tagInterracial LoveChelsea Ch. 02

Chelsea Ch. 02


Mr. Brown took a step back and stood in awe at the sight of Chelsea's monstrous 34JJ's. They were bigger then what Mr. Brown had imagine. The black areolas on her huge breasts nearly covered the entire front part of her breasts. Her tootsie roll-like nipples were the same color as a black crayon. She had little stretch marks on the top of her chest where her titties start to form and some near her armpits.

"Amazing!" gasped Mr. Brown. "They maybe sag to your yummy but they're fucking incredible for an 18-year-old who is as skinny as you are. I just want to suck the chocolate milk right out of those big nipples."

Mr. Brown's cock grew enormously inside his jeans. Chelsea just sat still in the chair, with her bare gigantic melons being feasted upon by Mr. Brown's eyes.

Mr. Brown moved closer to Chelsea and brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. He ran his hands through her long dark hair and continued to stare and drool at her breasts.

"My cock is so fucking hard for you. I know you want to see it. Right Chelsea?" Mr. Brown asked.

Chelsea didn't say a word. She turned her head to the side so she couldn't watch Mr. Brown have his way with her chest.

Mr. Brown's large white hands cupped Chelsea's giant black titties and jiggled them. Her breasts shook like a bowl of jell-o. He wobbled and bounced her enormous jugs in his hands and still was amazed at the sheer size of her breasts.

"I want you to shimmy your shoulders and make those big titties shake for me Chelsea," Mr. Brown requested. "And don't forget who holds the power of your grade in this class."

Chelsea had no choice but to do as Mr. Brown wanted. She shimmied her shoulders and her massive boobs shook from side to side. They looked like swinging pendulous. Mr. Brown nearly busted a nut watching Chelsea shake her tits for him.

"Oh yeah! That's it Chelsea. Shake those big things. Shake them harder bitch!" demanded Mr. Brown.

Chelsea shook her shoulders harder and made her huge shaking tits sway wildly and clash into one another when meeting back at her chest.

"Ohhhh! Clap those fucking titties. Make them clap," Mr. Brown said. "Ok Chelsea. I want you to stand up and bend over for me."

Chelsea stood up from her chair and bended down. Her mammoth hooters hung down like a cow's udder.

"Ohh! So beautiful baby. Make them swing Chelsea. Make them swing," Mr. Brown ordered.

Chelsea moved her shoulders from side to side and makes her breasts swing from side to side. Mr. Brown got to his knees and watched up close Chelsea's big titties swaying from side to side. He had the urge to just grab her tits and suck the life out of them and fuck some life back into them with his cock.

"Hmmmm! I think you're nipples are hard," teased Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown tugged at Chelsea's dark nipples and stretched them from her tits. Chelsea felt her tits being stretched longer by Mr. Brown's pulling. Mr. Brown let Chelsea's nipples go and watched her huge tits bounce up and down into her chest.

"I have to have these now," moaned Mr. Brown, as he scooped Chelsea's breasts from the sides and squished them together.

Mr. Brown wobbled Chelsea's massive tits in his hands and closed his lips around one of her dark nipples. He sucked on the huge bud and drew some of her areola between his lips as well.

The slurping and sucking sounds Mr. Brown was giving off as he devoured her tits disgusted Chelsea.

Mr. Brown dropped Chelsea's right breast and used both hands to hold her left breast. He squeezed her left breast hard and resumed sucking on her nipple.

Chelsea began to moan to Mr. Brown's pleasure. Chelsea had to admit deep down in her mind, that having her tits and nipples sucked for the first time felt wonderful. She thought Mr. Brown was a wonderful titty-sucker.

Mr. Brown released his mouth of Chelsea's left wet boob and used his tongue to lick around the areola. He squeezed the boob in a cone shape and sucked it back into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the dark nipple and lapped at her areola.

Chelsea moaned louder and felt her panties becoming moist.

"Ohhh Dave! That feels good," moaned Chelsea.

Mr. Brown or Dave, popped her left tit from his mouth. Saliva covered the entire tit as he continued his assault on her nipple. He chewed and nibbled her dark nipple. He pulled and stretched the nipple between his teeth. The tip of his tongue licked away repeatedly at the tip of her juicy nipple.

Chelsea started to orgasm and Dave stopped licking her nipple. He dropped her left tit and picked up the right tit in both hands. He stuffed his mouth with as much of the breast flesh as possible. He did the same to her right tit as he did to her left.

Dave squeezed both saliva-covered tits together and formed Chelsea's cleavage. Dave spitted down between Chelsea's boobs and used one hand to squeeze her boobs together as best as he could. He slipped his other hand and forearm into her cleavage and between thrusting up and down. Mr. Brown fist-fucked her big titties for a few minutes and then released them. His spit dripped down her chest and tits.

"Ohhhh Chelsea! I just love your breasts. These enormous melon size titties," moaned Mr. Brown.

Dave pushed her titties together again and sucked one nipple and then the other. He switched from nipple to nipple for several minutes. Dave then closed his lips around both big dark nipples and suckled on them both at the same time.

Chelsea's knees buckled and trembled. Massive chills surged through her body. Her nipples send signals to her pussy and Chelsea started cumming. Chelsea moaned silently and Dave looked up and watched her facial expressions, as he continued to chew and suck on both nipples.

Chelsea came for the first time by a guy, whom just send 30 minutes sucking her titties.

"Goddamn!" gasped Dave. "My cock has never been this hard before. I have to get it out."

Dave stopped sucking Chelsea's tits and unbuttoned his jeans. He quickly pulled his jeans and boxers down to his feet. Chelsea's eyes light up as she viewed her first real live cock. Chelsea had seen pornos with big-dicked stars and now she was viewing her first big dick.

Mr. Brown's cock was nearly the size of a German sausage. Long and thick with veins popping from the shaft. The massive cockhead was purple from being extremely hard.

"Do you know what I want you to do Chelsea. Before I fuck those mega titties of yours, I want you to suck my cock and get it all lubed up for those titties," demanded Dave.

Chelsea has had only given a blowjob to one man and his cock wasn't nearly as large as Dave's.

Dave kicked his shoes, jeans, and boxers off. He was totally naked from the waist down except for his socks.

"Sit back down in the chair and suck this cock," Dave ordered.

Chelsea sat back down in her chair. Her mammoth titties and nipples still glistened in Dave's saliva. Dave reached down and grabbed her titties, as he rubbed his cockhead against her sweet lips. Pre-cum oozed from Dave's cockhead onto Chelsea's lips and Chelsea used her tongue and licked up her first taste of cum.

"Ohhhh baby! I have to cum now," moaned Dave, as he roughly fondled Chelsea's large pillowy breasts.

Dave moaned loud and blow his load all over Chelsea's adorable face. Chelsea didn't try to move her head or anything. She took the huge blast of cum straight to the face. Her eye lids, nose, cheeks, forehead, and lips were drenched in Dave's cum. Chelsea took her very first facial and was now prepared to suck her very first big dick...

To be continued...

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