tagMind ControlChocolate Chip Cookie Surprise

Chocolate Chip Cookie Surprise


This had to work. For what he paid, it better! The money wasn't the issue... it was having had to fuck that old crone that was the worst. He still shuddered at the memory. Thank God for the man who invented the condom! The only way he'd been able to get it up and keep it up was to fantasize about LaRain... but then the old crone had actually seemed to enjoy it and the sound of her crackled old voice attempting a moan had almost shriveled him up to nothing. He shuddered again and reached down to his crotch to make sure everything was still there.

He knew he was ugly. That much was a given. Truth was, the old crone was actually only the third woman he'd fucked in his twenty-six years... and calling her a woman was a stretch. By the time he was twenty he'd lost most of his hair. On some men, bald was a good thing; on Dennis it was hideous. No hair, pale lifeless brown eyes, small frame holding together one hundred and thirty pounds of skin and very little muscle...and he didn't know one person who would say that at least he had a great personality. He truly doubted there was a woman who would find him attractive in the least....especially LaRain.

Her friends called her Rain or Rainy. He knew he would never be a member of that select group. That did not mean, however, that he wouldn't get her alone and call her anything he felt like. She was the sole reason he had made that trip to the see the old crone.

She was beautiful. No, she was more than that. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever set his eyes on. Every man in the office fantasized about her and he would bet money that even half the women did, too. Tall and slender, but not skinny... big rounded tits she liked to show off by wearing low cut tops...tits he wanted to touch. And her ass! Lord! What he wouldn't give to get his hands on that big ass!

Smiling to himself, he looked at the plain brown bag he was carrying. Yep! Wouldn't be long and he'd have her doing everything he wanted! He felt his cock getting hard, thinking about the things she was going to do.

They'd go back to her apartment. He'd heard all the rumors about her place: the big bed, the mirrors, the sunken tub. His little two room flat just wouldn't do for what he had in mind. Besides, he was sure someone as sexy as LaRain had some nice little 'outfits' she could model for him and he planned on seeing her in most of them. Mostly, he planned on seeing her out of them!

Yes, indeedy, he couldn't wait! The old crone told him it would take effect within a half hour. That meant going back to the office and waiting it out for another three and a half hours... then pay dirt! LaRain would be his! For four full hours of bliss!

Standing outside the office building, he looked down at himself. There was no way he could go in with his cock sticking out like that!

His memory immediately flashed back to that day just a month ago when he'd allowed himself to fantasize about LaRain while at work, feeling secure in his cubby in the back corner away from everyone else... He'd had her bent over his desk with that fantastic ass in the air, his cock pounding into her wet and ready pussy while she moaned and called out his name, his hands squeezing those big round tits.... Then he heard Ben calling out his name to see if he was still there. His cock had been about ready to blow a load... and he'd had to shove it back in his pants and pretend he hadn't been doing anything. He was pretty sure Ben suspected something, what with his breathing all messed up and finding it hard to talk and all, but nothing had been said about it. As soon as Ben had left, he shoved his waste basket under his desk and finished himself off.

He needed to make his hard on go away. He could slip into the alley, between some parked cars, but he didn't want to 'waste' any of it. It was all going to be for LaRain. The only thing to do was think about something else... and the worst thing he could think of was the old crone.

At least she hadn't demanded any foreplay. He hadn't had to kiss her. He had, however, had to look at her naked body. Not that she'd had much on when he'd arrived, just some thin flimsy muumuu thing... but at least it had hidden all the wrinkles and the folds of skin that were hanging off her thin body. Her tits hung down to the middle of her belly, flat against her body except for the nipples that seemed to jut out just above her navel on either side. She'd taken a condom and a tube of lube from a drawer, jumped up on the table and while he was trying to make himself hard enough to get the rubber on, she spread her legs and squirted some of the lube on the ugliest shriveled up pussy he had ever seen.

Gagging at the memory, he held back the bile in his throat that was threatening to rise, and walked inside the building. Nodding his head, he walked past Lou, the security guard. Then he greeted Sharise, the receptionist, as he passed on his way to the bank of elevators. Up to the fifth floor, where rows of cubbies awaited anyone stepping out of the elevator. Turning to the right, he followed a narrow hall, passed the conference rooms, and entered the 'Land of LaRain'.

Her office was the first one beyond the conference rooms. As he walked by, he could see her inside. She was sitting at her desk, leaning back in her chair, legs crossed at the knees. Her dark hair was down, flowing over her shoulders. She was wearing a narrow brown skirt that reached just above her knees and hugged tight to her ass, a creamy colored blouse thing that buttoned up the front to a point between those great tits that were swelling out in the open neckline, and a pair of brown heels. All that he had noticed this morning when she walked in, no need to stand and gawk outside her office now. Oh, how he was going to enjoy watching her take those clothes off!

Passing her office, he made another right and entered another area populated by rows of cubbies. His was third row over, last cubby on the left. His own private sanctuary. Sitting down, knowing no one would be around, he took the contents from the bag.

A cookie. A large chocolate chip cookie. Or so it would appear. The old crone assured him that all he had to do was get her to eat it and within a half hour she'd be under his total control for four full hours. She'd have to willingly do anything and everything he told her. He just had to say the word 'cookie' to her as soon as she took the first bite and make sure she looked at him as he said it. LaRain loved chocolate chip cookies!

He settled back in his chair and looked over some reports that needed to be proofed before going out, hoping the time would fly. It didn't. Every time he looked at his watch, only ten minutes had passed.

Usually content to sit in the privacy of his cubicle the entire day and proof the reports that were placed on his desk every morning, he hoped no one was paying attention to the fact that he was getting up every half hour and walking to the front of the room to see if she was still there. Then finally... the clock read four-thirty.

All the reports were finished. He carried them and the bag containing the cookie with him when he left his cubicle for the day. The reports were placed in the appropriate mail slots, then he took the bag to LaRain's office.

Having studied her routine since first seeing her a year ago, he was not surprised to see her sitting at her desk playing solitaire on the computer. Every day between four-thirty and four-forty-five, she would play that stupid computer game as a way to relax before going home. Then for the last fifteen minutes, as she waited for everyone else to trickle out, she would surf the net...one time he was sure he'd seen a porn site on her monitor as he passed.

"Miss Bardeux," he said from the doorway.

She looked at him, but he knew she didn't see him. No one ever did. He was just the body that occupied the unused section of cubbies and made sure everyone's reports were grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. They all depended on him, but none of them knew who he was.

"Dennis Ryan," he said, introducing himself. "Proof."

"Of course! What can I do for you Mr. Ryan?"

He smiled, thinking to himself that was a very appropriate question.

"Actually, I was wondering if you might want this," he offered her the bag. "I bought more than I can eat. Chocolate chip cookie?"

He saw her eyes light up as she held her hand out.

"Come inside," she invited, pointing to a chair. He gave her the bag and she reached in for the treat. Sitting down, he kept an eye on her, waiting for that first bite. She opened her mouth... oh, that lovely mouth! Then her teeth clamped down on the morsel and he saw her begin to chew... getting ready to swallow....

"How do you like that cookie?" he asked. "Pretty good cookie, isn't it?"

She smiled at him, looking him in the eye as she swallowed.

"It's delicious! Oh my God! This is the best ever! Where did you buy this?"

"A cookie shop. This little old lady. She makes the best cookies ever. I call it my secret cookie shop."

"Wow. You'll have to share it with me."

Smiling, he put his hands in his lap as he thought about all that he wanted her to share with him. He found his eyes transfixed on the swell of her tits showing between the neckline of her blouse and he could almost see them popping out as he had her unbutton the material... all full and round, her nipples hard and waiting to be touched. Would he touch them first, or would he have her play with them while he watched? Oh, the decisions he would have to make! It was difficult to hold back the chuckle.

She pushed her chair back away from her desk and he watched as she crossed one leg over the other. Those long luscious legs! He couldn't wait to have them wrapped around him as he pumped his cock into her, listening to her moan in satisfaction while he sucked on those tits. He could tell she wasn't wearing pantyhose and wondered if she wore panties. He hoped she did. A thong would be nice.

He could see himself pulling the back of the thong up, so the thin slice of material slipped between the crack of her ass... pulling it even higher so the wider part crept up the crack of her pussy, rubbing her clit.

Oh, he may not have actually had sex with many women... well, just the two and the old crone, but he'd watched enough porn movies to know what he wanted to do. He watched the HBO specials at night often enough that he was familiar with a woman's body. Yes, indeedy, he was going to have himself a good time with her!

"Dennis?" he heard her ask, breaking into his fantasies. He shifted his eyes from her lap to her eyes. "What are you doing?"

He saw she was looking at his hands and only then did he realize he'd been rubbing his clasped hands over his growing bulge. Any other time he would have been embarrassed... but any other time he wouldn't be sitting here with the object of his fantasies, knowing that soon he'd be doing whatever he wanted with her. He shrugged his shoulders as if he'd only been twiddling his thumbs. "Please don't do that. It makes me uncomfortable."

"Okay," he replied, biding his time.

He noticed she'd eaten the entire cookie. The old crone had said it wasn't necessary, that he could get the results he wanted if she only had a bite or two. Wondering if perhaps having eaten the whole thing would make it work faster, he decided to try it out.

"Have dinner with me tonight," he said.

She smiled and tilted her head as if she was about to talk to a child.

"I appreciate the offer, but it wouldn't be a good idea for us to be seen in public together. Office politics and all."

Well, at least she hadn't laughed at him. When he'd asked Carla, who worked in bookkeeping and wasn't half as gorgeous as LaRain, she had broke into hysterical laughter. He had wanted to slap her. Instead, he'd followed her to a bar a couple nights later and slipped a little something in her drink, then brought her back to his place. He'd fucked her at least three times, but it hadn't really been what he expected at all... wasn't the same when she just laid there, not moving, not making a sound. When he'd finished with her he had taken her back to the bar and put her in her car. She never knew.

The only other time he'd had sex was with a girl in high school. Her name had been Stacy. She was a female version of himself he supposed. It had been her idea actually. She had invited him over to help with an assignment they both knew she could have done on her own. They went to the basement and while her parents were upstairs, completely unsuspecting, he and Stacy were fumbling around on the couch. That time hadn't been so great either.

This time though... this time was going to be the best! She was going to do everything he wanted.

In reply to her statement, he shrugged his shoulders again. He could wait. Of course, if his cock didn't settle down, the first time might have to be right here, in her office. He could see him having her sit on her desk with her legs parted, her blouse wide open while he fucked her, filling her pussy with his cum, watching it drip down her bare legs afterwards. Yes indeedy, that might just have to be the way it happened the first time!

He checked his watch. Four -fifty. Almost twenty minutes had passed since she first took a bite of the cookie. She'd moved her chair back to the desk and was looking at something on her computer monitor, completely dismissing his presence. He was used to people doing that. It was okay, he could wait.

She took a deep breath, causing her chest to heave. For just a moment it looked as if those beautiful orbs would jump out of that blouse on their own. He wanted to tell her to open her blouse... but it wasn't time yet, and besides, there were still people wandering past on their way home for the night. He could wait.

When he saw Bob Cartwright walk by, he knew everyone was gone. Bob was always the last to leave before LaRain... then him. He was the first to arrive, always wanting to see her when she walked in, and he made sure he was the last to leave, so he could watch that tight ass wiggling as she left. Five o'clock.

"Oh," she said, again noticing him as she turned off her computer. "Dennis, right?"

He nodded his head.

"Have dinner with me tonight."

She tilted her head a bit, but didn't have the smile on her face she'd had earlier.


He smiled.

"Unbutton your blouse."

"That would just be wrong," she answered as she began to unbutton it.

"You're going to do everything I request. And you're going to enjoy doing it. For the next four hours you are going to do all you can to please me."

"Of course. What would you like?"

"Open your blouse."

She pulled it out from the waist of her skirt, opening it for him. She was wearing a bra, but it was sheer, showing her nipples off superbly . He could see the puckered areola and the dark nubs of her nipples almost as if she was wearing nothing.

He requested that she show him her panties. She reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her curvy hips. She was wearing white lace panties. He instructed her next to put her hand down the front of her panties and play with her pussy, to get herself wet. Naturally, she obeyed. He watched the play of expressions on her face for a moment before returning his eyes to her hand.

His cock felt ready to burst.

LaRain Bardeux, the sexiest woman he had ever seen, was standing in front of him with her blouse opened, wearing a see-through bra, her hand down the front of her panties. He needed to feel his cock in her pussy! At his direction, she slipped the panties off and sat on the edge of her desk with her legs spread wide... exactly as he had fantasized.

"Come over here and fuck me," she said, just as he had instructed.

He stood up from the chair, crossed the room so he was standing between her legs. After unfastening his pants, he pushed them to his ankles, bending down to get a good look at her pussy as he pushed his underwear down too. All pink and wet and smelling just the way he was sure it would. He buried his face between her legs for a moment before standing up.

Without preamble, he guided his now throbbing cock into her pussy, thrusting into her in one motion. Oh God! She was so tight! Her pussy was like a vice, grabbing hold of his shaft as he pushed himself into her, so much better than any fantasy he could ever have dreamt up. He knew the animal like grunts he heard came from him, that it wouldn't be long at all and he'd be filling her with his load... and just like in his fantasy, he would sit back and watch it dribble down her leg... his jism mixed with her juices, sliding out from her pussy... He plunged his cock into her, again and again, his balls slamming against that fantastic ass of hers, her tits jiggling with every forward motion of his body hitting against hers, her soft moans making him crazy with lust... until he felt his cock spew, filling her. Withdrawing, he collapsed onto the chair to sit back and look at her red and swollen pussy, his cum already beginning to slowly spill out of her.

He told her to get dressed again, but to leave her panties on her desk top. Then he told her to drive them back to her apartment, which she did.

Her apartment was pretty much as he had imagined it would be from what he had heard about it. Looking at the clock on her kitchen wall, he calculated he still had close to three hours. He had her show him her bedroom.

While she undressed as requested, he searched her dresser drawers, finding several lacy undergarments, some he tossed onto the bed, others he dropped to the floor. A white lace one piece thingy caught his attention and he told her to put it on. She was reluctant at first, insisting it belonged to her ex-roommate and was too small for her, but because he insisted, she did as she was told.

It was definitely too small for her, but he liked the result. The shoulder straps seemed to be digging into her skin and the material was stretched so tight across her ripe tits that it was squashing them. However, it rode up her crotch, the material there slipping between the lips of her pussy and up the crack of her ass, and her nipples were straining to find a hole in the lace.

Finding the digital camera in his jacket pocket, where he had put it that morning, he had her sit on the edge of her bed and pose for him. Legs spread, one hand on her exposed pussy, one on her tit, he snapped the picture. Then he let her take it off, but only after she promised to find something sexy to put on in it's place. She put on a red bra that barely covered her nipples, the top of her areolas on each tit showing above the material, and a matching pair of red panties that although a bit of elastic went about her waist, there was only a strip of material that went down the front barely wide enough to cover the slit of her pussy and the crack of her ass .

More poses, more pictures. The crone had told him the cookie would only work once on her, so he was going to take as much with him as he could. Keeping the camera in hand, he took off his pants and underwear and took pictures of her holding his cock.

"Suck me off," he instructed her. "But don't swallow. I want pictures of my cum dripping out your mouth."

She knelt in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth. He watched as she slid her mouth up and down his length, felt her tongue licking against him, teasing beneath the head of his rigid shaft. He snapped a picture. This was the first time anyone had done this to him and he fully understood immediately why it was something men bragged about getting and whined when they didn't.

Goddamn! Her hand was squeezed tight against the base of his shaft, fingers tickling against his inflamed balls, and her mouth! Oh God! Her warm wet mouth sliding up and down his cock, her tongue licking and lapping against it... holy shit! He put his hand against the back of her head and began fucking her mouth, once or twice feeling her gag against him, but he didn't care. He wasn't sure which he liked better... fucking her pussy or her mouth! Her hand tightened against him, preventing him from the fucking motion he was enjoying, but then she began to do things with her lips and tongue and Oh God! His cum spurted out of his cock before he had a chance to realize it was even about to happen! So surprised, he almost forgot to get pictures... until he nearly hit her with the camera while trying to hold her head to him.

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