tagLoving WivesChloe & Mom Ch. 07

Chloe & Mom Ch. 07


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Summary: The older sisters of Chloe's lovers visit. Chloe has been naughty. What will be her punishment? What will be her husband's reward?

First Posted 8/18/02

Last Edited 8/18/02

This is inspired by the great story "Letters to Mother" by LKWRITER. The following are letters from a different daughter to a different mom. Also inspired by CDE.

* * * * *

Dear Mom,

Oh, Mom, so much has happened! I don't know what to think, what to do. I,... I may have lost my Sydney! I guess I did not realize how hurt and humiliated he has been by my fucking Darrell and Martin so often, letting Darrell make me pregnant, and by letting them show me off in public with Sydney tagging along. I just do not understand men! They are so focused on fucking. Doesn't Sydney realize that for a woman, the love for her husband has little to do with sex? A wife wants so much more from the man she loves. She wants cuddling and comfort, and security, a man to tell pointless stories to in endless, irrelevant detail, a man to order around, someone whose faults and shortcoming she can criticize, whose advice and preferences in apparel and make up and sleepwear she can ignore, someone to blame when things go wrong.

I've tried to explain to Sydney that Darrell and Martin do none of these things for me; they are just a release for my animal passions and a source of DNA for mating. Material things! I don't LOVE Darrell and Martin no matter how often I let them fuck me and how hard and how loudly they make me come. If I didn't love Sidney, would I allow him to suck my lovers' thick rich sperm from my pussy? And how many wives will happily let their husbands come in their hands or in their mouth and sip up his jizz, I ask you? How can Sydney do this to me? It's so unfair!

Sorry, Mom, I'm sort of getting ahead of myself; you don't know what I'm talking about. Everything seemed so perfect until a few months ago. I was a sexy, knocked up white wife with two big black lovers to keep me well fucked and a sweet, rich, docile husband who adored me. What more could a woman want? The first cloud on the horizon was Darrell telling me one day that La Toya and Monique, his and Martin's older sisters were coming to town for a visit. That seemed odd that both sisters would be arriving to visit at the same time.

That mystery was cleared up when Martin explained how, just as he and Darrel had grown up together in the 'hood, La Toya and Monique had been best friends since grade school and were practically inseparable. I sensed in Martin's explanation, however, a tension that Darrell partly cleared up. La Toya and Monique were several years older than Martin and Darrell and the two of them had more or less reared their little brothers as their mothers were both occupied bringing a slew of still younger brothers and sisters into the world. The way he told it let me know that both men still knew who was boss.

Darrell was as nervous as Martin was about his older sister's visit, as if he'd been caught doing something naughty or had something to be ashamed of. I couldn't understand that, since both men were professionals with good incomes who had every reason to be proud of their accomplishments.

As soon as their sisters arrived in town, Darrell and Martin just vanished. Darrell called once to say they were busy, not to expect them to come over to fuck me, and NOT to call him or Martin. Well, that was okay for a day or two, but after three or four, I was climbing the walls. I was seriously pregnant, Mom, and my pussy needed frequent pounding. Your vibrator was keeping me sane, but not happy. As they say, desperate times, desperate means; I decided to let Sydney eat me even without being full of come.

Wow! It was great, Mom. All this time I thought it was knowing Sydney was lapping up my lovers' semen that got me off when it was just his skilled tongue. In fact it was even better than when he was playing clean-up, since, seeing I was doing this out of real need, he put his heart and soul into pleasing me. He made me come and come until I didn't know what I was doing. Then he was beside me, his fingers in me, keeping me at a low boil, telling me how much he loved me, how beautiful he thought I was, how cute and delicious my pussy was, how sexy I was with my by now pretty big belly, and how much he wanted to fuck me.

That's what he said, he wanted to fuck me! And before I could stop him, he was getting into position. I knew it wasn't right to cheat on Martin and Darrell this way, but I was so astonished by Sydney's actions and so damned horny from four days without a cock in me and no prospects of one, I let him in. Then I got a second surprise: I felt him. I thought I had been permanently stretched by Martin's and Darrell's monsters, but I was nice and tight around Sydney's little seven-inch penis. I guess it had been a silly idea; it's my pussy muscles that keep my cunny tight, not rubber bands. Of course I didn't have that incomparable "Thanksgiving turkey" sensation, but it was nice. And Sydney had apparently learned some things from watching Martin and Darrell fuck me all those times. He took his time, thrusting deliberately, maintaining contact with my clit. And he did something else that Darrell and Martin never did. All the time he fucked me he was telling me he loved me, he adored me, he was so happy I was his wife.

The combination of his improved cocksmanship and his words sent me into orbit. I started coming and coming, far better than a vibrator, better even than Darrell and Marten could make me. I was bawling even as my orgasms were popping like a string of firecrackers. Dimly I realized why. Sydney was making love to me -- and it was wonderful. When he'd tried when we were first married, I was just not responsive. Martin and Darrel had unleashed my libido and now I was in heaven as my loving husband was doing what loving husbands do best: loving their wives.

We did sleep in each others arms like happy little snakes and, although Sydney did not fuck me three or four more times that night as Darrell or Martin would have, he did wake me up with a mind blowing pussy licking and when he told me (not asked!) to turn over, he was going to give me a doggy fuck, you'd better believe your daughter's ass was in the air in nothing flat. He didn't "pound" me, just got up a nice steady rhythm, playing with my tits and whispering how lovely and desirable I was until I was bawling and coming all over again.

Who knows what might have happened, Mom, if Darrell hadn't called that very day to say he and Martin wanted to bring La Toya and Monique over for dinner that night. In light of what had just happened between Sydney and me, I was a little reluctant. I was actually looking forward to just a quick dinner and making love to my husband again. Darrell didn't sound too happy about the arrangement, either, but he was insistent. If I'd only turned him down, only told him I was through with him and Martin and just wanted to be a hot but faithful wife for Sydney from then on, things would have been so different. But I didn't. I still wanted the raw, passionate, animalistic FUCKING from those two back studs to go along with the sweet lovemaking I had just discovered.

Sydney wasn't happy about the dinner either, but he was used to me having my way. I had the house help prepare a rather fancy meal and we dressed up. Sydney was quite handsome in his expensive suit and he couldn't go on enough about how beautiful and sexy I was in the lime green cocktail dress, deliciously poked out by my bulging tummy, and matching spaghetti strap 5-inch heels.

My lovers brought La Toya and Monique around up right on time. Sydney and I were both astonished. These were beautiful women! Both were almost as tall as their brothers and I wasn't the only one in 5-inch heels. I felt puny compared to these black goddesses. Monique was slim but her bust dwarfed my own and she moved with a sinuous sexiness in a long clinging pink gown slit almost up to her slit. La Toya was not quite so tall, but marvelously endowed in every other way - enormous breasts, ample hips, an eye-popping ass well displayed by her tight red mini-skirt, but a waist not much bigger than mine before Darrel put the baby in me. Sydney just stared and he never stares at women, at least when I'm around.

Dinner was pleasant but the conversation was superficial. Monique was a doctor and a bit reserved; La Toya was a garrulous lawyer. Both found lots to talk about with Sydney -- literature, politics, history. I couldn't follow most of it and Darrell and Martin didn't say much, still looking quite uncomfortable. Sydney, who was sitting between Monique and La Toya, lapped up the attention of these two gorgeous, intelligent women and, I'd swear, was almost flirting with them. In turn, it was obvious they thought my Sydney was cute as a bug and were practically fawning over him. I felt a twinge of jealousy, strange coming from a married woman sitting between her two lovers and heavily pregnant with the baby of one of them.

When dinner was over and we had retired to the sitting room, the mood of the evening turned suddenly somber. "Our brothers know what this is all about Mrs. Parkingham. It's time you did too, La Toya pronounced.

"Sydney, come sit with us sweetie," Monique smiled patting a space on the couch between them.

Sydney looked uncomfortable, but he was used to taking orders from a women and complied. I looked from Martin to Darrell for support, but got none. Suddenly, I knew I was on trial with La Toya as the prosecuting attorney. She fixed me with her eye.

"Is it true, Mrs. Parkingham that for the last year almost, you have been carrying on an affaire with these two ... men?" Darrell and Martin cringed the way she said "men." I felt quite afraid.

"I, er, ... well, I wouldn't say it was ..."

"And just what WOULD you say it was, Mrs. Parkingham? You were letting them fuck your little brains out, weren't you?"

"Well, yes, but ... I wasn't CHEATING! I let Sydney know what I was doing almost from the beginning. He even got to watch most of the time," I must say, Mom, it didn't sound like a very good defense even to me.

"How could you DO that to this adorable man?" Monique asked pressing herself a little more tightly against Sydney. "Did humiliating him make it BETTER?"

I knew I was just getting in deeper, but I persisted, "I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted him around. He's my husband, after all."

"And he was "around" when this womanizing reprobate," La Toya glared especially hard at her brother, "made you pregnant?"

I just nodded.

Monique stroked Sydney's cheek.

"You made your husband, who loved you dearly, watch while another man impregnated his wife? And as your belly has grown not a day as gone by that you have not made him aware that you are carrying another man's child? I guess I have to agree with you, Mrs. Parkingham. What you had with your two 'lovers,' two 'fuckers' is a better word, is far to tawdry, too cheep, too disgusting to be called and 'affaire.'"

"You really are a fool, a stupid, slutty fool," Monique interjected. "Didn't you realize what a treasure you had -- a rich, intelligent, considerate man who loved you totally? You gave that all up for what?" Monique now had her arm around Sydney.

"But I didn't give "

"That's right," snapped La Toya. "You didn't give your husband anything! He didn't get the passionate, nasty sex every man wants. You never dressed like a slut for HIM, never gave him head, never gave your body wholly to him, to please as he wished. To you, a few more inches, a little more girth on a cock, was more important than love, devotion, security. You really are a silly cunt!"

I wanted to shrivel up and die.

"You don't deserve a man like this," Monique sighed. Her hand was in Sydney's crotch."

"A man like Sydney deserves a woman that will keep a smile on his face," La Toya grinned."

"Or two women." Monique added with a smirk. "And we're going to make sure he gets it."

"You can't do that!" I protested. "Sydney is my husband and I love him. Just last nigh we made wonderful love." Sydney nodded in confirmation, clearly distracted by Monique's hand between his legs.

"I'm sooo happy for you, my dear," La Toys replied, her voice dripping sarcasm. "You can remember just what you'll be missing. My brother and his worthless friend can have you. You AND your bastard child."

"This delicious man is ours" Monique almost cooed as she kissed my embarrassed husband passionately.

"Mrpftg," Sidney was trying to speak but not to successfully, as Monique's tongue was apparently playing footsie with his tonsils.

"Leave my man ALONE," I demanded.

"He AIN'T yo man no mo!" La Toya spat, the veneer of cultivation falling away as she prepared for a catfight, if needed.

"Mrggh, ... 's right," Sydney managed to get out. "I love Chloe and she loves me."

"Hush yo mouth, honey," La Toya ordered as Monique silenced Sydney again with another searing kiss. "Yo' n't know what luv is 'till you's had two black women luvin' ya! Get the white bitch outta here, boys" La Toya addressed the men on either side of me. "Fuck 'er or suck 'er, or whatever will keep her out of our hair. We's got some serious man-pleasin' to do."

Ignoring my protests, Martin and Darrell hustled me out of my house. My last glimpse of Sydney was of Monique all over him as La Toya was pulling down his pants. Later in bed, my body reacted as usual to those massive cocks, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I screamed as loudly as always when my orgasm hit, but I was still thinking about Sydney.

What am I going to do?

Tell me, Mom,



Dear Mom,

The six months were up today and the divorce became final without my consent. Darrell says he will marry me and give our baby his name, but he hasn't said when. Tiffany is beautiful and when she's nursing at my still swollen breasts, it's had to regret the way things worked out. Still, I can't help thinking of what might have been. Darrell fucks me good and that's nice, but running a house for him is not so much fun without servants to do the housework. Often I'm just too tired to fuck and that makes him mad. I've had to go on the pill, too, as Darrell says we can't afford another bay anytime soon. My plans for a big family look doubtful. Martin as moved on, having gotten a hot little stockbroker pregnant and moved with her.

I still see Sydney every once in a while. He seems so much more handsome, more masculine now. He looks very happy whether he's with La Toya, who is Chief Counsel for Parkingham Industries, or with Monique, who is head of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Parkingham Foundation Hospital. I think he's marrying Monique. Both live with him in what used to be our house and both are pregnant again with his babies.

I wish I were, Mom.



The End

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