tagBDSMChloe's Shame

Chloe's Shame


He arrived at three o'clock, punctual, as she knew he would be. Chloe had been in a high state of agitation well before the buzz that signalled his arrival. He had forbidden her to touch herself from the morning and her frantic pre-dawn fingering and dildo play had only heightened the excitement she felt.

"Please," she had begged as he entered the flat. "Please, just let me have one little come."

She knew his answer - It was inevitable and terse: "No!"

"But ... My little kitty is so wet. My clit is throbbing. I'm so horny." Her pleas were useless, but the certainty of his assertion excited her. His authority was arousing and Chloe experienced a renewed twist of desire between her legs as her pussy streamed. Chloe had spent long masturbatory minutes, perhaps even hours of accumulated dildo time, imagining this evening's promises.

Chloe groaned and slumped on the sofa: "Look." She lifted her knees high and wide to reveal the sodden transparency of her underwear before yanking the material to one side.

He looked down at the woman's immodesty. "Is my little slut feeling nasty?" Contempt twisted his features. "You think you can tempt me with your slut's body? You're nothing but a slattern with a taste for cock." He leaned down so his face was close to hers. "Well, I think I'm going to have to punish you for being such a whore."

At his words, Chloe felt the insidious arousal slide down through the crease of her buttocks. "What? What are you going to do to me?" Her hand moved as though to touch herself. She couldn't help it; she was so, so turned on. The tingle in her clitoris turned suddenly savage at the brush of her fingertip. The electricity sparked from the centre of her and charged through her body. "Are you going to make me do something bad?"

At the sharp intake of breath from Chloe, his response was instant. "Stop! Leave it alone or I'll go now."

Anticipation tickled and her thong was sodden. Chloe's hand hovered over her body. She could feel the heat of her excitement and was nearly too far gone to stop. She was growing more desperate to rub herself. She wanted to plunge one, two and then a third finger into her opening. Her pussy clenched with the anticipation of her fingers. Her clit pulsed, and her breasts ached. Even the cotton tee shirt tight across her chest felt rough against her nipples and merely heightened the desire to masturbate. The mental image of his cock, erect and so threatening burst across her mind and she groaned at the frustration: "I'm so fucking horny." But she knew it was no idle threat.

"Give me your hands." His command was direct and Chloe instantly obeyed. He reached into the small bag he'd carried, and suddenly, amazed at the practiced ease, Chloe found her wrists bound.

"What...? She began, but he cut her short

"Don't say a word." He yanked at the cords causing them to bite into Chloe's skin. "You don't speak unless I allow it. Do you understand?" He snatched at the rope to emphasise the point. Chloe nodded as the tears prickled.

"Now, you just sit there. Keep your hands away from your cunt," he warned, "just look."

The drip of fat tears dried instantly as Chloe watched him calmly unzip his flies. He eased his already semi-erect cock into view and lifted it in his hand. He gave two short tugs and the thing thickened and grew abruptly.

Chloe stared as the ugly-beauty of his penis filled her conscious thought. It looked so... so... terrible, like some kind of medieval instrument of torture. Even at this first sighting, Chloe was mesmerised. She stared at it, thrilled by every bump and vein on its irregular surface. The head of it looked huge - all purple and angry. The dome of his cock intimidated Chloe, but her pussy still clenched when she imagined the sensation of having the brutal thing inside her body. God, she wanted it now. She wanted him to use her, to have him use that bludgeon to batter her – Hard! She was so wet, so aroused, her body clamoured for it.

Chloe groaned and wriggled her rump against the seat in an effort to find friction against the itch in her pussy. He sneered at her and laughed with derision. "You want this thing, bitch?" He waved his erection from side to side. "You're squirming as though your cunt's burning." He stepped to her and took a fistful of her hair, pulling it tight in his grip. He pushed his cock at her and rubbed its length against her cheek.

Chloe felt the hard shaft against her face; she felt the smear of his excitement as the pre-cum leaked from the eye of his cock. He used the spongy dome of the glans to spread the goo across Chloe's soft skin before pushing against her lips.

"Open your mouth." He tugged at Chloe's hair and shoved harder at her face. "Suck it," he commanded, and of course, Chloe's lips parted instantly.

There was no tenderness, no finesse as he stabbed himself into Chloe's mouth. She felt her lips stretch to accommodate the imposing girth of him as the meat filled her mouth. She was vaguely aware of several sensations at once, but there was too much to experience for coherent thought, too much was happening. She tried to use her hands to stop the relentless invasion, only to realise with a jolt of fear that they were bound and useless - She was convinced he meant to choke her. Her hair remained wound in his fist and Chloe could feel the sting in her scalp when the strands pulled tighter. Even so, even in the midst of his violence, Chloe still felt the thrum of her arousal. This was what she wanted, she had craved this adventure, and she had finally found the man to help her.

At last, he pulled out of her mouth. Chloe gasped while long slivers of saliva dribbled and hung from her chin. A heavy link of gooey spit connected the pair for a few moments and hung suspended before breaking and dripping onto her tee shirt.

Before Chloe could properly catch her breath, he stooped low and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Chloe returned the kiss with ardour, groaning into his mouth as his hand moved between her thighs, their tongues dancing when his fingers found the molten heat of her.

"You slut," he whispered when he broke the kiss. "You're pissing cum. Your thighs are soaked." Chloe responded by opening her legs further and by trying to force herself onto his fingers. There was a squelch when his fingers delved deep. He felt the slide of her desperation around his hand, hot and wet, the oily essence of her desire. Chloe groaned at the sensation of his thumb when it brushed against her clitoris for an instant and she spread her thighs even wider to accommodate him.

He lifted his hand from the hot place between Chloe's thighs and examined his fingers. "See how wet you are." A sly smile spread on his face, and then he pushed his dripping fingers into Chloe's mouth. "Taste yourself, slut."

Chloe closed her eyes and slurped at his hand, relishing the depravity of what he was ordering. She felt so wanton, so absolved of responsibility, so liberated - the experience was exhilarating - this was her time. She was free to be as brazen and as depraved as he would allow, for if he were in control she reasoned that she could never be guilty. Chloe was in an ecstasy of supreme liberation, and she adored it. She would submit to his will.

"Now sit and watch." He pushed Chloe back into the sofa and stepped back. He took his hard penis in his fist and jerked his hand up and down the length. "Watch me, bitch," he commanded. "Watch me while I pleasure my cock."

Chloe sat, wide-eyed and wide-legged, desperate for the power to touch her burning pussy, while he pulled at his length. His fist moved quickly, he cupped his balls in his palm and groaned with pleasure while the urgency of his wanking increased.

He maintained a constant litany throughout his display: "You like watching, don't you, slut?" His eyes narrowed to slits and he groaned. "I'll show you the hot stuff. I'm going to come on your face. Yes, I think I'll cum on your face. A slut like you would suit my cum dripping from her face. And you are a slut. Look at you, panting for my cock. Your cunt's pissing and your thighs are wet. There's even a stain on the sofa."

He grunted and convulsed, his body bent. Chloe watched as his fist blurred. Even her breath was coming in gulps and gasps as she shared his excitement.

"Adam," she blurted, unable to control herself.

He lurched towards her. He pulled her hair tight with his free hand, the other kept pumping at his cock. "Cunt," he grunted. "How dare you speak my name." His words ended in a slurred groan as his climax hit. He pulled Chloe's head back by her hair, cruel and uncaring. Adam aimed his penis at Chloe's upturned features.

He gave a mighty growl as his semen erupted. He had abstained from sexual activity for several days in anticipation of Chloe's initiation and the resultant volume of goo was impressive. He continued to grunt in sympathetic punctuation as each burst of the stuff spurted from him. The gelatinous first issue slapped against Chloe's cheeks and chin with a force that made her gasp. Adam sighed and moaned, while even more stuff spat from the fissure at the end of his cock.

Eventually, Adam's penis ceased its relentless spurting. He sighed and released Chloe's hair from his grip. He surveyed the ruin he had wrought and spoke in a breathless whisper: "Now you look like the slut you truly are." And indeed, she did. Chloe looked up at her Master through the sludge of his seed. Her scalp tingled and her eyes stung. Her subtle make-up was ruin and her face plastered with the gooey residue of Adam's lust. Adam recovered slightly. "You used my name. That was a mistake. You will be punished for it."

"I'm sorry," Chloe murmured, realising her mistake too late.

"You spoke again." His voice was harsh and his expression was evil. "I'm going to punish you, you cunt." He gripped her hair again. "Get in the bath, wash that shit off your face, and then you'll dress as I say. You're coming out with me."

Adam released her hair and untied her wrists. Chloe went immediately.

Chloe bathed as he'd ordered. She had to fight the urge to touch herself while lying in the hot water. Her body was desperate for release, but she knew that if she succumbed he would leave. She couldn't risk it, not now.

It had taken her long enough to find him. In order for her fantasy being enacted effectively, Chloe required a certain type of man. Undoubtedly, many men matched the criteria, but Chloe had found it difficult to find him all the same. Her fantasy was quite simple, but the logistics were considerable. She also had to find someone she could trust. She had several male friends she could rely on, none of whom she was willing to share her secret.

Then, she found him, or to be more precise, they had found each other. When they first met, his mere presence had intimidated her. Before they'd exchanged a word, Chloe had recognised that he would know her, that he would understand her. She had actually blushed at their introduction, an awkward because of her job, but she hadn't been able to suppress the reaction to him. In all fairness, Adam had ignored her discomfort, but Chloe had still seen the radiance in his eye. His apparently neutral expression was only a mask and Chloe saw beyond the façade, just as he saw through hers.

It had taken months to peel the layers of real-life from their mutual interest in each other. Circumstances were complicated, the risks enormous, but now, here he was. The result being, Chloe was on the cusp of her great adventure.

He was languidly stroking his cock when Chloe re-emerged. A simple command: "Put the clothes on." Chloe obeyed without a word, she was learning.

Chloe collected the parcels and placed them carefully on the table. Every item was new -the boots, the corset, the stockings - everything brand new. It was a condition they had agreed upon - She would be leaving the flat in almost pristine condition - The lingerie and footwear would be fresh, Chloe recently bathed, but there was just one detail to attend to, he had to mark his territory, and that would come once she was prepared.

Chloe applied her make-up and dressed. When she was ready, she stood in front of him, awaiting a response. The boiling of her near unbearable lust subsided while he studied her, his expression inscrutable. He calmly looked and continued to run his fist up and down the length of his penis.

Chloe's confidence began to wane. Why was he so quiet? Was he displeased? She knew she possessed an attractive body, she knew men lusted after her physically, but this man was different. What was Adam thinking?

Finally he spoke. "The quintessential harlot, but your choice of lingerie smacks of so little imagination." His eyes roved the length of her, from the boots to her eyes. She watched when his eyes fixed on her smooth vulva, all bare and exposed. The stare made her feel open and vulnerable. His words and weighted look caused Chloe a flush of embarrassment. The clothing choice had been hers, it was her fantasy, but his sneering aside had hurt. "I will teach you, though." Adam's expression turned lupine in its cruelty as he smiled. "Every lesson will be my pleasure."

The mention of further lessons flooded Chloe's sex. She felt the heat rise between her thighs as the pulses of excitement grew. She eyed his thick member as it lay along his belly; the head of it fell well above his belly button. He had ceased his masturbation but continued to study Chloe thoughtfully. Chloe looked back at him. She avoided his eye, but that cock mesmerised her.

She suppressed the reckless urge to sit astride him. She mentally pictured straddling him and lifting that gorgeous penis towards her body. Chloe imagined vividly what his hard length would feel like. It would be so sublime to have it pushing into her. Once more, the desire to touch herself virtually overwhelmed her.

Then he spoke again. "Move here. Kneel on the sofa, push your hips back, and show me how hot you are." Chloe knelt and pushed her rump to him. "Pull your buttocks apart. Show me your dirty-hole." While she spread that place for him, she closed her eyes and imagined him studying her most intimate place. She knew he was examining the stain of her anus, but also realised that the pressure from her fingertips must also be pulling her labia open. In her mind's eye, she saw herself exposed to his stare, her arsehole vulnerable, and her sex sticky and gaping. Chloe experienced a wave of humiliation that wafted like a zephyr over her skin. It was exactly as she'd wanted it to be.

Then she felt his hand on her lower back. "You filthy whore." The voice whispered close to her ear. "You offer me your cunt when it's already mine to use as I please."

Chloe gasped when she felt him nudge her opening. As though to prove his point, as though he was claiming his right, he pushed the head of his cock at her. With barely a thrust from his hips, in one sinking move, Adam slid into the sopping centre of her. He pulled Chloe back so her buttocks rested against his stomach. He laid claim to his bitch.

Chloe climaxed instantly. All the frustration at her enforced and extended self-denial let loose in the instant she realised that his cock was inside her. Her pussy clenched around the hard core of his member, and the waves of her orgasm spread through her body as she pushed back into him, desperate to feel more of that thing she had craved for so many hours.

"You are a slut." He began to move his cock in and out. "Your dirty cunt has pissed on me already. You've come."

"Yes," Chloe whimpered as her climax rolled on. "I came for you. You feel so good."

"Shut up. It could have been any cock. Anyone can make you come." His fingers dug into Chloe's hips as he rammed into her. "And I'm going to prove it." His grunt was an audible clue to Chloe that he was on the brink. "I'm going to mark you with my seed. My cum will be dripping from you, just to remind you of who owns your cunt."

He gave another huge groan and Chloe felt the spurts of his ejaculate spit into her body. The sensation of those fragile spurts sent Chloe over the edge again. This time she moaned and sighed with the pleasure of having him take her as his property - he had branded her - she was his.

"Put your coat on, whore." Adam handed her yet another parcel. This time Chloe pulled a long leather overcoat from inside. Adam stuffed his penis into his trousers. "Put it on, we're going." Chloe hesitated when Adam stalked from the room. He was leaving. She had no choice but to put the coat on over her semi-nudity, and, with his goo dribbling from her pussy she hurried after him.

No words passed between them as Adam drove. Chloe had no idea where he was taking her, but she sat in silence. Words would only anger him.

Eventually Adam turned into the car park of a country pub. He swivelled in his seat to look at her. "Get out."

The night air was a cold blanket and Chloe pulled the coat tighter around herself. The cold, dark brought Chloe to a shiver, butTte recollection of her state of undress beneath the coat, combined with the cold slide of Adam's spunk between her thighs caused a burst of heat in her stomach.

It was dark but lights glowed brightly in the pub windows. Despite the apparent cheer, Chloe was suspicious of her welcome in that place. Adam had brought her here for a reason, that was a certainty, but what stage of his plan was going to play out here? For a moment, Chloe imagined Adam was going to leave her where she stood, but he was soon at her side. Without a word, Adam walked to the pub entrance and left Chloe no choice but to follow.

Chloe's boot heels clicked on the flagstone floor of the pub. It was quiet inside; only muted music and the quiet bubble of conversation. There were several couples seated throughout the lounge, while a group of men congregated at the bar. Every head turned at the noise of Chloe's boots, but Adam continued through the lounge, between the tables and into a room beyond. Chloe was in his wake, but noticed that five of the men were following behind her.

"Here she is, gentlemen." Adam addressed the small gathering when the door clicked shut. "She belongs to me. She will obey only me, but..." He paused and surveyed his audience. "I will instruct her to let you use her. She's just a slut with a taste for cock." Adam turned to Chloe. "Take off the coat. Show them your body."

Chloe trembled, her eyes fixed on Adam's, but she complied. The scald between her legs matched the heat of her blush as she stood and endured the stares. Her nipples hardened with desire, and the familiar throb pulsed in her groin when she saw their hunger - they lusted for her. The lascivious expressions aroused Chloe.

"She's a fit looking piece," one of the men opined.

"Yeah, what a tidy body," another agreed. They spoke about her as though she didn't matter. They couldn't care less about her opinions, her thoughts, or her feelings. She was there for their use. They knew the score.

"Go to them, whore." Adam's voice startled her. "Go to them. Let them feel your body."

Chloe walked, her legs felt as though they were going to give way at each step, but her excitement was mounting by the second. She was here! She was exhibiting herself to strangers, men she had never seen before. It was surreal. She was actually moving towards them with the intent of allowing them to feel her body. They were going to lay hands upon her. Adam's cum slithered out of her pussy as she moved, her own juices mingled with the stuff as it trickled down her inner thighs.

One of the men casually reached for her and lifted her breasts free of the corset cups. "Lovely," he grinned in appreciation, "just fucking lovely."

Chloe felt the coarse skin of the man's face against her breast as he sucked a nipple between his lips. Another man slid his hand between her thighs and whistled when he felt the slick, slippery folds.

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