scared Lucky.

Wayne says, "ya scared me honey!"

Charly just laughed, and said, "whatcha' doin', babe?"

"Talkin' with Wanda," Wayne said.

"Oh? Tell her I said hi," said Charly.

"Well, ya can tell her yourself honey. we just finished talking," as he got up from the computer chair. With Charly standing right behind him, Wayne didn't have time to erase the message archive in Yahoo! messenger. So he was hoping against hope that Charly wouldn't scroll the conversation back. Wayne felt like he had just gotten caught doin' somethin' that he wasn't supposed to be doin', but as Charly's birthday is March 26Th, just one week away, he was actually making plans for a huge birthday party for his beautiful wife, and he wanted it to be a surprise.

Charly sat down in the chair and went to type something to Wanda, when Wanda's message appeared..

"Hey there, sis!," said Wanda.

"Hey there!," said Charly.

"I scared the livin' daylights out of Wayne, a minute ago," said Charly.

"Ya did?" said Wanda.

"Yeah, ya should have seen him, he jumped a foot off of the computer chair."

"I take it he didn't hear ya come down the stairs?," said Wanda.

"I guess not," said Charly, I scared poor Lucky, too, she continued.

"Oh, no," said Wanda.

"He'll survive," said Charly.

"Hey," said Wanda. "Wanna go shoppin' today?," she continued.

"Sure," said Charly. "What time," she continued.

"How bout noon? sound OK with you?"

"Sure thing," said Charly.

"Lemmie shower and get dressed, we'll get some lunch while we're out too OK?," said Charly.

"Great," said Wanda, "we'll make a day of it," she continued.

"OK, see ya about noon, then. Drive safe and Love ya," said Charly.

"Thanks sis, Love ya too," said Wanda.

Charly always tells her sister Wanda to drive safe, because Wanda was in a real bad car accident a few years ago, and was almost killed. So whenever Charly knew that Wanda, her sister and best friend was on the road, it always concerned Charly a great deal. Family is VERY important to Charly.

So Charly logged off line, and went to find Wayne. He was in the kitchen, makin' something for him to eat.

"None for me?" teased Charly.

"Wanda told me she was gonna ask you to go shopping today, I figured you two would get something to eat while you two were out."

"You're off the hook," said Charly, "cause you're right," she continued. Then kissed her handsome husband on the mouth. Then said, "I need to shower."

As Wayne was still in his PJ bottom's, he said to his beautiful wife, "mind if I join you?"

Charly grabbed her husband and gave him a huge kiss on his mouth then inserted her tongue, which Wayne readily excepted. Then breaks the kiss and says, "sure handsome."

Then she turned on her heels, and said, "last one up the stairs.. well you know."

Wayne speaks up and says, "you know?"

"Never mind," said Charly, "just get upstairs, and get yourself undressed big boy," she continued.

"Yes ma'am," said Wayne. And with that, Wayne and Charly went upstairs. Charly got the water temperature ready, while Wayne undressed, and traditionally standing like the American flag. Charly then closes the door to the shower, to let it steam up, then turns around and walks over to Wayne and placed her hand on him and then leans up on her toes and kisses him full on the mouth. Then she breaks the kiss and says, "hmm, big boy, ready, and willing, I see, just the way I like ya."

Wayne just blushed. Then says, "get undressed woman." Then he opened the door to the shower and hopped in, waiting for Charly to get herself undressed. And when she was done, she went to the shower and got inside and shut the door. Then grabbed her bath puff and the bottle of soap and squeezed some onto her bath puff, and handed it to Wayne, and said, "wash me good, big boy."

Wayne just arched an eyebrow, and said, "you got it honey." Then set about washin' his darlin' Charly Belle. Charly felt so alive at that moment, at her handsome husbands every whim. She tilted her head back, and with her mouth slightly open she began mewling like a kitten, as he was washing her taut body. When Wayne reached that deep dark hidden place between her legs, Charly spread them a little more to accommodate his ministrations, and moaned again. Wayne's actions stirred something inside Charly, something she had felt before, but this time it was so much stronger. She almost orgasmed right there. Her body began to quiver, and as Wayne noticed this, he backed off a little. Not wanting this to happen, he wanted to be inside her. When Wayne stopped his ministrations, Charly turned towards him and said, "honey, why'd ya stop, that was great!"

Wayne just looked at his darlin' wife and kissed her full on the mouth, and grabbed her breast at the same time.

Charly breaks the kiss and speaks up and says, "lay a little lovin' on me."

Wayne turned his darlin' wife around facing the shower, Charly placed her left leg onto the side of the tub, then Wayne entered her from behind, then letting her get used to him. Charly leaned her head back against her handsome husbands chest, and began mewling like a kitten again. Wayne grabbed her just underneath her breast with one hand and the other on her waist and began thrusting inside his darlin' wife. He was slow at first, then when his own needs needed to be met, he quickened his pace a little. Charly had other things in mind, she speaks up and says, "give it to me sweet and easy, soft and slow, babe."

With that, Wayne settled his pace down a little. Charly still had her pretty head against her handsome husbands chest, her mouth slightly open, mewling like a kitten. Wayne's hand covering her breasts, feeling the sensation of them with each thrust. Charly turned her pretty little head towards her husband, and said, "kiss me."

Wayne bent his head down and kissed Charly full on the mouth, letting his tongue invade her mouth for a bit. Then Charly breaks the kiss and leans her head back onto Wayne's broad chest, while Wayne continued his thrusts inside his wife. Charly began mewling again, she got a little louder as she was nearing orgasm. With one last thrust, Wayne sent Charly over the edge, and she began to orgasm. As they both came down from their orgasm, Wayne slid out of Charly, and turned her towards him, and kissed her again. Charly wrapped her arms around Wayne's neck and excepted his kiss, inserting her tongue into his mouth. As Wayne was kissing his darlin' wife, he began to suck on her tongue. Charly then broke the kiss and then says, "I love you Wayne, forever and always."

"I love you too baby," said Wayne. Charly then finished washing herself, as did Wayne. She then washed and conditioned her hair. When they were done, Charly turned off the water, and opened the door. She grabbed a towel for Wayne and handed it to him, then a towel for her beautiful hair, and one for her body. Charly and Wayne both got out of the tub, and dried themselves off. Wayne asks Charly if she needed the hair dryer and her curling iron plugged in.

"Yes honey, I do," said Charly.

Wayne plugged them in for her, as Charly said, "thank you."

"No problem babe," said Wayne, as he exited the bathroom and went next door to their bedroom and found some cloths to wear.

Charly set about combing her hair, and drying and curling it, then she brushed her teeth, and then put on a little make up. Charly always did her make-up a little different than she did when she was performing on stage. A little less heavy. When she was done, she went next door to their bedroom and grabbed a pair of jeans, and a nice blouse, and bra and panties. Charly got herself dressed, then dabbed some of her favorite perfume on. Wayne had actually gotten it for her, for Christmas last year, and she loved the scent, as well as he loved it on her. She then grabbed her high heeled shoes, and put them on, grabbed her purse and headed for the stairs, when she heard Wanda's voice in the foyer. She was talkin' to Wayne. Charly went down stairs, and greeted Wanda and gave her baby sister a huge hug. Wanda asked Charly if she was ready for a day of shoppin'. Charly said, "almost, I need to get a drink of Water, I'll be right back." Charly headed herself into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass out of the cupboard, then set about getting some water out of the faucet. As she was doing so, Lucky came up to her and rubbed up against her leg. When Charly was done with her water, she put the glass into the sink, and bent down to pet lucky, which he readily accepted. After a few seconds of petting Lucky, Charly came out of the kitchen, and down the hallway to the foyer. "All ready, she said."

"Me to," said Wanda.

Charly speaks up and says, "I think Lucky wants some food honey," then kissed Wayne on the mouth. "have a good day, she continued.

"Oh I will," said Wayne, as he winked at Wanda.

Wanda just smiled, as her and Charly turned and walked out the door to the drive.

Charly noticed that her little pickup was blocked in, so she gathered that they would take Wanda's car. She was right, as Wanda opened the drivers side door, Charly opened the passenger side and hopped in. Once in, they both shut their doors and strapped their seat belts on. Wanda started the car, and said, "where too my sis?"

"Any where darlin', I'm famished."

"Okay, you picked last time, so this time I'll pick the restaurant."

"Okay," said Charly. And off they went in search for a place to satisfy their hunger.

Meanwhile.. Inside their house, Wayne set about feeding Lucky. The cat that he bought for Charly. It was kind of a joke between the two. When Charly and Wayne make love, Charly mewls like a kitten. Lucky was dancin' around Wayne's feet and meowing, as he was opening a can of food to feed him with. Then Wayne set the bowl of food down for Lucky, and gave him a pat him on the head. He then went into the living room and went back to work at the computer, sending out invitations for the surprise birthday party that he was planning for Charly. With her birthday only a week away, he really needed to get these invitations out to her family, friends and business associates, so he could plan on how much food and cake to have.

Meanwhile.. Wanda and Charly were still deciding on where to eat lunch. Somewhere close to the mall they decided. "How bout Darfons?," said Charly. "We haven't been there in a while," she continued.

"OK," said Wanda. "As long as your up for bein' recognized."

"Not a problem," said Charly.

So Wanda and Charly headed down the highway, and with a little small talk the ride to Nashville didn't seem as long as it normally did. Charly and Wanda finally reached Nashville, and found the street for the restaurant. They pulled into the parking lot and found a spot to park. Once Wanda parked the car, they took off their seat belts, then Wanda turned off the car, and took out the keys from the ignition and placed them in her purse. Charly and Wanda both got out of the car, as Wanda reached inside on the door and hit the lock button to lock her car. She then shut the door, and she and Charly went and opened the door and walked in. A lovely hostess greeted them.

"Two?," she said.

"Yes," Charly and Wanda both said in unison.

"Right this way," said the hostess.

She showed them to their table, and placed a couple of menus in front of them. "I'm Denise, your waitress will be Kathy, she'll be right with you," said the hostess.

The hostess left their table, which gave Charly and Wanda a few minutes to look over their menus. A few minutes later, Kathy appeared. "Hi, I'm Kathy, I'll be your waitress, can I start you off with a drink?"

"That would be lovely," said Charly, I'll have diet Coke, she continued, in her sweet voice.

"Make that two, please, said, Wanda.

"Two diet Coke's, comin' up.

"Ya know what ya want sis?," said Charly.

"I've got it narrowed down, to two selections," said Wanda.

With that, Kathy appeared with their diet Coke's and placed them down in front of the girls. Kathy then said, "What can I get you girls?"

Wanda speaks up and says, "you go ahead sis, I'm still thinkin'."

"OK," said Charly, I'll have the steak special, medium please, with baked potato, and mixed vegetables."

"Dressing on your salad ma'am?"

"Oh yes, Italian please. Kathy wrote down Charly's order, then looked at Wanda and said, "for you ma'am?"

"I'll have the baked chicken, with mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables, oh and, Italian for me too, please," said, Wanda.

"All right then, ladies, I'll have your salads up shortly," said Kathy, as she turned to walk towards the kitchen to place Charly and Wanda's order.

Charly and Wanda sat there in silence for a moment, both sipping on their diet Coke's. Then Wanda looked up at her big sis, and said, "you're lookin' good sis."

Charly looked at Wanda and said her 'thank you,' "as do you my sweet sis. I been kind of tired lately, though," she continued.

"I bet," said, Wanda, "I don't know how you do it," she continued.

"I love what I do, but sometimes, I wonder myself, how I do it. I'm sure glad I have Wayne with me, it makes life on the road. A lot more pleasant and less lonely."

"You sure found a real good man, there my sis."

"I sure did," said, Charly, "I love and appreciate him so deeply," she continued.

As Charly blushed, Kathy brought their salads and some bread and placed them down in front of them. "Anything else I can get for you ladies?"

"Looks like everything is in order," said Charly.

"All right then, I'll be back with your dinner's soon," said Kathy.

"Thank you," said Charly, as the waitress turned to walk away again.

Charly took her knife, then reached for a piece of bread and buttered it, then says, "I'm so famished today."

Wanda speaks up as she's buttering her bread with her knife, "ya didn't eat some breakfast there sis?"

"No, I didn't. Wayne was eatin' somethin' in the kitchen when I got off the computer with you, and I mentioned to him about him eatin' in front of me. And that's when he said that you said you were gonna ask me to lunch and go shopping. So I said he was off the hook, cause he was right." Then she laughed out loud.

Wanda then took a piece of bread in her mouth, as did Charly.

Within a few minutes Kathy returned with Wanda and Charly's lunches.

"Steak, medium, baked potato and mixed vegetables, for you ma'am," placing the plate down in front of Charly.

"Thank you," said Charly.

"And for you ma'am, baked chicken, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables," placing the plate down in front of Wanda.

Wanda said her, 'thank you.'

The waitress said, "anything else I can get you ladies?"

"I don't think so, for me," said Charly. "Me either," said Wanda.

"I'll be back later then," said Kathy.

Wanda and Charly nodded at the waitress. Charly then picked up her knife and cut her baked potato and placed some butter on it, as Wanda placed some butter on her mashed potatoes. Charly then picked up her fork and with the knife in her left, began to cut a small piece of steak for herself.

Wanda did the same with her baked chicken. Taking a bite, then asked Charly how her steak was. "Very good," said Charly. "And your chicken," she continued.

"Perfect," said Wanda."

Charly cut a small piece of steak with her fork and knife, and placed it onto Wanda's plate. Wanda said, "thank you."

So then Wanda set about cutting a piece of baked chicken and then placed it onto Charly's plate. Charly said, her thank you.

Charly and Wanda continued to eat their dinners, with a little small talk in between.

When they were nearly done, Kathy appeared again, and asked if Charly and Wanda would like any desert. Wanda and Charly both said in unison, "no thank you, we're stuffed."

The waitress just laughed, and placed the ticket on the table and said, "I'll be back in a moment."

With that, the waitress disappeared, and Wanda took out her wallet, as did Charly. Wanda speaks up and says, "my treat, this time."

Charly just smiled at her baby sister, and said, "thank you, shopping's on me."

Wanda got out her credit card and placed it on the table, just as Kathy appeared. "I'll be right back."

A minute or two later Kathy came back with the bill for Wanda to sign. As Wanda began to sign, Charly began to look into her compact and place some pink lipstick on her lips. After signing the bill, Kathy disappeared into the kitchen again. Wanda says, "ya'll ready there sis?" As Charly began to put her compact away, she says, "sure thing sis."

Charly and Wanda got up from their table and went to the door, as someone was walking in, they both stepped back to let them in, but then saw the woman was trying to get her husbands wheelchair through the door, but was having a hard time doing so. So Charly and Wanda tried to help the lady as best they could. When they finally got the wheelchair through the door, the woman looked up at Charly and Wanda and went to say 'thank you,' when she realized who Charly was. Charly just smiled at the woman, as the woman was in awe of her and trying to speak. So Charly just reached out her hand and said, "Hello."

The woman politely said, "Donna, and this is Robert, we are huge fans of yours."

"Why thank you Donna," said Charly.

Donna reached down in her purse and pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, and asked Charly if she would mind signing it for her.

Charly said, "sure."

Wanda speaks up and says, "hold that thought, I have an idea, I'll be right back." Both Charly and Donna looked at Wanda as Wanda disappeared through the doors of the restaurant and to her car. Wanda opened the door with her key chain, and went to the back seat and grabbed a picture of her beautiful and talented sister, then closed her door and went back to the restaurant, then gave Charly the picture of her to sign.

Charly signed it, "To Donna and Robert, best wishes, Love, Charly McClain." Then handed the pic to Donna.

Donna was still in awe of Charly, but said her 'thank you.' As Charly and Wanda said their good buys to Donna and Robert, they left the restaurant and got into Wanda's car, shut the doors, put on their seat belts, and started the car. Wanda looked back in both directions, and then backed out of her parking space. Wanda was able to drive right out of the parking lot as their were no cars coming in either direction. Kind of odd for downtown Nashville. Wanda and Charly decided what stores they would hit at the mall, as Charly reminded her sister and best friend, that 'shopping was on her.'

Wanda finally agreed, as her car finally gravitated in the direction of the mall parking lot. Once inside, they drove around and found a parking space. Parked the car, took off their seat belts, and shut off the car. Both Wanda and Charly grabbed their purses then got out of the car. Wanda locked the doors then put her keys in her purse, as she walked over to Charly. They took their time entering the mall, as they had all day to spend together. Wanda and Charly finally reached the doors of the mall and headed straight for The Deb Shop. Charly and Wanda always like to buy something fun to wear, then they get a little more serious in their shopping. As they enter Lord and Taylor, and the like. Charly decided that she wanted to go to Victoria's Secret, to buy something to wear for Wayne. So Wanda followed Charly into the store. A clerk came up to Charly and Wanda and asked them if they needed any help, but they refused with a polite 'no thanks, we're just looking.' The clerk said, "okay, I'm here if you need me."

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