Cheating At Cards Ch. 01


The only word I can use is devastated. I couldn't even begin to describe the thoughts that swirled around in my head – first rejecting, then accepting, and then rejecting again as the enormity of what he'd said sank in. Even though the shock had sobered me I knew I wasn't capable of thinking things through clearly just at that moment. I needed to get out of there.

I went into the little hallway and grabbed my coat off the rack. Without even hesitating, I strode into the living room and announced: "we're leaving!"

"What? It's only early, yet," Bob protested and, incredibly, my husband backed him up.

"Come on, Love... we've got at least two more games to play! Bring the food food in, have another drink... and relax."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and my temper started to bubble – very ominously.

"That animal," I said, pointing at Calvin, "tried to seduce me... assault me... call it what you will. So if you think I'm staying in this house another minute...."

"Calm down... he didn't mean anything. He just...." My husband had the nerve to say, but he was interrupted by Bob.

"Yeah... chill out, Patsy. It's no big deal. We're not leaving till we've had some food and...."

"Fine... suit yourselves," I yelled, knowing the keys were still in my pocket, "Stay if you want... but you'll have to get a taxi home!"

I turned and marched down the hallway to the front door. As I opened it, I heard Geoffrey call out: "Patsy... come back! Be reasonable, won't you?"

I gave the door a very satisfying slam as I left. When I clambered into the car and started it, I was praying that I wouldn't get stopped on the way home, but I wasn't all that worried because I felt surprisingly sober.

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by Anonymous08/22/18


Great response by the wife - so far. But please, please! Don't let this be a story of her deciding to revenge-fuck on her husband with the other two bastards - especially the plumber cocksucker!
Let hermore...

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