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Chloroformed Morning


It had been a week or so from Gretchen’s first encounter with Chloroform. She didn’t have much to say, but said that she liked the feelings of being used, and that she liked the video I had made during the encounter. I didn’t know how much she liked it until late last week.

I decided to take a day off from my workout routine and come home directly after work to surprise Gretchen. I pulled up into our driveway Friday and was as quiet as possible entering our house. Gretchen likes to take naps after she gets home from work, so I figured she would be in the bedroom. I creped through the house and approached our bedroom door. It was cracked open about six inches or so, and I could see the flickering of the television on the walls. I herd some rustling on the bed and I slowed my pace to peek in to see if she was asleep. What I saw blew me away.

There was Gretchen on our bed, legs spread facing away from the door towards the TV. I could tell she was masturbating, but then I noticed what she was watching. Gretchen was watching the video of me fucking her tight little anus while she was unconscious. I moved a bit and leaned in to get a better look and almost gasped at what I saw. Not only was she masturbating, but she was also using a bigger toy I have ever seen, and she was stuffing it up her cunt.

I slowly backed out of the doorway to leave her to her fun and went downstairs. I waited about ten or fifteen minutes thinking about what I could do to her next. I could tell that she really liked what had happened and I wanted to give her some more fun. It came to me in a flash and I had a huge smile from ear to ear. I then went over to the front door opened it and slammed it. “Hey baby, are you here?” I yell out and enter the kitchen to get something to drink. I could hear some rustling coming from the bedroom, and giggled to myself.

“Hey, you’re home early” Gretchen says to me as she enters the kitchen. “How was your day, did you take a nap after work?” I ask giggling to myself. “Yea, I took a little cat-nap after work to relax. How was your day?” She asks trying to change the subject quickly. We make small talk and I never mention anything. The rest of our Friday night goes like many others, no big surprises. When we go to bed Gretchen practically attacks me and we have a very intense, hot, and fast encounter. Soon we are both fast asleep and living in dreamland.

Saturday mornings I always wake up before Gretchen, even though my alarm doesn’t go off. This morning was like most with me waking before her, but that’s where the similarities stop. I roll out of bed and prepare my equipment quickly. I get the video camera set up, pointed at the bed, and start recording. Then I get the rag and the Chloroform. I approach Gretchen in bed and gently pull the covers off of her head exposing her face. I douse the rag in Chloroform and hold it over her nose and mouth. She starts to move and then goes limp. She never even opened her eyes. Just the way I had planned it. I pull the rag away from her face and rip the covers off of her body. I take a pair of scissors and cut away her pajama bottoms and panties. I step back and look at Gretchen, naked, unconscious, and ready to be used.

First thing to do is give her some lube. The fact that she was asleep before I put her under is evident by her bone-dry cunt. I dive right into her pussy, licking and drooling all over her sweet lips, making everything as slick as possible. As I lick I insert one then two fingers into her cunt. I then insert a third and work them in and out leaning back to make sure the camera gets a good view. Once she is nice and loose I jump right on top of her, lifting her ankles high into the air and ramming my solid cock into her little fuck hole.

I plunge in and out of her cunt sloshing our juices all over the place. I hold her ankles with one hand and tilt them off to my right side, rolling Gretchen onto her side. Once she is sidewise I continue to fuck the living shit out of her, now sloppy, pussy. I slow my pace and start to work my left index finger into her anus. I can feel my cock inside her cunt through the thin membrane dividing her two cum depositing holes. Soon I am sliding my whole finger in and out with the stroking of my cock. I add a second finger and it slides into her anus with ease. I had almost forgotten how easy anal is when she is out cold.

I slip my dick from her pussy and pull my finger from her anus and look at her gapping fuck holes. I see Gretchen start to move and hear her breath changing. I quickly douse the rag again and slip it over her face only to have her go limp once more. I quickly move behind her and slide my cock into her tight rectal ring. I hold for a second, just to make sure she is loose enough and then proceed to pound her ass enough that my balls start to slap the side of her ass cheek. The friction of her anus, the slapping of my balls, and the complete control I have over her body sends me over the edge. I feel the first shot of sperm shoot, like a shotgun blast, into her anal cavity. I can feel the heat of my own cum as shot after shot fills her ass. Once the last rope of cum has shot from my cock, I withdraw and hold her ass cheeks apart for the camera.

I don’t have to wait long as my cum starts to run back out of her gapping anus. I catch the cum in a rag and wipe off her anus and pussy of all moisture. I stop the recorder and clean up any and all evidence of our experience. I am now wiped out and need a nap. I clean myself up and climb back into bed. I quickly fall fast asleep next to Gretchen.

I wake up when Gretchen starts to stir in the bed next to me. I roll over and curl up to her. A little bit later she gets up to use the bathroom and I do my best to keep from laughing out loud as she walks into the bathroom. She comes back to bed and says that she can tell that we went really hard last night because she can still feel it this morning. If she only knew the truth, and wait until I show her this tape!

Sodomite. ^__^

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