tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCheryl Takes It All Off

Cheryl Takes It All Off


Cheryl and I had been dating for 3 months and having sex for 2 months so when she suggested I try to find a place on a Florida beach for spring break I readily agreed.

Cheryl is a 5'2", 100 pound beauty. She is a very serious, smart and personable college senior getting ready to graduate in June with a degree in finance. She has blond hair she wears just long enough to put in a pony tail if she wants, gorgeous blue eyes, a nice ass, perky "B" cup breasts, and awesome cheerleader legs. She was a cheerleader in high school, but gave it up when she went to college due to the time factor. She has that cheerleader's passion for life, bubbly personality and enthusiasm. Her parents can't afford to help her much with college expenses so she works 24 hours a week at school, carries a heavy class load so she can graduate in 4 years, and has an almost straight A average in the classroom. She is the perfect young lady.

I am 27 years old and have been working since I graduated from college 5 years ago. I have a job that requires a lot of travel, so I accumulate reward points from a major hotel and resort chain. I was able to book a complementary one bedroom condo on the beach at a resort in Destin, Florida for spring break. Because of the money problems Cheryl had never been to Florida for spring break so she was really excited. Destin is not a big area for college students on spring break so we had a fairly quiet week with lots of good sex and lots of really getting to know each other.

Sex with Cheryl had been good before this week in Florida, but she seemed to really come out of her shell and embrace her sexual desires. I think she was very inexperienced before we started to spend the weekends together in my apartment. Cheryl proved to be very agile and flexible during sex. We both expanded our sexual experiences, with each other, learning as we went. Cheryl tried and enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, and swallowed for the first time. We couldn't think of any more positions to try during sex. Our favorite position for intercourse was "doggie style" and we loved a good 69. I tongue fucked her anus, a first for her, but she couldn't bring herself to return the favor for me. All in all it had been a great week. Waking up next to Cheryl was a habit I wanted to continue.

Friday afternoon, the day before we had to leave to return to Ohio, Cheryl and I were at the pool at our resort sunbathing. I actually was studying her tight little body and the very small bathing suit she was wearing. The bottom came close to being a thong, but did cover some of her butt cheeks. The top exposed a lot of bare breast. I am not complaining, I love her in that suit. I am just stating the facts. My mind wandered to some of the other things she wore in the past week and I realized she had a wardrobe full of sexy, provocative and revealing things. Her tops were all low cut showing off her gorgeous tits that didn't need a push up bra. Her short shorts all showed off some ass cheek, even when standing up and all of her bottoms were tight across her ass. Again I am not complaining, she looks super in all of her clothes, but she doesn't dress that way at college.

Cheryl was lying on chaise lounge, on her stomach, with her swimming suit top untied like most girls do. I suddenly remembered something a guy had told me when I was in junior high school. He said all cheerleaders are exhibitionists at heart, and will flash a guy if she gets a chance. I wondered if Cheryl was an exhibitionist. The longer I watched her the more I became convinced she was a hardcore exhibitionist that kept it under control at college, but was letting it show here in Florida. All of my adult life I had fantasized about having a really hot girlfriend that would show me, and others, her body in public. I had to test my theory.

When it was time to go up to the condo to shower and get ready to go out to dinner I decided to see if she liked showing her body. The pool area was almost deserted except for us so I asked Cheryl to show me her tits. She gave me a huge grin and sat up on the lounge without putting her bikini top back on. Those beautiful breasts were sticking firmly out from her chest for the world to see, the nipples hard and the tan lines accentuating her globes. My cock was hard in an instant. Cheryl had her back to the other people in the pool area and she let me look long and hard at those tremendous tits. I almost asked her to take her bottoms off, but was afraid she would and we would get thrown out of the resort. Cheryl finally broke my trance by saying lets go up to the condo and fuck. I weakly nodded my head yes.

Cheryl picked up her bikini top and slowly put it on. I was mesmerized. We gathered up our things and I rearranged my stiff rods in my swimming trunks so the world would not know I had an erection, and we headed for the elevator. When the elevator door closed Cheryl leaned over and gave me a deep, long and wet kiss. She felt my erection through my trunks and murmured low in her throat. I slipped my hand down inside her bikini bottoms and found a soaking wet pussy. Cheryl was really turned on, and not from one kiss. She got turned on by exposing herself. I was in heaven. My beautiful Cheryl was in fact an exhibitionist.

When we got to our room our beach bag and towels were dropped to the floor just inside the door, followed quickly by our bathing suits. I kissed Cheryl hard, then picked her up and headed for the bed. I laid her down and immediately climbed between those amazing cheerleader legs, and slipped my steel hard cock into her pussy. She moaned and immediately started thrusting her body up to my cock. She wanted all seven inches in her and she wanted it now. She was pushing so hard at me that I decided she should be on top and rolled us over. Cheryl sat up and began pumping up and down hard on my erection. She had a huge orgasm in a matter of seconds. Wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her, her pussy was twitching and her body shivering as she climaxed. She soaked me and the bed with a flood of pussy juice. She collapsed on my chest breathing hard and still shivering. Cheryl had had a lot of climaxes this week, but none that matched this one. She indeed was highly turned on by the nudism at the pool.

When Cheryl finally came down from her orgasmic high I resumed fucking her. She was still lying on my chest so I put my arms around her in a big hug and slowly began pushing my still hard cock into her pussy. She was back in action immediately. Her pussy was velvety smooth and just tight enough to make fucking her great. Cheryl sat back up and matched my thrusts in perfect unison. My hard cock would come almost out of her soaking wet pussy then she would drop back down on my cock and bury it deep inside her. I played with those firm tits of hers with both hands, rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger. I had to get my mouth around one of those rock hard nipples so I sat up and took a breast into my mouth. I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could get while licking circles around her nipple with my tongue

Cheryl started going crazy again. She started bucking up and down on my cock with no knowledge or thought of what I was doing. She was murmuring things under her breath that I couldn't understand. Cheryl had another big orgasm building and I couldn't wait to be a part of it. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her into my crotch every time she lunged down onto my cock. I was getting deeper into her soaking wet love tunnel than I ever had before, and Cheryl loved it. Cheryl came with a loud screeching noise and collapsed back onto my chest. Her movements put me over the edge and I blasted her pussy with stream after stream of my hot, sticky cum. Her vaginal muscles were milking my cock for all it was worth.

We relaxed in the afterglow of the great sex for a few minutes. Cheryl finally rolled off of me and headed for the bathroom and shower. That gave me a few minutes to contemplate what had happened. I was surprised at the intensity of this fuck and the huge orgasms that Cheryl had enjoyed. I could only surmise that Cheryl was indeed an exhibitionist and that being nude in public really turned her on. I decided to continue exploring this part of Cheryl's behavior the rest of the weekend. When Cheryl was done in the shower I showered while she got ready to go out to eat. Before I had turned the water on I suggested to Cheryl that she wear her short skirt and no panties, and a low cut top, with no bra, to dinner. Her big grin told me I was in fact right about her.

We went to dinner at a real nice restaurant at the east end of Destin. There was Soft music, dim lighting and really good food. When I thought of what Cheryl was wearing I decided that I had made a mistake on the choice of restaurants. No one could see her legs under the table. I asker her if she would like to go to a bar after dinner to celebrate our great week Cheryl agreed with me, and the evening was planned. The bar we went to was close to our condo, so we parked the car at the condo and walked to the bar. It was located on the beach, with a thatched roof, Hawaiian style, and had loud music and lots of people. We got a small cafe table near the door with Cheryl facing the dance floor. She sat down and immediately crossed her legs to make her skirt ride up high on her beautiful thighs. She is really a gorgeous young lady, and that skirt made her a very sexy, gorgeous young lady. We ordered drinks; we both got carded, and danced to a slow song. Then we sat down again.

The crowd was mostly middle aged people, with a few 30 somethings sprinkled in. Soon all male eyes of any age, and some female eyes, were on Cheryl's legs. She leaned over to me, exposing most of her breasts and asked if she could flash the men. I couldn't take my eyes off of her tits and nodded my head. Cheryl leaned back in her chair and slowly uncrossed her legs and spread her knees. I could hear groans from the crowd as her pussy lips became obvious. Cheryl shaved her pubic hair, except for a narrow landing strip above her slit. The pale white of her pussy and lower abdomen contrasted with the dark tan she had acquired this week on her legs so there was no mistaking what people were seeing. After a short period of time she re crossed her legs the other way and a disappointed groan came from the crowd. When we got up to dance to a rock song Cheryl was very careful about exposing herself again. On the dance floor she moved like a stripper. Dancing to the hard rock beat with movements of her hips and upper body, along with an occasional pelvic thrust forward had most of the crowd watching her. At one point she leaned forward from the waist and shook her torso. This move caused her short skirt to ride up over her ass exposing a lot of ass crack, her outer pussy lips and cheeks, and exposed most of her breasts as well. When the song was over Cheryl was breathing hard and it wasn't from the dancing. She asked if we could go back to the condo and fuck so we walked out the door.

Instead of the condo I walked her to the beach. There were very few people on the beach at this time of night. I reached over to Cheryl's skirt and pulled it up around her waist, gave her a deep kiss and put my hand between her legs. The juices were gushing from her pussy and down her legs. I broke the kiss and told her we were going down the beach to that tree trunk washed up on the sand, and were going to fuck there. She almost ran to that dead tree.

Once we arrived at the tree she pulled her top over her head and offered the glorious globes to me. I sucked one tit in my mouth for a second before I lowered her to the sand. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock, and rolled over on top of me. She impaled herself on my hard 7 inches and began thrusting up and down on me. Her orgasm was almost instantaneous. Cheryl threw back her head and let out a cry of enjoyment. It was very obvious that she got super hot when she exposed herself. She stayed on top and resumed fucking me after a minute. Her next orgasm was building fast so I started pumping into her from below. Watching those firm tits bounce with her up and down motions was turning me on too. I sat up and whispered in her ear "there are people watching us." Cheryl started cumming again and this time didn't stop. The mention of someone seeing her had put her over the edge. I stopped moving and let her finish her orgasm.

When Cheryl came down from that high she said I need to suck your cock. She got up from my cock and knelt down to my raging erection. She sucked me into her mouth and went to work on the head of my cock. She licked all around the purple knob and sucked it deep into her mouth. She grabbed me with a hand and started pumping my cock with her fist as she sucked hard on the end. She was out of control, moaning, sucking and trying to swallow me whole. Cheryl wanted me to cum in her mouth and was working hard to get me there. She had never been able to deep throat me but she tried that to make me cum. My orgasm was building and I started to thrust upwards towards her warm and wet mouth. Finally I gave in to my basic need to cum and filled her mouth with a load of hot sticky cum. Spurt after spurt of warm, sticky semen erupted from the end of my cock and Cheryl swallowed every drop. When I finished she got up and thanked me for allowing her to show off her body tonight.

We got dressed and went back to the condo. We showered (to get the sand off of us) and went to bed. In the morning we packed, checked out and left for the 6 hour trip to Atlanta. I asked Cheryl to wear short shorts and a low cut top with no panties or bra for the trip. She agreed without asking why.

In the car I told Cheryl I had watched the faces of the patrons in the bar last night when she danced. She was eager to learn what I had seen. I told her that most of the men stared lustily at her young, taut body and some of the women had that same gleam in their eyes. She seemed very interested in what I thought the ladies were doing looking at her. I responded that I thought there were a couple of ladies that seemed to be bi and were staring just like the men, wishing that they were me. She smiled a thoughtful smile and paused for a long breath. That response made me ask if she was bi. Cheryl replied honestly that she had never been with a women but she thought she would like to try it sometime. A plan started forming in my mind for this evening.

I had booked a complementary night in a nice hotel in Atlanta that I stayed in on business, and planned to take Cheryl to a restaurant in the Buckhead area that served fabulous meals at a reasonable price, and happened to be a favorite among the gay and lesbian crown. With her recent revelation I decided that restaurant was indeed the place where we would have supper.

We stopped for lunch south of Atlanta at a fast food place and chatted about the week in Destin. Cheryl said she had really relaxed and enjoyed the time with me and that the sex had gotten better and better as the week went on. I agreed with her on that point. I asked her about the topless time at the pool on Friday and the flashing at the bar Friday night. She turned a little red and asked if I was mad at her. I responded not at all, I really enjoyed seeing your body on display and seeing the reaction of the other people. She seemed happy with my response. In fact I said I would like you to take off your top when we get back in the car. I can never get enough of your wonderful tits, I told her. She grinned from ear to ear and said lets go.

I opened the door on her side of the car and as she stepped in she pulled her skimpy top up over her head and was nude from the waist up before I could get the door closed. I am sure at least 2 people had a good look at those firm, young tits. When I got into the car on my side I left the door open much longer than needed so that the people walking into the restaurant had a chance to see Cheryl topless. My car windows are tinted very dark so it is hard to see into them from the outside. Once Cheryl realized she couldn't be seen the big grin slowly faded. Once we were back on the interstate I asked her to take off her shorts. She pushed her awesome ass up off of the seat, unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, and they joined her top on the floor of the car. She then turned sideways in the seat so I could see her pussy. Cheryl spread her legs wide apart so I could get a good look. Here I am going 75 miles an hour on an interstate with a very sexy, beautiful lady naked beside me. That is one really big rush for me. I reached over and started caressing Cheryl's breasts with my right hand. Her moans told me she was enjoying all of this action. When I pushed my fingers between her parted legs I could feel her wetness. I gently rubbed her pussy lips and ran a finger over her clit. Cheryl was having a hard time sitting still on the seat.

I asked her to get up on her hands and knees facing the window so I could finger her pussy. This agile, young lady was there in a second. I slipped a finger into her soaking wet love tunnel and Cheryl started squirming and panting. I added a second finger and she began to shake. When I found her G spot I knew she would be cumming in a second so I pulled out and rubbed my wet fingers against her engorged, red clit. Her orgasm hit her so hard she slumped against the back of her seat and I had to hold her upright or she would have fallen on top of me. She was moaning over and over, "I need to fuck, now."

I had seen a sign for a rest area a minute ago so I told her to get in the back seat. She gathered up some strength and climbed between the front seats and lay down on the back seat. When we got to the rest area I pulled past all of the cars parked close to the building so I could have a little privacy. As soon as I had the car parked I got out and climbed in the back seat with Cheryl. I kissed her hard and played with her lithe body as she worked on getting my shorts off. I sucked a firm tit into my mouth and fingered her wet pussy. Soon my shorts were on the floor and I moved between her lovely legs and plunged my steel hard 7 inch cock into her slippery pussy. I hadn't had sex in the back of the car since high school and I don't think Cheryl ever had so we had to work out the way to fuck in the confined space. Cheryl fit easily on the seat with her legs spread and her feet flat on the seat. Her knees sticking up in the air could be seen if any one got close. I finally figured out how to get in a position to fuck and started pounding that sloppy wet love tunnel. Cheryl was cumming at once and kept on cumming. Faster and faster I went and harder and harder she came. I wanted to cum quick so I pounded her pussy relentlessly. She was pushing back at me as hard as she could and was still having a continuous orgasm. When I let go with a stream of semen Cheryl began crying and shaking. My orgasm went on for a long time as I pumped stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy.

Cheryl cleaned up using Kleenex; we got dressed and continued on to Atlanta. We checked into the hotel, took showers and left for dinner at the restaurant I had chosen for tonight. Cheryl had changed clothes and put her hair into a ponytail. She still was wearing very revealing short shorts and a skimpy top.

There was no dress code at the restaurant so Cheryl continued wearing her short shorts and flimsy top. Of course she drew a lot of attention form the lesbians and a few males who were straight like I am. During dinner I asked Cheryl if she noticed the women holding hands, kissing and the one couple who had taken their shoes off and were rubbing their feet on each others legs. She said she saw all of that, plus some more. I asked if she saw any women that interested her. Her response was that she is not a lesbian, she did not want anything to do with a dyke, but she might try a very pretty, sexy young lady.

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