tagFirst TimeChrissy Ch. 03

Chrissy Ch. 03


Today was the day I finally took Chrissy on a date. I pulled up at her house a few minutes before 5, and knocked on the door, holding a bouquet of roses. She opened the door, and looked completely beautiful.

She had a black slimming dress that went to just above her knees, and had high heel boots on. Her hair was curled, just passing her shoulders. She had blood red lipstick, and thick winged eyeliner. She was carrying an absurdly small purse, that hung over her shoulder by a thin thread. She smiled nervously, before looking down at my roses, and her face lit up with a large grin.

"Wow, those look beautiful! You're so sweet." She smiled, her voice gentle, as I handed her the flowers. My face had gone red, and I was unable to speak due to how stunning she looked. She pulled my head down a little and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, before taking the roses back inside. I used the time she was gone to calm down, so I could try and actually speak when she came back out. She pulled a key from her absurdly tiny purse and locked the door behind her, before spinning around and smiling widely at me.

"Y-you look beautiful." I said, my cheeks red. Her smile grew even wider.

"You're not too bad yourself. So where are we going?" She asked, walking towards my car. I ran ahead and opened the door for her. "Thank you, but you don't gotta open doors for me. I might be a woman, but I'm not a lady." She told me, sticking her tongue out.

"I see how it is, so much for being nice." I teased, as I moved around to my side of the car.

"Don't you know? Girls only ever date assholes, right?" She laughed, adjusting the seat. "So where are we going?"

"Dinner, remember?" I said, looking at her through the corner of my eye.

"So I'm not finding out until we get there then." She said, fiddling with her purse.

"So what's the deal with the tiny purse? It's too tiny to fit anything big and that cord could probably snap from the wind." I commented.

"It looks good with my outfit, that's the deal. Duh." She said, adjusting the top of her dress. Her dress was black, and looked thin. The shoulders were obscured by her hair, as it ran down to form a V shape. Despite the fact her breasts were practically non-existent, they looked amazing. She looked up as I turned away from her breasts, and heard her giggle.

"Like what you see?" She asked, smirking.

"Well, you're not wrong. I didn't know you could look so..." My voice trailed off.

"Hot? Beautiful?" She asked.

"I knew those already. I meant feminine." I told her. She lifted an eyebrow.

"You always just wore jeans and hoodies and never wore make up around me, I knew you were beautiful but uh..." My voice trailed off again.

"I get it, like before I was hot in a casual way, now I'm hot in a girly way too, yeah?" She said, grinning.

"Yeah." I said simply, my cheeks red.

We chatted lightly on the long car trip over, but finally arrived. It was a fancy Italian restaurant, named Mario's. It was very expensive, but worth it.

"Whoa dude, how can you afford this?" She asked, her eyes wide with shock.

"Eh, I've got money saved up. Come on, let's go!" I said, grinning as I grabbed her hand and walked in quickly. After standing in line for a couple minutes, it was finally our turn.

"Hello, I made a reservation, under the name Nathan."

"I'm sorry, but no reservation has been made under that name, sir."

"Are you sure? I called yesterday evening, and made a reservation for 5.30 pm." I asked the man, confused.

"Sorry sir, I'm afraid there aren't any reservations under that name, and there aren't any tables available right now. You're welcome to wait for one, but you'd be waiting quite a while." I sighed, and walked out, Chrissy following me.

"Dang, oh well, I appreciate you trying. We can go next time!" She grinned, before hugging me tightly. My arms wrapped around her and I held her close to me, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

"You know, I think I might know a burger place around here. It's not fancy, and it's not amazing, but I think it'll be better than standing in the middle of the street." I grinned, before taking her to the car. I drove around a couple corners, and pulled up in front of a small place, called Narvaez Pad.

"Sounds like a hipster kind of place. Dear god, am I dating a hipster now?" She gasped jokingly.

"Does liking you before you were cool make me a hipster?" I smirked, as I opened the door for her.

"Pfft, I was never not cool. Except for when I was 12, but nobody's cool when they're 12." She said, as we sat down in a booth.

A waiter came by to serve us. I ordered a beef burger while she ordered a chicken burger. We made small talk for a little while before getting serious.

"So, how long have you liked me?" Chrissy asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Uh, honestly? Since I met you." I admitted, as I started to blush.

"Seriously? I liked you since I met you too!" She said, and we both started laughing. "If we weren't idiots, we could have been together for years! Well, assuming nothing bad happened, which hasn't yet." She said, leaning back on her chair.

"Well, unless you count them forgetting my reservation." I pointed out.

"That was a problem with the restaurant, not with our date silly." She replied, looking towards the kitchen. I started drinking the free water.

"Hey, do you think of me when you jack off?" She asked. I started choking on the water. After coughing it down, I answered.

"W-well, I mean, m-maybe, yeah." I said, my face getting very red.

"A lot?" She asked, smirking.

"A-always." I said, my voice squeaking in embarrassment.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, me too dude." She grinned, leaning over the table. I leant closer to her as well.

"Wait, really?" I asked, my eyes widened.

"Uh, yeah. You're hot dude. Actually, can I be honest about something? Please don't get mad." She said, her hand fidgeting with her tiny purse again.

"Sure." I said simply.

"Um, do you remember the day I first helped you jack off, how you got changed before we did?" She said, her hand lightly shaking on the table. I held her hand and squeezed it gently, before nodding. She took a deep breath.

"I, um, kinda peeked on you." She whispered, her voice getting high pitched. I couldn't help but smile at how adorable she was.

"I thought I heard movement at the door. Did you like what you see?" I asked smirking, my eyebrow raised.

"Definitely. The week before, when I poked you and gave you a hard on, seeing it made me pretty wet, honestly. I was actually rubbing myself in the car ride home, and I practically rode my vibrator the second I got home." She explained, her cheeks red. I felt my boner rise.

"Dude, you are actually as dirty as me, I had no idea." I said, grinning.

"No idea?" She asked, raising her eyebrow and locking eyes with mine as she rubbed her leg against mine, making my dick rock hard. I gulped strongly, as she smirked.

"Okay, maybe some idea." I gasped.

She stopped as the waiter came by and delivered our food. We started eating quickly, and were done within a couple minutes.

"Holy shit dude, that was amazing. You've gotta take me here more often." She said, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Sure. You wanna stay here or do you wanna go back to my place?" I asked.

"Well, we can't exactly fuck on the table." She said simply, causing my dick to harden even more.

"We uh, might need to wait a minute." I muttered, pointing down discreetly. Chrissy leaned back and laughed loudly. After it had gone down enough, we paid and stepped outside, and got in my car.

"Oh hey, check out what I brought." She said. I glanced across for a second, and then did a double take when I saw her pink vibrator in her hand.

"W-w-wha," I stuttered, my eyes wide.

"Thought we might use it tonight, I dunno. Can't hurt to come prepared, right?" She flashed me a grin, before dropping the pink dildo back into her absurdly tiny purse.

"Are we really gonna fuck tonight?" I asked, my voice trembling a little.

"Definitely. I need you inside me, like ASAP. But first, we gotta watch a movie and cuddle. I wanna enjoy cuddling before we get all sweaty and cum stained and whatnot." She explained.

"Have fun sitting around a tent for 2 hours." I told her, my cheeks slightly red, as she laughed.

"It'll be fun, it's like a carnival tent. Except instead of scary clowns there's future babies." She said, making me laugh too.

Eventually, we arrived at my house. She walked past me and went over to the TV, to check my movie collection.

"Have I mentioned you have terrible taste in movies?" She called out, as I locked the door.

"I do not!" I replied louder. I started walking into the lounge room, and gulped as I saw her completely bent over looking at the DVD's on the bottom.

"They're literally all terrible action movies. Why do you only have Die Hard 5? Why not any of the other Die Hard movies?" She asked me.

"It's not that bad, and I like explosions!" I explained.

"It's literally called 'A Good Day to Die Hard.' Sweet Jesus we need to watch this someday." She said, giggling. She looked over at me and caught me staring at her butt, and stood up. I started to stutter an apology.

"Dude, it's fine, we're dating right now. So, we can either watch a shitty action movie or find something decent online. I'm thinking online?" She said, and I sadly agreed. She found some sappy romance movie and sat down, curling up beside me.

"I would have preferred explosions." I muttered, watching the couple dance boringly.

"I'll give you an explosion." She whispered into my ear, smiling mischievously as her fingers slipped under my pants, making me gasp. I felt her fingers around my hard on tightly, as she slowly started stroking up and down in my pants. Her face was extremely close to mine, I could feel her breath against my lips, and her eyes were locked with mine, while she slowly jacked me off in my pants.

"Is that good?" She asked.

"What d-do you think?" I breathed, biting my lip. Chrissy leaned forward and kissed me, slowly, her lips gently pressed against mine. She kept leaning, until I was lying back with her on top of me, like yesterday. My arms reached around her, my fingers softly digging into her back as we kissed. Her tongue slid into my mouth, and our tongues wrestled inside my mouth. Soon her tongue retreated, and I followed. Her mouth was sweet, and felt amazing. I explored it with my tongue, feeling every inch of inside her.

Her fingers slid out of my pants, before she raised her hips and started unbuttoning my pants.

"Wait." I said, a grin forming on my face.

"What?" She asked, her fingers on my zipper.

"I think it's your turn." I said, my fingers sliding up her thigh under the dress.

I pressed a finger against her pussy, through the underwear, and felt that it was already wet. She squealed at the touch, before sitting back, her back against the arm of the couch. I lifted her dress a bit, so I could see her black lacy panties. My fingers curled around the straps along her thighs, and slowly started pulling her panties down. Her legs shut and I couldn't see her pussy, but I had taken her underwear off already.

"Wait, I... It doesn't look good." She whispered.

"What do you mean? I bet it looks amazing." I said, smiling.

"I just, it doesn't look good to me, and, no one's seen it before. You get why I'm nervous, right?" She said, her fingers covering her red face.

I leaned over her, and gently brushed her hand away, before my lips pressed against hers, our tongues pressing together. My hand held her cheek delicately, my other brushing her hair away from her face. I kissed her like this for a few minutes.

"Do you feel better?" I asked.

"Yeah, you totally stole that from me though." She said, grinning.

"It worked, didn't it?" I said, smirking.

"Well, yeah. I do want you to see, I'm just nervous is all. H-here. Be honest if it looks like shit." She sighed, before pushing me back a little so I could see it.

Her legs spread slowly, shaking a little, and I could see her pink slit, glistening from her juices. There was a small tuft of brown hair directly above, clearly trimmed. It looked amazing.

"Wow, it looks... Beautiful." I told her, my eyes looking up to her face.

I leaned over again and kissed her gently. Slowly the kiss turned rougher, and I was on top of her for once. My fingers slid up her thigh, and I felt her shiver as I slowly reached her groin. Her fingers suddenly grasped the bulge of my pants, causing me to gasp. Our lips parted, and I felt her eyes burning into mine as my fingers slowly pressed against her pussy lips.

She breathed in heavily. My fingers slowly rubbed her pussy lips for a minute before Chrissy snapped.

"Just put them in me already, fuck I need them inside me right now." She told me, biting her lip hard, making me fully erect. My fingers slid into her pussy suddenly, and she moaned into my ear loudly.

I started to finger Chrissy. My fingers slowly went completely in, to the knuckle, before I started pulling them back out.

"Please, just fuck me. Fuck me with your fingers, now." She moaned, her fingers clutching my cock through the pants as I started to push my fingers in harder.

I began to pound into her pussy with my fingers, pushing and pulling them faster and faster. Chrissy panted faster and harder, until she finally came.

"Fuuuck..." She moaned as my fingers slowly slid out, covered in her juices. I licked my fingers slowly, keeping eye contact. She shivered as she watched me.

"Jesus Christ, why did you never tell me you were so good at that? Holy fuck that was the most intense orgasm of my goddamn life." She panted, before pushing me back and jumping on top of me.

"Pfft, and that was just my fingers." I replied, grinning as she pressed her lips against my neck.

"I swear to god, you've gotta stop turning me on so much, or I'm never gonna get around to blowing you." She told me, as her fingers slid down my stomach. I breathed in deeply as she gripped my belt tightly. I watched her as she unbuckled my pants, and slowly zipped them down. I raised my butt as she pulled my pants and boxers down my legs, exposing my erect cock.

"Wow, you're already like, super hard. I bet you won't last a minute." She grinned, her soft hand wrapping around my cock.

"I bet I can..." I moaned as her lips suddenly wrapped around the head of my cock. Her fingers started stroking up and down the base of my cock quickly while her tongue pressed and licked the head of my cock.

I gasped, as she got faster and faster, until her fingers began to blur. I couldn't take anymore, and before I knew it, I came into her mouth, shooting deep into her throat. Her eyes widened before she started swallowing quickly. After a few seconds, she let my cock out of her mouth.

"Dude, a little warning next time before you blow your load in my mouth? Just because I can swallow doesn't mean I don't need warning." She told me sternly.

"S-sorry, I didn't exactly get much warning myself." I apologized sheepishly.

"On the bright side, I won. You didn't last thirty seconds, let alone a minute." She replied, grinning as she pulled her dress over her head, leaving her completely nude.

She tugged at my shirt, and I followed suit in pulling it over my head. She purred softly as she climbed on top of me, leaning in to softly kiss my lips. She gasped as I bit her lip, before her hand ran down my abs.

"You know, you have a pretty great body." She whispered softly, her fingers grazing along my stomach.

"You're not too bad yourself." I replied, my hands reaching up to firmly grasp her breasts. My thumbs rubbed against her nipples slowly, as she positioned herself above me.

I felt her wet lips against my shaft.

"You know, once we do this I don't think we can be just friends anymore." She told me, slowly sliding back and forth, lubing up my cock with her pussy juices.

"I think I'd rather be what we are now, than just friends." I replied, gripping her hips. She grinned, before lifting herself a little, and positioning my cock straight up. She teased the head of my cock in, before looking into my eyes.

"Are you ready to be my first?" She asked, her eyes shining as her soft lips curled into a grin.

"Of course." I replied simply. She slid down me quickly, impaling herself with my cock. It was tight, wet, and hot.

"Ooh, just, give me a second. You're a little bigger than my vibrator." She told me, her hand pressing down on my stomach. I leant up and kissed her, tenderly.

She slowly started to slide up and down my cock. I gasped, as I felt her tightly suffocate my dick.

"Does it feel good?" She asked, biting her lip.

"My god, yes." I gasped, as she slowly slid up to the head of my cock.

"By the way, I'm on the pill so we don't have to worry about pregnancy and stuff." She replied, grinning with a wink.

"Oh yeah, I should've asked about condoms before we started fucking... Whoops." I grinned.

She fell to the base of my cock, landing with a thud and a slow groan.

"You can thrust now, I think my cunt's used to your dick." She told me, panting. I could feel her juices running down my leg.

"Jeez, you're enjoying this." I said, grinning as I thrust my hips up.

"You have no idea how good it feels, especially with you, my god." She gasped, as her hips met mine.

"No idea?" I asked as I thrust harder, making her moan a little.

"Okay, a little idea." She panted, as we started thrusting faster. We fell silent briefly, the only sounds were my cock pounding her wet pussy, and our gasps and moans. "H-hey, Nathan?" She moaned, gripping my shoulders tightly.

"Yeah?" I grunted, as I felt myself start to grow close.

"I... I love you." She told me, blushing. I stopped thrusting for the moment, and sat up.

"I love you too." I grinned, kissing her forehead. My lips moved down to hers, and we began to tenderly kiss. I felt the closest I could ever be with someone, and kissed her more passionately. Our hips started to slowly move again.

"Oh yeah, I'm pretty close by the way." She whispered between kisses.

"Me too. Wanna try cumming at the same time?" I asked, as I thrust into her.

"Well, if we can that'd be great. I'm not gonna wait for you though." She told me, sticking out her tongue. I simply pressed my thumb against her clit, causing her to jump.

I pushed her back a little, and was soon on top of her, as I began to pound her faster and faster. I wanted to make her cum, to make her feel as amazing as I could. My thumb began rapidly flicking against her clit as my cock pounded into her wet cunt, leaving her juices over our thighs. I felt my cock get ready to burst.

"Fuck, please cum inside me. Fuuck, I need you to cum inside me right now, please!" She begged me, her fingers digging into my back. I thrust once, twice, and finally as deep as I could inside her, and came as she did. Her moans became rapid and louder, gasping for air as I shot my cum inside her, my white-hot cum blasting against the walls of her cunt.

We both sat still together, holding each other tightly. I slowly fell to the side of her, as she looked into my eyes. I smiled gently, and brushed her cheek with my fingertips, brushing a few loose hairs out of her face. She smiled back at me, and moved closer to kiss me softly. Her lips gently brushed mine, pressing firmly against each other. We kissed for a few moments.

"You're pretty great at sex." She told me, smirking.

"Just pretty great?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"There's always room for improvement. And, you know, practice makes perfect, right...?" She grinned. I laughed a little, before replying.

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