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Chemistry Made Fun


All characters above 18 years of age:


'What shall we do today, girl?' asked Miss sternly. She pulled out my textbooks, which had scary looking equations in them. 'Hmm. Chemistry. Before we start, could you get me a glass of water?'

I rose to go to the kitchen. As I poured the water, I smiled to myself. I was adding a drop of a very powerful drug to her drink...one that would pull the user into an addled trance. No tuitions for me today.

'Thank you,' said Miss when I went back and gave her the glass. She did not smile, because she did not believe in being friendly with her students, even though I was a girl. She began to sip. 'Now, do these sums I have marked out for you as I explain the Periodic Table.'

I looked at her large, wobbling chest. Her tits were huge, modestly covered with a blue dress. The dress would soon be off, though.'Okay, Miss. Whatever you say.'

She began to explain. 'Now, hydrogen is the first element. It is also the lightest. That is why it is first.' She took another sip; her cheeks began to flush. 'The table is divided into groups and periods...unnngh...' She suddenly let out a deep sigh.

'What's the matter, Miss?' I asked like a concerned pupil. 'You don't feel well?'

'I am fine..okay, lithium, potassium, sodium...unnnghhh..' She slumped forward, her head collapsing on the table. 'What is happening...why do I feel so..sleepy..'

'Sleep, Miss,' I said sweetly. 'You must be tired, teaching so many students. Sleep. We will take a break today.'

'No, studies are important..' But before she could complete the sentence, her eyes closed and she fell sideways on her chair like a drooling idiot.

I moved my chair a little closer and touched her black hair. She stirred slightly at my touch: a side effect of the drug was that it had made her incredibly horny. I knew that in theory, but to see my superior teacher in such a state was quite another matter. Already a large wet spot was forming at the crotch of her dress. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Fascinated, I reached out and put my hand tentatively on her cloth covered pussy.

Her reaction was instantaneous. She began to jerk her pussy against my hand, humping it. I pushed one finger against the spot where her clit would be. Her addled brain must have enjoyed the sensation and she humped my hand even faster.

It was then that I decided to bring out the big guns. Getting down on the floor, I began to hike her dress up. Up, up up...and with a tug, her underwear was down.

But that woke her. Temporarily overcoming the drug, her eyes flew open. 'What are you doing? Where - what is happening...' I took no notice of her struggle but pushed my fist into her dripping wet pussy.

'Unnngh...unnngh...no, we must study..I..teacher...' Her voice was slurring like a drunkard's.

'Certainly Miss, do continue explaining the Periodic Table,' I said, fisting her quicker and quicker. Her pussy was mindblowingly wet, and her face was contorted. The drug and her arousal made her too weak to counter my actions.

In her hazy mind, she could not make sense of the situation and took my words at face value. 'Okay..chapter four..unngh, what are you doing...mercury is a liquid metal..ugh..' She began to grunt like a fool as she came, drenching my hand. 'Oh..oh..oh..this feels so good..'

'I'm sure it does,' I said soothingly. She was jolting and quivering like a jelly, her big tits jumping up and down, and I tried to calm her down. 'Miss, would you like to put your head in my lap and rest?'

She shook her head weakly. 'Bad...girl..'

I grinned and in one swift movement, pulled her body towards me and pushed her head into my lap. She struggled, but the drug had broken down her defences. I decided it was time to remove the dress entirely and yanked it over her head. Big, jiggling tits came into view. I laughed and squeezed both, and she began to moan and grunt against her will. She was getting aroused again. I lowered my mouth and sucked her nipples. 'Enjoying this, Miss?' She looked like a forty year old slut, her pretty hair flying all over the place as she moaned. 'No..Rhea..stop...'

I undressed myself and watched as her eyes went wide as she looked blearily at my young, curvy body. She tried to wriggle out of my lap and stumbled onto the floor. I got off the sofa and straddled her tall body with ease.

'I think you're enjoying this, Miss.' Leaning forward, I pressed my tits against hers and rocked. Mmmm..her obscenely enormous jugs rubbing against my pert ones made me aroused and her even more horny. She began to push back against me. I laughed. 'You're such a slut, Miss.' She groaned, unable to resist.

I jammed my finger into her cunt again, when I got an idea. Laughing, I reached inside my pocket and drew out a vibrator egg.

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