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Charmed - A Glamorous Man


Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This is also a parody and as such is protected under the first amendment. I do not claim to own the characters used herein, I'm just borrowing them for a little while, and there is no intent to use the characters for profit. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s).

This story may not be redistributed. Yeah, that'll stop them.

This was my first attempt at erotic fiction. Or fiction of any kind, at least since I got out of grade school. Comments, suggestions, even criticism is welcome. You can reach me through the CONTACT tab on my profile.

Oh, yeah, a warning to anyone who likes a plot in their erotica. You won't find one here. This is a sex story and as such has just enough plot to advance the sex along.

Thanks to all the authors who spend so much of their time and effort to bring these stories to us all. Your efforts are much appreciated.

And many thanks to ErosTrek, Professor Moriarty and JT Langdon. I like your collective vision of the Charmed sisters and framed this story along similar lines. Hope no one minds. And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

Phoebe was undressing on her bed, already down to her matching bra and panties.

"So how do we do this?"

At the foot of the bed Paige was setting up the Halliwell's camcorder on the tripod. Looking up at her older sister she responded, "It's your fantasy. How do you want to do this?"

Phoebe turned to the nude male standing to her left and looked up and down his body. He stood just under six feet tall and had short dark hair with brown eyes. He also possessed a nice toned figure with muscular, but not overly muscled, arms, a broad chest, six-pack abs (very important in Phoebe's eyes) and most importantly a beautiful, thick, long, and rapidly hardening cock. Surprisingly, his pubic region was completely bald. Not a hair was to be found above or below his mostly erect penis. Even his balls appeared clean-shaven. Phoebe appreciated the attention to detail and was even more eager to get her mouth around this beautiful piece of meat.

"Well, I guess the naughty masseuse thing is out. Let's skip the role playing and just get to the good stuff."

"Good stuff?" mocked Paige.

"Fucking, all right? You may begin to service me now," this with a royal wave of her hand to her soon-to-be lover.

As he moved towards her Phoebe stopped him and said, "Wait. What am I supposed to call you?"

"How about Lars?"

"Lars? Do you look even remotely like a Lars?" Lars grinned and shrugged at that.

"No. Besides we're not doing the massage thing."

"All right, call me Paul."


"Why not? It's a perfectly good name."

Meanwhile Paige was growing impatient, "Oh for crying out loud would you just call him Paul already and get started. We don't have all day you know. Phoebe, Paul. Paul, Phoebe. Are you happy now?"

Phoebe just glared at her younger sibling before turning back to Paul and asking, "How do you want to start?"

"Why don't you get on your stomach and we'll start with a little massage anyway."

"Okay Lars." "Paul!!" from both other occupants of the room.

Phoebe, who had continued to undress and was completely nude by now, nodded and began to roll over but not before giving the camera a quick beaver shot that made Paige's mouth water. Getting up on her knees with her ass in the air, Phoebe began to rock slightly back and forth, her clean-shaven twat in perfect focus. Even as she lowered her body to the bed she kept her legs spread so that Paige could zoom in on her glistening snatch. Something the faux redhead was happy to do.

Paul had also been happily watching Phoebe expose herself to the camera and he now moved toward her nude body. Placing one hand on her left leg he began to move his hands on Phoebe's body, up her thigh and over her buttock onto her lower back then back down the right side to her knee. Bringing his hand back up to the gorgeous ass before him (as any sane straight man in his position would do) Paul stopped and gave Phoebe's right cheek a gentle squeeze. Phoebe had elevated her upper body on her elbows and was turned slightly so she could watch the progress. Paul now had both hands on her butt and was rhythmically squeezing her cheeks, pulling them apart in the process. This gave Paige, and her camera, an even better view of Phoebe's vulva and now her asshole as well. A sight that the anally oriented younger girl could never get enough of. Already Paige was wishing she could ditch the camera and dive in between her older sister's legs, but she had agreed to play director for the day and was determined to let Phoebe have her fun without interference. At least not so soon.

Paul had continued to massage Phoebe's butt and Paige realized she had almost missed an opportunity for a close-up. Quickly zooming in it became obvious that the middle Halliwell was growing increasingly aroused, as evidenced by the moisture already appearing between her legs. After checking with Paige that she had indeed caught the display on camera Paul changed from using his whole hand to just using his fingertips on Phoebe's body, and he now began to move further away from the amazing ass that both he and Paige were lusting for big time. Up the prone form's back, returning down and over the buttocks then back up, each time going just a little bit further, he worked his way down Phoebe's left leg. When he reached her ankle he changed his stroke again, this time pressing firmly down on her satin soft skin. Moving up the leg slowly he passed over the left cheek, still maintaining pressure, before moving to the right side and starting the trip down that leg. This process was repeated several times. When he felt that he had gotten Phoebe relaxed enough he went back to massaging her ass, but with more pressure than previously. After the first few minutes Phoebe had lowered her upper body to the bed and rested her head on her arms. She signaled her approval periodically by moaning quietly whenever he did something she particularly liked.

Placing one hand on each leg Paul moved down by increments while he squeezed the flesh beneath his hands. Upper thighs, squeeze, move down a hands-breadth, repeating until he reached her ankles. He spent some time massaging both ankles and calves before moving onto the bottoms of Phoebe's feet. Experimenting with different pressures Paul quickly found how much pressure to apply that wouldn't result in a high-pitched squeal and having the offended foot yanked from his grasp only to quickly be shoved back at his body as punishment. He also settled for massaging one foot at a time, using mostly his thumbs, placing one thumb next to the other on the soles of his ticklish victim's foot and applying pressure then rotating them in opposite directions. When Phoebe began to wriggle her ass in pleasure Paul decided that there had been enough massaging for now, even though he hadn't even touched her shoulders yet. Figuring that there was time for that later if she decided he mentally shrugged his shoulders and moved on to some real foreplay.

Replacing his hands with his tongue Paul began the journey back up Phoebe's leg to her lightly tanned ass. Dragging his tongue up her body, but skipping the back of her knee so he wouldn't get kicked again, he arrived at his destination. Not wanting to move too quickly Paul sat up and placed both hands on Phoebe's rump and began to briefly massage the globes again. This time he changed tactics and angled his strokes in and down towards her overheated groin. When Phoebe felt the first brush of his fingers against her inner thigh she moaned approvingly. Encouraged by this Paul began zeroing in on Phoebe's center. At first he stroked her just below her snatch then he moved ever so slightly up until his pinkies were making a bare minimum of contact between her legs. More moans meant more contact and now Paul had abandoned all pretense and was actively rubbing Phoebe's pussy.

Seeing Paul make contact Paige mumbled "Finally. 'Bout damn time." She was growing impatient with the prelude and wanted the pair on the bed to move on to the first act. Of course this was not an altruistic act on her part. Paige figured the sooner the first act began the sooner it would end, and maybe the sooner she could make her appearance on the stage. To thunderous applause no doubt.

Paul was using his left hand to rub along Phoebe's slit now while the other was being used to squeeze her magnificent ass again. Phoebe was helping by widely spreading her legs to ease his access. Not too widely of course. Wouldn't want to appear sluttish. Prue used to do that during their encounters. Phoebe or Piper would move in for some carpet munching and Prue would throw her legs so far apart you would swear she was trying to split herself in half. Not that either sister complained of course, but accusations of slut were readily hurled at the eldest Halliwell. This led to counter charges and counter-counter charges of whom of the three was the biggest slut until all ended up in one bedroom or another where the challenges could be met and a massive lez-fest would begin. Nothing was ever settled by this, but then that was never the point. The Halliwell clan would come together, and frequently cum together, their bond would be strengthened, and sexual gratification would be had by all. What else was necessary?

Phoebe's brief reminiscence was ended as Paul touched her clit for the first time of the afternoon. Emitting a low hiss at the contact Phoebe looked over her shoulder towards the fully focused man giving her so much pleasure. Seeing this Paige turned the camera briefly away from the action on the bed to capture the look of lust in Phoebe's eyes. The subject of the camera lens sensed Paige focusing on her but simply looked straight at the camera before letting out another hiss as Paul again touched her clitoris. Once again Paige turned the camera lens to the action taking place on the bed. Paul was rubbing his middle finger harder along Phoebe's labia, occasionally slipping the digit between her outer folds only to bring it back out again only to swipe it against the groaning woman's engorged clit. Picking up the pace Paul curled his middle and index fingers on the down stroke and slipped them into Phoebe's pussy where the raven-haired beauty instantly clamped down on them, but only for a moment. Phoebe had excellent control over her groin muscles, something that her many male lovers praised her for over the years, and Paul would find this out first hand in short order. Releasing her grip she let Paul pull his fingers out so he could slip them back in again. Again Phoebe contracted her pussy muscles briefly trapping the invading fingers inside her. This time Paul twisted his wrist slightly moving the trapped fingers in a clockwise motion. Phoebe grunted her approval as she released him again. Again Paul slid his fingers back into the hot flesh of Phoebe's twat, but this time he rotated them counterclockwise as he entered and clockwise as he pulled them out. Without the expected clamping from Phoebe they slid out quickly and he was free to repeat the process for the next several minutes. Paul briefly considered searching for Phoebe's g-spot but since she was still on her stomach and his hand was palm up he abandoned the idea. It would be too awkward to reverse his hand and try this palm down given his position on her right side and though he was experienced at finding a woman's g-spot even he doubted he could find it using the backs of his fingers or knuckles. Instead he used the thumb from his free hand to begin stimulating Phoebe's asshole, circling the ring slowly and applying some light pressure periodically. This new tactic elicited a soft "Oh, yeah" from Phoebe, and another low moan from Paige. This continued for a few minutes more before Paul decided he had relied on his hands long enough and it was time to bring his tongue into play. He stopped playing with Phoebe's backdoor just long enough to lean over and tease it quickly with the tip of his tongue. The subject of the tease had just been getting ready to voice her disapproval when she felt him make the initial contact. Instead of a complaint he received a long "mmmm" instead.

Paul now settled in for some dedicated salad tossing and Phoebe returned to her previous position with her head down on her arms. At first he continued to finger her tight pussy but as he got more involved in his tongue work he let his fingers wander to a stop, still embedded in her sopping wet cunt. After a period of inaction Phoebe noticed the lack of stimulation and bounced her hips on the bed a little to return his attention to her pussy. Paul got the message, but not the one Phoebe had intended. Instead of resuming where he had left off Paul changed approach yet again. Removing both his hand from Phoebe's twat and his tongue from her asshole he pressed his face further down between his lover's legs and started to lick her inner labia. Wanting to facilitate this new development Phoebe quickly grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her stomach, raising her hips off the bed a little more and giving Paul easier access to her sweet snatch.

It was now simpler for Paul to reach Phoebe's pussy, but he was still cognizant of Paige and the camera recording every second of the afternoon's events, and Paige had not been idle during all this. She had removed the camera from the tripod again and had started to move around the pair on the bed, selecting the best angle from which to record. As Paul had begun rimming Phoebe Paige was at the bottom left of the bed capturing the action. When Phoebe had started to moan the youngest sibling moved up to the head of the bed and focused again on her sister's face. Phoebe was morphing between looks of intense pleasure and a huge smile, her eyes closed tightly all the while as she concentrated on the sensations from her nether regions. When she drew Paul's attention back to her pussy she drew Paige back with him, the camera once again absorbing the explicit activities taking place.

The return of the camera meant a return to his original method of cunnilingus. Instead of just jamming his face in between the toned legs surrounding him as he had when Paige was recording Phoebe's reactions Paul continued to go at the cream-filled treat from above, meaning he could only use the side of his tongue while dining at the Y. Not the most satisfying method for either participant but there would be other opportunities to improve on this performance later. Besides the goal here was to heighten Phoebe's arousal, not bring her to orgasm just yet.

This was all fine with Phoebe. She had enjoyed the massage immensely and the subsequent stimulation of her pussy and ass by fingers and tongue even more but she was ready to be a more active participant in this event. She started to roll over causing Paul to stop what he was doing and look at her questioningly. When he realized her intentions he thought she wanted him to dive in and get her off after all, but Phoebe stopped him.

"No. It's my turn now. Why don't you bring that beautiful piece of man-meat up here so I can get a closer look."

Paul just gave her a sour look but Paige's head popped out from behind the camera, "Man-meat? Could you be more corny?"

"Hey no editorializing from the help." To Paul, "Get your cock up here so I can suck it!"

"That's better."

"Shush you!"

Paul did as he was told and moved to the head of the bed so Phoebe could reach his cock. Mindful of the camera that was trying to capture this event for posterity, or late evening wank sessions for the sisters, he placed his right arm along the top of the headboard and put his right knee up on the bed. Phoebe also kept the camera in mind and slid over a little so she could better reach him, but she stayed mostly on her back with her legs, once again spread because she was now fingering herself, facing the camera and Paige who had returned to her original position at the foot of the bed.

Phoebe took a good look at the penis dangling just a few inches in front of her. Paul was fully hard already and he hadn't even been touched.

Casting an appraising eye toward the cock she was about to enjoy she asked, "That's really nice. How big is that? Eight inches?"

Paul shrugged and answered, "How should I know. I never measured the thing."

Turning to Paige Phoebe said, "What do you think? Eight inches, right?"

"Seems about right to me. Did you want bigger?"

"Um, yeah, maybe. Next time though."

She turned back to Paul to see a surprised look on his face. "Oh, baby, I'm just teasing. This is more than fine, seriously."

"Well if it's not don't blame me. I have no control over the size. It sort of comes with the package."

"No control over the size? Is that right?"

"You know what I mean!"

Not bothering to respond Phoebe placed her hand on him for the first time, gently stroking his shaft up and down, occasionally rubbing her thumb across his glans. Paul groaned at the contact, his erect dick soaking up every sensation as Phoebe continued her light stroking.

Seeking to soothe any remaining ruffled feathers Phoebe remarked as if to no one, "I can't wait to get this inside me. It's so thick. And now that it's fully erect I think it's bigger than I first thought. Yes, I'm sure of it. It's got to be at least nine inches."

With that she placed a small kiss on the head of his cock and looked up at his face. Knowing he was being placated, but willing to go along with it he replied, "You better hope not, because sooner or later it's going in your ass!"

'Ooh, a challenge' Phoebe thought, but she gave no reply. Paige on the other hand let out a weak groan as her knees almost buckled. She couldn't decide what she wanted more, to see Paul's cock sliding in and out of Phoebe's ass, or to take her sister's place and experience the ass-fucking first hand. It had been hard enough watching the analingus without horning in on the action, this was almost too much to take.

Phoebe paid no attention to her sister, she was quite familiar with Paige's reaction to anything relating to anal sex, but Paul cast a quick glance over to the redhead to see if she was all right. Seeing she was only suffering from extreme horniness he turned his attention back to Phoebe just in time to se her swallow the first few inches of his cock. This time the groan was not weak and was not from Paige. Pleased at so immediate a response Phoebe repeated the action getting a little farther down than her first attempt. All kidding aside Paul's cock was more than large enough to please Phoebe and was possibly much larger than she would be able to swallow fully. Phoebe was a champion sword swallower, but she was also on the petite side and getting that entire thing down her throat was going to be a real challenge, especially in her awkward position. Well Phoebe liked a good challenge, and Paul's expression of bliss made her want to give him something special for their first time together so she determined she would get the whole thing down her throat until her nose was pressing against his pubic bone.

With a firm goal in mind Phoebe got down to the business of giving head. She used her right hand to cup Paul's balls and to provide a little support to the shaft, but not interfere with her task, or the camera. If she was in a better position she probably would have gone with the standard method of stroking the shaft in time with the bobbing of her head as she sucked the engorged flesh into her mouth, the strokes increasing the friction and heat along the shaft. But she was not in a good position, she had to use her left hand to support her body so she could do this at all. This did not stop Phoebe, or even slow her down that much. Since her hands were unavailable she would have to rely on her mouth to do almost all the work, and it's not as if this would be the first time Phoebe had given head that way. It took longer sometimes, but the pleasure seemed to increase dramatically with the additional time and none of Phoebe's boyfriends had ever complained.

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