So there I was in Chloe's chair with jeans unzipped. I turned on her computer screen and her wallpaper came up. The wallpaper was a photo of her taken at a beach. She looked simply beautiful. She had on a light skirt, a top, and a smile that stretched from London to Texas. Her face was both radiant and gorgeous. And her body, how I ached just to caress it.

Chloe had begun working as an office junior at our company about a month before. She was eighteen with shoulder length brunette hair and the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. Her body was like something from a magazine; long, slender and curvy. Her breasts were just the perfect shape and size and if it was a little bit cold you could sometimes make out her perky nipples through her bra and blouse.

But what really got me was her personality. She had a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts and I never heard her say anything bad about anybody, no matter how much they deserved it. You could say that I had a crush on her.

I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to stroke. It didn't take long before I was fully erect. I pumped slowly, staring at her photo. I imagined myself with her, making love to her on the beach, caressing her, kissing her, making her feel all the pleasure I was feeling.

I often found myself fantasizing about Chloe but knew that actually making it reality was out of the question. True, I had had more than my share of beautiful and sexy women over the years, but there was no way Chloe would go for a man like me, someone twelve years older than her, at least so I thought. And even though a few times I caught her looking at my crotch when my cock was half erect, there was no way she would have been interested in me, and it was probably my imagination anyway. How wrong I was.

Chloe had decided to go on holiday for a few days. It was something she had planned a long time and something the company knew about before they hired her. While she was to be away, I decided to do something about my crush.

I made up my mind that I would go to the office after hours, sit in her chair, and jerk off to her wallpaper.

But there had to be rules. It would happen one time and would be to get her out of my system once and for all. I would jerk off for a bit, go home, and then have an orgasm. I felt so guilty about what I was doing, and I reminded myself that it was to be once only and the reason I was doing it was to get over her. The ends were to justify the means.

I slid my hand to the head of my cock and touched the opening with my finger. I felt the precum that had begun to build and which formed a sticky string when I moved my finger away. I knew I would have to stop soon, and I gave my cock a few more strokes.

As I touched myself I thought about Chloe sitting on the very same chair, her sweet pussy almost touching where I was sitting, separated by just a few layers of thin fabric. Just the thought of it turned me on.

And then I saw something reflected on the computer screen. It was Chloe! I went into instant panic mode. I literally couldn't move. There was Chloe in the cubicle behind me, on a chair, and she had her hand between her legs!

I panicked. Had she seen me? Was it just a coincidence that she was here too?

Thoughts flashed through my mind. I could make out like I never saw her and just walk out.

But instead I put my now flaccid cock back into my jeans. "Getting ready for your holiday?" I said, turning the chair around to face her.

Chloe jumped. "Um, yeah, Max. I was just about to use Susie's computer to check some stuff for her. She said I could."

"What are we going to do now, Chloe?" I had no idea why I said those words.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw what you were doing."

"Oh. I got here, like I said, to check some stuff, but on my computer. But you were there, and I saw you. I was shocked but kind of turned on at the same time, if you know what I mean. At this point I decided the best thing to do was to come clean with Chloe. I explained everything, from the crush I had on her to why I was at the office and how I thought it would get her out of my system. I especially explained how guilty I felt about what I was doing.

"But why didn't you just tell me?" Chloe asked.

"Because I couldn't stand the thought of you not feeling the same" I said. "And I didn't think you would like someone like me in that way."

"What do you mean?" said Chloe. "I fancied you from the first time I saw you. You must have noticed me perving you?"

"I did but I chalked it up to an overactive imagination."

Chloe got up and walked towards me.

"So what do we do now, Max?" she said, taking hold of my hand.

"We can go back to my place."


With that answer my heart felt like it was floating in my chest. I walked with Chloe to my car and drove to my modest apartment. When we got there I escorted Chloe into the bedroom where she sat on the end of my queen-sized bed. She undid her jeans and pulled them down over her legs. For a moment I just took in the sight of her beauty. Her legs were slender and smooth and she had on a pair of pink lacy panties that just covered her pussy. I could barely wait to see what was underneath.

I knelt down between her legs and she opened her knees. I kissed my way up the soft flesh of each of her thighs. My cock ached against my jeans as I licked slowly around her panties before finally pulling them to the side to her reveal her wonderful cunt.

And what a sight it was! Her pussy was mostly shaven apart from a thin strip of hair and her labia were thick and puffy. Her vulva was wet, almost shiny.

I smiled and grabbed her panties. She lifted her ass up so that I could pull them all the way down.

And then with my hands on her hips I licked from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit. I licked with the tip of my tongue and then with the flat, before focusing on her clitoris. Her cunt juices tasted so sweet.

I wanted to feel my cock in her pussy, but I didn't want to waste the moment. I sucked, nibbled, and teased her clit and Chloe responded by writhing her pussy and grinding it against my face.

"Oh my god, Max" Chloe said. I felt her shudder as she climaxed, quickly followed by another. She pulled me up towards her face and we kissed for the first time, my mouth and chin wet with her juices. We pressed our lips hard against each other's mouths and our tongues touched like a pair of ballroom dancers alone on a vast marbled floor. "I think I have a crush on you" I said.

Chloe laughed. "Shut up and just make love to me" she said, smiling.

With that I unbuttoned her blouse revealing a smooth flat tummy and breasts that were covered by a pink lacy bra, the same color as her panties. My eyes explored her body, wandering up and down like I was looking at the most beautiful work of art in the world. Chloe unclasped her bra and let it drop down beside her. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Her breasts were magnificent and her areola were perfect, not too big, not too small, and of a soft brown that contrasted perfectly with her skin. Leonardo couldn't have painted them better.

I bent down and took her left breast in my mouth and lovingly caressed the other one with my hand. As my tongue tasted, teased and circled her nipple I smelt her skin as my nose pressed against her soft flesh. Chloe moaned loudly as I went from one breast to the other.

And then she lifted my head from her chest and clasping my face in her hands said,"I want to see your cock."

I sat up and unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall down to the floor. I work out regularly and I could tell from looking at the expression on her face that Chloe appreciated a well-chiseled body. I undid my jeans and pulled them down, revealing my full erect cock to her for the first time.

Chloe's eyes lit up as she looked at my manhood. It was eight inches long and thick. Chloe gently touched it, sliding a finger underneath from the base to the tip, sending joy through my body. It was all I could do not to cum. "Yummy" she said. And then she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and rubbed it against her cheeks before putting the head in her mouth. I don't know how I kept from cumming right then and there and when she took me in her mouth I thought for sure my cock would explode.

Chloe removed her mouth from my cock. She turned around onto her tummy and lifted her shapely ass up off the bed. I had never seen something so sexy and erotic in all my life. Her pussy stood out, wet and so inviting, framed by her perfectly round buttocks.

I grabbed my cock and with my hands on her waist I slid in easily. I gasped with pleasure and stopped; I was so close to the edge. I reached between her legs and wet my fingers with her pussy juices and then offered them to Chloe. She licked them like they were candy.


I varied the speed of each thrust, slowing down now and then, and getting in as deep as I could.

"Oh my god, this feels so good!" Chloe moaned with delight. I shifted position slightly, which sent all new sensations of pleasure through our bodies.

And then I felt Chloe's pussy spasm around my cock.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. Gripping her hips tight I pounded her cunt as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Chloe screamed, her hair matted with sweat.

When she finished cumming I withdrew. My cock was dripping with her cunt juice.

Chloe turned over onto her back and I entered her sopping pussy in the missionary position. She wrapped her legs around my waist allowing my cock to get in deep and at the perfect angle. With my arms on either side of her I fucked her pussy hard.

Needless to say, Chloe came again, moaning with delight into my ear.

"Want to get on top?" I asked.

Chloe nodded and I rolled over onto my back. My cock stood hard and erect like a pole; Chloe lowered her cunt onto it and in seconds she was riding it up and down. I looked at her body as her breasts bounced and moved my hands to them.

Chloe placed her hands over mine as I caressed and squeezed her boobs. And then she leaned forward and piston-pumped my cock with her cunt. I lifted my ass off the bed and had what I can only describe as a "mindgasm". I didn't cum, but my brain was overwhelmed by the same chemical that's released by the body during orgasm.

I was, in a word, high on Chloe.

And then Chloe came.

We kissed and rested for a second or so. I rolled Chloe back over into the missionary position and looked into her eyes. I could see what she wanted and I wanted to give it to her.

Our mouths and tongues grated and rubbed against each other as I thrust fast and hard. But we didn't care, we were so lost in bliss. I was going to cum, and Chloe knew it. She lifted her ass and with her legs tightly around me let out a mighty scream of pure delight, and as her pussy milked my cock I came.

I came with such force I almost lost consciousness. My cock pumped stream after stream of cum into her cunt and I saw everything turn dark, as if my mind was overdosing. After what seemed like almost an eternity I came back down to earth.

"Wow. Fucking wow. That's all I can say." said Chloe.

I nodded, out of breath. "You can say that again" I said, my cock aching.

We snuggled together, basking in the afterglow of awesome mind-blowing sex. Chloe traced a line down my chest and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"So, am I out of your system?"

I grinned.


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