tagGroup SexCheater's Due Ch. 01

Cheater's Due Ch. 01


"Mila, can you come inside and help me move some stuff in the game room?" My brother's voice came through the screen door. I pushed myself off my towel, where I was sunbathing on my back lawn and went inside, grumbling under my breath. The air conditioned atmosphere inside the house was a sharp change to the late August heat and my skin pebbled under my tiny white bikini. I had my blonde hair pulled back into a messy bun and I squinted into the relatively dark house, blue eyes adjusting slowly to the change in light.

"Aren't your coming friends over? You'd think they could help you move crap." I said, running up the stairs and into our family game room.

"Oh, they did." My brother smiled at me from across a mostly empty room, the tables and chairs pushed against the walls. Chairs I didn't recognize had also appeared in the room and I realized there was something very weird going on.

"Why did -" Strong arms tackled me from behind, lifting me off the ground and cutting off my air.

"I've heard some interesting things about you, little sister." My brother came forward, a bandana dangling from his hands. I looked around, trying to find his friends or see who was holding me. I couldn't see anyone and, as my brother approached, he looked less and less like himself. He was tall and muscular, a result of years on a rugby team, and his black hair contrasted sharply with pale skin and ice blue eyes. He was normally a sweet-looking man, but he now he was scary. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were cold chips of stone that grated against my skin as he looked me over.

"Interesting how?" I asked, shaking my head to try and avoid the blindfold he was tying over my eyes. The attempts were futile and I heard his chuckle close to my ear as he finished tying the fabric over my eyes.

"Professor Druley stopped me after class yesterday and told me that you two had made some interesting testing arrangements. Put bluntly, you sucked his dick for the 'A' you rubbed in my face last week."

My heart stopped for a moment before it started racing. My brother and I were both smart college students, so grades were something of a competition with us. I had forgotten about a test last week in my history class, so I -- improvised -- a new way to get the grade I wanted. I tried to come up with something to say, but my brother wasn't done.

"Of course, I had to go and ask around with your other professors after Druley exposed your little secret. You've got quite the mouth for a college Freshman."

As he spoke, whoever held me hustled me forward until I hit something I had only caught a glimpse of before I was blindfolded. It had resembled a gymnastics horse, but I wasn't sure if I had seen correctly. Now that my stomach was pressed into it, I was certain that I felt leather over thin padding and wood, so I might have been right.

"It seems that you not only sucked Druley's fat cock for that 'A' last week, but you are sucking Mathers' and Connors' cocks to get out of discussion questions every week in their classes. Is there anything you actually do in school?"

"Like you've never exchanged favors for grades!" I said, trying to twist away from my captor. "For fuck's sake, it's practically standard practice at the college!"

A hand grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. I tried to follow the pull on my hair, but new hands came forward and held me against the horse.

"Most female teachers won't take sex in exchange for grades, sister dearest. I did strike a few deals, however. I must say, your little secrets were quite the windfall for me." He chuckled as I felt silken ties secure me to the horse. I was laid over the vault, my breasts pressing into the leather while my arms went over the curve and my ankles were secured to the structure's legs.

"Damn you Brett, let me go!" I screamed, pulling at the ties as the hands disappeared. My brother only laughed.

"Yes, damn me. And damn you too, Mila. Do you know how much work I put into keeping up with the grades you've been bringing home? And here I thought you were just smarter than me!"

"I am smarter than you, Brett. Now let me go!" I pulled harder on the straps, but they held fast.

"Someone shut her up." Brett ordered, his voice fading slightly as he walked away. Chairs all around me groaned as people sat down, more people than I could count. I focused on the sounds around me, trying to figure out how many people were in the room, and I heard the hiss of a zipper in front of my face.


I realized a camera had been turned on and as I opened my mouth to protest, something was shoved inside.

"Hope you don't gag easily." A voice above me said. He began to piston his cock in and out of my mouth, six inches long and relatively skinny.

A pencil dick, I thought, quickly followed by What the FUCK?!

"By all accounts she doesn't. You see, Mila, these are the deals I made. I owe a lot of people money: betting debts and people I've borrowed from. I also asked favors from some people and promised them a good time in return. Given your reputation, I thought you would be the prefect person to settle up all my debts." Brett was seated somewhere to my right, and I twisted my wrist a bit to flip him the bird as the man in front of me took hold of my head and ground my nose into his pubes.

"Suck, girl, or I will start fucking harder and that might hurt your pretty little nose."

With a growl, which my invader seemed to like, I began to work his cock with my tongue. I flicked my tongue along the bottom of his shaft and, as he drew out, I cradled the head on my tongue and sucked, running my teeth lightly along the staff. I released my teeth and as soon as I did, he slammed deep and began humping my face. I opened the back of my throat and let him go deeper, drawing a cry from the man above me.

"Fuck, Brett. She's amazing!" My invader was breathless at this point. "Can I come down her throat?"

I tried to shake my head and yell "hell no!" but Brett responded with calm.

"Of course! After all you've done for me this semester, it's the least I can offer you." He had barely finished speaking before I felt the man in my throat shudder and a flood of cum erupt down my throat. He began pulling out as he came and I caught the barest taste of the salty substance as he withdrew, noticeably softer than when he began. By now I had realized that I was not getting out of Brett's plan.

"How many men are there, Brett?"

"There are twenty men, and five women."

My heart dropped. I had never fooled around with another woman, keeping my "favor exchange" limited to my male professors. I had no problem with lesbianism and bisexuality, it had just never been on my list of things to try. I didn't even like the smell of my own pussy, and the thought that I was likely about to be forced to eat out five other pussies caused a little bit of panic.

"Well!" Brett said, clapping his hands and rising, judging by the groan of his chair. "Now that we've all had that little show, let's get started. Who has the scissors?"

"Scissors?! What the hell are those for?" I asked.

"We can't very well fuck you with your bikini on." Brett said, suddenly at my side and close enough to whisper in my ear. He laid the cold blades against my back for a moment, then untied the strings to my bikini top and pulled it out from under my large breasts. The leather of the vault was cold on my skin, and I shivered as the sensation traveled to my pussy.

"Oh ho, she's wet!" Brett announced to a small cheer, running his thumb from my ass crack to my clit. I flushed, my cheeks hot, because I knew from experience that anyone who looked would see the wet spot on my bikini bottoms. I heard the scissors open as Brett pulled the fabric away from my hip.


The left side of my bikini bottoms fell away. I didn't know if Brett had moved to my other side until I felt the dull, cold, outer edge of the scissors' blade slide along my right hip.


The bottoms fell away entirely, sticking to my lips for just a moment before falling to the floor. "This has gone far enough Brett. I'm -" I stopped, not wanting to admit this particular secret in front of more than 20 people waiting to fuck me.

"You're what, Mila? Sorry? Embarassed? Done?" Brett said, slapping my ass with each new word.

"A virgin!" I cried out, my ass already stinging from the force of his blows.

It was so silent that I couldn't even hear the people in the room breathing. "You're shitting me." Someone said, and I could almost feel the other people nodding.

"So that's why you only sucked their dicks, huh?" Brett asked and I nodded. "Funny thing about that; Druley gave up more than just your oral talents. Tell me honestly, Mila: Did Druley ask for any other favors, before he gave you that 'A'?"

I nodded, my head hanging in shame. I knew where this was going and it was nowhere that would get me out of this situation.

See, this is what happens when you open your big mouth. I could almost here my best friend's voice in my head. She was the only person who knew what I did for my professors, mainly because she wasn't adverse to trading favors with them herself.

"Tell the - class -- what you told Druley." Brett said.

I hesitated and Brett delivered a sharp crack to each of my ass cheeks.

"He asked me to masturbate, so he could watch me get off." I began.

"And what else, Mila? Finish the story like a good girl." Brett said, slapping my ass again. I squirmed against the sting but continued the story, my pussy aching at the memory.

"He asked me to get off, because he liked to watch women cum. While I'm fingering myself, he started talking dirty. You know, asking me my fantasies and stuff. So I -- I told him I wanted to be in a gang bang. But it was just a fantasy!" I said, turning to the last place I'd heard Brett's voice.

A hand gripped my chin and a mouth pressed against mine, hard. A tongue slid between my lips and, for just a moment, I responded. I was becoming aroused, my fantasy seeming to come true. But when I thought of a gangbang, I pictured 4 or 5 men. Not 20 and certainly no other women! I was scared, certain that I would get hurt by the time all these people were done using me... but I was incredibly aroused by it all at the same time. The tongue receded and the mouth pulled back, though the hand stayed on my chin.

"Horny, little sister?" Brett's voice was mere inches from my mouth, and I realized with muted shock that he had just kissed me.

It's wrong, he's my brother. But he tasted so good... but he's my brother! My brain was at war with more southern parts of my anatomy, so much so that I didn't hear him move away until he spoke.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a slight change in plans. I know you all have your numbers, but I didn't realize that I was offering up a virgin." My brother spoke from behind me, his hand on my ass. He alternated between squeezing and slapping the cheek under his hand and it was soon on fire.

"I must apologize, but I can not let any of you have her virginity. That," He paused, and for a split second I thought he might let me go, though part of me knew better. "That will be my pleasure. If this disgusts you -- and at this point, I don't think any of you would be disgusted -- Please leave. Remember that I have documentation you were here, so don't go blabbing to anyone. Now, who feels like bowing out?"

There was utter silence and I knew that nobody was going to leave.

"Very well. Number two, please step forward."

So the first guy was number 1... makes sense. I guess line jumping in a gang bang is just rude. I was excited and terrified all at the same time. My brother was about to pop my cherry and set off a massive gang bang that I had no way of influencing. I suppose I could bite anyone in my mouth, but I didn't know what that would lead to and I didn't really want to find out.


A fly went down in front of my face and I felt another cock head press against my lips. For a moment I kept my lips pressed together, the man's precum coating my lips like lip gloss as he rubbed the head back and forward.

"Open up, little sister." Brett said from behind me. A finger slid between my thighs and began rubbing my clit.

"Oh, go-" I moaned instantly, and #2 took the opportunity to slip between my lips with a wet pop.

"That's a good girl." Brett said, his finger trailing from my clit to the slick folds of my lips. He rubbed a knuckle along them as I gave the man in my mouth a repeat performance of my service for #1. The new man was less vocal but he twitched more. I compensated by loosening my lips slightly, keeping the suction even as I tongued his head.

As if they were working in unison, #2 thrust his cock down my throat as Brett pushed a finger into my pussy, ignoring the slight resistance from my lips.

"Mmmmmm!" I cried out around the cock, caught between trying to get away from the incestuous digit in my pussy and wanting to beg for another finger.

"I'll take that as a moan of pleasure." Brett said and I felt a light bite on my ass cheek. That bite is what broke me, the pleasure finally too much for me to fight against. I twisted my head to the side and managed to loose the cock from my mouth.

"Yes, Brett. You... I want you." I wanted to say more, but #2 took hold of my face with a growl and shoved his erection back between my lips, barely giving me time time to open my throat before he began fucking my face.

"You heard her, folks! Mila, dear, ball you right hand if you want to be our little sex slave for the rest of the night." Brett was still crouched behind me, his finger slowly sliding in and out of my tight, virgin pussy.

I balled my right hand immediately, my nails biting into the palms of my hand with the force of my response.

"So be it." Brett said. "You will now refer to me as 'Master' and the rest of these good people as 'Sir' or "Ma'am'."

I nodded as best I could, but #2 was getting close to coming and his grip on my hair was almost painful. Without a sound, he buried his cock into the back of my throat and came, his load smaller than #1's and his orgasm shorter. It wasn't until he was pulling out that he spoke.

"Lick me clean, bitch." He sounded older, probably in his 40's, and like a heavy smoker. As I licked his cock clean, spending extra time on the slit in his head, I realized that he tasted like a smoker too. I grimaced as he pulled away from me, the taste of his cum lingering in my mouth.

"#3" Brett called, working a second finger into my pussy.

"Please, Brett. Fuck me..." I begged shamelessly, grinding back into his hand.

"I want her pussy." A voice interrupted, and I assumed it was #3. Brett paused in his fingering and I groaned in frustration.

"Very well then, give me some time with her. Who would prefer her mouth to anything else?" Brett asked. A rustling around the room told me that men and women were raising their hands and I felt a rush of fluids soak Brett's fingers at the prospect of what was coming to me.

This might actually be fun. After all, go big or go home... Right?

"#5, please come forward. #'s 3 & 4, please move that table into position." Brett ordered.

There was s scraping sound that drew closer to me until I a slight jostle as something bumped into the gymnastics horse right beneath my chin.

"A hand?" #3's voice was male and close, but it wasn't directed at me.

"Thank you." A woman's voice was right next to me and I felt a shudder go through me.

My first woman.

"I know you're new at this, so don't mind me being a little bossy. And, for your sake, I'll try to be nice." She was speaking right into my ear, and then the table creaked as she settled on it's top. I felt legs slide over my shoulders and her ass bumped against my restrained arms as she positioned herself in front of my face.

"You, hand me that pillow." She ordered. A moment later I felt her pussy bump my mouth as her hips were lifted by the pillow.

"Now, my pet, lick my clit. And say yes ma'am before you do. I want to know you're a submissive little slut."

"Yes ma'am." I said. I found her clit with little trouble, her hands guiding my face into the musk of her sex. She was completely shaved and her labia were smooth as I flicked my tongue against her tiny nub. She purred above me, her thighs tightening on my head.

"Lick my pussy." She ordered.

"Yes ma'am." I obeyed eagerly, finding that her pussy was more to my taste than I had expected.


A zipper dropped behind me, quickly followed by hands on my hips. I felt Brett's broad cock-head rub against my soaked pussy lips, the tip popping between them now and again.

"I'm going to enjoy this." He hissed. I wanted to answer him, to tell him that I would too, but #5 had my face held tight to her pussy with both her hands and her thighs.

Brett worked a little of his cock into my pussy, pausing to grip both my hips tightly before he slammed his entire length into my virgin cunt.

"Ahhhmmmmmmm!" I cried out into the pussy under my mouth, but #5 only held me tighter, shaking as the vibrations tuned into shocks of pleasure for her.

It hurts! Oh god does it hurt! I was screaming in my head. My body held entirely still, too shocked to squirm or struggle as Brett drew his cock out, trailing fire in its wake.

"You're so fucking tight, even for a virgin." He groaned the words, pumping at my entrance gently before piercing me to the depths once more.

I thought it would never feel good, that I was going to hate the entire experience. But as Brett fucked me, the pain faded and pleasure began radiating upwards from my deflowered cunt.

"Pull out for a cream shot." Someone said to my right and I felt Brett oblige.

"Holy fuck she is wet! I can't wait to get my cock inside that pussy." A man murmured from somewhere behind me.

"How does she feel, Brett?" Another voice called out from my left.

"Like hot velvet. Tight, hot velvet." My brother's voice shook slightly.

Murmurs broke out around the room but Brett ignored the requests for more detail, his hands gripping my hips painfully tight.

"Bury your tongue in my cunt, whore." #5 was breathing harder and I went to oblige, then stopped and looked up to where I assumed her face was.

"Yes, ma'am." I breathed, the force with which Brett was fucking me, knocking the lungs from my air.

"Fuck my hole with your tongue. And don't bother talking any more, your tongue is more useful in my cunt." #5 was becoming rougher, her hands tangling in my hair and her hips angling towards my face with an almost desperate insistence.

I could feel her pussy trying to tighten around my tongue as her juices flooded my mouth and smeared across my face from the bridge of my nose to the curve of my chin. My hands ached in their restraints, because I wanted little more than to bury my fingers in her sopping cunt and suck her clit into my mouth.

I must have been pulling at the restraints because someone noticed. "I think she wants to use her hands. Think we should let her?" Another woman called out and she was answered with hoots and cheers. "Untie her right hand." Brett was breathless, his hips banging into my ass with enough force that I was sure there would be bruises in the morning.

He was quickly obeyed and I wasted not time in burying two fingers into #5's cunt so I could move my mouth up onto her clit.

"Oh god yes!" #5 screamed out, holding my head tight to her cunt. I worked a third finger into her and began to thrust in and out, losing myself in the taste of her juices.

"Oh YES!" #5 screamed again, and then I felt her hands tighten further in my hair and her pussy spasm around my fingers.

I let out a breath that I didn't realize I had been holding and her scent flooded my senses on the inhale. At the same moment Brett reached around my hip and pressed my clit with the pad of his thumb.

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