Chesterbury Tales Pt. 16


The women began jerking off the cocks. The torch beam rested on one stiff shaft. Delia stared at the jerking hand, studying the head of the cock in front of her eyes. It looked familiar. Someone started to clap lightly in rhythm to the jerking.

Others joined in as the rhythm got faster and faster, until suddenly, a jet of thick cream struck Delia's cheek, followed swiftly by a second, then a third. She screwed up her eyes. The spurts splattered on her nose, her eyelids and chin as the clapping turned into applause, until the seven gushes had been ejected. The warm juices dribbled slowly down her face.

The torch beam moved round to light on another cock. The shaft closed in on her, as the woman behind it pushed it forward into her face. The clapping started up again. The jerking got faster in sync with the clapping, Delia found herself anxious for the sperm to erupt. She was fascinated by sperm. She loved to see it ejaculate from the end of the cock. That breath-stopping split-second when the eye of the cock dilated before the seed burst out. She felt a hand reach between her thighs, cupping the leaking vulva. Two middle fingers started to stimulate her clitoris, rubbing hard. It had a woman's touch.

The jerking of the third cock seemed to go on for ever until a grunt told her that the explosion was due. To a round of applause and whoops of delight, the white starchy goo showered over Delia, adding to the pools already settling into the hollows of her face. Still her clitoris was rubbed as she counted each spray spurting into her hair, over her shoulders and into her open mouth. But before she could savour it, the torch moved away, to light on a third cock.

This cock was already being jerked quickly. It was lunging and thrusting. A gasp. Whilst Delia was licking the sperm from her lips, the eye of the cock dilated and whoosh! Hot sperm gushed over Delia's mouth and chin. This one didn't spurt. It bubbled and oozed, like a volcanic lava flow. Thick creamy liquid. She examined the sperm issuing in spasms from the little crack until the torch moved away. Her loins were now in turmoil, but she was too engrossed in the jerking cocks to pay much attention to her own interests.

The fourth cock was caught in the torch beam, being stroked to the rhythm of the clapping until it, too, splashed its load into Delia's face. And the fifth and sixth cocks followed in fairly quick succession, until Delia's face, now in the spotlight of the torch, was streaming with pools and rivers of sperm. Two hands started to spread the juices, massaging Delia's face like face-cream, with the copious supply, down her neck and over her heavy breasts. The sticky hands smeared the men's emissions all over her upper body.

The smell of the sperm, the feel of the silky juices on her skin, the rubbing of fingers in her vulva, encouraged the clenching of her own muscles. Deep inside, Delia was clawing with a rising wave of lust. It swirled round her loins like a whirlpool. As it rose to the surface, it brought her to another orgasm, with her own ejaculation filing the palm cupping her vulva.

As her spasms quietened down, her own emission was slapped against her tits, kneading it into her nipples. She fell backwards to the ground, humiliated and exhausted, still illuminated by the beam of the torch.

She saw a pair of buttocks lowered over her breasts. Loose labia dangled from between the cheeks. Fingers parted them to allow a golden stream to spurt onto her sperm-smeared breasts. The loins above her moved upwards for the stream to dribble onto her nose and lips. Short bursts which trickled into her hair and her mouth, over her neck before soaking into the coat she was wearing. Then the body moved away, leaving her covered in sperm, cunt juice and urine.

After the curtains were opened and the light spilled in, Julie lifted Delia from the floor, slipping the soaking coat from her back and wrapping her in a warm bathrobe. Anne passed her a glass of brandy and helped her into a chair. The others were silent as they helped to clear away the tarpaulin covering the carpet, returning the room to its normal condition.

'It wasn't unusual,' Julie commented, ' for women to be roughly violated rather than just molested. They went into the parks for sex. Some got more than they bargained for. I remember being told by a friend that she had got beaten up by three men. At least, she thought they were all men. One might have been a woman.

'In fact she went to the police to complain, but they told her she deserved all she got if she went into the park unaccompanied.'

'No sympathy in those days!'

'Some men had no respect for girls who openly invited them to fuck her,' Laurie added. 'They certainly did that, but might be so disgusted by the event, they worked off their anger on the woman physically. They were sluts as far as the men were concerned.'

Delia smiled weakly. 'It must have been a terrifying experience. I was scared myself, I can tell you. But I do enjoy playing the slut, rather than hiding behind a facade of good breeding in front of the cameras. Don't ask me why! Is my face bruised?' she asked.

'No, darling,' Martin assured her. 'Reddened and a bit swollen, but that'll settle down in an hour or two. Come on, we'll run a hot bath for you.'

'Okay, everyone. Relaxing time. See you all at dinner.'

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