tagAnalCheating Asshat Bastard

Cheating Asshat Bastard


Let's get this out of the way right off. I'm a cheating, asshat, bastard. There is no other way to put it so don't bother with the lame comments telling me what I already know after you read this. I have no redeeming qualities after what I did.

I used to be married; you'll soon see why I'm not anymore. In my defense, and maybe the men that read this will agree, I couldn't help myself... what was placed before me was too tempting, beyond my capacity to resist. I'm sure most women that read this will say that is no excuse and no temptation is too great and I should have not partaken. I disagree and if the roles were reversed and what was in front of me was in front of you, you too would have faltered. I guarantee it.

My demise was unknowingly my fault in the beginning. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I shouldn't have even talked to her beyond a professional nature. It should have been only work related, never sharing anything about me, my wife, my life, or especially where I lived. The woman in question is named Kristy, my coworker; a young, single, and gorgeous creature that eventually became my downfall.

I thought our 'friendship' was just that, friends, work friends. It's not like we went to lunch together or I snuck out on my wife to a movie or dinner with her. I never had any intentions of cheating. Kristy's ten years younger than me and of course I found her very attractive but I never acted on it, never touched her at work or overly flirted. No my mistake was talking to her at all, and especially about my wife. Now I'm sure you are all going to think I'm making excuses why I cheated. Excuses like: My wife doesn't like sex, only gives it up once a week or less, bosses me around, and has let herself go after fifteen years married to me and on and on. These are not good excuses to cheat on her... I know that but unfortunately I shared these things with Kristy and she took what she thought I meant to the extreme.

Kristy was patient, I'll give her that. She waited, letting me complain for a few years before acting on her impulses. We became better friends, but it was still only at work. I continued to tell her about my wife and frustrations, which only got worse the longer we were married. Then I made the biggest mistake I think of all of this. I mentioned to Kristy that my wife was going out of town for a few days to visit her mother and I was staying home alone because of work. By this point Kristy already knew where I lived, but had never come by that I knew of. Kristy knew the day my wife was going to be leaving, knew where I lived. I never suspected a thing. She never hinted to me at work what she had planned.

I recall leaving work that fateful day. My wife was already gone; I took her to the airport that morning. When I was driving out of the parking lot I noticed Kristy's car was missing. She must have left early before me. When I pulled up to my house nothing looked out of the ordinary. Kristy's car wasn't parked nearby; I had no warning of what I would find inside. I went in through the garage like I always do, excited to have the house all to myself for a few days. I could do what I wanted. Hanging my keys on the wall I began undoing my tie as I walked into my bedroom. The door closed behind me and I jumped, turning quickly in alarm. I was not expecting what I saw.

Kristy was standing with her back to the door, completely naked.

Now stay with me here... what were my choices? I could yell and tell her to get the hell out of my house. I could ask her nicely to put her clothes back on and leave. I could shove her away from the door and run. I could stare dumbly at the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my life. Yep, I picked the last one or it picked me. I was too stunned by what I saw to even move. I thought she was phenomenal with clothes on but now, standing naked in my room I realized even my imagination paled in comparison to the real thing.

Now my description of Kristy won't do her justice. I hesitate to even try but just know what I say and describe is ten times better in real life. She's probably five-five, pretty tiny little thing but in perfect proportion. Her hair is long, brown and most days curly. Large blue eyes highlight her high cheekboned face with full lips and not much makeup because she has a natural beauty you don't see much. She works out, I know this because she tells me her routine a lot and it's obvious by how toned her arms are and flat her stomach is at work. Now standing with nothing on in front of me I can see the major pay off in all those hours of exercise. Her body is unreal, round perky, high on her chest breasts that are probably a small C or large B cup. Her stomach is perfectly toned, even showing definition but not overly mannish to be nasty. Even at five-five her legs look long because of how thin and toned they are and the proportion to the rest of her exquisite body.

Now let me take a break for the description and challenge any straight man on the earth to resist this naked perfection! Can it be done? Possibly but not by me. I knew I was in trouble the minute my eyes went up and down her perfect body.

She had no pubic hair, completely shaved clean and zero tan lines as well. Her nipples were slightly erect from the lack of clothes and the air-conditioning that was flowing in the room. This darkened the areolas high on her splendid breasts perfectly. I thought it was her bra that held her tits so firm and high at work but they hadn't moved even naked. I know its cliché' but she looked like she had stepped out of a Playboy, airbrushed and all.

Like I said before I hadn't spoken, moved or blinked. And I surely couldn't look away. My tie hit the ground, falling from my hand. I watched her eyes move, following it to the floor and then the smile appeared on her face.

"Welcome home, I hope you don't mind but I've wanted to do this for a while now," she began.

I froze as she walked toward me, not speaking back. She reached forward and put her hand on my shirt.

"I've wanted to show you what you really deserve and what a real woman can give you."

I should have grabbed her hand and stopped her but I was weak, horny and good hell she was so fucking hot!

One by one she undid my button down shirt before running her hot hands and nails up my stomach and chest.

"Mmm, you've got a nice body, just like I thought," she said, gripping my shoulders before moving back over my chest.

I was already growing hard in my pants and fast. I couldn't stop it. All rational thought had left my head, taken over by my cock. Her hand found my growing bulge. She gently ran her palm up and down, while watching my reaction.

"Oh, my... looks like I found something and it's getting bigger. We should let it out."

I didn't stop her. I couldn't stop her. My heart was pounding with excitement. I felt hot all over and as if I was in a dream. Her hands unbuckled my belt and top button. Next my zipper was down and my loose slacks fell to the ground. Again her hand found my fully erect cock, caressing it through my boxers as she stared at my face with a wicked grin. She looked mischievous, like she had just found something special that she's been looking for and didn't want to share with anyone.

"Very nice, It's bigger than I thought and so unappreciated," she went on.

She pulled my waist band away from my body and peaked into look at my erect penis. Her face lit up and she looked back at me, with a pleased expression. She easily pulled off and let fall my boxers and grabbed my shaft with her hand for the first time flesh to flesh. I tensed up, moaned and basked in the sensation.

"I'll bet your wife doesn't do this. What a shame and what a waste of a perfect dick."

As soon as she was done speaking her hot wet mouth enveloped my cock. Sweet bliss erupted in my body; a jolt of intense pleasure grasped my cock and surged through the rest of me. She was right, my wife doesn't do oral, not anymore and when she did it wasn't very long or good. Kristy, on the other hand, was very good and highly skilled. Not only did she envelope my head but she kept going, and going, until she had my cock deep in her mouth, possible down her throat. I'd never experienced this before. The sensation of her hot mouth, tongue, encapsulating my entire cock was indescribable, even more so than her incredible body. Those lucky few that have had the pleasure know what I mean.

Holding herself down on me for a few seconds she worked wonders inside her mouth, licking and massaging my cock with her tongue and throat. Then she came back off, holding tight with her lips onto my shaft until she was sucking the head hard. With a pop she released her hold, causing me to spasm with pleasure. She looked up at me, holding my shiny cock with a huge smile on her face.

"Did you like that?"

I only nodded.

"You've been neglected for so long. I'm going to make it up to you. I'm going to do things to you you've only dreamed about. I'm going to let you do things to me your wife would never in a million years even think about."

Again my cock was in her mouth, she was making her last statement a fact. She proceeded to suck, lick, jack, and deepthroat the hell out of my cock, the likes of which I've only dreamed about. She knew perfectly what she was doing. She knew when I was close to cumming, when to slow down, ease back and keep me on the verge but never taking me over the limit. I was in a constant state of rapture I didn't think existed. I felt like I was floating... pleasure radiated from my cock, filling my body with absolute ecstasy. It wasn't for a few minutes either. Her mouth didn't get tired, she didn't complain about the taste or smell or wimp out and quit. No, Kristy sucked and sucked, acting like it was one of her favorite things to do in the world and nowhere else she would rather be.

I hadn't moved, spoken or thought about anything. I was rooted to the same spot in the room since I turned in shock to see her naked. She continued her oral talent, letting my semen simmer and rise inside my balls. My legs tensed up, my balls begin to ache for release. She sensed it, felt it, something and took me out of her mouth.

"Do you want to cum? Do you want me to swallow your hot load as it spurts from your cock?"

Again I nodded. She smiled, "Goodie, cum in my mouth I want you to."

She immediately started sucking again with renewed vigor. Stroking, sucking, and bobbing up and down my shaft working me up to climax in mere seconds. I didn't warn her, she wanted it that way. Instead I held as long as possible before releasing and exploding into her mouth. The accumulation of excitement, over a week of not cumming, and the extended oral sex combined into a climax I've never felt before or since. It was so intense so pleasurable I thought I might lose consciousness or transform into a higher being. Nothing has ever felt so good in my thirty-five years of life. I heard her moan as the burst shot forth followed by many more contractions. Not a drop of semen escaped her lips, but she was swallowing quickly and deeply. She held tight to my spurting cock, only increasing the pleasure as I continued to convulse and empty my load down her throat.

Finally it eased, with only small contractions. She sucked me clean and let me go. I looked down at her, amazed, stunned and weak.

"Wow, that was a lot of cum, another sign you've been badly neglected. Not to worry we're just getting started. While we wait would you like to taste me?" she asked, standing up.

She went to my bed, grabbed the top spread and yanked it from the bottom up and over the head board. I watched as she climbed on it. Her ass was unbelievable. High, firm and perfectly round. She fell on her back, spread her legs and looked up at me. With her finger she motioned me forward. I finally moved. Her waiting pussy was moist, partially opened at the bottom and flushed with blood. Sucking my cock had gotten her wet and ready.

It was too much to resist. Even lying on the bed my wife and I had made together that morning I still climbed up and proceeded to feast on the delectable pussy before me. I know it was unconscionable, deplorable, horrible, atrocious thing to do but, fuck; we've already covered what kind of person I am.

It usually takes a while before I can get hard again at my age, but not this time. Not while I was licking and sucking the exquisite morsel that was Kristy's pussy and clit. She was perfection, in taste, texture, and looks. Her luscious lips were perfect size, pink and just hid her clit from view unless I pulled them back. She smelled and tasted better than any before her and wasn't afraid to let go and enjoy the sensations.

Even after I was erect again I continued to eat her, adding a couple fingers into her tight wet hole for good measure. She screamed and thrashed on the bed as each climax gripped her toned body, going as far as slightly squirting while I quickly licked her clit and fingered her. That was when she yelled out for me to fuck her.

"Now! I need your cock now!" she screamed.

I still hadn't touched or licked her breasts, stomach or anything other than her sex so I made her wait a little longer as I slowly rose up her body, over her pubic mound to her navel. She had perfect skin, smooth, tan and toned. The visual that came into my eyes as I ran up her body with my tongue was breathtaking. Every rib, muscle, curve, and crevice was perfection. My hands found her firm breasts, fitting perfectly in my large hands, her hardened nipples taunt against my palms. My lower half eased up between her legs, my throbbing cock hovering and teasing her open wet lips. Her breasts were the best I'd ever felt, I couldn't get enough of them. Just the shear perfection of them under my hands was mesmerizing, distracting me from what she really wanted.

"Now, fuck me now, please!" she begged.

I inched forward, feeling her wet lips spread around my throbbing head. Slowly... oh so slowly, I eased into her body, reveling in the sensation of her warm flesh encapsulating my cock. There was no turning back now. I was officially cheating on my wife and at that moment didn't give a rat's ass. This young tight perfect creature below me moaned with pleasure as I entered her. Her legs wrapped around my body and pulled me deeper into her as her long manicured nails clawed at my back.

"That's it! Give me that wonderful cock!"

Further I thrust in as deep as I could go, giving her all I had to offer and holding it. My hands squeezed and groped at her breasts as I felt her pussy moisten and shudder on my shaft. Her legs eased around me, telling me to withdraw, which I did with agonizing slowness until suddenly I thrust back in quickly, causing her to throw back her head and scream with pleasure. It was on. She liked it hard and I was going to give it to her hard. Her tight body under me felt amazing; comparing her to my x-wife would be a joke so I won't bother. It's difficult to describe but just touching her and feeling her skin and firm body was erotic, so much so I couldn't stop. My hands caressed everywhere, touched every inch, and the delight radiated up through my hands feeling me with a strange addicting sensation I wanted more of.

My cock was in heaven, she felt so much different than my x-wife. Wetter, hotter, tighter and just knowing she was into it and loving it was an entirely different world. I proceeded to pound my cock into her over and over, faster than anything I've done before. Kristy urged me on with her screams and body until the bed was rocking and squeaking like never before. I knew I could last, even with the newness and excitement of fucking this perfect woman I knew, having just cum, I could give her what she wanted and was begging for.

Five minutes later she was screaming she was cumming and for me to keep going harder and harder. I thrust fiercely through her orgasm feeling her pussy convulsing even through the rapid thrust and was amazed at how wet she had become. Unfortunately I knew then that my x-wife had always faked her orgasms if this is how a real one was. I also knew that I wasn't to problem if this young beauty could manage.

I slowed down as she melted into the bed, her eyes glassy and distant. I let her recover while taking a slow pace in and out of her dripping sex. She smiled up at me and then got that mischievous look she had earlier just before she attacked.

With strength that surprised me from someone so small, she rolled me over and mounted me like a cowgirl, taking my cock back into her easily. She was in control and I had an incredible view of the goddess above. From my vantage point her breasts were even more amazing. No part of them was hanging over and touching the skin beneath. She wasn't sagging at all and would pass with flying colors the pencil test. (To pass you place a pencil under the breast and if it falls they pass if not and the flesh of the breast sags too much they fail.)

My hands found those perfect orbs and held them as she rose and fell onto my cock, taking me where she wanted in depth, speed and rhythm. The workouts came in handy here. She was energetic, and seemed to never tire as she road me on and on. I went between her breasts and ass with my hands. Pulling her cheeks apart, caressing her back and fondling her breasts to my heart's content.

When she stood up and reversed I about lost it. She was arching her body over mine with her hands behind her back and bending my cock back as she held herself off all of me but my cock. Twisting she rubbed the side of my shaft, grinding her pussy on it before switching to the other side. Her strength was outstanding, her abs and core power impressive and felt awesome under my hands as I ran them up and down her body. A slight sheen of sweat covered her body making her gleam as she continued to work and work. When she came her legs and arms shook under her convulsion until she collapsed onto me in a sweaty heap of fits. I held her tight as her pussy grabbed and throbbed on my cock and she whimpered in unreserved pleasure.

When she could, she rolled off of me, catching her breath and looked into my face.

"I want you to do whatever you want to me. Something your wife would never let you do. Anything you want."

My eyes widened, she saw it and went on, "You know what you want, what you've dreamed of doing. I'm here for you, everything you want is yours."

My cock lurched in response. We both knew what she was referring too. She was giving me permission, more than that she was telling me to fuck her in the ass. It was something I'd always wanted to try but didn't think I ever would get the chance especially with my x-wife.

I was frozen again in place; I didn't know what to say or how to react. Kristy had to urge me on, snap me out of my stupor. To do this she climbed onto her hands and knees, looking back at me with her incredible ass and pussy in my face. She ran her finger up over her open lips, spreading some juice to her tightly puckered rosebud and circled it with her index finger. My heart was about to explode just watching her, my cock throbbed and bounced up and down over my stomach. When she pressed her wet finger into her tight ass I couldn't believe what I was watching.

"This is what you want. You want to fuck my tight little ass. Do it! Go ahead; fuck my ass with your big cock."

Another finger slid in, the blood beating in my head was deafening. The visual of her fingers in her ass and that perfect body was too incredible to try and describe. This was my only chance and I wasn't going to miss it. I quickly got on my knees and moved behind her. She had a smile on my face, one of accomplishment like she had just talked me into something huge. My cock was oozing all over and she was adding more and more of herself to her asshole to lube her tight hole. I moved forward and got ready to try and sick my wide head into her. It looked impossible big compared to her snug hole but she grabbed my shaft and pulled me forward.

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