Cheerleader Crushed


Ella brought her hands to her face, pulled the soft brown hair back, causing her breasts to lift and swell. With the water dripping down over her various curves and her hair seized between her fingers, Ella was the vision of Venus herself: a stunning beauty astride the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, inspiring legions of soldiers to march inexorably to their funeral pyres...

Dave was standing before her, offering the float, his hungry eyes captivated by the water pouring down her body.

Without pause Ella reached for it, pulling it towards her. She bunched it up under her arms and wedged it there, lowered her weight so that she floated on it. Her arms and shoulders rested over the short side, which was rolled into a cylinder. Her breasts were on the other side, pushed up into her chest by their natural tendency to float to the water's surface. She took a deep breath, held it, exhaled and took another.

Closing her eyes, she tried to calm the racing of her heart, to still the frustration that knotted the pit of her stomach. Noting that Audrey was now out of the pool, Ella took another of the deep, cleansing breaths and began her mental effort to compartmentalize what had transpired so far. It was all she could do.

The sight of Ella standing there, shaking her head, massive tits swaying back and forth, had again returned Dave to the time when he was 14, his first experience with a girl. He was hard, his cock raging and furious.

He leaned back, began to float around lazily. It was more difficult than he remembered; his legs kept falling under, dragging the rest of his body with them. Standing, he made little corrections, creating a path that brought him around and behind Ella. Finally, standing directly behind her, he stood and stepped forward, his hands underwater, reaching for Ella's ass. He found it, ran his fingers up and over her supple cheeks.

Ella jumped, momentarily startled, but didn't move from her perch over the float. She looked up, saw that Audrey was crouched by Jenny's lounge chair. They were both watching, making no pretense of any other action. It looked like they were whispering back and forth, but she couldn't be sure.

Dave hooked his fingers into the bottoms and pulled them down, simply and efficiently. Ella's head turned, her normally bright green eyes troubled. She looked at Dave questioningly. In her mind, things had gone quite far enough.

"Dave, I don't think—"

"Nobody gives a fuck what you think," Jenny barked from her chair. She sat upright and still, arms folded over her chest, attention squarely on Ella's plight.

Dave looked up, for the first time aware that Jenny and Audrey both looked on. They were witnesses to this moment, perhaps the most incredible thing he had ever experienced. Nervous but undeterred by his newfound spectators, Dave finished pulling off the bikini bottoms, letting them hover in the water where they slipped around Ella's feet. Seizing her ankles Dave pulled up, sliding his hands over the defined calves and up to her knees. He placed his thumbs behind the knees and wrapped his fingers around, parting her legs to allow entry of his lower body between and up, closing the distance.

'Damn,' he thought, taking in the feel of Ella's outer thighs, her waist, her flanks. He was speechless and thoughtless, nothing but so much testosterone with a single-minded purpose. Concentration made itself plain across his face, an awareness of what he wanted, a willingness to take it—an inability to compromise, not after things had gone this far.

ELLA -- Conquered

Ella squirmed when his hands found her flanks, began to slip up and under, searching for her immense breasts. They moved up still, stopped when he had two fingers sandwiched around each of the rock-hard nipples.

She sensed the pending downfall then, smelled defeat distinctly.

Her nipples being squeezed and worked over, Ella felt the now familiar embarrassment, the shame roaring back with a vengeance. A surge of heat made its way up her chest and into her neck, her shoulders.

"Is this all there is?" she wondered, not realizing she whispered the words aloud. She shook her head in frustration. "Is this it?"

"Yeah, I think so," Dave answered heavily. "This is it."

He reached a hand down, untied the string on his trunks and shook them off, felt them drift slowly down his legs.

He positioned both hands on Ella's knees, pulling them apart; advanced between the separated thighs, his veiny cock homing in.

Taking it in one hand, Dave maneuvered his rigid penis deftly between Ella's lips, up slightly, felt a little give, grunted as he flexed his lower torso. The brown mushroom head was home. Placing both hands on her waist he pulled her body back in time to his thrusts, gradually sheathing his meaty length in the warm tight honey-hole.

He was home—Ella's snatch was totally infiltrated, stuffed full—


Dave laughed, threw his head back, and guffawed. Jenny joined him, then Audrey, they were all laughing.

"Time for some fuckin'," he said, his face flush with victory. Clenching the raft firmly, he began to move, see-sawing his cock in and out at a moderate pace

"Fuck that cunt," Jenny hissed, voice barely audible to Ella's ears.

Dave wasn't the first to say it—and, perhaps, it wouldn't be true much longer—but, startled by the vise-like feel of Ella's resistant snatch, he announced:

"This is some tight fuckin' pussy."

He began to work.

Long minutes after it began, Ella wondered if it would ever end. Five, ten, fifteen minutes, it kept going, the same thing over and over. She was suspended on the raft, his hands irresistibly holding her in place, his cock plowing into her, over and over. He was like a machine, same stroke, same depth, over and over and over...

There was a... feeling, a strange sort of ebb and flow that began to fill Ella's nether regions; an emptiness that fluctuated with Dave's efforts, oscillating between defeat and acceptance. The intercourse with Dave wasn't entirely unpleasant—his length was not as prodigious as Roscoe's, she accommodated it more easily—and a sort of buzz began to build, slowly at first but gradually increasing in volume. Ella licked her lips, unsure how to respond to this new sensation. Her nipples tingled, like they wanted to be touched. She found herself focused on the moment, eyes tightly shut; felt a rush very much like what had felt earlier, when the pools' jet had blasted against—

"No fucking way."

Startled, Ella jerked, lifted her head to see Audrey and Jenny crouching side by side on the pools' edge.

"She's getting into it," Jenny commented, a look of surprise forming on her face. "The little whore was about to cum, can you believe that shit?" Audrey shook her head, grinning evilly.

The coupling had drifted towards the steps, where the chrome bar loomed in Ella's vision. Without thinking she took it, ripped her body forward and out of Dave's clutches, the tanning raft falling away behind her as she jumped up the stairs.

'I'm naked,' she realized, looking down at her heaving breasts. 'Oh my God, I'm naked.'

Ella bolted, but she never had a chance. Audrey and Jenny were on her instantly, each taking an arm, slowing her down, coordinating their efforts to walk her towards an open spot in the grass where one of the lounge chairs sat, adjusted to a position level with the ground.

"Figured you might run," Jenny said, a smirk on her face. She shook her head. "We can't have that."

"Oh, no," Audrey added, "we can't deny Dave his fun, can we? Wassa matter, you seemed to be so into it a few minutes ago!"

Ella felt the tears well, threatening to flood down her cheeks. She would either cry her eyes out, or...

Jenny and Audrey exerted downward pressure, forcing Ella to her knees, bent her forward across the lounge chair.

Dave was walking up the steps then, wiping the water from his eyes. He shook his head, pushed his hair back—now it was his turn, his athletic stature startling in the bright afternoon sun, his cock glistening where it stood straight up, rocking back and forth, a fierce weapon—and he was Mars, the god of War, out to seek and destroy any enemy opposition.

He would grant no quarter from the relentless advance.

'Slut's gonna get it,' he reasoned, closing the distance. 'Gonna tear that shit up.'

Seeing Ella like that: her knees on the trimmed grass, feet splayed apart; great big titties hanging down, shaking back and forth against the chaise lounge; hair lazily draped around her face, obscuring it from his view; all of it capped by the sight of Jenny on one side and Audrey on the other, holding Ella's arms in position on the back bar of the lounge, forcing her down into a prone position, Dave was determined to finish the job he had started half an hour before.

He methodically advanced, taking his time.

"Holy shit," Stone said, truly startled. Before this all started, he had a vague idea about what would probably happen and where it could end up. It might have been as simple as some casual making out and heavy petting (if the stories about Dave being one of the 'nice guys' was true), maybe something a little more adventurous like a quick blowjob in the bathroom, or it could have ended up being a little rough sex (riskier by far than any of the other options—but still nothing too extreme). None of the possibilities he had imagined included ANYTHING like the spectacle playing out below.

When Jenny went outside (with Audrey in tow), he went upstairs so he could look out and see what the crazy bitch was up to. He and Jenny were friends a long time—they attended the same high school for four years, two years together in JC, six years all told—and though she got a little wild now and then, she had never shown any signs that she could get this riled up. 'Bitch must've done her wrong somehow,' Stone thought, 'she must've said or done something, who knows, but it had to be serious. Damn.'

He watched a minute more, soaking it all in, processing it.

'Good think Stu and Ricky are missing this, they'd just do something stupid and take it too far,' he thought, and then wondered what constituted taking it too far. If this wasn't too far...

He turned, saw that Anna was napping quietly on the king-sized bed in the lavish guest bedroom. 'She can sleep,' he thought, pulling out his cellphone. He rolled the desk chair away from the intricately carved oak writing table towards the window, where he had a bird's eye view. 'I've got some watching to do.'

Stone opened the window and leaned out slightly, aiming his phone carefully. 'I wonder how much video this thing can hold...'

'I won't cry,' Ella thought, outraged opposition building within, 'I won't.' Steeling herself, she forced slow, deep breathing, opened her eyes, saw nothing but freshly mown green grass staring back. She willed herself to experience everything in the fullest detail she could muster: her elongated nipples brushing back and forth against the lounge chair with the rocking of her heavy breasts, blades of grass biting into her knees, the feel of Jenny and Audrey holding her arms down, the unyielding sun beating down on her back, her legs, and her arms.

Dave was behind her; squatting, he went to his knees. He sidled up, placing his knees between Ella's. Applying pressure from his powerful thighs, he forced Ella's knees apart, creating a long crease between her upper thighs: an opening. He placed one hand on her ass, slapped it firmly. His other hand sank down between the rounded cheeks, a fingertip running slowly along its depth, over the puckered anus, to the cleft of her labia.

His mouth hung half open, eyes red. Mars took his weapon in hand, prepared to use it.


"Yeah," Dave hissed. "FUCK YEAH," he breathed, his face twisted in concentration.

"Uunngghh. Uunngghh. Uunngghh. Uunngghh." Ella grunted in rhythm, the sound escaping her each time his raging cock fully penetrated her resistant fuckhole. "Uunngghh. Uunngghh. UUNNGGHH. UUNNGGHH," his intensity increased. "UUNNGGHH. UUNNGGHH. UUNNGGHH. UUNNGGHH. UUNNGGHH."

It was uncomfortable, brutal, the way he ruthlessly fucked his tool in and out.

Ella's eyes watered. She wanted very much not to cry, not to show this terrible weakness to Jenny and Audrey. Especially Jenny.

"Why—," Ella whispered, shaking her head, "UUNNGGHH." Interrupted, she continued: "Why—UUNNGGHH—are—UUNNGGHH—you—UUNNGGAAHHHH—doing—UNGH—this—UUNNGGHH—to—AHHHH—me..."

Her body shook with each blow, pendulous breasts bounding forward and back, forward and back, head jolting in time. Her arms and knees were sore.

Jenny bent forward, her face inches from Ella's.

"You don't know?" she asked softly, so only Ella could hear. Ella lifted her head, tried to focus on Jenny as the cruel pounding continued.

"No," she whispered.

"Don't you remember? The first time you went in the closet, you came out and lifted your arms, flashing those fat ass titties for EVERYBODY to see. We all saw your ridiculous nipples—even John Boy. Oh, he tried to look away, he hoped I wouldn't notice, but I fucking DID. So, you wanna to be a whore, huh? Fuckin' with my man, huh? Fine bitch! FINE! I made sure they treated you like one!" Jenny's voice increased in volume as she spoke, nostrils flared, breathing heavily. "Oh, I was gonna let Stoney and the fellas have a little fun with you," she continued, eyes blazing pure hatred, "but after that little stunt it was no fuckin' holds barred. You got initiated, bitch!"

'No,' Ella thought, 'it wasn't like that. I—' Her eyes watered again; tears fell, splashing against the chair. Her head slumped down, shoulders shook as a sob wracked through her, followed by another; all while the ruthless pounding continued, unabated. "I wasn't..." she whispered between sobs, trying to respond.

"That's right, take it bitch," Jenny continued, right in Ella's face. "It's just more of the same, nothing a slut like you can't handle, right? You bought this shit, you little cunt, so fuckin' OWN IT!" She practically screamed the last, spittle flying in Ella's face.

Dave, all but oblivious to the exchange, tightened his grip on Ella's waist, pulled back powerfully in time with his urgent pelvic thrusts. He was rutting now; the wracking of Ella's body, as she broke down in tears, finally triggered his release.

"FffuuuuccCCKKKKK YYYYEEEAAAHHHHH!" he bellowed, unleashing a torrent of hot semen deep inside Ella's battered pussy. He continued pumping, gradually relenting until his motions were exaggeratedly slow; the feel, every inch of Ella's cunt fiercely clutching his veiny cock, was intoxicating. Finally he stopped moving, completely spent.

Dave pulled out and away quickly, heading back to the pool where he grabbed his trunks. He pulled them on, picked up a towel, and headed back into the house.

Exhausted, Ella couldn't hold her weight up anymore, and collapsed onto the lounge chair. Still naked she laid on her stomach, hunched over, her face twisted in harsh denial. She felt his discharge oozing out; the clumpy cum ran down her thighs, it was everywhere.

Ella shook her head—she couldn't cope with all that had happened, especially this last. She had no mechanism to understand the level of cruelty that had been perpetrated on her, no reference point for this kind of wicked calculation. Breathing unevenly, drool spilling from the corner of her mouth, Ella was experiencing a deep layer of profound shock.

She was totally Fucked, in every way imaginable.

"Now, we're finished," Jenny said as she stood, releasing Ella's arm. Audrey quickly followed suit. "Frankly, I don't give two shits what you do from here." Jenny looked up at the guest room window and saw Stone, leaning out, staring back down. Evidently he had seen it all. Maybe more—it looked like he was holding his cellphone. Had he recorded it? The corners of her lips rose slightly. She turned back on Ella. "If I were you, I wouldn't stay here—it might be hazardous to your health. Fuckin' BITCH," she concluded bitterly, viciously kicking the chaise lounge as she walked back towards the house.

Looking back over her shoulder one last time, Jenny wore the strangest smile Ella had ever seen...


REMEMBER: It's only fantasy.

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