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Chippendale Gropy


This is a keep fit exercise routine for sex hungry females and is courtesy of Juicy Tracy.

Tracy got a ticket to see the Chippendales when they appeared in London recently and I arranged to pick her up afterwards since she was staying at our flat in London. Tracy, I know likes firm muscular bodies and I unknown to her arranged for her to meet with the act backstage afterwards as a special treat before we went out for dinner. Tracy was to wait for me outside at the entrance and I would pick her up in the car and go to the restaurant.

Tracy prepared for her girls night out with great care and looked stunning in her outfit of very short black mini skirt that barely covered her ass and a tight white top through which you could clearly see her sexy lacy bra that just covered her nipples. Underneath her skirt she wore suspenders and black fishnet stockings and to top all this black thigh length boots.

I really shouldn't have let her go out like that but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for later on that evening.

Tracy had arranged to meet three of her friends in a bar before the show so I dropped her off outside, as she got out of the car she dropped an earring and bent down to pick it up from the kerbside, it was then I noticed she wasn't wearing Knickers. She smiled at me and said "I do love shocking you and I am now going to flash myself in the bar and I bet you I don't have to pay for a single drink."

She then kissed me and confirmed the time for later. I drove off but only drove round the corner until I had to stop and have a wank at the thought of my wife flashing her moist pussy at every man in the bar.

Later Tracy told me what happened in the bar, she walked to the bar and ordered a tia maria and coke. As she fumbled for her money she deliberately dropped some coins on the floor. As she bent to pick them up she pulled her skirt up therefore ensuring every man at the tables got an eyeful of her moist shaven pussy. All of a sudden two men pounced offering to pay. One was 6 foot 2 inches tall with dark hair and aged about 30 and she accepted his kind offer.

Tracy sat opposite him at a corner table on a tall bar stool making sure here bare and now sopping pussy was on full view to him. His name was Jack and although he tried making conversation the poor chap couldn't help staring at her pussy and getting a hard on. Tracy straight out asked him if he liked what he saw and he nodded while licking his lips nervously. Tracy was getting worked up herself by now and started playing with herself putting two fingers in and rubbing her clit. Jack was now squirming on his chair and Tracy leaned towards him so no one would see and undid his zip to free his cock. She rubbed the end and within seconds he came over her hand. Tracy told him she now had to go to the show so left him with a dripping cock sat on his stool.

Her friends were in the bar by now and asked her who the man was, Tracy replied "Oh just a man who comes in handy sometimes."

They then went to the show and Tracy told me that she had a really wet pussy all evening looking at their toned muscular smooth bodies with what appeared to be huge cocks. At one stage Tracy got on stage and danced a raunchy number with two of them, she told me that she could feel their hard cocks against her and when she went back to her seat she rubbed her bare clit until she came.

Anyway I picked her up on foot outside at 11 O'clock and when Tracy who was very red faced asked where the car was I told her a had a surprise for her. She said "I don't want a surprise I just want to go home and have a hard fuck. I told her she had to wait until later. She whispered in my ear that she was so horny that I had too put my fingers in her pussy now, so I did.

I then told her that she had to have the surprise now so she had to close her eyes and I would blindfold her. I produced a black scarf from my pocket and proceeded to tie it around her forehead until she could not see. I then led her by hand around the block until we reached the stage door. I had arranged entry and we walked straight in until we reached the main dressing room. I pushed open the door and in their were four chippendales in nothing but their pouches. As I had arranged it the lads did not say a word. Tracy kept asking where we were and I told her she had to guess.

I made Tracy kneel down and then the first of them came and stood in front of her keeping one muscular leg just in front of her. Tracy reached forward on my sayso and felt the muscular thigh. She squealed with delight and shock and ripped her blindfold off and then saw all four of them. Suddenly Tracy became shy and blushed saying she thought it was my leg.

Anyway we all had a good laugh and they produced some champagne for us all to drink. We sat and chatted for about an hour and I noticed all of them were admiring Tracy. Although Tracy was probably ten years older than them she is so horny looking that it doesn't matter about the age. Tracy was obviously enjoying her view and many times I caught her staring at their glistening bodies.

The lads said they had to go back to their hotel and asked if we wanted to join them for a drink, Tracy didn't need asking twice and soon we were at their hotel enjoying more champagne in one of their large rooms.

They had dressed by now and explained they were starting a European tour the next day. Tracy asked them how they looked after their bodies and they explained their intensive work out regime to us which involved all types of exercise and suppleness routines.

One of them Carl asked Tracy how she kept her body in good order. Tracy said " I have a special routine as well." They wanted to know details of this so Tracy said " I have got a better idea I will show you."

She then squatted down on her haunches and simulated riding a man complete with all the noises.

Martin, one of the others said "I think I will show you our routine" and then he proceeded to strip to his pouch pants once more and did 100 press ups. The other three, Martin,Colin and Phil did the same but increased the press ups to 200 each.

Not to be outdone I stripped until completely naked and told them " This is my routine of push ups" and I slid underneath Tracy's haunches and pulled her down onto my hard cock and pushed up. This continued for about five minutes in front of everyone and then Tracy leant back resting on her arms and continued to fuck me.

Colin leant down and rubbed Tracy's shoulders while Phil unbuttoned her tight blouse exposing her bra. Phil then kissed the tops of her breasts whilst Colin continued to rub her shoulders and kiss her neck and ears. Tracy was groaning with pleasure now and this together with seeing her being stroked by 2 other men meant I shot my lot into her already sodden pussy. Tracy stood up and Carl proceeded to removed her skirt whilst Phil unhooked her bra to expose her lovely breasts. Martin moved in and helped guide Tracy over to the king size bed. Tracy lay on the bed still wearing her stockings and boots while Martin got on the bed next to her and french kissed her gently and as Tracy kissed him back he moved his hands to her breasts feeling the hard and erect nipples. Colin started at the bottom of the bed and sucked her toes and feet while Phil got alongside her and licked her pussy whilst fingering her clit. Whilst all this was happening Carl was putting his hands wherever he could fit them, breasts, running hands thru her long hair, stroking her back and then fingering her ass. I was directing proceedings telling Phil that she liked her lips sucked one by one and getting Colin to finger her while Phil licked her.

Tracy and Martin were still locked in that long kiss but finally she pulled herself away and reached down for Martins Pouch and sprung his cock from it. She then guided him inside her pussy and went into raptures of joy. She reached out for me and I put my hard again cock in her mouth while Carl held her head on it whilst rubbing her tits. Martin came inside her and he and Carl changed places, Tracy came about five times in 10 minutes and then turned over. Martin pulled her cheeks apart whilst I licked her asshole until she came again. Phil was then putting some KY on his prick and on Tracy's ass and then entered her in one movement. Tracy cried out "Oh yes fuck my ass Oh yes."

When we had finished Tracy lay on the bed stroking my cock and then she said " Colin I haven't had you, don't you fancy me" "Oh yes I fancy you but you might not want me, Look"

Tracy gasped because Colin had removed his pouch to expose the largest thickest cock you have ever seen, it must have been 12 inches long and looked reeally thick.

"Wow mmmm" said Tracy and then looked to me asking "do you mind if I try darling" " be my guest Colin" as I moved off the bed and Colin replaced me.

Tracy didn't beat about the bush and straight away took what she could in her mouth whilst ribbing his muscular thighs. Colin loved this and his cock seemed to swell even more. After about two minutes of this Tracy made him lie on his back whilst she stood above him on the bed and started to lower herself onto his giant cock.

As she got the tip inside her Carl and I both went to one side of her and tweaked her nipples and helped ease her onto his cock. Once she had his full length inside Tracy gradually move up and down all the time having orgasm after orgasm whilst we continued mauling her all over.

Phil stood up on the bed and Tracy sucked his cock and pretty soon Colin was coming inside her.

I got back underneath and although I wasn't as big as Colin Tracy was soon coming again. Phil was about to come and Tracy took his cock out of her mouth, instead letting him come in her long hair.

We were all exhausted by then and moved into the bathroom to clear up. As Tracy's last treat of the night I let her bath all four of them and I noticed she took a long time over Colin's cock.

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