tagRomanceChocolate Kisses Ch. 04

Chocolate Kisses Ch. 04


"We have to have sex, Jimmy, otherwise..."

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Christmas Evening, 1931

Rather than fall down and look foolish, she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dim light still present in the room from the moonlight.

Bethany slid out of her slippers and sat on the edge of the bed. "Jimmy, I'm sorry that Lizbeth brought back sad memories."

He moved over on the bed to give her more room.

"No, Bethany, they weren't sad memories, they were good memories. I needed someone like her to remind me of that. I'm sorry I missed Christmas."

She put out her hand, seeking his.

"Jimmy, Mrs. Hunt told me what happened... everything. I'm so sorry, Jimmy. I'm sorry I can't change the past but I can change the future if you'll have me."

"Bethany Rose, almost from the first moment you came into this house I wanted you. But..."

"Yes, but... I'm colored."

"No, that isn't it. I didn't want you to think I offered you the opportunity just so I could sleep with you. I didn't want you to think I was the same as..."

"Almost every other man with the opportunity?"

"Yes. So many times, I dreamed of coming into your room and making love to you. I tried my best to hide my feelings for you. There was no way for me to know what you were thinking and, yes, the color issue was there but it was way in the back.

"I wanted you with me so much that I was unwilling to take a chance on losing you. I was caught between heaven and hell with you... and, then there's your sister."

"What did she do?"

"Nothing. That's it. She did nothing but every time I saw her she seemed to think that we were already sleeping together, that you already were my..."

"Whore? I think mistress is reserved for white women."

She slid sideways on the bed, lifted both legs onto it and lay next to him. Her hand held his even tighter.


"Yes?" He rolled to his right side.

"My sister is a very proud person. She hates it when she's wrong. There's no living with her when she finds out she's wrong about something.

I love my sister very much, Jimmy, and I don't want her to be embarrassed."

"Huh?" His left hand had found her flat stomach and moved across her body, feeling and touching.

"We have to have sex, Jimmy, otherwise..."

"For your sister?"

"Yes, for my sister."

"And... for me."

He moved closer and kissed her open lips. He had waited to taste that sweetness too long. Her tongue hesitantly touched his. He could feel the warmth of her mouth as he sought to please her.



"You'll be the first, Jimmy."

"Bethany, are you?"

"Yes, I want you... I truly want you. I have thought about you every night ever since you trusted me with the store. You took a great chance with me. Your employees could have all quit. I could have made such mistakes..."

"Shhh... why do you want to discuss business on a night like this?"

His fingers traced the rise of her breasts, firm with youth and already showing her arousal.

"Jimmy, it might be better if we took our clothes off. At least, that's what I heard."

Her laughter was infectious and the tension that was in bed with them got up and left.

He turned on the night-lamp.

"For the first time, I want to see."

He sat up on the bed and used both hands to unbutton her dress, uncovering her breasts still confined. He lightly ran his fingers on the cloth, his hand trembling in anticipation.

And then, he stopped.

"What's the matter, Jimmy. Did I do something wrong?"

"No... it's been so long. I don't have any condoms."

"I'm OK, it was last week, thank God. I would want to feel you for the first time, anyway. Is that the last thing you're going to worry about, Jimmy?

"Make love to me. Give me a Christmas present for my life."

She rested back against his chest, leaning her head back on his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against his. He surrendered to his passion and began to touch her, his fingers running lazy circles around her stomach, lightly, carefully, easily feeling the softness of her dark skin. His hands met below her navel and interlocked, holding her tightly against him. He began to kiss her neck and as he heard her softly moan, his lips moved, moved, moved on her skin.

He found her magic spot just where her neck came under her jaw. He could feel her tense as he began to kiss harder, starting to suck her skin into his mouth, while his right hand caressed her nipple through the soft fabric of her bra.

She could only moan, everything she had imagined about making love faded away as the real event overwhelmed her. Anticipation was controlling her emotions now and she trembled the first time ever, touched by a man... and not some clumsy boy.

Her first orgasm rumbled through her body and she felt herself becoming first moist and then so wet. She would have been embarrassed... would have been but not now.

His fingers opened the back of her bra and she felt its pressure disappear and it fell onto her lap, laying there as silent witness to her decadence.

His hands cupped her breasts, heavy in his hands as he gently pulled them back against her body, his fingers lightly touching, her nipples expanding, tightening, rising. He held one between his thumb and finger and gently squeezed it and she almost jumped off the bed.

"uhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, lost in the new feelings overwhelming her.

His kisses continued on her neck, bringing her higher. His left hand reached down to the waistline of her panties and moved to push them down. She felt him and lifted up and grabbed the garment herself and slid it down her legs and threw onto the floor.

His fingers sought out and found that patch of tightly curled hair above her pussy. He pressed his index finger against the hair and moved it back and forth, enjoying the feel of the curls. It was as he imagined it, springy under his palm as he moved two fingers onto her clit, bringing it to attention and begging for attention.

First one finger and then a second slipped inside, so easily, so wet, so inviting. He moved within her while she groaned and writhed back, pushing, pushing back and down, desperately trying to sink down onto him to drive him even deeper.

"Oh, Jimmmmmeeeeeee..." she moaned. Ohhhhh, God."

His thumb had been rubbing her clit just enough to keep her excited but not enough to purposely make her orgasm. That was something he wanted to do personally.

"Bethany..." he hardly could say her name, his mind moving five steps ahead what he wished for her to experience under his body.

"Lay down, lay down, Bethany." He moved as she moved, putting her head on his pillow. He gloried in the sight of her chocolate body, laid bare for him.

With his right hand cupping her left breast, he bent down and took her dark nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue across the tip, bringing it even harder, even prouder as he scraped his teeth against it causing her to have another orgasm.

Her shaking body thrilled him. She was so easily excitable under his touch. Whether her sensuality was from the adventure of her first time with a man, or his hoped for skill as a lover or just her instinctive subconscious personality. James didn't care as long as she was satisfied with his loving of her.

He slid his mouth down onto her stomach, tracing his path with his tongue, leaving a slick trail toward her pussy.

Finally, his tongue reached her tight curls and tickled her, bringing out her first laughter of the evening. She moved, trying to move up against his mouth, trying to capture his tongue in her now wet and open pussy, pushing up, pushing up.

He took mercy on his lover and moved lower, sliding his tongue over her clit and into her demanding pussy. He took her folds into his mouth and moved the flatness of his tongue up and down, slowly, deliberately, teasingly slipping just a bit between, opening her just that much and tasting the untouched virgin treasures awaiting him.

She exploded under his intimate touch and arching her back gave out such a moan that Eliza heard her two rooms away.

With his thumb and forefinger massaging her clit, he dipped his tongue into her warmth, in, in, in and then into her tightness as far as he could, bringing another almost-scream from her.

Her body shook uncontrollably and she almost bucked him from between her silky thighs. Only his hands holding her tightly to his face kept him from losing his grasp on her.

His subconscious was already anticipating plunging into her wildly moving wet heat.

He didn't try and control himself, it was a lost cause. Moving forward on her body, his right hand hooked behind her knee and brought her leg up and toward her face. His left hand held his throbbing cock and he slowly pushed himself into her tightness, opening her unbelievably tight virgin passage and then he felt her virginity and she moaned and he pushed.


He tried to wait a moment but couldn't and began to move within her heat, so hot, so slick, so tightly hold him.

He tried to build a rhythm but couldn't concentrate so great was his need for her.

It didn't matter for her own fingers had moved down to massage herself and as she brought herself to an almost magical orgasm, her wild movements caused him to explode.

She felt the strength, the force of his orgasm surging inside her once, twice, now four times and came again one final time.

Her cries were heard again by her sister, so alone in her own bed, wishing she was anywhere but listening to her baby sister scream as Bethany's lover pounded into her once virginal body.

"Huh... huh... huh..." he was breathing so hard, the first time in four years. She lay there, her body still giving little tremblings as she came down from her own high.

He reached for her hand, interlacing his fingers with hers, smiling into her chocolate face as she looked up at him, knowing that nothing would ever be the same between them.

The fog rolled from the beach, so thick he could see almost nothing through the bedroom window but the white dampness looking back at him. In the misty distance, several town lights gave off a blurry glow.

He stood there only a few moments but it still seemed forever, reflecting on everything since he impetuously met her that morning in Venice.

It had started so simply, a curiosity on his part and then that fateful decision to actually stop the car and talk with her, somehow hoping that she would say 'yes' and yet fearing that she would just laugh and walk away.

His fear of loneliness hidden by his boyish enthusiasm to please her, an unknown person she was then and now he knew he could describe every inch of her body, every smile she ever had on her face, every piece of her soul.

How pleased he was to find a sharp intelligence fine enough to match the beauty of her face, the gentle caress of her touch, the silky smoothness of her skin, the sound of her laughter, the smile in her eyes, the taste of her lips.

How he desperately spent those early days suppressing his growing infatuation, fighting his desire and then it was she who came to him at last.

He turned from the window to watch her sleeping. She had turned away from him and in the room's dimness he could just see the curve of her waist and hip.

For a moment, she reminded him of Catherine.

"James, it's time for dinner, James."

He rushed downstairs and kissed his wife, running his hands through her long blond hair.

"Catherine, Merry Christmas, darling. I do so love you. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me."

The two girls came in, the little one still eager for attention, the older one just starting to distance herself from him but he knew she was still Daddy's girl... so much like their mother.

There was a rustle from the covers and he could sense more than see Bethany's arm beckon him back to bed.

It was too early to get out of bed and too late to try and fall asleep again.

There were always other things to do, he thought, pulling back the covers and sliding in next to her warmth...

He lay on his side and lightly ran his left hand up her back, stopping at her neck... and then back down again to the rise of her waist, sliding his fingers over her cheeks, feeling, touching, rubbing then moving between her thighs to her pussy. The second time, she clenched her muscles, trapping him. He curled his finger as she moaned in both surprise and pleasure.

"Oh, Jimmy... what... oh, I like that. How..." His finger gliding between her thighs... how could she enjoy such an intimate act and yet she did.

"Shhh... just relax and feel good." She felt so good beneath his fingers, massaging her, arousing her with such new feelings.

He could feel her tense, both afraid and yet still wanting the adventure. He whispered into her ear. She laughed. It sounded like small bells tinkling in the wind. And then, the moment of truth for him.

"Bethany, I love you. I want you to be my wife. I don't know how but if you say yes, we'll find a way to make this work. I swear." There it was. He said it.

She lay there, quietly considering what he had said.

"Did you do it this way with her? Often?" What kind of life did her lover have before her? A man who had just asked her to be his wife, an impossible wish for either of them, especially for her... she knew it was an impossible dream... but what are dreams for except to dream of a world that could never exist outside the walls of this house, outside the walls of the bedroom, outside the covers of this bed.

"Yes... it was her idea. Does that bother you?"

"No, I hope that I enjoy it as much as she did. Uh... Jimmy?"

"Yes, darling?"

"Will it hurt, this way, in the beginning?" How much was she prepared to endure to please him? But, Catherine had done it.

"Don't be tense, just relax. I'll be very slow, I promise." He had no desire to cause her any pain and yet his desire to share another way to love with her...

"All right, go ahead; I'll try my best for you." She tried her best to relax... relax, unsure how it would feel to be taken this way, an almost impersonal way, almost as if there were a phantom lover, unseen, just felt.

His fingers traveled over her dusky skin, massaging her crack, then slid over her cheeks, moving his hands around, kissing everywhere he went. Her moans increased and she began to move her hips in rhythm with his hand and then he returned his finger to its prize, slipping almost all inside her once virginal prize.

"...oooooooooo..." she moaned as his finger probed her. He continued to slowly move inside, preparing her for this new way to make love. Leaving one finger there, he kissed her neck at just the right spot, bringing her arousal higher still and focusing her attention to his lips as he slipped a second finger in.

"...aaaaaaaaaa..." A sound not of pain but one of astonishment. She had moved her own fingers to her clit and was tweaking it gently and then harder, finally pushing into herself, joining her fingers with his deep inside.

He knew he was harder than ever before. All he could see was that fine chocolate skin beneath his fingers.

Catherine, his beautiful loving Catherine, had wanted to do it during their honeymoon. He knew European girls were supposedly more sophisticated than their American cousins but her request still shocked him. She had been his sixteen-year-old virgin bride, he knew that and yet she had been talking with someone.

Ever since, it had been a pleasant and exciting addition to their lovemaking. He eventually thanked his mother-in-law for her wedding night talk with her daughter. Europeans... ah, even now the memory gave him a greater desire to enter Bethany.

He gently moved between her welcoming open legs and slowly pulled her waist back toward him.

She could feel it touch her. Oh, God, this was it, wasn't it? He was going to take her in the most intimate way possible, something she had heard of but never expected to experience herself. Oh, God, she could feel him starting to slip inside, opening her up and then he was moving deeper, deeper, so easily deeper into her so tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... oh, goddamn, Jimmy..."

He waited a moment, not so much for her as for himself. Four years had been a long time and he had no desire to have it finish in a few moments.

He pulled back slowly, gently, pulling her out a little as it was dragged along and then he pushed back in even deeper this time, over and over until almost all of his cock was buried out of sight.

He tried so hard to think of something else, anything else: the mountains, the beaches, the 1919 Sox scandal, anything else but he couldn't except for the image of both women, bared before him, inviting, enticing, demanding...

Moving at a much faster pace, he held her even more tightly against him as he began to force himself harder and harder into her. Her now continuous moans only spurred his need that much more.

He could feel himself almost there, the heat moving from deep inside him and racing to explode into Bethany. She felt him swell even harder, longer, hotter... if any of that was possible. It seemed like nothing was impossible with him.

He knew this was going to be it. She knew this was going to be it. He burst again and again and again, flooding her for the second time in their brief but so intense courtship. Was that what it was? A very strange courtship, working past so many different levels of impossibility... each trying to stop but unable to consider life now without the other.

She had been using her fingers on her clit and came just a few moments later, moaning so loudly this time it woke her sister from her own dreams of love.

They collapsed together onto the sheet. Still buried deep inside, her thighs clenching his cock tightly; he was content to just lie on her, kissing her between her shoulders.

When his heart and breathing had calmed, he heard her saying something...

"...uhhhh... Bethany Rose, are you all right? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I thought you'd like it."

"So, this was doggee style, huh? Can you do it again?" She began stroking in earnest, willing to pretend they would be married some day if it made him happy.

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