tagNovels and NovellasCherry Hill Ch. 03

Cherry Hill Ch. 03


George Krest awoke to first the feeling, then the sound, of a pair of lips racing on his rigid cock, giving him a sloppy blow job. He didn't need to open his eyes to know the tongue begging cum from his balls was his foreign exchange daughter, Ava. Ava was the hottest little brunette to have come from Bohemia since the song from Queen, and she was above and beyond the best little cock-sucker they'd hosted in the last decade. The sensations rocking George's brain were validation of that, and he hesitated only for a moment before running his fingers through her auburn curls, letting her head bob up and down on his impressive member on her own accord.

"Morgen, Papa," she said, pausing for a breath of air before attacking his rod with renewed vigor.

"Oh fuck yes it is. Hell, it's even a good morning!" George half-moaned. Absently, his hand explored the empty half of the bed, happily finding his wife gone. His lust fogged vision focused on the alarm clock, seeing that it read just past noon.

"Oh shit!" he said, trying to gently lift Ava's head from his dick and move at the same time. She would have none of it and sucked harder, her hands grabbing firmly onto his hips

"Uh uh," she moaned, the sensations sending George's libido into overdrive. She slid her mouth quickly and noisily up his thick shaft, and after a whole year of living with the Krests, she finally got enough practice in to let George's thick monster start sliding down her throat. George's mind was on fire and every nerve in his body was raw. His hands in Ava's hair started moving her head for her, and his hips began to piston his rod between her full lips.

"Oh baby," George whispered. "Oh Ava, are you ready for daddy's cum?" he moaned. Ava's humming, enthusiastic response was all it took to finally send George over the edge. He almost felt the nerves fire; Ava's moan vibrating his dick, his balls practically humming with her voice, the sensation as it rocketed up George's back, his muscles contracting, his back arching, his cock pushing further into her mouth. By the time the feeling hit his lust-crazed mind, he felt like he was floating in the bed, and the orgasm that erupted was a volcano, each spurt of his hot jizz was a blinding inferno in George's mind, each one sending him higher and higher.

Ava never stopped sucking on her foreign exchange father's dick. The more he came, the more she moaned, the more she moaned, the harder he fucked her face. Ava could feel her own juices boil as George's sperm filled her mouth and slid down her throat, spraying against her tongue or her tonsils, or even straight down into her belly.

"Oh fuck, Ava! Oh my fucking God!" George moaned, thrashing on the bed as his cock kept spraying his cum down the brunette's velvet throat. She could only smile and feel her pussy leak her cum down her thighs and feel it run over her pink slit, soaking her clit and catching like dew drops in her furry pussy.

George finally came down enough to let his fingers relax. Ava bobbed up and down on George's sensitive dick, giggling with it trapped in her lips as he shuddered and twitched from the feelings still coursing through his body.

"Why did you want me to stop, Papa?" she asked, pushing herself up so she could look George in the eyes. She batted her own eyes innocently, her honey-brown irises almost glowing.

"I was supposed to meet Sheldon at the country club two hours ago!" George said, Ava still pinning his legs to the bed. He smiled at the little bit of his cum leaking from the corner of her mouth, Ava apparently unaware of the milk dribbling down her chin.

"Mama said something like that," Ava said, her hand going to George's rapidly wilting cock and stroking it firmly from base to tip. A small drop of cum squeezed to the top and Ava quickly licked it from his head, noticing that she'd been dribbling at the same time. Her tongue snaked out and licked the line of jizz up; Ava took her time and flicked the tip of her tongue so George could see it. She felt his dick throb in her hand and she giggled again.

"Then why the fuck did she..." George started, his lips pursing tightly. Ava sucked his cock head back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, making George's whole body shudder at the sudden feeling. "Hey now, I gotta get going here. I'm gonna be in for it as it is."

"Looks like you'll be paying for the beer," Ava joked, rolling over, her perky tits wobbling back and forth quickly before settling back in their normal position. George sat up and his hand shot down to her slit, two of his fingers diving between her lips and getting soaked in her juice.

"Looks like you'll have to have one of your sisters lick you clean; you're a sloppy mess down here, kitten," George said, running his fingers up to her lips and watching them disappear as she sucked them deep into her mouth, her tongue going nuts and her mouth sucking her own cum from his thick fingers.

"No time for that, Papa. We're going to the mall this afternoon," Ava said a moment after George withdrew his fingers from her mouth. "Jill and Mya have an appointment with the salon and Matsumi and I want to go shopping for make up before we have to go back home."

"Get it while it's cheap. Good thinking, baby," George said kindly. He kissed the forehead of his naked foreign exchange student daughter, giving her body a good look up and down, moaning his approval and he went into the bathroom, intending to shower. Instead, he got a good look at Matsumi, spread eagle on the large sink top, shaving her short black fur from her pussy.

"Morning, Angel," he said softly, waiting to not startle her when she had a blade dangerously close to her tight box. Her head snapped up and her dark brown eyes smiled as they met his.

"Hello, Papa," she said, returning to shaving her snatch.

"Almost done there, Mat?" George said, looking at the rapidly disappearing hair and shaving cream. She nodded and took the final swipe with the razor. She looked around for the washcloth she had been using, but George's hand was faster.

"Let me," he said, wiping and kneeling at the same time. "Better angle," he murmured, the rag wiping the last of the stray shaving cream from her pussy lips right before his tongue licked slowly along their ridge. Matsumi almost growled as she moaned, her hands going to George's head and pushing his lips tighter against her pussy.

"You treat me so good, Papa," she cooed, feeling his tongue part her light brown nether lips and separate them to expose her molten pink core. He relished in her taste, still decidedly pussy, but still Japanese pussy. He paused for a moment, Matsumi looking down at him in puzzlement for just long enough to see that he was nowhere near done lavishing her pussy. He nibbled her clit, sucked her pink flesh, and fucked her hard and deep with his long tongue. It didn't take much of her taste or her moans to return the iron to George's 10 inch tool, and it didn't take much of his tongue to drive her over the edge.

Matsumi's thick cum rolled out of her pussy and onto George's waiting tongue and cheek, coating him in her honey. Every lick of her clit made her pussy clench and her muscles tighten, issuing forth another shot of her tangy cum. George let her down slow, listening to her mumble things in fast Japanese; he was sure most of it was obscenity, but that only made it sexier.

When Mat couldn't hold herself up any more, George carried her over to the bed and set her down next to Ava. Ava looked her Japanese sister over and started softly stroking her hair and breasts as she came back down, micro orgasms still making her twitch. With only a wink to Ava, George hopped in the shower and got himself cleaned up to go to the club and meet Sheldon. He dressed, splashed on his cologne, and grabbed an apple from the kitchen before heading out.

All four of his daughters were down there, all in appropriately dressed for the mall, but he didn't have time to scold them now. Ava was wearing overalls and a red satin bra. George didn't need to double check if she was wearing panties; the overalls weren't buttoned up the side at all and if she moved right, he was sure he could see her brown beaver. Matsumi was wearing a tight blue sun dress, and he was sure that her little tits were bra less and in the year she'd stayed with the Krests, the only time she shaved was when she was going to go pantiles in public. As for his two twin daughters, Mya and Jill, he knew for a fact they weren't wearing panties under their leather mini skirts; they were blatantly flashing their bald quims, a sight that made his dick twitch. He didn't even see what they were wearing for tops, his eyes glued to their tan, shaved, twin snatches. A flood of memories of those two fucking both him and their step-mother three months after they turned 18 got his dick from twitching to full mast, and George nearly ran into the door instead of opening it.

He sighed deeply, hearing the girls titter just as the door shut and he got in the car, hoping to still catch Sheldon Reese at the country club.


"Abby!" Sabrina Williams yelled for her twin sister. "We're running late, and Lance is gonna shoot us if we're late!" She waited at the bottom of the stairs, her long fingers grasping the banister, "Fuck," she muttered. Stomping her foot she shouted, "Jeeze, Abby, get the fu..." she stopped in mid sentence as the blonde and blue eyed image of herself rounded the corner, and started coming down the steps. "It's about fuckin' time."

Abby flipped her hair, and tossed her sister a smile, "Hey, good things cum to those who wait."

Sabrina rolled her eyes, "Please, let's just get going, I have a lot to do this evening." She grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. "Are you driving or am I?"

"You can," Abby answered, as she too grabbed her purse. "What time is it anyway?"

The door opened, and Sabrina answered, "Almost 3:00! We have to be at Lance's in just 15 minutes!" She felt her sisters hand on her arm, and recognized the look in her eyes. "Abby we don't have time for that."

Abby smirked, and pulled the door closed, leaving the world outside, and the two sisters inside. "You know how Lance hates it when we aren't ready for him." She pushed her sister against the door, and ran her hands down her side, "You know he'll be pissed off."

"He'll be more pissed if we cum, before we get there," Sabrina whimpered, all ready knowing she was going to give up. Her purse fell to the floor, and her keys clanged down beside it. "Fuck Abby, I love it when you do that."

"Do what?" her sister asked as she licked her twins neck.

"That," she swallowed her moan. Her hands moving into the long, tresses of Abby's hair. "Oh fuck I want to fuck you so bad right now."

Abby pushed up Sabrina's skirt, and slid her fingers over her pussy. "Oh, Sabrina your a bad girl, you haven't shaved this morning."

Sabrina whimpered and felt her juices begin to gather along the walls of her sex. Her lip started to tremble, as she moaned, "I know sissy, I meant to but I just ran out of time." She pushed her pussy against Abby's hand.

"You understand you'll have to be punished," Abby dug a finger between the lips of her sister's pussy. Her own bald cunt was all ready slick with moisture.

"I know, but we don't have time."

"Are you telling me no?" Abby growled and bit Sabrina's neck. "Are you saying no to me, whore?" She sucked on her tan skin, harder and pushed her finger in deeper, scratching her twins cunt and scooping the liquid up with her finger. She pulled the digit out, and rammed it into Sabrina's mouth. "Suck your fucking juice off my fingers, Bitch! You made me dirty." Abby's pussy throbbed as she felt Sabrina's tongue work the nectar from her sticky, wet digits.

Sabrina sucked on the slick appendages of her sister's hand, and savored the flavor of her own arousal. When she had cleaned her sis, she looked into her blue eyes, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to question you or tell you no."

Abby pulled away, and pointed to the playroom. "Let's go," she ordered. Her eyes followed Sabrina's ass, as they walked toward the back room. The playroom was the master bedroom that was downstairs. The sisters had decided to not use it for either one of their bedrooms, because they had wanted to hold some of Lance's photo and movie shots in that room. The lighting was better and the spacing was huge.

Sabrina felt her belly tighten in anticipation, as she opened the playroom door. "What should my punishment be?"

Abby slid up beside her, and pushed her hands up under her blouse. "Your gonna eat my bald pussy, then fuck me with that hard cock you like sucking so much, when your done. I'm going to eat you, and fuck you. But," Abby slid her hands out and pushed her sister to the wall of the room. "Your not gonna cum, hear me Bitch?"

She hated this punishment the most. She'd be on the edge of orgasm until she got to Lance's and then she cum, but it would fucking itch deep inside until she did. Abby must have known what she was thinking because she quickly looked into her eyes. The twins often knew what the other was doing or thinking, and when they were in the same room together it was uncanny how connected they were.

"You slut! Your all ready thinking of coming for his cock aren't you?" Abby smacked her sister face, just enough to see the lust in Sabrina's eyes light up. "You whore, obviously that isn't a good punishment for you. I don't like sucking hairy cunts, you know that! Your not allowed to cum till the party on Friday night!"

Sabrina's mouth dropped, "Abby!"

"Shut up!" she shouted. Abby took Sabrina's arms, and cuffed each one to the fur lined shackles that were attached to the wall. Then she bent down and spread her sisters legs and cuffed those as well. "So for the next week, you'll not be cumming, sis, or I'll make your punishment last longer."

Abby turned and walked to the storage cabinet that they had placed in the room, when they had first decided they needed one room for all their toys. She pulled out the butterfly knife and flipped it open. Sabrina glared at her sisters hand, and almost told her she wasn't into it today; the safety word, Bright, was on the edge of her tongue. But wanting her sisters mouth on her hot sex was worth the $200.00 blouse that Abby was now cutting off her torso.

As the knife worked the shirt into tattered strips, Abby's nipples got harder with each newly exposed patch of flesh. She finally had cut enough of the shirt up, that it fell in tattered pieces to the floor. She wedged the cold metal between Sabrina's heaving chest and the $75.00 Victoria Secret bra, hit the floor. Abby licked each nipple that covered the expensive boob job that both twins had. She sucked on the right, then the left. She slid the edge of the knife down Sabrina's body, and came to her skirt. Abby fingered the expensive material, she knew she could slide the skirt down, and save the $150.00 number, but she figured what the fuck, they'd make more.

Sabrina groaned a mixture of anger and sexual hunger, as she watched the torn pile of money grow. "Shit," she muttered.

"What was that slut?" her sister asked, as she took the knife and ran it over her sister's belly. She took the knife away, and stepped up to her sister. Her tongue dove in, and she sucked on it. Abby's mouth, pushed onto Sabrina's and she stroked her twins muscle with hard fucks.

Sabrina slid her tongue with Abby's and then whimpered as she pulled away. The knife glistened in Abby's grasp. She watched her sister leave the room, and she waited. Sabrina had wanted punished earlier this morning when they had time, that was why she hadn't shaved, but fuck, the punishment was severe this time.

The block party wasn't till Friday, and she had made plans for her cunt this week. Not being allowed to cum till the party was going to push her over the edge. Sabrina looked at her sister when she came back into the room. A can of whipped cream and the knife were resting in Abby's palms.

"I fucking hate, hairy cunts," Abby muttered. She went down on her knees and covered Sabrina's pussy with the Ready-Whip. She then spread it evenly, and dipped the cream into her sisters cunt. The warm hole, absorbed the cool, sugary foam and it started to melt. Abby looked up, "Stay still."

Sabrina nodded and watched her sister bring the butterfly knife up, once more. She closed her eyes as the cold blade began to scrape the peach fuzz from her pussy. The slick cream was soon mingling with the juices that were escaping from deep within her.

Abby took her time, working the knife against the sex that was begging to be fucked. She slowly glided the sharp blade, until the cream was gone and the hairs removed. Abby wiped the cream and any stray hairs from her sisters cunt, then put her mouth against it. She licked the cream that was sliding out of the sweet hole. She dug her tongue into the folds of the delectable pussy, and began to flick her sisters clit with her tongue.

The sounds of the shackles echoed in the room, as Sabrina pulled on her bindings. She pushed her hips forward, as best she could. Biting her lip, she felt the strokes of her sisters tongue work her sex. Each slide of Abby's mouth, brought heat to her loins, and she shivered against her sister's face.

Abby brought up her hands and spread her sister's cunt. Then pushed her tongue up and down the slit, before thrusting it into the dark hole. She fucked her sister with her tongue, pushing in and out, then driving a finger in while she bit her clit. The walls of Sabrina's pussy were soft, and fleshy, hot and slippery. Abby pushed a second finger in, and lapped at the swollen clit, smelling the sex of her sibling. She pulled the heated liquid out and cleaned her fingers before sliding them back in again. Pushing deeper and harder each time. She knew from the moans she was hearing that Sabrina was on the edge. "Don't fuckin' cum on me bitch!" Abby shouted to her. She dived back into her sister's cunt and sucked harder. The felt her own pussy wanting to erupt, so she pulled away from Sabrina's.

Sabrina's face was burning hot, her skin was on fire. She squeezed the muscles of her sex, and tried to concentrate on anything, but the feeling of electricity that was running through her. With a glazed stare over her eyes, she looked at Abby, "Oh fuck that sucks."

Abby smirked. Then pinched her sister's tits. "Mmm, yes, and I bet you want a taste don't you?"

Her head bobbed up and down, and Abby leaned in, and let her slave lick her face clean. "Good girl, sister." She pressed her body against Sabrina's and looked at her. "I've changed my mind, I don't want you to eat me out this morning." Her hands traveled up to Sabrina's, still locked in the shackles on each side of her.

Abby pushed her pussy against her twin's, and started to slide over it. Her fingers tangled in the fingers of her sisters, as she thrust hard against her sister's hot cunt. The smells of the two women mingled together, and the juices were oozing between them. "Don't cum," Abby reminded her sister as she released the pin from one of the cuff's. "Finger fuck me, whore."

Sabrina wasted no time in doing as she was told. She slammed her hand down between her twin's mound and began to drive it into her faster and faster. The walls were steaming, and she pushed and screwed each side of her sex. Abby sucked on Sabrina's neck, and bit down on her skin. "Oh fuck baby yes," she moaned into her ear. "Make me cum, sweetie." Abby bumped and gyrated against Sabrina's hand.

Working the clit, Sabrina twisted and pulled at the swollen nub, her body shivering and wanting to cum so badly it hurt. "Can I come? Please?"

Abby moaned, "Cum? You want to cum baby girl?" She sucked harder, then moved her mouth away from her sister's cunt. "No slut, next time don't show up with a hairy pussy." She bit Sabrina's neck, and came all over her sister's hand, and pulled her hand from her cunt when she did. Abby pushed her pussy against Sabrina's letting Sabrina feel the hot juices cover her now bald pussy.

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