tagMind ControlChemical Concocktion Ch. 09

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 09


I was halfway through grading my classes latest quiz when Beth showed up. I had tried to concentrate on my work to get my mind off of Jennifer. Had the potion really lowered her IQ? Was it going to get worse? Why hadn't it affected Beth that way? I have to admit, I was also thinking of her body and what it would look like obeying my every command. I couldn't help it, she was just too beautiful.

Instead of coming immediately inside, Beth knocked instead. She waved at me thru the window.

"Come in," I said, wondering why she just hadn't walked in. Beth's face lit up in pleasure and she came inside carrying a shopping bag.

"Hi," she said brightly, "I bought a few things." She set the bag on the table. I envisioned some new sexy underwear, but instead she pulled out a couple of exercise DVDs and a pulsating shower-head.

"What are these for?" I asked.

She gave me a smile in return.

"I want to exercise and I thought you'd like watching me do it. I got the shower-head because I didn't like yours. Don't get up, let me fix your shower first."

I went back to grading my papers while she went to work. A little while later, she came back and proceeded to move my living room table out of the way, giving her space to exercise in front of the TV. She started to strip down to her underwear.

"Do you want me to exercise? Do you want to watch me?" she asked, stretching her body sensually.

No matter how many times I saw her body, each time I did made me hard. God, she was beautiful.

"Yes, exercise for me" I said. I saw her body break out in goosebumps, her nipples immediately hardening. She started to do aerobics, following along to the DVD. I watched, entranced by her bouncing body. I wanted to take her right then and there, but knowing that she was totally mine and that I could have her at the merest whim slackened my urgency. I enjoyed just watching for the moment, letting my arousal build.

I pushed my remaining papers away from myself. She started stretching afterwards, her lust-filled eyes focused on me as she changed from one pose to another. I could see that merely being in my presence had turned her on. I could see the wet spot on her little red panties.

I got up from the table, enough waiting. I walked slowly over to her as she continued to stretch, now on her knees, her gaze focused on my crotch.

"Come here," I said and without getting up, she crawled to me on her hands and knees. She slowly got up, sliding her body along mine. I kissed her, feeling her body give a little shudder of pleasure.

"I'm so sweaty, take a shower with me... please?"

I didn't care about a shower, I kissed her neck, tasting her salty sweat. She smelled so good, young and healthy, fresh from exercise.

"I'd rather be clean for you," she said, rubbing her nearly naked body against mine.

I led her into the bathroom, kissing her as I unclasped her bra. She started to unbutton my shirt, her fingers fumbling in excitement. I can't express how hot it was, knowing that this beautiful and sexy creature was so turned on by me that she was actually trembling with need.

"Turn the shower on," I said and watched her chest flush as her body gave her a small orgasm while she tried to turn the shower knobs.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the shower, panting as she did so.

Since the potion, Beth had become incredibly responsive to me. Now though, with the new shower-head raining down upon her, her lust went a level even higher. She started to kiss down my body, gasping and moaning as she went. She reached my feet, rubbing her clit as she started to kiss the top of them. It looked like she was having a continual orgasm, her body shaking and swaying. She collapsed onto the tub's floor, her body shuddering in ecstasy.

I went down to her, touching and exploring her nubile body. I couldn't wait anymore. I slid my hardened cock into her, and felt her inner heat take me in, warmer even than the water that rained down upon us.

I tried to stop myself from cumming, but her pussy demanded it... milking me with each stroke, her hands grasping and clawing at my back. "I'm cumming!" I shouted, pulling out and spraying across her body. I felt her body arch up as she joined me in a tremendous orgasm of her own.

Afterwards, we lay together in the tub, the shower still pouring down upon us. She was barely conscious, her body limp and spent.

I turned off the shower, hearing her give a slight mew of disappointment as I did so. I got out and dried off. She still laid there, a happy and dazed expression on her face.

"Come on, get up and get dried off."

She shakily got to her feet, smiling in pleasure as she did so. She looked at me with love in her eyes.

Clumsily, she put her underwear back on and joined me in the kitchen.

"Would you like me to cook for you?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, enjoying the relaxation and afterglow of good sex. I felt like a lion, confident and at ease in my kingdom.

She just stood there though.

"Um, you are going to cook something, aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, but didn't make any movement towards starting.

"Well, go start cooking!" I said, tossing a wad of paper at her.

Her smile broadened in pleasure while she gave a happy sigh and opened up the fridge.

------------------------- Jennifer didn't know how she got home safely. She could barely think, let alone drive. Her mind kept on replaying her recent encounter with Beth. That kiss.... she managed to keep one hand on the steering wheel while the other was under her skirt, rubbing her slick cunt.

She managed to make it upstairs to her bedroom, clumsily falling into the wall several times on her way. She couldn't think of anything besides the heat throbbing inside of her.

She shut her door, not even taking the time to lock it, as she pulled her blouse off. She didn't even bother with her skirt. She fell to the floor and started to masturbate, hard. She pulled on her hardened and swollen nipples, gasping as her remaining thoughts were replaced by white hot pleasure. Her orgasm came in mere seconds, her body thrashing and out of control. She needed something inside of her... and her thoughts immediately brought Mr Deering forth. She needed him. She started to fantasize about Beth and him touching her, telling her to do things... kissing her. Not even consciously aware, her body started masturbating again, driving her again to an even greater orgasm.

She woke up some time later, she must have passed out after her last orgasm. How many had it been? She felt drained, limp. She could smell herself all through the room and her mother's skirt that she had been wearing was soaked with her juices. What was happening to her? It was not a thought of concern, rather, it was one of eagerness. Whatever it was, she wanted even more.


We were eating dinner, spaghetti and salad, when Beth accidentally spilt sauce onto herself.

"Oh, damn" she muttered, although it sounded... what? Almost staged. "I guess I need another shower" she said with a false note of irritation.

I laughed.

"You just want to get me in the shower again, don't you?"

She looked at me, lust clearly written across her face.

"Yes." It was stated emphatically.

"Well, tough, " was my amused response. "Go take a shower if you think you need one, but I'm still clean". I saw her eye the spaghetti sauce on the table like she was considering pouring some on me right then. "Don't you even think about it."

She giggled, caught in her plans. Then she got up,

"If you want me to wash the dishes later, just tell me" and sauntered to the bathroom for another shower, turning and looking at me with the hottest look as she did so.

I know the potion had affected her in this way, turning her almost into my personal sex slave, but I hated taking advantage of it. Well, okay... I was taking advantage of her sexually, but that was different.... I didn't want to treat her like a domestic servant. I got up and washed the dishes myself.

Afterwards, she was still in the bathroom. It was turning into a ridiculously long shower. Was she okay?

I walked to the bathroom and still heard the shower running. I could also hear her gasps of pleasure. I looked behind the curtain and saw her on the tub's floor again, her legs up and spread while she held the detachable pulsating shower-head against her womanhood. Her eyes had entirely rolled back, mindless, as her body bucked and writhed in ecstasy.

The hot water had run out and she was now being sprayed with exceedingly cold water, but she didn't seem to care. I turned the shower off and she collapsed, spent.

What was with her and showers?

I dried her off as best I could as she lay there, smiling and exhausted. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I lay down next to her and stroked her hair. She tried to roll over onto me, but she barely managed to turn onto her side.

Her half-lidded eyes gave evidence as to how tired she was.

I wanted to ask her if she had noticed any of the changes in Jennifer. I wanted to ask her about her new shower fixation. I didn't though. She was so exhausted from her orgasms that she was hardly conscious. I just let her lay there next to me, her soft breath tickling my chest hair.


Something was going on with Beth. We got up early to get ready for school, she had brought spare clothes over here a long time ago... but she seemed more... I don't know, submissive? I thought she was merely tired when she didn't make any move to get out of bed. She only started moving when I told her to, and then she didn't get ready or dressed until I ordered her to start that. The only time she really showed initiative was when she expressed a far too strong desire to take a morning shower.

Don't get me wrong, it's awesome having a young woman like that at your beck and call... but it wasn't Beth. Beth's sense of humor was still intact, she still had her brilliant mind, and granted, she did take the initiative to get the exercise DVD and shower-head... but something was different and it was at breakfast that I really started to put things together.

She volunteered to make breakfast, just pouring cereal really, but after I acquiesced she waited until I actually told her to do it. I remembered how she had done the same thing with coming inside the house yesterday and again with cooking dinner and getting ready this morning. It was like she wanted me to order her to do everything.

I thought it must have just been my imagination or that I was misreading things. We always want to do things for the people we love. Maybe she was just wanting to be helpful, yet, I think I already knew that didn't really explain her recent actions.

Was this another side-effect from the potion? Her IQ seemed intact, not like Jennifer's recent bimbofication. God, what if the potion really had screwed these girls up?

I have to admit, there was a part of me that enjoyed the thought of Beth being almost a slave to me... but she had been my friend, my student. Didn't I owe her some degree of respect?

I looked over at her. She met my gaze, smiled and licked her spoon suggestively. Well, maybe I should just wait before jumping to conclusions.

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