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Chasing Amy


Her name was Amy.

The only reason I knew that was because I heard her husband yell at her as she walked past me. She was still looking at me, that same sexy smirk on her face.

It was the kind of look I used to get in bars, when I used to be able to go to bars, from sexy women who knew exactly what I wanted from them and who enjoyed teasing the hell out of me. Back in those days I wouldn't have stopped until I got what I wanted. I would have taken her back to my apartment and fucked her sexy little brains out, before falling asleep in a tangled sticky, sweaty mess. But as I stood here in line with my wife and kids to see the terribly unconvincing mall version of Santa Claus, those days seemed like a lifetime ago. Sure I was happy enough. I had a good job, a beautiful wife and two cute little kids. It had just been a long time since I had jumped in the sack with a hot piece of ass that I barely knew, and this sexy woman walking past me, with that gleam in her eye, was stirring all kinds of illicit and incredible memories.

"Amy, don't forget to get something for Tom too, he got me something last year," I heard her husband say as she walked past me. She barely acknowledged him, but definitely smiled at me. She liked the attention, just like I did, I could see that. I had been exchanging glances with her the whole time we had been standing in line; a line that seemed like it could go on for miles. She had probably been married just as long as I had, her kids looked about the same age. And if her marriage was anything like mine, it had been on cruise control for a few years, with jobs, kids, and life all sucking the spontaneous fun out of the relationship. My wife and I didn't actually write out our sex dates on the calendar, but we weren't all that far away from that.

My wife was talking to our oldest as she walked by, and thank god, because I didn't hide the fact that I was checking her out from head to toe. We made eye contact and held it for what seemed like forever. I didn't try to hide the lust she must have seen in my eyes. Most women would have broken eye contact, or avoided it altogether, but this woman was confident. She knew I was undressing her with my eyes, and she didn't care. Clearly, it was an every hour occurrence for her. I only broke my stare so that my eyes could take all of her in, from her incredible cleavage and the curve of her perfectly shaped breasts, down past the sway of her hips and her shapely legs. Even her ankles were torturing me, and I had no doubt they would look amazing with my hands wrapped tightly around them. As she breezed passed, her perfume filled my nostrils, she was intoxicating in every way. I couldn't help but turn my head, like most of the other dads and grandads in line, and watch her sexy ass move as she walked away, her skirt swinging just above her knee. This unseasonably warm weather we were having definitely had it benefits, and one of them was that the ladies were still showing plenty of leg. White Christmases were overrated, especially for a leg man like myself.

As I watched her walk away, something inside me snapped. An overwhelming urge to follow her was taking hold of my brain, urging my legs into action. I wasn't in a bar, this wasn't a sexy young co-ed, this was a mall MILF here with her husband. I tried to convince myself otherwise, but to no avail. If this woman turned back, it was a sign, I was going to figure out a way to follow her. To where, I had no idea. I watched, for too long actually. Hopefully my wife and/or her husband didn't notice. And just when I thought the window for the sign from the universe for me to stalk this woman had passed, she flicked her hair and turned back. She might have been looking past me to her husband, but I could swear she was looking at me when she waved. It was brief, and then she was on her way again, her ass sending out an SOS to me as she left. Okay, maybe if SOS stood for "Stay off, sucka" I made a split second decision. She was in all likelihood doing nothing more that exchanging a glance, but I was gonna follow her. I needed to make my getaway.

"This line goes on for miles," I said, turning to my wife. "We are gonna be here forever." I reached in my wallet, pulling out a fifty, "Here, let the kids go to that little village thing and get presents after they get their picture made with Santa. I'm gonna go pick out something for you and my parents and take it to the car. If I don't go now, we'll be here all night."

I was already walking away when she yelled back, "What about the elf show?"

Fuck, I forgot about the elf show, but I was already making a run for it. "Its the same as last year, Ellen, I'm not missing anything. You take them and I'll sit through the next boring show." I smiled and she smiled back, but I knew I'd pay for ditching her later. Right then I didn't care, I had to follow my new friend Amy, and for a short bitch in heels, she was walking pretty damn fast.

I picked up the top of her head just before she made a right turn and I took off, picking up my pace so that I could perv at a reasonable distance. The mall was packed with holiday shoppers, and I was weaving my way through them with agility I hadn't shown since my days as a tailback in high school. I was bobbing and weaving through the crowd, looking for gaps in the traffic and shooting through them. I'm not going to deny being a bit of a dirty middle aged man. . .okay, bit of is being kind. Normally on a crowded day like this, I would be in heaven, ogling every woman in the mall who happened to have a nice set of tits, a round ass, or sexy legs. I knew where the hot kiosk girls sat, and on days that I was dragged to the mall by my wife, I would be making sure to check all of them out. Tonight was different, I only had one sexy little ass on my mind, and it was moving quickly through the crowd ahead of me.

Just as I was beginning to make some progress in reeling her in, she made a sharp turn left and into a store. I was so focused on making sure I didn't lose her, I didn't even notice the store she walked into. I turned where she turned and found myself neck deep in pink and panties and lots of women who all suddenly seemed to be looking at me. I felt really comfortable in Victoria's Secret when I was looking around with my wife, it was a little different when I was there on my own, especially when it was packed and I was red-faced and breathing like I had just run a 100 meter dash with a hard-on.

"Can I help you find something," a twenty-something sexy redheaded salesgirl asked, walking up to me. I looked past her and over at Amy, the woman I was following. She was looking right at me, smiling, enjoying my apparent discomfort.

"No, I'm just looking," I said, looking straight at Amy. The salesgirl smirked, then walked off, and I slowly made my way over to were the object of my chase was looking at some panties. She had broken eye contact and was picking up a hot pink thong as I closed in. She didn't look up.

"See something you like," she said, in no question the sexiest fucking voice I have ever heard.

"You have no idea," I said, "I've been eyeing it for a while."

She looked up at me, smiling. "So what's the plan? Follow me through the mall? Do I look like I need help holding my bags?" she laughed, "Won't your wife miss you?"

"She's with the kids, in that same line your husband is waiting in. I'm sure it hasn't moved. And do I look like a man with a plan?" I said, "I followed a woman I don't know through the mall and into a sexy underwear store."

She looked at me, her eyes smiling. I couldn't break her gaze, it was mesmerizing, and we locked eyes. We stayed like that, taking each other in, sizing each other up, and it was one of the most sexually charged moments I have ever found myself in. I was glad I was standing behind a display sign because my cock was growing harder and pressing against my pants. I'm pretty sure I could have stood there forever, staring at this gorgeous woman in front of me, but she finally spoke.

"So what do you think about these pink ones?" She said, holding the thong up between her fingers. Even they were sexy, perfectly soft and manicured. I immediately thought they would look perfect scratching my back.

"I'm not really the guy to ask," I said as I leaned in towards her, "I'm more of a no panty kind of guy." Where I was getting this confidence in front of such an incredibly hot female I didn't know I had no idea, but what did I have to lose? Well besides my marriage and my kids if someone I happened to know walked into the store.

"I actually like black" I said, as I held up a pair of lacy see through ones I was sure would leave almost nothing to the imagination.

"Oh you like those do you?" She laughed, "why am I not surprised?" She turned and walked back into the store. After a few steps, she turned back. "Well, you coming?" Close to it, I thought, looking down at the bulge in my pants as I turned and walked behind her. She stopped at the dressing rooms and turned back.

"Wait here," she said, walking into the dressing room area. She wasn't gone very long, and when she came back, she pressed something into my hand, closing hers over mine, then closing my hand around it. She smiled at me, then turned and walked out of the store.

I looked down and opening my hands, finding a pair of black panties almost exactly like the ones I had been looking at. They weren't new, they were damp. Fuck, she just took off her panties and handed them to me. I was in shock, I couldn't believe that had just happened and I had no idea how to react. I looked around nervously and stuffed the panties in my pocket, feeling sure the sales girl that helped me earlier would be a bit skeptical if I tried to explain exactly how this lacy black thong ended up in my pants. By the time I made it safely out of the store, panties in tow, I saw Amy heading out the mall entrance. I started running to catch up, dodging and pushing my way through the crowded mall, making sure I didn't lose her. I thought briefly about my wife standing in line with my kids. Were they close to being done? How much time did I have? Would they be looking for me soon? Right now, I didn't care. I had a singular focus, and she was walking to her car.

I made it to the mall exit and stopped. What was I doing? I had to be fucking nuts. Following some woman I didn't know (and who hadn't expressly ask me to follow her) back to her car?! I was about to stop and turn around when I felt her panties again in my pocket, still not believing that had happened. Right there in the mall, without thinking and with people rushing by me, I pulled them out of my pocket, hidden in my fist and brought them to my nose. "Fuck," I thought, "I can smell her pussy," and the smell of it was incredible. My cock instantly got much harder as I manipulated the panties in my hand so that I could stick my tongue out quickly, placing it right on the crotch, just where her sweet pussy lips would have been pressed up against them. I could taste a faint sweetness, not much, but enough to know that I needed more.

I looked up to see a woman stopped, staring at me in what seemed like wonder or disbelief until we made eye contact. Then she feigned a look of disgust and walked off in a huff. I didn't care that she just saw me taste the crotch of these panties in a public place, all I cared about right now was getting a taste of the source, and finding a way to get my cock inside Amy's sweet little pussy.

She was almost at her car by now, and I dashed out of the mall entrance, my resolve and my cock stiffened. I was a man possessed and I was thinking about nothing more right now than getting close to her and getting my hands on her. She was in the back of her SUV now, arranging some packages. As I walked up, she turned to me, shutting the rear door as she did.

"Are you returning that little gift I gave you?" she asked, smiling. She loved to tease, that much was clear. "Sorry, but there are no returns or exchanges. Let's just say I was in the Christmas spirit."

"Actually, I came back to let you know how much I enjoyed the free sample." I said, "and wanted to see about getting more now that I'm hooked."

She laughed, "Sorry, I'm afraid I only have one pair of panties on today. That will have to do."

She turned and walked around towards the driver's side door, I followed. As she started to open it, I reached around her and pushed it closed, then wrapped my other hand around her, placing it directly over one of her perfect tits. I kissed the exposed part of the back of her neck and her shoulder as I played with her breast, my other hand trailing down to her skirt and cupping her pussy through it. She writhed at first, making little moaning sounds and moving her hips so that her pussy could rub against my hand. I could feel the lust consuming her body as I continued to kiss her exposed skin, raising her bra over her tits, so I could pull and play with her now hard nipple through her blouse. I pushed my hard, pant covered cock into her ass from behind and we started grinding for a brief moment. Her ass felt incredible on my cock, so good in fact that I feared I could cum this way if I kept thinking about how great it felt.

But that didn't happen, she wiggled out of my clutches and turned around facing me, slapping me across the face. It wasn't the slap of a woman who was offended, but more the slap of a woman who felt she should pretend she didn't love what just happened.

"Are you crazy?!" she said, adjusting her bra, and then her skirt. "Someone could have seen you do that. My husband's here, and my kids, and your family. They're right inside."

"I know," I said, "but right now I don't give a fuck. You are the sexiest fucking woman I have ever seen in my life and all I have been thinking about since you first looked at me is how I could manage to get inside you."

"Well that's not gonna happen in a mall parking lot, I can tell you that. What kind of woman do you think I am?"

"I don't know," I said, "Maybe I'm hoping you're the kind of woman who fucks a complete stranger in the back of her SUV while her husband and kids shop with elves."

She was taken aback by my directness, but I could tell at the same time that she loved it. She didn't say anything, she just leaned back against her car, biting her lip and looking at me with those intoxicating eyes of hers. I moved into to her and started kissing her, reaching up and taking her breasts back into my hands and squeezing them hard, letting her know I was in control. She tried to fight a little at first, twisting and turning in a halfhearted effort to break off my kiss or my grip on her breasts, but her gyrations eventually turned to her sliding up and down my leg, grinding her wet pussy on me. I reached behind her and opened the door to the SUV just a bit and then backed away from the car, pulling her with me.

"Get in," I said, not forceful or demanding, but certainly leaving no room for debate, "I'm going to fuck you now."

She turned to face the SUV and I grabbed her hips as she stepped one foot up to climb inside. Her ass was so fucking perfect, I thought right then that if I had the chance, I was going to own that too.

I followed her in the SUV and she moved through the seats to the back bench, putting her knees in the seat and grabbing the back. Both of us knew our time was limited, both of us had stopped denying the fact that I must get my cock inside her waiting pussy as soon as possible. There was an urgency and desperation that filled the room (well, the car) as I moved behind her, unbuckling my pants and sliding them down and off one foot. I was naked from the waist down save for the pants and boxer briefs around my one ankle. My rock hard cock was pointing straight out for all to see before I even thought to look to see how tinted her windows were. Thankfully just enough for two sex-crazed people to fuck in broad day light without drawing all kinds of attention.

I looked up at this sexy creature looking back at me in the back seat of her family car, her skirt riding up to her waist, her ass and pussy exposed to me, knees together. She was such a hot little slut. I moved up behind her, putting her feet between my legs, and rising up, bending my neck enough to keep from hitting the roof of the large (and well suited to illicit fucking) SUV. She was so fucking wet, I could see it before I even touched her. I took my rock hard cock in my fist and pushed the swollen, throbbing head against her, running it up and down her soaked lips. I hadn't been this fucking hard in a long time. Years of predictable and monotonous sex had not made me this rock hard in ages. She turned back, looking at me with pure lust in her eyes, biting her lip, begging me without words to push deep inside her. I loved the view of her ass and my cock rubbing against her pussy. I loved feeling my head barely slipping inside her as I rubbed up and down, holding my thick shaft. I was savoring this moment, but she stopped me.

"We don't have much time, I have to get back inside. Fuck me please."

Something about the way she said it, combined with the look in her eyes made it by far the hottest moment of my life. My wife was inside the mall shopping just as I was about to push inside this fucking hot ass bitch right outside the mall doors.

I couldn't hold out any longer and finally let go of my shaft, allowing my throbbing cock to sink all the way inside her. I grabbed her hips, pulling her deeper onto me, as an "Mmmmmmmmfuck yes" escaped her lips. I wanted to feel every part of her hot pussy as she pulled me inside her, squeezing me as I squeezed her hips and ass. She felt absolutely incredible, and I could not keep myself from grinding up and down on her before pulling back out and thrusting back inside her hard. I started to fuck her harder, needed to own this hot bitch kneeling for my cock, pointing her ass and pussy back at me. I was fucking pounding her pussy like a man possessed at that point, there was no other way to say it. The sounds of our bodies smacking together filled the SUV, and it shook from our movements. She was so hot and so wet and the feeling of her juices covering my cock was almost too much for me to handle. I reached up and grabbed her hair, gathering it together into a tight pony tail and pulling her head back with it, arching her back so I could get deeper. I needed a camera at that point so I could capture her incredible ass bouncing off me, my cock plunging into her over and over. The sounds of her moanings and urgings were increasing and I could tell she was getting close to covering me with her hot, sticky cum. There was nothing slow and drawn out about our sex, no time for us to take our time. This was pure animalistic rutting, and it was incredible We both needed to cum hard and fast, and I could feel hers building.

I pulled her hair harder, "Are you gonna cum on my cock, you naughty little slut?" I said, "you want me to smack that fucking ass for you don't you? You want me to smack it while you cum for me. Cum all over me."

"Oh my god, fuck me, make me cum, please." She said, her breathing shallow.

"Tell me, I wanna hear you say it," I demanded, smacking her ass again, then grabbing her hips, fucking her harder. "Tell me you're my sexy little whore."

That was enough to take her over the edge, "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm you're goddamn whore, fuck me. I'm cumming on your cock, you fucking asshole. Fuck that pussy."

Her dirty talk and the feeling of her pussy spasming in orgasm on my shaft was enough to send me over the edge. I never considered pulling out of her, instead I pushed deeper, filling her hot pussy with the biggest load of cum I can ever remember coming from my cock. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her hard on me, pushing deeper, emptying into her as she coated me with her cum. Making sure every drop was delivered deep in that hot pussy. I collapsed on her, running my hands under her shirt and squeezing her breasts in my hands as we both came down from our intense orgasms.

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