tagErotic CouplingsCheerleader Coach Ch. 03

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 03


It was Thursday morning, of the first week of school. Bill Steffensen, cheerleader coach, was heading towards the staff room of Central High during second period. He came up behind two young ladies walking slowly down the hall. He was watching a fine ass wiggle. It was round and beautiful and Bill could see that the girl was wearing a thong under the translucent material of her slacks. As he passed the ladies he realized the owner of the fine butt was none other than Mei Ling, A Chinese girl who was trying out for his cheerleading squad. Walking with Mei was Sabrina Phillips. Sabrina wasn't wearing a bra again. Bill could tell because her nipples grew before his eyes as she said "Hi".

"Why aren't you girls in class?" asked Bill. "We have study hall this period" replied Sabrina. "Hmmmm, could both of you please come to my office? I'd like to have a few words with you."

Once they got to his office Sabrina pressed right up to Bill and started frenching him. Bill looked over at Mei. She didn't seem too surprised. Sabrina must have talked to Mei about the nature of their earlier session. Bill's one hand went straight to Sabrina's right breast. With his other hand he reached out for Mei and pulled her to him. She snuggled up and started kissing him as well. Bill grabbed on to her butt cheek and started squeezing.

Before long Mei started lowering her lips down Bill's chest. She was unbuttoning his shirt as she went.

When she got to his pants she had them unzipped and her mouth wrapped around his cock in no time. Mei had full red lips and she knew how to use them. Bill's cock felt like it was wrapped in velvet. Sabrina moved down to sample his dick as well. She was not nearly as accomplished as Mei, but she was eager to learn. After they traded a couple of times, Bill emptied a load into Mei's waiting mouth. Only a couple of drops escaped.

Bill asked the girls to kneel down and present their asses to him. They both still had their pants on. Bill kneaded Mei's butt roughly and then pushed the material of her slacks right in her crevice. He pushed his finger in deeper and Mei began to moan loudly. He switched over to Sabrina and gave her the same treatment. He motioned for Mei to remove her trousers and she quickly complied. He went right to work spreading apart Mei's cheeks and started licking her cunny from behind. She was sopping wet. After a lot of squirming on Mei's part, Bill switched over to Sabrina's butthole. Her ass wasn't quite as fine as Mei's but Bill wasn't going to complain. After he worked on Sabrina's cunt and asshole from behind he asked her to turn over so he could get a better look at her best feature(s). He played with her tits and slid his rock hard cock into her cunt. He started banging into her pretty hard. Sabrina started bouncing right back at him and came loudly. She then went limp and Bill pulled out. His cock was shiny with lady cum and still poking straight up in the air. Mei had four fingers embedded in her twat and her thumb was moving furiously. Bill licked her flat chest for a while and pulled on her nipples which seemed to have enlarged three inches.

He then flipped her over and went back to work on her butt. His cock slid into her cunt from the rear and he slipped a finger up her butthole. Mei turned her head back to Bill and gave him a big smile. Bill decided it was time to ride the Hershey highway. He inserted his rod in her rectum and Mei moaned loudly. As he pounded into Mei's ass Sabrina looked on with wide eyes. Bill couldn't take it any longer. He spewed cum onto Mei's cheeks and laid back exhausted. Sabrina was all fired up again and she decided there was cleanup necessary. She licked up the extra cum from Mei's behind. This was a wonderful sight to see and Bill was tempted to mount up once more, but he realized he better save some energy for this afternoon's tryout session.

After school ended the girls filed in for cheerleader tryouts. Some of the girls had taken Bill's advice from yesterday. They had consciously tried to look sexier. On a couple of the girls this was not really a good thing. Bill could strike off a couple more names from the list of possibilities.

Just as things started to get going one girl showed up late. Her face was flushed red but Bill wasn't looking at her face. This blonde young lady must have found a pair of shorts that she hadn't worn in years. Bill could see every nook and cranny of her cunt through the material. Bill hadn't really noticed her before and wasn't even sure what her name was, but now she had moved to the top of his list. He couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"What kept you, Miss .....?" Bill asked tentatively.

"Warner, Sheryl Warner" She replied. "It took a little longer to get changed because I think these shorts are too tight."

"They look perfectly fine to me, Sheryl" said Bill with a lecherous grin.

After the tryout session was over, Bill asked Sheryl to join him in his office.

Ashley Tilbrook sized up the situation and grabbed her friend Brianne.

"Coach is going after Sheryl. She never puts out. Let's come to the rescue again like we did with Jennifer."

"Sounds good to me". Brianne replied.

In Bill's office he asked Sheryl the same question as always about school spirit. She said she really enjoyed school, she was a member of the student council and an Honors student. Bill looked Sheryl over. She had long shiny hair that he was willing to bet was natural blonde. She had a heart shaped face and breasts the size of softballs. And, of course, her best assets were just below the belt.

Bill was really fired up to get things going but he had a sinking feeling it might go wrong like it did with Jennifer. He stood up and walked over close to Sheryl. His throbbing cock was only a foot or two from her face and prominently displayed under his shorts.

"Is there anything else you can think of that might persuade me to pick you?" he asked.

Sheryl's face got very red and she said "Please, Mr. Steffensen, don't kick me out like you did Jennifer. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make the team."

Bill's cock throbbed even harder as he heard these words.

"Sheryl, you mentioned that your shorts were too tight, Please stand up and bend over so I can have a better look."

Sheryl did as he asked without hesitation. Bill thought earlier that Mei's ass was just about as good as you could get, but if he was pressed he would have to vote for Sheryl. This girl was built for only one thing, fucking.

He reached out and massaged her butt. Sheryl moaned loudly.

Meanwhile just outside the door to Bill's office. Brianne and Ashley looked at each other.

"I guess we were wrong about Sheryl" said Ashley. "I guess so" said Brianne.

Brianne rested her hand on Ashley's thigh and said, "We'll have to figure out another arrangement."

Back inside the office Bill was really giving Sheryl's behind a good working over. He fingered her cunt and the material started to get wetter and wetter. "I see what you mean about these shorts being tight. Why don't we slip them off and get the circulation flowing again." he said. Sheryl reached down to take her shorts off but Bill already had them halfway down to her ankles. Sheryl stepped out of them and Bill got his first look at her naked cunt. She had very fine blonde hair down there. Bill reached out to stroke it. It was silky smooth.

Outside the office Brianne and Ashley were furiously fingering each others cunts. "I need a hard cock and I need it now" said Brianne. "If we go back to the change room I can introduce you to Mr. Big and Shiny." said Ashley. The girls were off in a flash.

Bill started lapping at Sheryl's cunt and inserted his finger a short way. He could not believe what he was feeling. It seems that Sheryl had never done anything like this before. Bill could feel a distinct barrier. Sheryl was a virgin. Bill kept on lapping and Sheryl started twitching violently. It wasn't long before he was showered with cum juices.

As Sheryl lay there quivering, Bill did some thinking. He had cum already twice today. He was rock hard right now, but he wasn't sure if he could go twice again or not. He wanted Sheryl to lick him and he was dying to fuck her ass, but he figured those pleasures would have to be postponed for another day. He was about to fuck his first virgin cunt in years and he didn't want to screw it up.

Bill stripped off his clothes and laid back on the floor with his cock standing straight up in the air. "Why don't you have a seat on this?" He said.

Sheryl looked at his cock doubtfully. "I've never done this before." She said. "I know, just go slow". Sheryl lowered herself hesitantly and fumbled around for his cock. This just wasn't working. Bill sat up and pushed Sheryl backwards lightly.

She laid back and Bill swung around. "I guess the missionaries had it right all along." he said. He positioned his cock above her cunt and thrusted hard. Sheryl screamed once and then started crying. Blood dripped out of her cunthole. Bill held still momentarily and whispered to her "Hush baby, the bad part is over. It's all golden now." He started pumping slowly. Sheryl stopped crying and before long she was raising her cunt to meet each stroke.

Bill stepped up the pace a little and Sheryl was right there with him. She started screaming in pleasure. "Give it to me, give it to me good." Bill was in no mood to disappoint the girl and started bucking like crazy. Sheryl was cumming and cumming and before long so was Bill. It was one of the most powerful orgasms he could ever remember.

When they were getting dressed, Sheryl kept on saying "Thank You, Oh Thank You. That was wonderful". Yes it was he thought. He then started trying to figure odds if there were any more virgin cheerleaders needing servicing. He couldn't wait to find out tomorrow!

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