tagNovels and NovellasChesterbury Tales Pt. 06

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 06


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

Chapter Six - The Company Manager's Tale

The morning of the second day dawned with no improvement in the weather. Although the snow had stopped, the sky looked grey and threatening. There was no chance of getting out of the inn and no sign of the road being cleared of the deep snow.

At half past eight, Anne came round the rooms with trays of tea, arousing the sleeping guests. She was soberly dressed, in contrast to the previous evening. This would be the last time she expected to find the original partners in bed together for they would change each evening after the story telling session.

Emma enjoyed a refreshing shower before joining Bill at breakfast. She found herself telling him the story of her life. For some reason she couldn't quite fathom, she told Bill all about her parents, her upbringing, everything. She talked her head off! He was a good listener.

'Robert told us of an eighteenth birthday party last night. Would you like to hear about mine?'

'Only if you want to tell me.'

'I do!' And she told Bill all about the evening she discovered her parents sexual infidelities.

'My mother taught me a lot. She had a lovely rippling laugh. Until that night, I thought grown-ups didn't indulge in sex after having children. I thought myself a freak for wanting sex so often. So mum gave me a long talk about men and how a woman could take advantage of them.

'She explained the then shocking, revolutionary idea that the body demanded its ration of sex just as the stomach did food. But some needs are greater than others. And the mind needs stimulating with excitement as well. The thrill of the chase, which is probably something to do with our long forgotten ancestry.

'She explained the need for the female to shop around to make sure she gets the best quality sperm going. And the need for the male to spray his seed wherever he could find a willing - and sometimes not-so-willing - recipient. A combination of the two needs is often exhilarating.

'That, she explained, is why a quick liaison can be such exciting fun. The fear of being discovered adds to the thrill. Some women need different men at different times. And vice versa! To deny yourself of that can be emotionally disturbing. Some women want two men at the same time, just for the sheer enjoyment of sex, but really to ensure the best chance of conception with the most virile sperm.

'That was certainly advanced thinking in those day,' Bill admitted.

Emma smiled at the memory of those early words of advice from, her mother.

'I promised her I would resist the call of the flesh until I was eighteen. Though what that magic figure is for, I've no idea!'

'Coming of age! You're on your own. Responsible only for yourself.'

'Yes! Well, then came the eighteenth birthday party. I had a regular boyfriend then, called Johnnie, and I'd already decided that he would have my virginity before the night was out. I was raring to go! My parents were away at the time. Drinks, starting with punch, flowed. But, boy! I was feeling randy with anticipation!

'There were many people there. We played silly games and there was a lot of snogging all round. The atmosphere was getting pretty hot! Most of the games required the lights to be turned out and girls to be kissed. It was all very lecherous and I got randy as hell, what with all the snogging and groping.

'Before tackling the food, we played a game of Murder. It was a quiet lengthy affair. All the lights had to be turned out throughout the house except for one lamp in the lounge. Johnnie was disappointed when he drew the card of the Detective because that meant he would have to stay in the sitting room until the so-called murder had been committed. So, feeling a bit unsteady, I decided to go to my room for a rest and sober up a bit.

'On the staircase I felt my hand taken by another and on a sudden impulse I dragged the strange person into my bedroom. In the darkened room, without saying a word, he put his arms round me, pinned me against the wall by the weight of his body and kissed me passionately. I was a bit too tipsy and confused to object.'

Emma chuckled at the memory. 'In fact I pressed my hand into the back of his head and gave him a real tongue job! During the kiss, our bodies slowly sagged down the wall until I was squatting on my bottom, in a knees-bent position with the mysterious stranger kneeling between them. Before I really knew what was happening, he had got my breasts out, fondling them. It was hot and sticky I remember, and very thrilling.

I enjoyed having my tits cuddled. Always did! So I responded by returning his kiss, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. Mother was right! Making love with a stranger was exciting. There was no need to pretend, or to feel any inhibitions at all. It was like being blind-folded.

I felt at his trousers to find out if his cock was stiff. It certainly was! His fingers were probing into my bush as well, pushing my skirt up and shoving the crotch of my loose knickers to one side. Needless to say, I was dripping wet by this time! He knew I was hot for it.

He was pretty expert at fingering my passion-filled labia, teasing the clitoris. I was gasping with exhilaration. We were both perspiring in the heat and impatience. I unfastened his trousers and pushed them down. At that time I'd only ever felt one cock properly - Johnnie's, of course - and being somewhat heady, my natural curiosity wanted to have a good feel of a different shape!

And what an incredible sensation! I held my breath as I grasped this rubbery hot shaft of flesh. I was so absorbed, fondling and squeezing the new toy, the next thing I remember clearly was him lying on top of me with his knees prising my thighs open. My genitals were more than willing by this time.

Before I realised it I'd reached between our bodies with my other hand to part the lips for him to lunge straight in! I certainly gasped! The next thing I knew, I was filled to the brains with cock! It felt so good! Great! Marvellous! I didn't quite fathom what had happened. There was no pain, just a sensation of being filled up. Ready to explode.

I grabbed at his balls for a good feel. Then he was thrusting in and out. It wasn't until then that it suddenly struck me! Oh my God! I'm being fucked! What was new to me was the smell of sex. Pure animal smells of sweating bodies and oozing sex. The aphrodisiac effect was fantastic! I took in deep breaths of the fetid fragrance, wallowing in it.

But, although desperate for it, I'd promised my virginity to my boyfriend. A girl was supposed to object to intercourse. Glad to say, though, my arms and legs were pinned to the floor by his weight, so I couldn't! He just went on banging into me with strong firm strokes. Something inside me wanted to stop him, but couldn't!

I must have been groaning with delight because he shushed me. I was savouring the new wonderful bursting sensation. And the heat! Perspiration trickling down the cleavage. It wasn't the least like I'd imagined it would be. In spite of being warned how painful it might be the first time, I realised it wasn't in the least! I just returned his thrusts, joining in with the rhythm of his strokes. It was exhilarating, but then I suddenly felt ashamed.

I started to sob with outrage, beating his back with my fists as my body bucked into him. I'm sure he thought I'd orgasmed. He suddenly gave a heavy jerk before subsiding with a long sigh of relief. After a brief pause he whispered 'Thanks love. Happy birthday!' withdrew his cock. As he stood I had a whiff of his sperm - a real sexy stench. Then he went. I wanted more!

I'd sobered up by this time. My God! I thought. We fucked! I'm not a virgin any more! I remember putting the palm of my hand between my legs to feel the damp skin and mixed juices dribbling onto my fingers. What on earth will Johnnie say if he finds out?

Well, he wouldn't find out! And I didn't even know who the fellow was! My emotions were very confused. I went into the bathroom, used the bidet to wash my genitals and sponge my breasts and face. I just hoped that whoever the stranger was would keep his mouth shut. Men usually can't, can they? They have to brag!

Then I realised that he may not have known who I was either! Except that he'd wished me a happy birthday! Shit! I finally gritted my teeth and left the bath-room. I was sure that everyone would be able to tell immediately what I'd been doing, but I went quietly into the sitting room and sat down.

'Whoever it was who had taken me, I knew I'd encouraged him. Too much alcohol I expect. I just couldn't stop my body responding. It didn't take any notice of me! It was great!

'During the night, half-asleep on the floor, I felt myself being fingered between the gusset of my French knickers. It was Johnnie. I was wet again down there. There were several couples scattered round the room sleeping. I was still feeling randy so I just opened my thighs to give him a some room to feel me properly.

The danger of being discovered added to my excitement, as mum had said it would. I reached into his lap, his erection was already exposed. I put it into my wetness and let him push its way up my fanny. I didn't dare move in case I woke the others so I just squirmed to get him deeper in, whilst he steadily fucked me. My loins began to tremble with a rippling orgasm.

I closed my eyes and hoped like hell that no-one would wake, though hoping they might, secretly watching. For the second time that night, sperm was oozing out of me.

'A virgin no longer. I was determined to enjoy my new-found freedom. I decided I couldn't stick with just one man, so Johnnie and I parted company. On friendly terms. Well, he was also wanting to grope around a bit.'

* * * * *

The breakfast dishes had been cleared, the washing up completed and Robert had managed to speak to the police, only to discover that it was likely to be some time before the local roads could be cleared. The main trunk roads were taking priority.

Coffee was simmering in the DeLonghi coffee maker, and it was time for another tale. Julie had persuaded Emma, over drying the dishes together, to tell them something about the erotic events which everyone knew went on behind the scenes of a theatre company.

So, after all were sitting in the comfortable lounge with blazing log fire, Emma said that she had decided to tell the true tale - slightly exaggerated of course - of her own rise in the world of theatre to become a Company Manager. To make the story more impersonal, though, she would change her name to Janie when telling it. Her story started several years earlier.

The theatre director, Michael, was an internationally famous actor; equally well-known for his wild and lascivious life-style, as well as his addiction to whisky and to women.

To everyone's astonishment, he had recently married an internationally famous film star, their photographs blazoned over all the press and society magazines. A well-matched couple was the general opinion, though the bride must have known of his reputation. Still, Michael had a persuasive tongue which, reputedly, had got him into bed with most, if not all, leading actresses he played opposite.

Janie was an Assistant Stage Manager on the first of his productions after his return from the honeymoon. She found herself at a first-night party in his company where, true to form, he drank far too much wine and took a fancy to her. The Stage Manager quietly warned her to avoid Michael. Even though recently married, his appetite for different women was as strong as ever.

'I think I can handle it,' she had said. The SM shrugged and smiled.

The party broke up and guests dispersed. Michael was feeling morose and the worse for drink. Taking Janie by the arm, he asked her to see him safely to his flat. Assuming him to be incapable of molesting her, she did. It wasn't far from the theatre. Whilst she made a bee-line for the kitchen to make a cup of strong coffee, Michael disappeared into his bedroom, returning in a beautiful silk dressing gown. Janie put the cup of hot coffee on the table at the side of the arm chair.

'Have a scotch, er - what's you're name?'

'Janie,' she smiled. 'Do you think you should? A coffee will do you more good.'

He ignored her, pouring two large measures of whisky into cut glass glasses. 'Do you know, Janie,' he slurred, 'my wife is a beautiful lady, but she's a bit straight-laced. I never knew that, you know. She was passionate enough before we married. And still is sometimes. In bed. But it's all missionary stuff. Nothing inventive. No real lust there. Now, me! I enjoy a long session of foreplay.'

He handed Janie the glass and sat in the arm chair. 'What's the point of having a gorgeous body - beautiful tits and straight, shapely legs - if you don't enjoy its pleasures to the full? Tell me, er - sorry! what's your name again?'

'Janie.' She laughed and sat cross-legged on the floor at the corner of the chair. His candour was disarming. He spoke as though she was his closest friend! Right then, of course, she was!

'Tell me, Janie. You have a good figure from what I can see of it - which isn't much, I agree - you've got a good figure, don't you agree that it should be enjoyed?'

'Well, since you ask, yes! And I do enjoy it - frequently - daily, in fact. Sometimes I allow others to enjoy it as well,' she added with a laugh.

He looked at her, eyes wide in astonishment. 'You mean you play with your pussy? God! Masturbate? Every day?'


She was going to get her way, she thought. She would be as forthright as him. The wine she had taken had given her the courage to confide in him. She'd play him at his own game.

'Look.' Janie put her glass on the floor, opened her blouse, unfastened her bra and slipped them off. She was naked from the waist up! Michael paused with the glass at his lips, whilst he looked with undisguised interest and admiration at her breasts. Janie cupped them in her hands, lifting them up for his better inspection, flaunting her large chunky nipples. 'What do you think?'

'Bea - utiful!' He whispered, taking a sip of scotch.

'But I suppose you've seen just about every size and shape in tits going.'

'Even so,' he argued, 'a new pair is still a joy to see. You have extraordinary nipples. Oo, look! They're swelling, just like balloons!'

'My turn to look,' Janie reached into his lap, parting the dressing gown to be confronted with a half erect penis. He was completely naked underneath the gown. The swollen penis was pulsating, slowly filling and stretching. It was pale and smooth.

He shook his head in sorrow. 'You'd have thought that a great actor would have a prick to match, wouldn't you? The irony is that its very, very ordinary. Even the balls are puny!'

Janie silently agreed, watching the flesh fill and stiffen. There was nothing magnificent about it. But, still, it was a cock. And its owner was a great actor. No matter what its size, she loved them all. And it was clearly capable of doing its job.

'Never mind, though,' he went on, 'it's dipped its way into many well-lubricated fannies of the famous and beautiful. Even a princess! Gosh! She could really go! Screwed like a rattle snake! Insisted on calling me Mr Aspen all the time. "More, Mr Aspen! Fuck me harder, Mr Aspen!" she would cry.' He imitated her aristocratic inflections to perfection. 'Bloody sex maniac she was, though.'

He paused to sip his scotch, looking bleary-eyed at Janie. 'Do you want to fuck?'

'You only fuck with actresses and the aristocracy I'm told,'

'I might make an exception in your case.'

'We'll see.' Janie smiled, taking hold of his now fully erect penis.

He went on. 'People think that just because a woman is beautiful and shapely, she'd be good in between the sheets. Don't you believe it! Some are a big disappointment in the fuck department, I can tell you! I suppose some men are the same. Full of promising looks but lousy when it comes to the balling.'

Janie was stroking his almost full penis whilst cupping his small testicles in the other hand. She adjusted her position so that she could take the stiff object between her lips.

'Hey!' he cried out, 'do you enjoy sucking cock?'

'Mmm! Love it!' And she worked her tongue up and down the shaft whilst Michael opened his dressing gown further, spreading his knees as wide as he could. His penis wasn't big enough to be uncomfortable. She could take it all in, even as far as to the hairy groin.

He murmured with pleasure.

'Now that's something my wife would never, ever do! She would call that filthy! Dirty! Depraved! But there's nothing in life better than relaxing with a glass of scotch whilst your cock's being sucked by an experienced lady. Mmm! You've got a wonderful, sensitive, hot tongue. You know just where to lick. But being a bit drunk, it may take me a while to come. So enjoy it!'

And Janie did enjoy it! She worked her tongue under the foreskin with relish, running the tip round the rim of the head. Her lips squeezed hard over the shaft as she bobbed her head up and down, her hands working on his inner thighs and testicles. It was a good cock to suck. Just the right size.

Eventually, Michael's loins began to clench, his groin to lurch. His breathing became more erratic, his eyes clenched tight. Janie felt his muscles clench and tighten. Increasing the pace of her mouth, she used her hand to add to the stimulation. His glass of whisky was on the table, now forgotten in his increasing concentration on the sensations dragging at his loins. Michael was moaning softly.

His jerking and clenching got more urgent. With a loud grunt, his body lurched. Janie felt the hot jet of sperm explode into her mouth. Another! And another! Several more spurts filled her mouth as his hips jerked until the body finally began to relax. Janie slowed down the sucking rhythm, lips gripping the shaft firmly, until the spasms were over.

Slowly, she pulled her mouth off the stiff penis, her lips licking off the sticky, faintly bitter sperm. Before swallowing the ejaculate, she rolled it round her cheeks, savouring its taste and texture.

A sip of whisky swilled round the inside of her mouth, helped it down. Michael was fully relaxed, eyes closed. He was, in fact, asleep.

Smiling to herself, Janie sat back on her haunches, watching the penis of the great actor slowly soften as she reached between her own thighs to scoop the oozing vaginal honey onto her fingers and massage it into the bud of her clitoris, sending ripples of excitement through her body, like an electric current.

Her orgasm came quickly and silently.

She closed his gown, spread a blanket over him and left him sleeping in the chair.

After that evening, Janie often gave Michael sexual relief with her mouth. He became a glutton for it. Even when driving the car to a meeting she would take it out and fellate him. But he never asked to fuck her. He enjoyed the oral satisfaction. She had persuaded him to appoint her as his personal assistant so that she could relieve him whenever he felt the need. And no one ever knew!

Within twelve months Michael had left to run a theatre in Australia. So she turned her attention to the Chairman, Sir William. Janie knew that the company intended appointing a company manager - a top job which would open all kinds of doors for her. With Michael gone, she needed someone of influence to support her application. Who better than the Chairman of the board?

He wasn't a handsome man. In fact, he was rather repulsive with a fat belly and protruding eyes, but was reputed to have an eye for young girls. His own wife, the severe Lady Dorothy, not surprisingly, had no interest in sex at all. It wasn't difficult for Janie to insinuate herself into his affections and lustful desires.

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