tagMind ControlChef Special Ch. 01

Chef Special Ch. 01


James was six feet tall with light blonde hair. He'd breezed through school collecting high enough grades to guarantee his place in college, and had spent the rest of his time hanging out with the "cool" kids and going to the beach to drink and surf.

James was a chef, just like his father and his father before him. As a matter of fact, James' ancestor cooked the celebration banquet when Napoleon conquered Naples! Six generation's had kept a culinary secret; a combination of spices that gave the chef control of whomever he touched with the concoction. James kept himself immune by chewing cardamom pods and cloves at the same time - an unpleasant combination but worth it.

James' father had taught him the secret on the condition he followed three rules. He could never use the mind control to get anyone to kill themselves or others, he must never use it on family members and it couldn't be used to make people like his food.

James used it regularly in school to bump up his grades and even to gain access to his exam paper to alter any incorrect answers. Popular and good at sports, meant he had never needed the secret mix to get girls at school. He had used it once to get his first girlfriend to spread her legs, and later to get her into a threesome with the most popular girl at school.

Four years later James was working as a sous-chef at a prestigious Michelin starred restaurant. Normally James didn't use the mix to get girls, he relied upon his six-foot stature and a beach body most Olympians would be pleased with. However, as he gained more success in the restaurant he didn't have time to meet girls, let alone seduce them with a six-pack and a home cooked meal. Late one Monday evening it was quiet and his shift was almost over;

"That's me James, no more bookings, make sure the boef bourguignon goes on before you leave and don't worry about table 12's crème catlana I've sent it," Dave the head chef called.

"G'night Chef," James called.

Twenty minutes later the waitresses said their goodnights, soon followed by the manager, "I've locked the doors so just exit out the kitchen and lock up as you go, Dave said you'd be staying late."

"G'night Craig," James called.

James was in his own little world when a soft voice behind him piped up, "Chef would you like me to do anything or shall I just finish closing up?"

Karen the KP, a short (barely 5'2") lightly tanned 18-year-old student with dark blonde hair and a pretty face. She was a tri-athlete with a fantastic figure, she had C-cup tits and a round bubble butt. Normally a smart, little cutie like her would be stationed at the front of house, but her lack of confidence and the fact she was dating a chef at the restaurant (who had since gone back to Spain) had earned her the KP job.

"It is ok Karen, I'll be fine, carry on closing and I will try and get all the pots over to you as soon as I can." James always liked working with Karen as she jiggled around the kitchen unfortunately she was always to shy to respond to his casual flirting.

"Thanks chef," Karen squatted down to turn off the fryers flashing the top of her thong, this was enough for James. On an impulse James threw a pinch of his spice mix on her. The effect was instant, he heard her snuffle and then her jaw went slack and her eyes were heavily lidded, she fell, sprawled on the floor.

"Stand up Karen," James instructed, "Undress and play with your breasts."

A little sluggishly at first Karen peeled off her top, exposing her simple white cotton bra, she pulled off her ugg boots and unsnapped her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off. She was wearing a black pearl g-string thong, which was a welcome surprise.

"You filthy little slut," James gasped, "Are you getting off all the way through your shift?"

"It turns me on and then I wank when I get home," Karen replied in a dull monotone as she played with her breasts kneading them and pinching her nipples.

"Karen you are going to stay naked till I send you home, you will not remember what happened here today but you'll enjoy anything I do to you. You will call me sir when we are alone," James instructed.

Stepping forwards he stooped to suck on her nipples and squeezed her breasts. He pushed her onto her knees and told her to suck on his cock, as the eight inch monster hit the back of her throat she gagged a little, but James pushed harder forcing it down her throat. Karen moaned with her lips wrapped around his cock, James started thrusting into Karen's mouth, pumping into her face. He put a hand onto the back of her head and forced her face on his cock till her nose pressed against his stomach. Holding her there for a few moments and then pulled out quickly making her gag and choke, spluttering and coughing. Usually as a lover, James was considerate, heavy on foreplay and petting ensuring the girl was hot to trot and soaking her panties before slipping her his monster.

Now he just wasn't in the mood for all that. He pushed her onto her back while she still choked and gagged after her throat invasion. James put her ankles over his shoulders and pushed forward, crushing her knees to her shoulder, and with one thrust bottomed out in her tight little pussy. With the pearl thong on all day she'd been wet all day and lubed enough for him to pound into her on the kitchen floor. Having used the mix to gain sex, rather than hurry it along, James had decided he would do it again this time it was about release and not fun, he pounded away inside her and as he got close whispered, "Cum for me you slut."

Karen instantly came, she moaned and thrashed on his cock her tight pussy clamping down on his dick and milking it. James jack hammered her small body and started cumming after a few pumps he pulled out and sprayed a few shots over her big tits and cute face.

He stood up and pulled his chef whites back on and returned to cooking. After a few minutes he turned to Karen, and told her to clean herself up and not to waist a drop. She licked what she could off her chest and nipples, scooping the rest into her mouth with her fingers. When she was done, he told her to rub her clit till she came again he loved watching this naked babe cum on the floor. They finished closing and James got Karen to suck him off again. He didn't stop face fucking her as he came pouring his cum down her throat. As Karen licked him clean, James smiled to himself the new use of the mix was going to work well.

"Karen you will only remember us closing you will not remember the sex, when you get home you will put your clothes in the wash and shower yourself clean, you will remember to call me sir whenever we are alone, you will start finding my presence very arousing and want to get closing shifts with me, if I invite you for a drink you will accept," James knew she would no longer be under the influence after she slept but the instructions would remain, "Karen, tomorrow morning you will be a lot more confident in yourself and will feel great."

As they stood outside sharing a cigarette while waiting for Karen's taxi, James instructed her further, "You'll always answer any question I ask you honestly and it will feel perfectly natural to do so," he had a quick grope of her tits and then helped her into the taxi.

As he always did James carried some mix in his pocket, no better way to get yourself out of trouble. Once a mugger had handed over his own wallet and all the money his nefarious job had produced. Waiting for his night bus James spotted a gorgeous black woman sitting on the bench. He put a cigarette into his mouth and approached her, putting a hand into his pocket as if he was looking for a lighter.

"Excuse me do you have a light?" James asked

"I'm sorry I don't ... uh," stopping mid sentence as James threw a pinch into her face.

He caught her as she slumped and whispered into her ear, "You will come home with me, when we get to my flat you will strip naked and wait for my instruction, you will not fall asleep." The two rode the bus back to James' flat in silence. James had a good look at her in the elevator, her face was really beautiful and she had large full pouting lips and smooth dark brown skin. She was tall about 5'8" and had two large breasts that James guessed were at least 38DDs as she stripped naked she revealed a flat well toned stomach and a cute pussy topped with a neatly trimmed brazilian above her slightly puffy pussy lips, as she bent over to slide off her pop socks James got a view of her full round ass cheeks pert and round like only a black woman could have.

James knew he didn't have to work the next day so wasn't worried about sleep, but knew he wouldn't be up to much sexually without some rest. As a sexual partner James usually ensured his partners came although admittedly for selfish reasons; firstly he loved hearing a girl come and couldn't stand watching silent porn; secondly he always wanted a good review he was more likely to bag a repeat performance or to get a previous conquests friend if the girl had a good time; thirdly having a larger member meant a lot of girls needed to be very wet to accommodate him.

"What's your name?" he asked, "tell me about yourself."

"I'm Jamelia I am 27 and I work as a teller in a bank, I'm recently divorced."

"Jamelia you are going to spend the night in bed with me in the morning you won't know why but you'll know that you really want to have sex with me you won't be able to leave till I'm fully satisfied, you'll want to do whatever I suggest and will cum whenever I tell you to."

In the morning they both showered and Jamelia dried her body smiling at the naked woman he told her to lie back and masturbate till she came.

She started kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples rubbing under her breasts and pulling on her long erect nipples, she ran a hand down her stomach and started to rub on her mons before sliding two fingers along her outer pussy lips and then brought her left hand to her mouth and sucked on her finger tips. She pushed a finger into her pussy and began to rub her clit and push her fingers into her hot hole, soon she was humping her own hand and grinding her fingers onto her clit. Her pussy was drenched and juices were leaking down her ass crack and coating the inside of her thighs.

Jamelia had a shuddering orgasm, gasping and moaning she pinched her clit and rolled it between her fingertips. The smell of her pussy filled the room. She opened her eyes, despite the intense pleasure she had received from the orgasm she still felt horny, desperate to cum again, as she began to push fingers back into her choot. James leant forward and kissed her, she all but deep throated his tongue sucking it into her mouth, as he began to lightly run his fingers over her arms and down her sides he pressed harder as he passed over her hip and then lightened the pressure of his fingers as they ran down the out side of her thighs. Just above the knees he brought his hand across and slid his whole hand fingertips and palm up the top of her thighs his thumbs rough skin grazing the silken softness of her inner thighs as they neared her groin she elicited a soft groan, he gripped her waist and pulled her down the bed so her ass rested on the edge.

James loved how her pussy looked: shaved bald but for a neat trimmed brazillian he loved how her dark pussy lips parted to show a delicious soft pink inside that smelt sweet and exotic. With his left hand flittering across her stomach just above her groin and his right hand compressing the flesh just above her swollen clit, James started to tongue her outer pussy lips, lapping gently at her labia he would occasionally rub his tongue over her clit causing her to gasp or plunge his tongue into her pussy licking up her juices and making her squeal with pleasure.

As Jamelia neared her second orgasm, his left hands first two finger speared into her she shrieked in pleasure and started to groan, just before she took off he pushed his right thumb into her clit quite firmly and switched his oral attack to her tight little anal ring tongue flicking her puckered hole before slipping into her virgin sphincter, expecting unpleasantness Jamelia was surprised to find she shuddered with pleasure. Jamelia found great pleasure in having this young white stud toss her salad and was on the verge of coming again through clitoral-anal stimulation when his fingers left her pussy and started to massage her inner ass cheeks and ring.

"Oh god if he can fuck as well as he flicks I'll marry this one," Jamelia thought she had never had so much pleasure from just oral.

Despite for a third time nearing climax she felt herself stopped at the edge as James switched his attack again, he kept her like this near the edge but never quite there until as he finger fucked both holes gently and sucked on her clit furiously she lay there a whimpering wreck unable to do anything but ride the waves of pleasure he sent her way.

After over an hour of near continuous quasi-climax James drove his left thumb into her pussy and two fingers deep into her ass pinching down hard catching her G-spot in his finger vice, he pressed down hard on her mons with his right hand his knuckles whitening and his palm blanching under the pressure, trapping blood in her groin like a female cock ring pulling hard back on her hood with his right thumb he sucked furiously on her clit. Jamelia came with an ear-splitting wail and humped his face and hands. She was still trembling and moaning as James slipped his tongue passed her lips flooding her mouth with her pussy juices, she swallowed them and reached down seizing his member she felt a thrill surge through her body as it throbbed in her hand.

James had Jamelia jerk his cock and then swallow it down her throat she tongued his shaft as it slipped through her mouth she struggled as it passed her tonsils and triggered her gag reflex but managed to relax enough to swallow it down her throat. She massaged his balls and pushed hard against his thrusts until his cock was burying right up to the hilt. James had almost been in pain he had been so horny before burying his cock in her mouth and now he reached down kneading her large breasts and pulling on her nipples and fucked her face, with a stifled groan he unloaded down her throat.

Jamelia tried to swallow it all but couldn't, and choked a little coughing some cum onto her chin, she scooped it up on her fingers and sucked it off swallowing the last trickles of it from his cock.

James had barely softened and lifted Jamelia up in his arms as he sat back he lowered her onto his cock, he thrust up as she sat down driving deep into her, her twitching pussy clamped down hard on his huge member as it thrust into her, the tighter she squeezed the harder James fucked and the more her pussy struggled to hold onto his cock. James lay back bringing his heels to his bum he pulled her forward, pushing his face into her breasts he pounded up into her, reaching round he grabbed a globe of her ass cheeks in each hand and squeezed. The harder James pounded the more Jamelia ground away humping down on the eight inch tool in her pussy, pushing her back away from him so she sat up straight. James whispered, "Cum for me," and watched as the ebony goddess ground out an slow orgasm her breath ragged and her breasts bouncing and shaking from the fucking he gave her.

Once her orgasm was spent, James rolled her off him throwing her legs over his shoulders he reached down cupping her ass cheeks and slammed into Jamelia their groins met and his ball sack bounced off asshole James fucked away as deep in her cunt as he could get.

Jamelia felt wonderful she still felt the glow of her third incredible orgasm warming her insides, when James' hammering - the deepest she'd ever taken a dick - started her on to her next orgasm. This one was fast and incredible her toes curled and her legs trembled she found breathing was difficult and she gasped and choked her way through a five minute pounding. As she enjoyed the longest multiple orgasm of her life, she came down finding James had rolled her onto her knees her face on the bed she had one hand reaching back spreading her ass cheek the other slowly rubbing her clit.

James was scooping her juices from her pussy and bathing her ass with them slipping first one then a second finger into her ass. He slipped his cock in and out of her pussy a few times and then slowly pressed it into her ass. Jamelia felt she should stop him but strangely just relaxed, thinking it was OK if it was James doing it. Her tight hole resisted his large head for a moment and then slowly slipped apart sucking him in with one fluid thrust. Her ass clenched as he bottomed out, all eight inches filling her tight little ass, she was incredibly tight but managed to stay calm and relax as James fucked away her anal virginity. James spanked her cheeks as he fucked her revelling in the heat and tightness of her ass. Jamelia quickly got over the pain and unfamiliarity of the sex and started huffing and thrusting back against his thrusts moaning and frigging her cunt soon she was shaking and wailing her way through another mind blowing orgasm with eight inches of flesh pipe up her shitter!

James pulled out with a pop and pulled her head toward him stuffing his ass slicked cock into her mouth, pumped her face and then pushing her onto her back straddled her chest and mashed her huge tits around his cock. He gave her tits a fucking of a life time, all his previous gentle behaviour as he slammed his cock between her breasts and forced the head repeatedly between her lips, half moaning he told her to cum; and she did pinching her nipples and moaning loudly round his cock, with a loud groan he blew his load into her mouth over her face and across her tits, the white strings of cum looked great on her dark skin.

James had her clean his cock with her tongue before she was allowed to clean the cum off her face and breasts by swallowing it all down. He had her stay naked and they both showered, he was wearing a pair of shorts and a sweat shirt as she walked through into the living room, her breasts swayed slightly and she looked a little uncomfortable walking. He stood and tossed a pinch of the mix in her face and while toying with her breasts gave her some instructions.

"When you leave you will remember how great the sex was, you will remember what I look like but not my name, you wont remember where I live but will know roughly where in town my flat is, you wont have any real desire to look me up or sleep with me again unless I specifically ask in which case you will be delighted," James checked the time they had been fucking for over two hours and it was near lunch time.

He had Jamelia make him some lunch, a simple sandwich and a cup of tea and as she jiggled over to him with the tray he decided to have some fun. As he ate he had her rub herself with oil and dance for him, she shook her tits and jiggled her ass in his face, she slapped her own tits and squeezed her nipples, as James drained his tea cup she rubbed her clit whilst doing the splits.

With the meal finished he told her to bend over and grab her ankles and in this position he used the oil on her body to slam his cock into her ass he told her to orgasm and not to stop till he'd pulled out, the contractions and the tightness in that position were incredible as Jamelia moaned away on his cock he pounded her so hard he thought he would drill right through her, right before he came Jamelia's legs gave way and he crashed down on top of her, her twitching rectum milking his balls of his cum. Again she cleaned his cock off and James told her to dress and leave, her ass still leaking his cum.

Jamelia was James' first proper fuck using the secret mix and while he knew he would make the most of Karen's little body it was these random encounters he liked the idea of the most.

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