tagErotic CouplingsCheerleader Coach Ch. 01

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 01


Bill Steffensen had just been hired to be a Physical Education teacher at Central High. One of his first duties was to attend a staff meeting a week before the school year started. All of the P.E. teachers were expected to coach at least one team or another. Bill had vague ideas of coaching football or basketball but it ended up that all of those positions were filled. Bill was drafted to coach the senior cheerleaders. He was disappointed at first but the thought of all those 18 year old cheerleaders prancing around did have its own appeal!

Bill posted signs for cheerleader tryouts prominently around the school. After school he set up a little table in the gym. He asked each of the girls trying out to fill out a form which asked for the usual info. He got 35 forms on the first day of tryouts. He had the girls warm up a little and took quick inventory. There were 4 or 5 girls who were much too fat to do anything for Bill. There were 4 or 5 girls who were simply mousy and didn't appeal to him either. There were about 15 girls who looked OK at first glance and would bear further examination. Then there were 10 girls that got his blood flowing right away.

He wasn't really sure who was who yet, so he called the girls in for a discussion and let them all know that he was going to ask them to perform a 15 or 20 second cheer and then mark them on it. This was not going to be the only qualification for making the squad but they should definitely look to show enthusiasm, as well as athletic ability. He then sat down at his table pulled the first form off the top of the list and asked for Missy Johnson to perform her routine. Missy was one of the girls that didn't stand out. She was wearing a fairly baggy outfit and it was hard to tell if she was qualified or not. She did have a pretty face and he made a note on her form to check her out further.

The next name he called out was Sabrina Phillips. Sabrina definitely met one of his major qualifications. Her breasts jiggled and joggled all over the place. It didn't look like she was wearing a bra but her breasts tried to stand up on their own. Bill's cock started to throb as he watched Sabrina perform her routine. She didn't seem to realize the effect she was having on him. Bill made some notes on her form so he wouldn't forget. He certainly hoped that Sabrina would make the team!

A few more girls performed without anyone standing out until he got to Ashley Tilbrook. Ashley's shorts looked like they were painted on. She lifted one leg until it was up around her face. Man, she was limber!. Bill's eyes zeroed in on her crotch and he was getting a gooood look. At the end of her routine he looked up at her face and she had a knowing smile on her face. Bill was pretty sure that Ashley would make the team.

Once everyone had completed their quick cheer and Bill had marked up their forms accordingly, he sent everyone home and told them all to be back the same time tomorrow. As they were leaving he asked Ashley to come into his office.

"You definitely seem to have most of the qualifications to make the team", Bill said. "I just wanted to check up on one more thing. You must be able to demonstrate school spirit. Can you think of anything that might convince me?"

Ashley was not a stupid girl and she sized up the situation quickly. She moved closer to Bill and rubbed her hand over the obvious lump in his shorts. "Would this help?" she asked.

Bill slid his fingers up her thighs towards her crotch. She squirmed a little but didn't stop rubbing. They started to kiss as well and Bill's hands were roaming all over. She pulled his shorts down and dropped to her knees. Ashley definitely knew what to do. Bill came all over her face within less than a minute.

He ripped her clothes off and started licking her legs around the ankles. As he moved up her legs, Ashley started moaning. It seems she was enjoying this part of the tryout. When he got to her honey pot she raised both legs up around her ears. When Bill paused for a breath of fresh air he got another good look at her. He was rock hard again. As he inserted his cock up into her 18 year old cunt, he started thinking about Sabrina Phillips and her wonderful mammaries and all of the other young chickies and he thought he might just be the luckiest guy alive. Ashley and Bill kept it going for a good 10 minutes of furious pumping and he was pretty sure she came at least twice. As she was leaving she gave his cock a little pat and said "Don't be a stranger".

During the next day's tryout session, Bill paid special attention to Sabrina Phillips. She wasn't wearing a bra again. he was pretty sure her breasts were made of jello, he just didn't know what flavor... yet. He asked Sabrina to see him in his office after the tryout. As they headed that way Ashley caught his eye and gave him a big smile and a wink. She knew the agenda.

Bill tried the same spiel on Sabrina that he used on Ashley. He asked her about school spirit. Sabrina started talking about how much she enjoyed the school, etc. Bill wasn't interested. His cock was throbbing but Sabrina did not seem to have any idea what he was looking for.

He decided to try another tack. "I need to make sure that all of the girls are completely healthy before I allow them on the team" he said. "Cheerleading can be very strenuous and we don't want to have any heart attacks or anything like that". Sabrina nodded her head doubtfully. "Let's start with your heart." Bill said. "Please take off your shirt so we can have a look". She didn't move very quickly. "Look, if you want to be a cheerleader you are going to have to have a physical and that's it" he said. She lifted her shirt above her head and her breasts did the jitterbug. Bill pulled out his stethoscope (yes he had thought of this ahead of time) and started pressing it up against her chest. As he did this he casually moved her breasts aside so he could get to the right spot. Her nipples firmed up nicely. "Well your heart seems to be beating a little faster than normal but otherwise everything seems in order. Let's check for breast cancer shall we".

Bill's fingers traveled up and down her tit flesh lightly. He looked up into her eyes. Sabrina was getting somewhat excited but she still seemed to think this "physical" was legitimate. "I'm not sure but I think I may have felt a lump or two. I always find my tongue is more sensitive than my fingers". He didn't give her time to protest and started licking her beautiful breasts. Sabrina let out a little wimper but otherwise didn't complain. He even nibbled on her nipples a little. She sucked in her breath but still said nothing.

He backed away and got a good look at her saliva drenched jugs. "Well, eveything seems to be in order so far. Please take your shorts and underwear off". Again, she hesitated. "You do want to be a cheerleader don't you" he said. She bit her lip and pulled her shorts and undies down. "Good, Good, now please put your knees on this towel on the floor and drop your head as close to your knees as possible. That's right, now please raise your butt in the air." What a sight was before Bill's eyes. He moved up behind her and slid his hands up her legs. He started massaging her butt cheeks thoroughly and spread them apart a little. She didn't complain at all. He backed away from her and dropped his pants. His cock was dripping pre-cum and ready for action. She still had her head buried and was unaware of his state of undress. He inserted a finger into her twat. She was running like a tap. "Just checking for lumps in here as well" he said. He removed his finger and inserted his cock. She didn't say a word. As he started pumping, he realized she had the tightest cunt he'd felt in a long time. Not a virgin but close. She started wiggling her butt and moaning and he couldn't help himself. He spurted cum all over her fine ass.

Sabrina was all revved up but he didn't think she had cum yet. Bill said "I better have a closer look down here, why don't you lie on your back?" Bill dove in and started lapping her cunt. Meanwhile he positioned his cock right above her face. Sabrina did lick it a little but she soon was to distracted to pay his cock much attention. She was too busy bucking and screaming as Bill gave her clit a good workout. After she had calmed down she started moving her lips up and down his cock, but she didn't seem to have much experience in this area. Bill pulled out of her mouth and positioned his cock between her breasts and pressed them together. He pumped and pumped until he came again. That was definitely the best titfuck he'd ever had.

As Sabrina was getting dressed again, he couldn't help wondering which 18 year old future cheerleader he would be fucking the next day.

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