tagGroup SexChris Comes Undone Ch. 04

Chris Comes Undone Ch. 04


Chris and I continued to date but not exclusively. We made a few plans to get together with her girlfriend Margaret but they never seemed to pan out. Generally we thought that if we could get her out drinking she'd lose her inhibitions and we'd jump her pretty little bones.

It was late Spring and I was getting ready to go out on a date when my door bell rang. Opening the door I found a very excited Chris, "I have Margaret out in my car," she stammered, "I think this is the right situation!" Her auburn hair was a cloud around her beautiful face. I couldn't help but admire her luscious tits as they tented the white blouse she wore, just a peak of cleavage showing, her slim tight body complementing the whole picture.. I explained that I had a date, then thought a few moments and then went and called my date. I had suddenly come down with a terrible cold and couldn't make it tonight. Chris beamed as I followed her out the door.

When we got to the car Margaret was all smiles. The slim blond was dressed in a cotton light blue sheer blouse and had a tan skirt that barely covered her thighs. Her blue eyes twinkled as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek when I slid into the passenger's side beside her. Chris jumped into the driver's seat and asked me where they should go for drinks. I recommended a local pub because it was close and I didn't want to have to worry about the driving after the drinks.

When we got to the Triple D's Pub there was a perfect table awaiting us in the back corner. It was a beautiful day and there were barely a half dozen other patrons. People were too busy enjoying the sunshine. When the waitress came to the table Chris ordered three shots of vodka! I ordered a Pickwick Ale to sip on as well. When the shots showed up Margaret proposed a toast to good friends and good weather and down they went. Chris immediately ordered three more shots.

The good news was that the girls were light weight drinkers so after the second shot they already had a good buzz on and ordered beers. The girls gossiped about work, fashions, TV shows and I just put a little joke or two in when I could. After a few more beers somehow the conversation turned to sex of course. Chris told Margaret that I was the best lover she ever had and that I had really turned her into a little slut. She related the story of the time we went to the Adult Movie theater. I saw Margaret actually squirming in her seat as Chris talked about how exciting it was to suck one cock while fucking another. At the end of the story Margaret piped up "I did that once and it wasn't nearly as much fun." We sat and watched her as she recounted an evening where she got very drunk at a club and went home with two brothers. She had started to have sex with them but they got mad and abusive because she was so drunk she couldn't really concentrate on doing much. She didn't really remember much of what happened. Chris and I consoled her for having gone through such a mess. When the waitress showed up I suggested to the girls that we were getting a little too buzzed to drive and that maybe we should go back to my place. That way if they got too drunk then they only had to traverse the hallways of the apartment complex to Chris's place. They thought that was a good idea, I paid the bill, and we were off.

I offered to drive back to the apartment complex and the girls were fine with that. I opened the door for the ladies and Chris got in first and then Margaret. I pushed into the driver's seat. On the way home Chris couldn't avoid grabbing at my crotch and Margaret just watched and giggled.

Back at my place I opened a bottle of red wine and put on some good music. As we sat on the sofa talking Chris suddenly suggested that we play strip poker. Geez, the oldest frickin' line in the book! The girls agreed and I went to get a pack of cards. When I returned to the living room Chris and Margaret were locked in a hot French kiss. I guess we wouldn't need the cards after all. They barely seemed to notice me when I returned to the sofa and carefully sat down next to Margaret. I just sat and watched them kiss for a few minutes.

When they broke apart I could feel the heat coming off of both of them. I gently took Margaret's head and turned her face toward me so that I could steal a kiss. Her kiss was hot, wet and urgent. At the same time Chris was nuzzling and kissing her neck. A quick glance down revealed that Chris was unbuttoning her girlfriend's blouse. Unlike Chris Margaret was small breasted. She had a plain white bra on but it was clearly an A cup. I continued kissing and watched Chris pull the bra cups up to reveal Margaret's nipples, a beautiful soft pink color. Chris bent her head and began to lick and suck on her nipples. Margaret moaned softly in my mouth. I broke off the kiss, stood up and put a hand out to each woman. Without a word they took my hands and I led them into my bedroom.

When we got into the room there was a flurry of activity as we removed our clothing. Margaret revealed that she was a natural blond. She stood with mouth open as Chris revealed her C cup breasts with their huge aureola and nipples. I pulled the women to me and we busied ourselves with a flurry of group kisses, our hands exploring each others bodies. Margaret began to moan and shake a little and I glanced down to see that Chris had already gotten a finger into her slit and was rubbing her girlfriend's slit. There was a sharp odor of pussy juice in the room.

Somehow I got them to my waterbed. Back in those days I had a King sized water bed with a frame on the floor. I pushed them both down on the bed. I joined them and began to kiss my way down Margaret's sleek body watching Chris hover over her licking and touching her breasts. Margaret was cupping and squeezing Chris's breasts as she lay there with a dazed but lustful look on her face. When my tongue reached Margaret's slick slit her hips arched toward my mouth. Her cunt lips were prominently swollen and her juices covered her upper thighs. I lightly began to lick her lips, being careful not to touch her clit yet. There was a shifting on the bed and I found Chris's face suddenly next to mine. She seemed mesmerized as I licked her girlfriend's sweet cunt. I felt Margaret's left hand grab the back of my head and pull my head closer to her needy little pussy. I got the hint and danced my tongue around her clit. It was literally seconds before Margaret began to tremble and shake, stomach muscles tightening, in a huge orgasm. I held her sweet little ass cheeks as she rode the wave.

As I came up for air Chris grabbed me and began to sloppy kiss my wet lips and cheeks, obviously tasting her girlfriend's juices that were smeared on my face. I reached down to fondle her swollen nipples as we kissed. When we broke our kiss Chris gently pushed me over onto my back and then straddled my face. I began giving her the same licking as I had just given her girlfriend. Chris was as wet as I had ever seen her and I easily slipped two fingers in her sopping cunt so I could finger fuck her as I licked her. I felt more movement and then a sudden warmth enveloped my hard cock. A quick glance down revealed a blonde head bobbing on my cock. After a few minutes Chris bent down, careful not to lose the contact of my tongue and a second set of lips began to bath my cock. I was being very careful to not stimulate Chris's clit too much. I knew from experience that she liked to be teased and preferred to delay her first orgasm.

There was much shifting again and then I felt Margaret's pussy pushing down over my cock. She sat astride my hips fucking me while Chris continued to ride my face. A quick glance up revealed that the two women were kissing and fondling each others breast as they danced on my body. When Chris began to cum it set me off too and my hips arched as I pumped my sperm into Margaret's hot little cunt. Once the wave had washed over us we just collapsed into a heap. I slowly extricated myself from the women and excused myself to visit the bathroom. After relieving myself I decided to retrieve the wine glasses and refill them. As I walked through the bedroom toward the living room I saw that the two women were already locked into a heavy kissing session. By the time I got back to the bedroom Margaret was on her back with her legs spread watching Chris between her legs. Chris was eating another pussy for her first time. I offered Margaret a quick sip and held her head as she took it. Just a look at Chris was all it took to see that she was not interested in wine because she was devouring her friend's wet pussy. The sight of cunt juice on her cheeks caused me to begin to get erect again. I just knelt down on the bed and offered my cock to Margaret's mouth. She didn't hesitate to suck me in. This was heaven as I knelt there getting sucked off and watching Chris eat pussy.

So far there had hardly been a word spoken. I broke the silence because I like to talk dirty during sex. "Chris look how sexy Margaret looks while she's sucking my cock, " I blurted, "She really is a good little cocksucker too." Margaret must have felt encouraged because she sucked at me even more greedily. "Margaret, how is Chris doing at licking your pussy?" I said "She's never eaten a pussy before." Margaret grunted something that seemed to be a positive response around my cock. "Chris honey, stick a finger in her cunt while you lick her clit." I watched as two of her fingers slipped into her girlfriend's cunt and began to saw in and out as her tongue lashed at the swollen clit. It only took a few more minutes before Margaret began to moan around my cock. Suddenly her whole body arched and my cock slipped out of her mouth as she had a massive orgasm and she fell back seemingly exhausted. But she did reach up to draw my cock back into her mouth. After a few seconds I decided that I wanted to fuck her again.

I moved off the bed and offered my hand to Chris. I pulled her up and then walked her to the head of the bed. I looked her in the eyes "Sit on her face while I fuck her." I said. Chris smiled and moved to straddle her friend's head and lower her pussy. I moved down and positioned myself between Margaret's legs. I moved her legs farther apart and scooted myself forward. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit to gather some lubrication and then pushed forward into her pussy. I began to slowly fuck her. I watched as Chris was poised above Margaret's head. I could just see her chin and bottom lip and occasional flashes of her tongue as she licked avidly at Chris's cunt. Her face was smeared with juice. Chris reached down to pull at her girlfriend's nipples. Again heaven as I fucked that tight, hot blonde cunt. I was in the zone now. I could fuck for hours and not cum, just linger with the tightness in my belly and a raging hard one.

Over the next few hours we fucked and sucked each other silly. We drank 3 bottles of wine. When I needed a break I would watch the girls sixty nine or go down on each other. We lost count of the orgasms. When one of the women needed a break I fucked the other one's mouth or pussy. One particular favorite memory was having the women in sixty nine while I took turns going from one end to the other taking turns fucking their mouths and pussies. When we finally were exhausted we all lay curled in my bed. Chris was nestled between Margaret and I. Just before I drifted off to sleep I whispered in Chris's ear "You are the best slut a guy ever had." She giggled and kissed me and we all fell asleep.

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