byMargin Walker©

I watched her house that night with anticipation. Her parents were gone for the weekend, I knew that since they had told me themselves, and asked me to keep an eye on the house, make sure the daughter didn't throw any wild parties. She didn't throw a wild party, it was pretty tame, just a bunch of her girlfriends over, a lot of drinking and carrying on, that's it. It didn't even last long. Her friends all left early at about two in the morning, they didn't even stay the night. After they were gone, I approached the living room window from the rear of the house, and saw her in the living room.

Two empty liquor bottles were sitting on the coffee table, several playing cards scattered about, glasses with unfinished drinks, even a bong. She was on the couch, watching television, a drink in her hand. She was slouching deeply, her eyes half closed, conscious enough just to lift the drink to her mouth. Her skirt had ridden up high on her thighs, her long, tanned legs were sticking out, one stretched out on the sofa, her other foot propped up on the coffee table. Her blouse was tight, so I could see the bra underneath. Her hair, long and blonde was tossed roughly about her face. She was beautiful. I was getting hard just watching her. I rubbed my cock through my jeans, and licked my lips. Yes, I would most definitely watch their daughter.

I had known that she would have some sort of party. Being a good friend of the family, and a friend that she thought was pretty cool, she had come to me earlier in the day, asking if I'd buy some liquor for a party she was going to have. She was in college now, living at home still, until she graduated, but still not old enough to buy alcohol. I asked for details, found out it wasn't a party, as much as a few girlfriends hanging out, no boys allowed, girls gossiping and drinking. It sounded like fun to me. She just wanted two pints, one of rum for her, and one of tequila for the other girls, she couldn't drink tequila, so always drank rum with really fruity drinks. I agreed, giving the typical adult warnings, and said I would be keeping an eye out, making sure nothing bad happened. She said that was fine, she would have even invited me, if it wasn't girls only. I picked up the alcohol for her, and opened both bottles, and poured a bit of liquor out of both. I ground up a few queludes, and poured the powder into the rum. I capped them both, and shook the rum bottle vigorously, watching the powder dissolve. I gave them to her, saying I took a nip from both as payment, she thought it was funny, and said goodbye.

I reached my hand into my pocket, and pulled out the house key they had given me many years ago, the emergency key. They had needed it a few times, she had needed it as well, locked out after returning from school. I watched her, watched her grow tired, still sipping from her drink, then she quickly drank back everything in the glass, set it down on the table, and sank into the couch. Her eyes closed, and she pulled her arms tightly to her chest. I watched for several minutes, saw her breathing become slower and deeper, her head fell to the side. She was asleep.

I walked to the back door, and carefully inserted the key. I turned it slowly, and heard the bolt slide into the door. The door opened towards me, making a very slight squeaking noise. Quietly, I moved into the house, closed the door after me, and locked it again. I dropped the key back into my pocket and stood still, listening to the house. I could hear the television, sounded like some music channel, I could hear some horrible rap music, playing rather loudly, but that's all I heard. I moved slowly out of the laundry room that I had entered and moved into the hallway. I peered into the living room from the hallway.

She was as I had last seen her. She was asleep on the couch. I left her there, and quietly walked to the front door, I checked the lock and it was bolted. Then, I walked into the living room, and went to each window, closing the blinds. I thought about turning down the television, but thought that might wake her, and also might help to disguise any other noise from inside the house.

I stood above her for a minute, staring at her, admiring her, devouring her with my eyes. I took possession of her with my stare, claiming her as mine. One arm had fallen off her chest and lay on the floor, the other was sitting on her stomach. One leg had fallen on the floor as well, so that she lied halfway off the couch. She was completely passed out.

I knelt on the floor beside her, and leaned my head over her face. I felt her breath on my lips, it smelled sweet, more like fruit juice than liquor. I touched my lips to hers. I kissed her lightly, waiting to see if she would wake. Then, I opened my mouth, and forced hers open with my lips. I kissed her deeply, my tongue slipped in to touch her tongue. My right hand touched her hair, and moved through it, caressing. My left hand moved up to her shirt, and pulled it up out of her skirt. I laid my hand on the bare skin of her tight stomach. I stopped kissing her deeply, and returned to lighter kisses, not wanting to wake her. My left hand moved to her hips, feeling her smooth skin, I traced my fingers along her hips, brushing her panties.

I unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it open. I gently lifted her up, to pull the blouse off of her, and tossed it on the ground. I unsnapped the bra from the back, removed it and laid her back on the couch. I kissed her right breast, my left hand caressing the other breast, then moving my hand down her body, enjoying the feel of her skin, her stomach, her hips. I moved to the left breast, kissing it, sucking it into my mouth. I moved down further, kissing her stomach, licking her belly button, sucking on the skin at her ribs, and then licked my tongue up her chest, sucking her nipples again. I moved up to her neck, kissing, trailing my tongue on her skin. I could feel her pulse in her throat, and her breath, as she slept. My left hand trailed down to her skirt, and to her legs. I moved it along her thighs, slowly tracing the line down her inner thighs, from knee to her panties.

I moved down to her skirt, already pushed up to her waist. I kissed her thighs, lifted her legs to kiss the backs of her knees and legs. Then, I pulled her left leg to the side and kissed the inner thigh of her right leg, moving up to her crotch, my right hand massaging her right leg. I grabbed her underwear and slid it down over her bare feet, and dropped it on the floor. I moved between her legs, bringing my body up on to the couch. I could smell her, wet and musky. I licked her pussy, my tongue sliding between the lips. I separated the folds with my tongue and licked up, my tongue flipped her clitoris. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed, her breath heavy, but still sleeping. I pushed my finger into her and found she was wet. I had turned her on in her sleep. My cock was hard, painfully hard smashed between the couch side and my body.

I sat up, undid my pants and slid my pants and underwear down to my thighs. I pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor. My cock was standing out, long and hard. I admired it, standing erect above her, passed out, her breasts large and round, the nipples erect, her hair, long and blonde, tangled around her head, her legs spread wide, the skirt pushed up to her hips, her stomach flat and smooth, her thighs, round and firm, her pussy wet and glistening, and my cock standing proud and erect above her.

I laid on top of her, her left leg stretched out over the side of the couch to the floor, her right leg, bent and pushed against the side of the couch. My cock rubbed against her wet clit, my naked chest pressed against her naked breasts. I nibbled on her neck, kissing the spot where the neck joins the shoulder, my hips moved between her thighs. I reached down, grabbed my penis, and rubbed the head against her cunt. With the index finger I found her hole, and guided my penis to it. She was very tight, but wet. I held her open with the finger, and slowly pushed the tip of my cock to the hole. I used another finger to hold the lips apart, and pushed a little harder, the head of my dick barely slipping between the lips. My other hand wrapped around her left thigh, I began kissing her ear, nibbling on the lobe. I heard a low moan in her throat. I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure.

Still trying to hold her open with my fingers, I pulled my dick out a bit and pushed it in a bit further, trying to work her open wider, to take my cock. The head squirmed in. I moved my hand to grab my dick, the index finger underneath it, pushing into her, to guide my cock into her further. I began slowly pushing in and pulling out, moving into her further each time, her pussy resisting my cock, so tight. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart, dug my toes into the couch cushions, massaging my cock into her, not being forceful, slowly moving my cock into her, pushing it into her, then relaxing, pulling out a bit, pushing in again, getting in further, feeling my cock head sliding into her cunt, her wet cunt finally yielding, my cock wet with her juices sliding into her. Once my cock was half in her I moved my hand out, and grabbed her waist. I was still nibbling at her ear, hoping to turn her on more, to make her wet, so we could both enjoy this, her in her dreams, me in my dreams forever after.

With one hand wrapped around her left thigh, pulling that leg up, and the other hand pushing against her waist, I began moving my cock slowly, not trying to move in further, just enjoying it, slowly fucking her with half my dick, the head almost coming out, her lips sucking on it, and then pushing it in slowly, feeling her pulling against the head and the sensitive skin underneath it, enjoying the feel of her loosening cunt sliding on my dick. I moved my hips into her, flexing into her, slowly, feeling my cock head sliding into her, then sliding back out, now gliding through her wet cunt.

I stopped nibbling her ear, and arched my back, my right hand resting on the couch, my arm supporting me, to take her right breast in my mouth, sucking the nipple between my lips, brushing my teeth along the nipple, sucking it into my mouth, and flicking the nipple with my tongue. My hips were pushing my dick into her, still only halfway, her wetness lubricating my entry. With my back still arched, I began pushing into her further, wanting to be completely inside of her. I slowly pushed my cock in further, almost all the way, and pulled back out, my dick fell out. I reached down and lead it back to her pussy, and pushed it back in. I released her breast and looked up at her face, her cheeks were flushed, her mouth halfway open, the tongue slightly protruding over her lower lip. In her passed out sleep, she was enjoying this. I ran my hand down her right thigh, and pulled the leg up to rest her foot on the ground, her knee bent and thigh falling to the side, her legs spread wide, I pushed my cock into her, all the way.

I looked down. I saw my pelvis joined to her, her pubic hair entangled in mine, the slightest root of my cock protruding from her pussy, her right leg held up by my left hand, my right hand pushed her left leg wider, her skirt was twisted and tangled at her waist, her chest was heaving, her large breasts wet with my saliva and her sweat. My left leg was bent resting on the couch, her right foot resting on my left thigh, my right leg straining against the floor. I watched as I pulled my dick out of her, seeing the shaft slowly emerge from her until I could feel her lips pulling at the head. Then, I pushed back into her with a long slow stroke, until our hips met again. I ground my hips against her, feeling my cock inside her. I pulled back out halfway, and slid back in, twisting slightly, still trying to loosen her up a bit. I pulled out some, seeing my dick shaft appear between her legs, and then slid it back in. Then, I moved in slow thrusts, my shaft barely moving out of her before sinking back in, moving my hips slightly, watching my pelvis grind against her crotch, arching my back.

I sat up more, our bodies almost at right angles. I placed her right leg up on the back of the couch, and lifted her left leg up, and held it at my waist, her thigh pressed tightly against me, the rest of the leg dangling along my butt. My left knee sank between the cushion and couch back. I pulled all the way out of her, wanting to watch myself enter her. I grabbed my wet cock with my left hand and rubbed it against her clit, then up and down between her lips. I guided it back to her opening, and pushed it in, watching the head disappear into her, and the shaft glide in, sliding into her wet pussy. At the angle I couldn't push it all the way in, but I could see my dick firmly inside of her, the lips grasping the shaft, her clit wet, my eyes traced up from her pussy to her waist, the smooth skin at her waist barely visible around her crumpled skirt, her stomach wet now from sweat, flat and hard, heaving slightly as she breathed, then her breasts, perky and round, her nipples hard, her neck slender and long, her hair draped around her face, strands laying around her neck and shoulders, her eyes closed, head now laying to the side, her ear still wet from my kisses.

I watched her body move as I slid in and out of her. Her body was pushed up, as I slid in, pushing my pelvis against her, and then her body relaxed back as I slid back out. I fucked her slowly, not wanting to wake her, wanting to watch her get fucked, watch her body yield to me. I enjoyed it, enjoyed the feel of her, the feel of her wet cunt encasing my cock, watching her, watching my cock move inside of her. I wanted to own her, own her in every way possible. I wanted this to go on forever.

I pulled out of her, her cunt sucked at the tip of my cock as I slipped out, and I heard the slight, wet inhalation of air being pulled into the space my dick left. I moved out from between her legs and laid her left leg back on the couch. I gently pushed her body against the back of the couch, while maneuvering her onto her left side. I stepped out of my pants and underwear after removing my shoes. I carefully lowered myself onto the couch beside her, so we'd be facing each other. I slid my right arm under her neck and propped myself on that elbow, her left arm below me. I brought my legs up onto the couch, to be lying beside her.

I nestled against her, pushing her against the back of the couch a bit more, my cock sandwiched between our stomachs. I wrapped my right arm around her back and shoulder, and I lied down on my side, staring into her face, propping myself up so as to not smash her left arm. I put her right arm around my back. She was still sound asleep, still passed out. I grabbed her upper leg and pulled it up over me, so the leg was wrapped around my waist. I reached behind her leg, and pulled my penis out from between us. I rubbed it against her wet clit, spreading her moisture on my cock, and then placed the head at her hole. I put my hand on her butt, and pushed my cock back into her.

In this new position I could get even less of my cock into her, but it felt wonderful. As I moved in and out of her, I pulled the head almost out of her, rubbing the underside of the head on her opening, and then slid back in, until our pelvises met. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her on her lips. Her mouth was open, so I probed her mouth with my tongue, my left hand slid along her leg, hanging over me. I moved my hand up her leg, sliding it along her butt, over her tangled skirt, up her hips, and up her sides. I grabbed her breast, squeezing, kneading, and lowered my head to suck on it. I felt like I was going to slip off the couch, so I straightened up, holding myself against her again.

I kissed her neck, brushing the hair from her neck with my right hand. I pressed my body against her, feeling her breasts pushing against me, her skin slick and wet sliding against me, her skirt rubbing against my stomach, my cock sliding nicely inside of her. I extended my left hand down between our bodies, and found my cock inside of her. I rubbed her clitoris, slowly, using the moisture from her pussy. I moved slowly, rubbing the head of my cock against her lips, not able to go in her far while playing with her clit. I kissed her ear, kissing the soft part behind the ear. I heard her make a soft groan. I looked at her face, but her eyes were still closed, her breath faster and shallower. Afraid I might wake her up by the stimulation, I pulled my left hand away from her clit, and stopped fucking her.

I lied there for a couple of minutes, staring at her, still, my cock halfway in her, watching her. I began playing with it, contracting the muscles to make it twitch inside of her, then slowly pushed into her more until I was as far in her as I could get in this position, and watched her more. When her breathing slowed down, I began grinding into her. I slid down further on the couch a bit, to get my dick into her deeper, and pulled her leg up higher. I was able to push in a bit further, and then began small, short movements inside of her, feeling her pussy wrapped around my cock. I pulled her body to me tighter, holding her very tight, my left hand stroking her body, moving along her legs, her hips, stomach, breasts, face. I separated from her a bit and looked down at our joined bodies, her leg wrapped around me, the other pushed out straight, her pelvis pushed against mine, my hips grinding against her. I yanked her skirt down to hide her butt, and ran my hands along it, down the skirt to her smooth legs, and then reached up under skirt to feel the soft skin of her butt. I pulled out further and started fucking her deeply, pulling out to feel her cunt along my length, and pushing back in, quicker than before.

I felt the urgency. My eyes were locked on our joined bodies, as my pace quickened, I could see the root of my cock emerge from her crotch, and see it plunge back into her. I looked at her face, her breath quicker. I heard a slight grunt each time my cock pounded into her, her body being pushed up by my hips. I grabbed her top leg, pressing it to me, my lips locked onto her neck, kissing, licking, my cock was moving faster, longer. I reached behind her and down to feel it as it slid out of her and back in. I began pulling out until I could feel the head, and pushed back in, allowing my hand to keep my cock pointed inside of her. I was fucking her by pulling my cock all the way out, my hand keeping the head barely touching her hole, and then pushing back up inside of her.

I pressed against her, trying to maneuver my body against her to get my cock completely inside of her, long, deep strokes. My balls began to pull against me, and I gave in. I grabbed her body to me, pulling her leg higher against me, my cock slammed into her as deep as I could get, pulled back halfway, and back in again. I looked down at our sweaty bodies, saw my hips pounding against her, her leg wrapped around me, her breasts pressed against my chest. Her skirt was still covering her ass and the tops of her thighs, the one leg lay straight out on the couch, the other curled around my waist.

I pulled my cock in and out, the pace quickening, the strokes shorter, pushing as deep as I could, feeling her wet cunt wrapped around my cock, pulling me into her, my body rigid, one hand holding her leg against me, the other holding her body tight to me, my cock sliding in, our hips slapping, the couch groaning beneath us. I moved faster, my cock long and hard, pushing, straining, short strokes, pushing into her, pulling against her, deeper, pushing, pounding against her, driving into her, eyes closed, muscles tight, pushing in deep, sliding, exploding.

The cum shot out of my cock. I felt a burst of pleasure in my head, and I pushed even deeper inside of her, pulled out a bit, and pushed into her further, then grinding my cock into her, my semen pumping into her, pushing into her, pulling her body down onto my cock, pushing deep into her, my body tight, the semen still jumping from my dick, my body shuddered against her. I spasmed once, jerking my cock inside of her, pumping into her, pushing slower and then collapsed. Her body fell lightly back against the couch, her leg slid down my body to my hips. Her breathing was fast, her face wet with sweat. My cock was still leaking semen inside of her, and was still hard. I left it there, enjoying the feel of her pussy, filled with my cum and cock. I reached my hand around behind her to feel my cock inside of her, and I touched our juices dripping from her cunt. I pulled her against me again, and closed my eyes, basking in the feel of her body against me, my cock inside of her.

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