tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCheerleader Crushed

Cheerleader Crushed


Author's Note: This story is a continuation of and conclusion to Cheerleader Betrayed. I recommend reading Cheerleader Betrayed before Cheerleader Crushed.


ROSCOE -- Finished

Roscoe strolled into the house, a strong sense of satisfaction coursing through his veins. He pulled the big sliding door closed, heard and felt it "whump" shut.

"Big place," he muttered, looking around the spacious confines of Jenny Thompson's home. Laughter and soft music to his left guided him in that direction. He stepped through a hallway and out, into a large open room that had a red-felted pool table right in the middle and a dartboard in the corner, with a garishly taped line that he rightly assumed was where you stood to pitch. Nodding in approval he continued walking through the game room and into the den, where he found everyone lounging variously on a black leather sofa, loveseat, and a trio of matching recliners.

Several empty beer cans were strewn on the coffee and end tables, which no doubt fueled the low roar that had met his ears upon entry into the room. It was like they were all talking at once—and then immediately stopped when he stepped across the threshold.

"Roscoe! What the fuck, bro?" Stone Moore asked, his hand draped casually over Anna's shoulder. The two of them were sandwiched into one of the recliners, she nestled comfortably into his lap.

Roscoe smiled sheepishly, unsure how to respond. Stone had told him Ella wanted it, that she was all about hooking up with the football players; but in the pool, when he made his move, she had been kind of standoffish. That didn't stop him of course—she was toned, her body was supple and lithe, topped with an impressive rack he just couldn't take his eyes off of, all of it practically begging him to come 'play ball.' So no, he didn't stop, and didn't remember her asking him to; well, maybe halfheartedly, but she pretty much just took it, let him drive that big old horse cock right up in there—

Starting to get excited again, he returned his attention to the question at hand. He racked his little brain for a response, a reply that seemed appropriate; this proved to be very difficult. He was searching for just the right words, the straight path to Stone's approval. He wanted very much to come to Key Biscayne JC, a top-notch JC program, because he knew that would make jumping up to the next level that much easier. Frustrated, he again mentally cursed his non-qualifying ACT score and low GPA.

Stone sensed his hesitation, the slowness that must accompany anything this brute had to actually think to do, and quickly threw him a bone.

"Hey, it's ok Roscoe, you don't have to tell us any of the details," Stone said. His eyes narrowed: "But, was it good?" Stone laughed suddenly, a throaty sound that filled the room. "I mean, she's fucking hot, right? It had to be good!" Everyone laughed, including Roscoe who by then had plopped down on one end of the sofa.

"Yeah, she was good Stone, jus' like you said." Roscoe took a big swig of beer. " I like her."

"Good, good. Very good," Stone commented, turning his attention to Dave.

"What do you say, Dave?" Stu piped up, jealous as hell. "You gonna go get you some now?" He still wanted a piece of Ella for himself, was a little irked Stone had made this big production out of saving her for these two recruits. Granted, they were top notch, two of the highest rated recruits in the state, but all Stu had from the little whore up to this point was a blowjob for crying out loud—he was fucking due, by his calculation. 'All in good time,' he reasoned.

Dave looked around, sensing the approval and encouragement building...

"She's willing, bro," Stone said, lifting his beer as if to toast Dave on his way.

"Yeah, she plays shy and bashful and shit, but she'll take it, just give it to her," Ricky chimed in. Like Stu, he still had some unfinished business with one Ella Sanders, so the sooner these two recruits were done, the better. 'Bitch'll probably transfer after we get done with her,' Ricky thought, nodding to himself.

Dave, most of a six-pack in the tank already, felt the liquid courage boiling within. He stood, pounded his chest like Tarzan, and headed back out the way Roscoe had come in.

"Atta boy," Anna called, clapping.

"Get her, Tiger!" Jenny screamed enthusiastically. 'Take that bitch down one more peg,' she thought, 'she's got a lot to learn about what her fucking place is.' Jenny was determined that Ella would get her comeuppance, one way or the other.

DAVE -- Begins

Dave stood at the wide glass door, taking in the meticulously landscaped backyard. Flowers, bushes, timbers, rocks, all were placed strategically to give the area a depth and texture one normally expected to find at only the finest of country clubs. He absorbed it all, letting his gaze wander seamlessly over every detail until he found himself looking at the chrome bar by the stairway of the oblong swimming pool, at Ella floating in the water...

'Sweet Jesus,' he thought, 'look at that shit.' He watched as Ella drifted away from the steps, head tilted back, arms spread weightlessly at her sides. Her full breasts bobbed at the surface of the water, hard nipples straining their way through the silky, flimsy bikini that tried unsuccessfully to restrain them. The lines of her jaw were subtle yet strong, framing a face that exuded absolute innocence. She looked for all the world like his sister's best friend, the one who was almost a '10' but carried herself around as though she were merely a '5.'

Ella Sanders was one of the most incredible looking pieces of tail he had ever seen.

Dave still remembered the phone call—Stone Moore, quarterback and captain of the football team, had told him, 'Wait until you see this one, she's smokin' hot. She's gonna give you a good time while you're in town,' he had promised. 'She'll give it up. Trust me.' Remembering the conversation, his excitement about coming to town for this recruiting visit, he felt almost giddy.

Dave suddenly grinned, slowly opened the door and began sneaking his way across the bent Bermuda grass, careful not to interrupt Ella's preoccupied state.

Dave had an athletic build, not nearly as big as the other football players, but then he was kind of a 'tweener.' Pretty boy good looks graced his face, punctuated by a dazzling smile. He was the prototypical boy-next-door who could cut your grass, change your oil, hit a fastball, and be trusted to bring your daughter home on time when they went out on a Saturday night date—all with a dark side, of course.

In football terms it was somewhat unclear what position he would play, although Key Biscayne was promising him a shot at corner, which would free up lots of options once he had two years under his belt. He was strong without being overly muscular, had power to lift heavy weights in quick bursts rather than strength to pound out massive amounts of weight in prolonged sets, over and over and over. This gave him a lightness of step that suited him well on the football field—and in other endeavors.

Dave continued stealing his way over the manicured lawn until he finally arrived at the shallow end of the pool, opposite Ella. Very delicately he glided down into the tranquil blue pool, careful not to disturb the water's surface anymore than he absolutely had to. Satisfied Ella remained undisturbed—she still lay back, eyes closed, obviously lost in some daydream—Dave began moving towards her, the anticipation straining his concentration.

He couldn't wait to feel her curves under his hands, the feel of her fine brown hair between his fingers, the touch of her thighs rubbing back and forth over his own. He gulped, suddenly nervous. Dave hadn't looked forward to just holding a girl in his arms like this since he was 14, a freshman in high school. Now 18 and fairly experienced, it was novel to feel this all over again, especially with such surprising power. His stomach churned; a surge of euphoria filled him.

Sliding up behind Ella, Dave placed his hands on her shoulders, taking hold of them solidly, and gave a little squeeze. Sliding forward he spread his knees apart, slipping them around her soft thighs. He watched as goose bumps gathered on her shoulders and crept down her upper chest, then down the swell of her breasts. His upper body came to rest against her back—her body was warm, enticing. His cock settled between the cheeks of her ass, listing back and forth involuntarily. He was almost dizzy, his cock was so fucking hard.

"Hey, how's it going?" he asked, looking down over her shoulders into the depths of her cleavage.

No answer, just a small gasp.

'Finally,' Dave thought, 'I get to handle these fuckers.' He moved his hands down her arms, past the sides of her floating breasts, brought them underneath and squeezed with his fingers, pushing them firmly together. The billowy tit flesh bulged, causing the nipples to flatten slightly against the stretched material of the pink bikini. He stared at the dark color, the sheer size of the areola, his eyes bulging.

Exhaling deeply, Dave brought his hands up—were they shaking, just a little?— and took the bikini straps between his fingers, started slowly pushing them across and down her shoulders, down her upper arms until they approached the elbows. Flicking his hands brought the straps over the elbows, allowing him to smoothly slide them the rest of the way down Ella's arms.

The material of the bikini cups shifted with the motions of the straps, moving down, exposing half of the areolas to his view. The top caught momentarily on the jutting nipples, then flipped over them and quickly slid down the lower bulge of her creamy white skin.

"Yeah baby," Dave whispered, eyes held transfixed by the swollen breasts. Clumsily he reached to her back and tried to unfasten the bikini top, but the little catch wouldn't come undone. The effect of his attempts to take it off caused her breasts to tremble, shaking back and forth in the tepid pool water. Frustrated, Dave yanked, felt the top give. Pulling it away he saw he had ripped it at the fastener.

"Sorry," he muttered, throwing it to the side.

Suddenly there was a commotion—it looked like someone was coming outside. Make that two. Jenny and Audrey strolled across the grass towards the pool, seemingly engrossed in conversation.

ELLA -- Interrupted

Her reverie interrupted by Dave's appearance in the pool, Ella did nothing but lay still, feeling his body move in close, his hands roaming over her chest. She felt the ooze of Roscoe's load still seeping out of her stretched pussy—soreness from his terrible onslaught was beginning to penetrate the fog of confusion that still permeated her brain.

When Dave started pulling down the straps of her bikini, she did nothing, just let him push them relentlessly lower and lower...

'How am I going to get home?' she wondered. 'What time is it? I know it's Saturday, and I know...' her disjointed thoughts trailed off. She tried unsuccessfully to focus on something, anything, except the feel of her top being pulled away, her big breasts painfully exposed. Dread started to creep into her mind—

That was when she heard the commotion, too. Opening her eyes she saw Audrey and Jenny walking towards the pool, side by side. 'My breasts,' she thought. 'I can't let—'

Jolting upright, Ella pulled away from Dave and moved quickly to the side of the pool. She stayed low so her suspended breasts were pressed up against the pool's vinyl liner. The liner was very cool, causing her nipples to tighten almost painfully. The water was up to her chin—she had to get really low, her breasts were so buoyant they kept trying to practically climb up out of the water.

Jenny chose one of the lounge chairs by the pool and lay down, stretching her arms slinkily overhead. The lilac-colored bikini she wore was perfect, covering all her bits easily but showing enough of the curves underneath to achieve 'sexy' without crossing the line into 'slutty,' a look she nailed time after time. Sighing softly, she closed her eyes, for all the world just another hot-body laying out at midday to catch a little sun.

Audrey, on the other hand, walked over to the array of pool pumps and actuated the Jacuzzi motor; then, she turned around and made her way back to the steps. Grasping the chrome bar she eased her way down into the water, taking a seat right by one of the jets so she could enjoy the steady stream of white fizzing bubbles merrily churning and foaming the water.

The pool pump, Jacuzzi pump, and Jacuzzi jets were surprisingly loud—Ella couldn't make out any other sounds, had trouble really focusing on anything. The steady hum of the pumps and accompanying bubbling of the Jacuzzi jets provided a weird subtext to her fragile state of mind—

Dave was behind her again, hands on her waist, reaching around...

Ella dropped her elbows, blocking him. She shook her head quickly, splashing small blots of water in his face. From the corner of her eye she could see him looking around, almost as if he were searching for something he had lost...

"Hey Dave, come here a sec," Audrey said, blinking her baby blues his direction. A redhead, Audrey cut a trim figure with slim arms and legs, ripped abs, and a tight pair of B cups parked just so beneath her slender shoulders. Her long fingers featured exquisitely detailed nails—flawlessly shaped and painted. She had a spectacular smile, one to make you yearn for long summer nights, blankets, and nothing but so many hours to kill watching the stars...

With an 'aw-shucks' grin, Dave headed her way.

"What's up?" she asked, just loud enough to be heard.

"Well, not a whole lot really, just getting comfortable in the pool," Dave answered, sliding in close. Maybe Audrey—

Realizing he had misunderstood, Audrey asked again: "No, I mean, what's going ON?" she repeated, this time nodding none-too-subtly in Ella's direction.

"Oh," Dave replied, catching on. "Well, she seems distracted. I don't wanna seem... you know... pushy."

"Nonsense," Audrey whispered into his ear. "I'll help you out on this one. I'll... create a diversion, get her in the middle of the pool. You'll grab one of the tanning rafts and bring it over, step in and give her a rescue. Then," Audrey said, her voice lowering, becoming suddenly husky, "why, then you can be Joe-fucking-Cool and take care of some business." Audrey quickly nipped his ear, taking the lobe lightly between her teeth.

Dave's heart leapt, an abrupt rush of excitement he had never felt before. 'Fuck me,' he thought, 'this is like some crazy fucking twilight zone shit.' He realized he was grinning like an idiot, tried unsuccessfully to wipe it from his face. Back home, he got his share of pussy—well, to be fair, maybe more than his share—but only because the girls were always throwing themselves at him, seeing dollar signs and a meal ticket away from the lonely little town with two stoplights, one grocery store, and nothing but a few hundred clay mining jobs to look forward to for any who stayed behind. He wasn't used to this, the level of calculation, the chase, the demur 'I'll-say-no-but-really-mean-yes' cat and mouse games. Even Audrey, he felt, would eventually let him have it, IF he came to Key Biscayne, IF he played his cards right. He was still grinning, felt a flush reach his cheeks; he was unsure what to say next.

"Shit Dave, it's alright. Get the raft ready—I've wanted to dunk this high-class slut all fucking day." Her eyes were piercing now, locking onto Dave's dark browns, darting from one to the other. "Just take it, fuck this little whore like she pissed you off, turned you down in front of all your friends and all you can think about is payback. Trust me," she finished, nodding slightly, "she needs it."

Dave had never had that kind of sex before. He was always afraid to just let it go, to be the aggressor; he knew there were girls out there who liked it that way, but he never seemed to hook up with them...

He reached up past the side of the pool, retrieved one of the long tanning rafts. Lying across it short-ways, with the raft wedged up between his arms and chest, he turned his attention back to Ella at the side of the pool. She still leaned against the wall, arms resting on the concrete sides. The side of her breast was visible, creamy white and moon-shaped, halfway out of the water. A new look filled Dave's face now; a hungry, predatory glare...

'Let's do this,' he thought to himself, floating gently in the middle of the shallow end. 'Fuck yeah, let's do this.'

Audrey wore a dark blue bikini that starkly contrasted her fiery red hair and complemented her lagoon blue eyes like a vision out of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. She walked nonchalantly over to the side of the pool, her breasts barely moving, until she was standing in front of Ella. Looking down, she took note of Ella's pert little nose, was surprised that it was perfect even from this angle. It seemed unfair that Ella could look so good without even trying.

Ella heard the footsteps, opened her eyes and saw the petite feet directly before her eyes. She craned her head up, searching for the owner.


Ella wanted to speak, to ask for help, for release from whatever forces had conspired to put her in this place, this day, this moment, with these people. She searched Audrey's body language for any sign of understanding—and found none.

"Hi," Ella whispered inaudibly.

"What's that?" Audrey asked.

"Hi..." Ella repeated weakly, just loud enough to be heard.

Jenny shifted slightly; though she still lay stretched on her back, she was able to train her sights on the exchange taking place fifteen feet away.

"Hi," Audrey replied. "Having a good time, are we?" she asked, nudging the ripped bikini top with her foot. Ella said nothing. "Sure we are," Audrey said, answering her own question.

Bending her legs she leapt into the pool, directly over Ella's head, and landed behind her. The splash dislodged Ella's position at the side of the pool. Sensing trouble, Ella turned towards the steps, brought her right arm over, cut into the water with it. She was going to make a break for it—

Audrey surfaced, shook her head slightly to clear the water from her eyes. Ella didn't know Audrey was on the swim team...

Audrey closed the distance quickly, wrapped her arms around Ella's waist and dug her heels in, leaning back. She lifted Ella's feet from the pool bottom, removing all traction, performed a throw and sent Ella flying. Ella landed on her back and sank below the water's surface near the middle of the shallow end. Her big tits were floating crazily, dark nipples riveting Dave's attention. Audrey advanced again, from behind, reached around and put Ella in a reverse bear hug. Audrey was strong; she locked her arms together, squeezed, exerting considerable force. Powerless to resist, Ella nevertheless tried, squirming desperately. Audrey's arms locked around her; Ella's breasts were separated, one pinned above and one below the powerful grasp. Widening her stance, Audrey again threw Ella over, this time not letting go but instead taking the ride with her, both falling down into the water.

More grappling, splashing, and both cheerleaders stood, Ella still rigidly held in place. Audrey darted her eyes to Dave, put on a small smile and nodded slightly. Tensing her arms, she lunged again, this time letting Ella go as she bowled her over one last time.

DAVE -- Rescuer, Conqueror

Ella's ponytail had finally come loose; her hair was a halo, floating around her head and face beneath the water's churning surface. Ella planted her legs, jerked her torso up and out of the water. She felt her heavy breasts drag their way through the water, springing up as if released as she broke the surface; then they slapped back down audibly as she crashed back into the water.

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