tagLoving WivesCheryl and Her New Friends

Cheryl and Her New Friends


This is a work of fiction; it involves interracial sex, and other acts. This is a fantasy world, so there are no STD's, nor are there negative consequences of any of the relationships, it is meant purely for entertainment. Copyright of the author, no reprints, etc.


I had told Cheryl I would be back in a couple of hours, and for her to get dressed in a hot, sexy outfit, plus she had a few more instructions for an afternoon of hot, steamy, sex. I planned to have some very hot sex with her as we watched some new porn flicks I planned to purchase while I was out. I also found a couple of black dildoes to use on her this afternoon, and found some new bras, hose, dress and blouse for her to wear another time.

While strolling around the adult book store with my intended purchases of dildoes, I walked past two muscular black males, who quickly took noticed what I carried. Both of the men were in their twenties, neatly dressed in slacks and Polo shirts, and obviously muscular.

"Hey, man. You need some real black cock for your lady? Andre and I would be happy to entertain her." The black male said as he stood looking at me, waiting for an answer.

"Well," I coughed slightly, "you know what, let's go have a beer across the street and discuss this proposition." I replied, remembering the numerous occasions I had thought about Cheryl fucking other males while I watched, and participated. Cheryl and I also discussed the possibilities, but she had never agreed to having sex with other men completely, that it was a fantasy. After thirty minutes of conversation with André and Tyron, and a couple of beers, we headed for my place, and Cheryl, hopefully dressed in a hot outfit, ready to have some hot fun, and what fun this might be, only expecting me to entertain her, not two more males.

I opened the door to the house from the garage door slowly, peaking in to see where Cheryl might be. I heard the TV on, and knew she had put on a porn video as I had requested, from the groaning and vulgar language I heard. She should be in the living room.

"Where are you, my hot little wife?" I yelled out.

"In the living room as you requested, honey." She replied. "and in an outfit I know you'll love."

Good, I thought, and if she followed my request she would be sitting in the chair to the side of the TV, legs spread, one over the arm of the chair the other on the floor, and blouse open, exposing her tits.

"Did you find a new video?" Cheryl asked as I moved into the short hall from the garage to the kitchen, still moving slowly and quietly.

André was right behind me, Tyron followed; both of the black hunks had undressed in the garage and were now stroking semi-rigid cocks. Each quiet as they walked, as we wanted to surprise Cheryl with their presence.

"Yes, a couple of new gangbang flicks, a couple of outfits and several other items I know you will enjoy. So, close your eyes, get ready for your surprise." I peaked around the corner, and there she was, legs spread wide, blouse open, and her right hand over her eyes, left cupping her left tit, looking so obscene. She was also tweaking her nipple with her fingers, damn she looked so hot, so fuckable.

André and Tyron slipped ahead of me and quietly moved into the room, the volume of the porn flick covering their movement. Now standing in front of my slut looking wife, their cocks now at full attention, and at eight inches apiece, it was a very obscene display. I was also stroking my slightly smaller cock as we now stood in front of my horny wife.

"Before you open your eyes, sweety, take your right hand and start playing with your clit for me, I wanna see you being a nice, horny wife, ready to fuck." I directed, and she followed squeezing her eyes shut as she slid two fingers in her pussy, fingering herself, in a vulgar display of herself.

"Okay, open your eyes." I said.

"Oh, God!" Cheryl exclaimed, staring at the two well-hung black males in front of her, and she froze, not knowing whether she should cover herself, or what to do.

"Just keep fingering your pussy, slut!" I ordered, using the 's' word for the first time. The two big, black cocks in front of her, her mouth gaping open now mesmerized her as she gazed at the two big cocks and muscular male frames.

"Go ahead André." I said continuing to put the plan we hatched into motion. André quickly dropped to his knees between my wife's wide stretched, nylon encased legs. He moved his face to her pussy and slid his tongue into her crack while she continued to finger herself. Tyron the moved to the side of the chair closest to her head, holding his out cock for her. She gazed at the swollen head of his dick, and the glistening drop of pre cum on the tip. Without instruction, Cheryl opened her lips and stuck her tongue out, tasting the drop of pre-cum before she covered the head of his cock with her lips. She had acquiesced to our plan; she was becoming a willing accomplice in our seduction into immorality.

Cheryl's hand now held André's head to her cunt as he continued to lap at her pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue. Cheryl shivered in her first climax as André expertly lapped her pussy, his tongue traveling up and down her pink slit, and tickling her clit. After she had finished her climax André rose slightly, taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the head of his dick up and down my wife's slit, making her groan more as she continued sucking on Tyron's cock. André began slowly penetrating her now extremely wet pussy, an inch of cock at a time, Cheryl moaning with pleasure.

"Oh, god, fuck me with that cock, please!" Cheryl cried out in pleasure as she took Tyron's cock from her mouth momentarily. Now André plunged his cock on into her, and Cheryl slid forward slightly in the chair to accept him. It was captivating to see her pussy lips as they moved with André's cock sliding obscenely in and out of my wife's wet hole. I watched as Tyron placed his hand on Cheryl's head, taking more control of her head movements, as she continued her cock sucking.

"Ahh, suck my cock, bitch! Ahhhhhhhhh, yes!" he hissed, holding her head still as he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth, shooting his cum down her throat, making her swallow cum for the very first time, she had always made me cum on her tits after she made me pull my cock from her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, yea, cunt, swallow that come! Here comes mine, cunt!" Now André shoved his cock deep in her, a final plunge as he shot his load in my wife. He then stroked his cock in and out of her for a minute as his cock deflated. The two black males swapped positions quickly, André shoving his cum covered cock in Cheryl's mouth before she could complain or move, her eyes bulging out staring at the big, slimy black pole that was now penetrating her mouth. Tyron easily shoved his full eight inches into her drooling cunt and began to piston in and out of her at a fairly rapid rate.

"Get in here, bro." André said as Cheryl continued to suck his cock. "Rub your cock on the bitch's face."

As I smeared pre-cum on her face Cheryl took my cock from my hand and she began to rub the head of my cock on her face. She pulled André's cock from her mouth, switching her cock sucking efforts to my cock.

"Oh, fuck, yes. Suck my cock!" At that point, I lost it; I had been watching my wife as she was ravaged by the two black males for too long to hold back. I shot my load into her now very willing mouth, which she greedily swallowed, moaning with pleasure as she swallowed. She consumed every drop before switching back to André and his black meat. Since he had just finished fucking my wife, it took him longer to come a second time, which made the scene even more exciting to watch.

I could tell Cheryl was enjoying the fucking she was getting, plus sucking another cock. Her right hand cupped André's balls, tickling them with her fingernails from time to time; her left had helping Tyron in his fuck cadence. I could also hear her whimpers of pleasure as she enjoyed having the two cocks buried in her.

"Ah, I do like watching a white bitch stuffed with black meat," André commented as he thrust his hips back and forth fucking my wife's mouth. "This cunt is getting better at cock sucking too, maybe get her to deep throat a cock the next time we fuck you, bitch."

"She does have a hot cunt, too, bro, nice and slick. She sure loves big black cock too, look at the way the bitch keeps her legs spread." Tyron continued his fucking motions too, picking up the pace, getting closer to a second climax, this time deep in Cheryl's hot cunt. I was enthralled with all of the hot action, my wife's tits rolling and bouncing lewdly as the men fucked her. Her legs obscene spread wide for easy access to her cunt, and her head being held so André could easily control the fucking motions of shoving his cock in my wife's mouth.

"You 'bout ready bro? I'm almost there, ready to dump my load in the bitch's hot cunt. Damn, her cunt is really working my cock now! She really likes getting fucked like this!" Tyron remarked obscenely, pistoning his cock even faster in and out of Cheryl.

Cheryl began to shudder in another climax as the two black males continued to ravish her. I watched as Tyron made two deep thrusts into her cunt, and then André held her head tight only about four inches of his cock in her mouth, making her taste his cum before swallowing his seed.

"Nice blowjob, bitch, but you will get even better at sucking cock." André said as he pulled his cock from Cheryl's mouth and lewdly smeared the last few drops of cum on her face, leaving a glistening trail across her lips and cheeks.

Cheryl sat legs splayed wide, two huge loads of cum drooling out and onto the leather of the chair. She had several drops of cum drooling from her chin to her left tit and nipple as she sat breathing in sexual exhaustion.

"I cannot believe what has happened," Cheryl began. "You brought two strangers, two black strange males in here, knowing I would be in a very compromising position, totally exposing me to them, and then had them sexually use me. I could call this rape, but it was so pleasurable, I am confused by my thoughts and feelings."

"You are a hot, white bitch, and a great fuck, slut." Tyron commented as he retrieved his clothes and began dressing.

"And a fairly decent cock sucker too, bro." André added slipping his jeans on.

"You should bring her hot ass to the bookstore, have her suck and fuck in the booths." Tyron commented. "You have a hot body, be better with bigger tits though."

"You might also get the slut to eat cum from her cunt, always a trip for a brother to see a white bitch eating loads of black cum from her own cunt." André added as he slipped his shoes on, and the two black males headed out the front door. "By the way, man, we left our calling card on your table over there. Fell free to give us a call when you the bitch fucked again, and we can bring most any size group over, our friends are always happy to gangbang a white cunt like you got."

"I am so embarrassed. So, embarrassed!" Cheryl said as the door slammed, still sitting in the chair, legs spread, cum obscenely oozing from her cunt, cum on her tits and face, and blouse open and askew, tits glistening with cum.

"Not a bad thought, though." I began.

"What?!" My wife questioned.

"It would be so fuckin' hot watching you eat cum from your own cunt."

"You are so fucking perverted, Ford! That is just so vulgar!" Cheryl hissed.

"Play with your pussy again, that was hot watching you fingering your clit as we walked in the room." I requested. Cheryl looked at me, then slowly moved her right hand down to her pussy, and began fingering herself.

"Is this what you want, you pervert? Watching me acting like some slut or whore?" She hissed again as she continued to finger herself.

"Yes, but it would be hotter if your language were more obscene." I added, intently watching her become even more depraved. "And, instead of acting, I believe you are becoming a slut and whore for cock."

"Now scoop some of the cum out of your cunt, and lick your fingers clean." I directed as I stroked my cock standing close to her face.

"You want me to eat their black cum?! Okay, you fucking pervert, I will." And, Cheryl spent the next five minutes fingering her clit and scooping cum out of her pussy and licking her fingers clean, or smearing some of the cum on her tits. She began shuddering in another climax, and I moved closer to her face while stroking my cock, and shot my load all over her cheeks, nose and mouth, though not as copious a load as before, there was still plenty of cum to make her face a fucking mess, glistening with come.

"Oh, fuck, that is so fucking good!" Cheryl moaned as she finished her climax. I picked up my camera and snapped a couple of more photos of her, now covered with more cum.

"I am still not believing what happened, what you did to me, and what they did to me." Cheryl said, in a low growl.

"Well, you sure gave the impression that you enjoyed having three cocks for your pleasure, my horny slut." I added.

"Well, I guess I am a slut now, your fuckin' slut, and horny assed, cunt." She said in a somewhat dejected tone. "I hope you enjoy what you have started, we'll see how much I enjoy being a slut, it is fun so far, just difficult to make the changes in my mind so quickly."

"And a very hot cunt."

"So, what is the next step you want me to take in being your fuck slut and cock whore?" Cheryl asked, now massaging her tits lewdly as I continued to observe her actions.

"Hmm," I thought for a moment. "I want you to go shopping this afternoon, pick up a few more slut outfits, and some hot lingerie. We'll go out to dinner so I can show you off, then I think we will go to the porn theater, where I can show your ass off even more."

"Well, I have to go shower, I cannot go out shopping covered in the come of three men. Before dinner, you can take me to the adult bookstore so we can pick up a couple of purse sized dildos for us to use on me, and you can put me on display there too. But I won't suck or fuck any cock in the bookstore today."

"Good point, got to save your strength for this evening." I added. "We'll discuss your new depravity and how obscene you want to be at dinner."

"Well, let me go clean up, and we'll go shopping." Cheryl commented.


Stay tuned, my horny friends, Cheryl becomes very much a slut during this evening.

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