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Chick Fight at the Bar


Lets admit! We all like chick fights. The very thought of two women locked in physical combat has something “arousing” about it. You would not be reading the story if the thought did not turn you on. There is an animal that lives inside all of us. The only two situations where that animal is unleashed is, during sex or during a fight. When guys see women fighting and displaying such animalistic instinct, they can directly relate it to aggressive sexuality. It’s a psychological equivalent!

So let me treat you to an incident that I, ‘unintentionally’ became a part of. Be warned however, that this story will turn you on like no other. Its better that you read it at a time when you are alone. This is not a story you want to read in your university’s computer lab!

So here we go,,,

The incident occurred when I was in my final college year. Me and my friend Andrew, walked into the bar one Saturday night and found the place packed as usual. ‘Labyrinth’ was a bar where most students from my college would hang out on saturday nights. I looked around to see if there were any familiar faces but there were none to be seen. My eyes did catch sight of one of the two women on the pool table.

The first one was a petite red head that I did not pay much attention to. It was the second one that held my gaze. She was a well-tanned, busty brunette with long curly hair that fell below her shoulder. She was wearing a tight black dress that held tightly to her body revealing the outline of her voluptuous figure.

“WOW” I said as I elbowed Andrew. “Look at that one”

Andrew looked at the pool tables and out of a whole crowd of women he knew right away which one I was talking about.

This was not at all a slim woman. At 5.6 she was solidly built. But all her weight was evenly distributed with the exception of her breasts, which I thought were larger in relation to the rest of her body. She stood with her side towards us. After her partner played the shot, she walked around the pool table swaying her large round hips and then turned towards us to play her shot. She stood there for a second waiting for the balls to settle, then bent forward. Her shoulders were bare except for the tiny straps that held her dress in place. As she bent low, the dress fell away from her body giving us a breath taking view of her ample cleavage. Her tanned, round globes swayed for a bit and then settled in place with gravity. But, the Goddess decided she was not low enough for the shot so she went a little lower until each voluptuous globe was resting on the green surface of the pool table. She played the shot and then rose back up adjusting the strap of her dress as she smiled at her partner.

“WHOA … that just made my day” Said Andrew as we made our way to the counter. Andrew ordered beer and I ordered orange juice. I wasn’t a drinker but found the ambiance of the bar pretty refreshing. The place was well scented with women’s perfume. I took a deep breath and settled on the stool.

“How are you guys doing?” A deep voice made me turn my head. It was Snake approaching with a carton of beer in his hands. “Hey man whassap?” I said. He nodded in return and said, “Can you open this little door for me?” I opened the small swaying that lead behind the counter and Snake walked right in. He dumped the beer cans on the floor and kicked them under the counter. He then turned and walked out again. “Thanks” He said and closed the door. I watched his Herculean frame from the rear as he walked towards the main door.

Snake was the bouncer at the bar. He was a bodybuilder who worked in the gym during the day and bounced in the evenings to make extra money. He was black and stood around three inches over my six feet. With his earring, baldhead and flat nose, he looked like a typical bad guy from an action movie. In spite of his intimidating looks, Snake had an aura of friendliness about him. He would speak in a friendly but authoritative tone. If you could get over his looks, he wasn’t a bad guy at all from the inside.

The place was unusually full that night. On the television screen they aired live the Lennox Louis vs Evander Hollyfield fight in which the judges gave an unfair decision to Holyfield. It was this that that had drawn the extra crowd. As I sat in the stood watching the fight, Andrew kept drinking and drinking. I knew I would be the one driving for after another couple of drinks, he would not be in the shape to tell his head from his feet. The fight ended 3-2 for Holy field and that shocked everyone in the bar. There was an immediate ‘booing’ as people threw their empty glasses and cans.

Within a few minutes, the disappointed crowd had left. The place was almost empty. I turned my head to look at the booby brunette we had admired on the pool table but she was nowhere to be seen. There was another girl standing there instead talking to her girl friend. This one was taller, easily 5.9, with short blonde hair and slim waist that flared into wide athletic shoulders. Besides that she had the most perfect ass I had even seen on a chick. She was standing with her back towards me so I could not see her face.

Seen from behind this girl was another sight to behold and I wished Andrew was in his senses to notice. Anyways, I had to take a leak so I stood up and made my way to the washroom, which was on the other end of the pool tables. On my way I walked past the two, almost brushing into the tall blonde one as I went. As I was about to turn into the men’s room the door of the women’s room swung open and the busty brunette came out. She walked past me with her body swaying as usual.

Inside the men’s room, I was fully loaded when I unzipped. My tense muscles relaxed as I relieved myself. After washing my hands I made my way out. The three girls were standing together talking. This was the first time I got to look at the blondes face. She had deep ice blue eyes and raised cheekbones and stood there with no facial expression as she spoke to the other two. I stood there for a while admiring one after the other. “Why is it…” I thought to myself “that it happens so often that you spot two sexy women and it turns out that they know each other.” I don’t know if it happens to the readers but I have seen this happen to me a couple of times and this definitely was one of those situations.

Suddenly there was a violent push. The chesty brunette pushed the blonde and all hell broke loose. “Stop it damn it” Said the petite redhead as she tried to separate the two. “I told you to keep your hands off her.” Said the dark-haired brunette as she swung a punch at the blonde, missing almost by an inch. The next second, the blonde had grabbed a fist full of her curly black hair. “You fucking slut I am going to fuck you” The brunette cussed as she swung another blow. The blonde blocked the punch with her elbow. With her curly black hair still in in her hand the brunette just kept cursing and punching wildly at the blonde. The taller blonde was not hitting but using the other hand to block the blows.

Suddenly, I saw Snake coming towards them. “Ladies.. Ladies….LISTEN TO ME” He said as he put a muscular arm around the Brunette. “Donna…stop it” He said as he pulled the busty brunette away. But, since her hair was already in the other girls hands he could not separate the two. “Can you give me a hand here?” He said to me smiling as he pulled Donna away. “Sure” I said and jumped between the two. I grabbed the blonde’s hand and had to open each of her fingers to get a dark wisp of hair released from her clench. “Damn you bitch.” Said Donna as she raised a leg to kick the blonde giving through her black dress, a nice view of her white panties. The blonde girl had no facial expression. She just stood there and stared at Donna with her ice blue eyes.

“Donna… Katrina… if you act like this I will have to call the police.” Snake said as he released Donna from his muscular arms. She adjusted the strap of her dress and looked back at the blonde with anger. The fight seemed over. They argued but I made my way to Andrew who now had his head on the table completely drunk. The bar was empty. The last couple left after the fight and the bartender was busy cleaning up the place. “Damn those chicks…” He said. “What was that all about?” I asked him as I slapped Andrew on the back. “They are you know… bisexual” He said smiling. “That’s Katrina, the blonde one” He said. “She and the other girl, the small redhead used to come here a lot. They were you know (he smiled) like lovers. Today she is here with that titty one so I guess that what started it.” I looked back at them. With a smile on his face snake was talking to the three of them.

I took the car keys from Andrews place and carried him to the leather couch a few feet away. After dragging his dead weight, I dumped him on the leather couch where he fell moaning something about his car keys and his cell phone. I turned around and saw the small petite girl leave out of the door. There was absolutely nothing attractive about her. She was small and skinny, very average looking. I looked at her and wondered, why would these two hotties fight over something like her.

Suddenly the fight started again.I saw Donna throw a cross and this time hit Katrina across the jaw. It was a solid punch to the face and the blonde, who had remained relatively composed, now lost her cool. She charged at Donna and pushed her back against the pool table. “Hey Hey Hey…” Yelled Snake as he tried to pull Katrina away. But, I could see from his expression that from inside he wanted them to fight. It is part of everyman’s desire to watch two women rip each others clothes off and Snake was no exception. I could see the animal within him as he saw the two women struggle against the pool table. At that point I knew he would let them have a controlled fight. He would let them go at each other only stopping them when one is about to hurt the other.

This was an evenly matched bout. Katrina had the height advantage but Donna was heavier. This sudden charge had thrown the heavier chesty brunette on the pool table. As Katrina reached for her hair again, Donna raised her foot, placed it on the blondes chest and pushed her back with the full strength of her leg. The push threw Katrina off balance and she fell back against Snake. “Alright Girls… that’s enough” Said Snake as he grabbed Katrina by her shoulders. That did not stop her though. She attempted a charge at Donna with such ferocity that her white shirt ripped open from the front and all her buttons fell on the floor. Still in Snake’s arms, she struggled and her white blouse ripped some more. It was a piece of rag clinging to her body. She stopped and removed it throwing it on the floor.

Just in her black bra and blue jeans she stood there for a second. As sweat tricked down her body, I could not help but admire the blonde’s musculature. She was definitely a hard body, the kind that spent hours in the gym doing cardio and weights. With her low body fat, her breasts were not exceptionally large like Donna’s but they still must have been a large B or C-cup. Every time she exhaled I would see abs appearing on her abdomen only to disappear when she inhaled.

After a second she went at Donna again. I did not see whether she grabbed Donna from the hair or from the dress strap, but she swung the girl all the way around and smashed her into the chairs. Before Donna could stabilize herself, she pulled her up again and swung her the other way and smashed her into the table smashing empty bear glasses. Now there was shattered glass on the floor and I thought someone will get cut so I moved towards them to stop the fight. But Katrina took Donna’s arm and with a shoulder twist, threw the girl on the floor away from the shattered glass.

“Hey Snake…cut it out” Said the bartender. “It not fun anymore. Someone will get cut.” But Snake raised his hand telling him to stay cool.

As the women wrestled on the floor I came up close to them and looked. Donna was on the floor with her black dress pulled high at her hips exposing her firm round legs. “I am really gonna fuck you Donna” The blonde said as she tried to mount the girl but Donna grabbed her short blonde hair and pressed her face into her boobs. Katrina tried to slide back and soon found her face next to Donna’s crotch. At that very instant, Donna wrapped her heavy thighs around the blonde’s head in a scissor lock. “Strong bitch eh?” She said as she tightened her heavy thighs her face cutting her air. I could see Katrina panicking as she kicked her legs trying to slide out somehow. The grip was too strong and just got tighter around her face. Then Donna grabbed her short blonde hair and pulled as she crushed her face between her thighs. Katrina tried to get away but the scissor lock was far too tight.

“That’s it now cut the fight Snake” The bartended said as he saw Katrina struggling in a scissor lock. At that very point I saw Katrina shifting her head slightly. She was not pulling away, but turning into Katrina’s panties. She slid her face down her smooth thighs and buried it deep into Donna’s crotch. She started rubbing her face into her panties.

As the three of us watched, Donna’s breathing became heavier and heavier. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes breathing heavily. Soon she started moaning. “Mmmm ….oohhhh mmmm …….stop licking me..” Then her grip on Katrina’s short blonde hair became loose. She placed both her elbows on the floor and dropped her head even further back. Soon the busty brunette was lying flat on her back staring at the ceiling. “Ohhhh….yesssss …..ohhhhh my gawwwd…” She placed her hand on the back of Katrina’s head and pushed her face deeper into her crotch. Through the black dress I could see her heavy round breasts move up and down as she breathed heavily. She was completely subdued! defeated by the muscular blonde whose tongue she could now feel though her wet panties.

After licking her into submission Katrina stood up. “If you guys wanna watch this close the fucking door”. She said as she slid her jeans down her muscular thighs. Standing completely naked she ran a hand through her short blonde hair. While Donna was a sexy woman Katrina was physical perfection in her own way. Her she had a perfect heart shaped butt and her small waist flared into wide shoulders you would normally see on an Olympic swimmer.

The door was still open so I went to close it. Opening it slightly I peeked outside. It was snowing and St Paul street west looked completely deserted. I slammed the door, bolted it and then returned.

By this time Donna was sitting on the pool table with her legs spread. Her panties were lying on the floor and Katrina was right between her legs naked, licking her. She moaned and then grabbed the blonde’s head pressing it into her crotch. “Oohhhh yesss….. lick me you bitch..mmmmmmm!” She moaned and started bucking her hips into Katrina’s face. As Katrina’s licking intensified so did Donna’s moaning. Within seconds the busty brunette was screaming with pleasure. Then, her body shruddered and she fell back. “Ooohhhhh….yesss…mmmm” She moaned and then lay still breathing heavily, her breasts going up and down in her dress with each breath.

After licking her exhausted opponent so mercilessly, Katrina stood up and turned around. Her mouth was still wet from the licking she had given Donna. She walked straight towards Snake and placed a hand on his chest. He laughed and then she kissed him in the mouth with her tongue. Their mouth’s parted. “Get out of these clothes.” She said as she ripped his black shirt open from the front. As he was talking off his shirt she went down on her knees and unbuttoned his jeans. She pulled down his pants and boxer to his knees and exposed a hard erect black ember.

Snake was thick! He was not exceptionally long but had exceptional thickness. “Oh my you are a python!” She looked up at him and smiled. Then I saw the thick black ember disappear in her mouth. Her white hands grabbed his buttocks as she pulled him deeper in her mouth. His hips started bucking back and forth as she sucked him. Soon drops of sweat began to appear at his forhead which traveled down his neck and right down his muscular chest. When she was through with him, Snake was drenched in sweat. She stood up and looked down to the full length of his ember, which she had sucked to a good 7-8 inches. Snake stepped out of his jeans and underwear and stood in front of her naked, his massive muscular body shining with sweat. His large hands moved to her waist and she closed her eyes as he pulled her to him. They held each other tightly in a long kiss.

Then Snake pushed her against the pool table right besides Donna. He pushed her back till she was lying flat on the table looking at the ceiling. He stepped between her legs and positioned his cock into her opening. “Give it to meeee …” Katrina said and bit her lip in anticipation. Very slowly with his hands tightened around her small waist, he pushed himself in her. “Mmmmmm…ohhhh fuck meee” She moaned and closed her eyes. “Fuck meee please…mmmmm” She begged him. Snake started fucking her with smooth deep strokes.

From not very far, I would see his black shaft go into her and then come out. As his pace increased Katrina grabbed one of her breasts and closed her eyes. “Ohhh my god yessssss!” She said pinching her nipple. It was too much for me to handle so I slid down my jeans and released my six inch penis. I began to stroke my rod looking at this amazingly hot couple fuck just a few feet away from me. Snake was drenched in sweat and as he fucked, drops sweat fell from his forehead right on Katrina’s tits which she rubbed onto her already sweaty body. As Snake leaned forwards to kiss Katrina, she wrapped both her arms around him to pull him close. I saw her finger nails violently scratch his broad back as he shoved his cock deep into her. He then pulled out his hardened shaft and said. “I am cumming.” When he released his pulsing penis, I saw loads after loads of semen shoot and land on her breasts and tight stomach.

“Oooooohhhhhh…..”Katrina moaned and rubbed his jism all over her sweaty body.

At that point I knew I had to fuck someone. I wanted to shove my cock into one of the girls. Katrina got up on the pool table and walked up to where Donna was still lying. She looked down at her with lust and then descended on her face with her shapely ass towards me. I admired her shining well-toned body for a second and then moved towards Donna. I went between her legs, pulled down her panties and began licking her. Her pussy lips were already wet from the earlier orgasm. Since Katrina was sitting on her face, the girl could not even moan. She began to transmit the pleasure to Katrina instead. I knew she was licking like crazy because of the way Katrina was pressing her crotch on her face and moaning.

When I stood up Katrina had turned around and was looking back to me. She saw Donna’s juices on my lips. The very next second she leaned a bit, pulled me closer and pressed her lips on to mine, tasting the flavor of her fluid. My hands went around her as my tongue snaked into her mouth. When our lips parted I was having my shirt ripped open. Katrina grabbed the collar and rippled open my brand new shirt exposing my chest. I took it off and dropped it to the floor. Then I undid my belt and slowly got out of my trousers.

As I was removing my clothes, Donna turned around and went under Katrina’s crotch. The muscular blonde had her shapely ass towards me and she dropped her head to Donna’s crotch. Both girls licked each other in 69 as I removed my underwear. Soon I walked behind Katrina with my hardened cock and climbed on the pool table behind her. As soon as I grabbed the girl’s ass she moved up slightly to allow me in. Donna took my hardness in her hand and placed it on Katrina’s pussy which she had licked wet. “Go into her….” She said softly as she placed my penis into her opening. Before I could shove it in Katrina pushed her ass back against me and I grabbed her tight waist stabilize her. The girl was wet like hell. I had never felt such a well-lubricated pussy. “Mmmmmm….” She moaned as I went into her. With my hands on her shoulder blades I began to fuck her with slow steady strokes. When my cock slid out of her Donna would lick my shaft and then she would lick Katrina’s already wet pussy and then my shaft again. The feel of Donna’s wet tongue was too much. I wanted to fuck her and I wanted to fuck her hard. I let go of Katrina and pulled out.

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