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Chrissy Fucks the Neighbor


After I awoke from a deep slumber of a much needed nap, I laid there recounting memories from the night before with Todd. I got out of bed, walked to the kitchen and grabbed a soda from the fridge before sitting down on the sofa. As I sat down, a pain rippled through my ass, reminding me of the brutal fucking I had received from Todd.

I sat there smoking a cig, remembering that I saw my neighbor coming out of his apartment as I was going into mine. I was mortified! I couldn't remember if I actually saw him grabbing his cock or if my mind was such a mess that I imagined it. Either way, I know he saw me dressed up.

The next few days were pretty uneventful as I went to class and did my best to avoid my neighbor. I wasn't sure what I would say to him if saw him.

As the week went by, Friday came and I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. Should I call Todd or should I venture out on my own to Houston and visit the ABS? I made up my mind and called Todd as soon as I got home from class. There was no answer, so I left him a message to call me.

I decided that I would go ahead and go to Houston and rustle up some fun for myself. I took a nice hot bath and shaved my body completely. I got out after soaking for a good hour, waiting until the water started to get cool, and rubbed lotion over my entire body.

I slipped on a little pink satin robe as I sashayed to the fridge and grabbed a beer. I sat down on the sofa, lighting a cig and drinking my beer while my skin absorbed the lotion. After I finished my beer and cig, I went back to my room and started to pick out what I was going to wear that night.

I looked through my drawers and pulled out 3 different sets of bras and panties. I was having a hard time choosing which one I wanted to slip into. 'Should I wear the same red ones I wore last week?' I thought to myself. No. I put them back in the drawer.

I stood there looking at the hot pink bra and matching thong laying next to the black bra and its matching thong. I couldn't pick, so I moved on to my closet to find an outfit.

I scanned the contents of my closet, browsing through the hangers of clothes until I picked out a purple lycra skirt that was about 4" above the knee with a slit up one side that was about 6" high. It was form fitting and the slit made it so sexy!

I searched my closet for a top to wear. I was so indecisive. I stood there with two different tops in my hands, trying to make a decision, when the phone rang. I ran from the closet, threw the tops on my bed and grabbed the phone . "Hello," I said into the phone.

"Hey there, how's my favorite slut?" the voice answered.

"Well, hello, Todd. How are you?"

"I'm great, how are you doing?"

"I'm good. Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"Well, actually I do, but I may be around later tonight if you want to call me after 1:00am or so."

"I may do that. It depends on what's going on then."

"Oh, you going somewhere tonight?"

"Yes, I'm coming to town and heading to the ABS to have some fun."

"Well, if you don't find any dick, call me later and I may have you come over."

"Ok, if I'm not busy I will. Well, I better run. I have to finish getting dressed."

"Oh, you're going to come to town already dressed?"

"Yes, dressed like a good little slut. Gotta run. I may call you later."

"Ok, slut, call me if you strike out."

"Well if I call, it won't because I struck out. Bye, Todd."

"Bye, Chrissy."

After hanging up, I headed back to my room to find a top to wear. I stood there looking at what I had picked out. It wasn't sexy enough for what I had planned, so I decided to start over and find something really hot for tonight.

I rummaged through the closet again and grabbed a red stretch mini skirt and a white semi-sheer button up blouse. I held them up to me, gazing into the mirror at my reflection. Hmm, I think that will work.

I put the other two sets of lingerie back and grabbed the red lace bra & thong, a pair of sheer white lace top stockings and my red heels. I laid them on the bed and went to the bathroom to do my hair and make up.

I curled my hair and bangs and used liberal amounts of hair spray to give me the "big hair" look. I applied my make up on the heavy side for a slutty look. I finished by spraying perfume on my ass, my cock and across my chest.

I went to my room and perched on the bed, slowly sliding the white stockings up my silky smooth legs. I stood up and stepped into the thong and pulled it up into place. God, I loved the feeling of the nylons on my smooth legs! I grabbed the bra and put it on. Then I stuffed the cups with some fake tits I made from a pair of nude color pantyhose and socks. They felt a little more real and the color was better, at least it was kind of flesh colored.

I sat down and slipped my feet into my red heels, and sidled up to the mirror on my closet door. There I stood, a picture perfect slut, with teased up hair, heavy make up and a heavy coat of bright red lipstick.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed another beer and a smoke. I perched on a barstool and crossed my legs, enjoying the feel of the nylons rubbing together on my legs.

I finished my smoke and went back to my room to finish getting dressed. I stepped into the skirt and wiggled my hips as I pulled it into place. I put the blouse on and buttoned it up. It was not too tight, but tight enough that my tits pressed against the sheer material making it easy to see the red bra underneath.

The blouse was just a little too long and I couldn't tuck it in my skirt because it was skin-tight. I accessorized with a black belt, putting it around my waist, covering the bottom of the blouse, and looked in the mirror. It looked great! It gave the blouse a little bit of flair over my hips, but still showed off my ass.

I walked to the bathroom with a pair of large silver hoop earrings and put them on, along with a silver chain with fake diamonds in the pendant. I looked in the mirror, spun around, slapped my ass and said, "You're getting fucked tonight, babe." Then I turned off the lights and walked out.

I decided to mix a large drink tonight rather than continuing to drink beer. I made a large Crown & Coke and filled a small flask of Crown to take with me. I rolled a joint and sat down to smoke a bit before I left, seeing as it was still a little light outside.

After a bit, I moved the blinds to the side, peeking out, and decided that it was dark enough to hit the road. I grabbed my drink and put my flask next to the cigs in my purse and headed out the door.

As soon as I shut the door, I could feel the breeze blowing on my legs and up my skirt, not that it had far to go. It felt so intoxicating! I locked the door, took a deep breath, lit a cig and headed down the stairs.

As I walked down the stairs, I could feel my nylon stockings rubbing together and my skirt slowly riding up. By the time I got to the bottom, my skirt was above my stocking tops and just barely covered my ass cheeks. I adjusted my skirt and kept walking to my car.

I made it to the corner, about to round it and get to the long stretch to the parking lot. I was doing my best "slut strut", wiggling my ass and taking nice long strides, making my heels click loudly on the concrete. I love that sound! I was in my own little world thinking of what might happen that night, when I turned the corner, and BOOM! I had run right into someone and spilled my drink all over the front of my blouse.

I looked up and there he was.

"I'm so sorry. Hey there, neighbor," he said.

"Oh, hi there," I said.

"Going out tonight?"

"Well yes, but I have to go change my top now."

"I really apologize. I should have been watching where I was going."

"No it's ok, it was my fault. I wasn't paying attention, my mind was somewhere else."

"I'm Derrick, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Derrick. I'm Chrissy."

"Let me walk you back so you can change your top and get on your way."

"Well you don't have to. Someone may see you with me."

"I'll tell you what. I really don't talk to many people around here and don't really care what they say. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just walking a girl back to her apartment."

"Thanks, I hope you don't tell anyone about this. I mean it's really embarrassing to get caught like this. That's why I wait until after dark to leave."

"I won't tell anyone unless you want me to."

"Oh no, please don't. I'll do anything."

As we got the bottom of the stairs leading to our apartments, he stopped me. "So you'll do anything?"

"Anything within reason. Don't be ridiculous."

"Let's go on up and we'll talk about it while you change top."

I started up the stairs first and as I neared the top, I felt a hand slide up under my skirt. I jumped a bit from the surprise and turned around to see Derrick smiling up at me and I smiled back. I put the key in the door, unlocked it and we went inside.

When we got inside I got a good look at Derrick. He was about 6' tall, between 180 and 190 lbs, nice toned body with close-cropped hair and I swear he was as black as the ace of spades.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"What you got?"

"Crown, Rum, Tequila, beer?"

"Hmm, Crown & Coke and a Tequila shot will work."

"Good choice, I'll make two."

I poured us the drinks and the shots before I sat on a barstool next to him and crossed my legs. My skirt rode up and exposed the top of my stockings and, where the slit was, a lot more leg.

He smiled and held up the shot glass, toasting to good times. We clinked our shot glasses and threw them back with a C & C chaser.

We set the glasses down, looking at each other, smiles on our faces. I told him I needed to go and change my top so I could get it in the wash before the stain set.

"I'll be right back," I whispered as I slid off the stool and walked to my bedroom.

I was standing inside my closet door, unbuttoning my blouse, when I felt Derrick's hands running up my stocking clad legs and under my skirt, raising it above my ass. All I could do was moan and push my ass back towards him. He responded by pulling me to him and grinding his cock into my ass.

I let my blouse slide from my shoulders and onto the floor between us. Derrick's hands roamed up my sides and over my stomach until he reached my bra. He proceeded to rub my tits while grinding hard into me. I reached back and rubbed his swelling cock. I could feel the massive size of it even as it was growing in his shorts.

"What do you want?" I asked him as I turned around.

"I want to see my big black cock in between those red lips of yours," he replied, smiling.

I slowly slid down to my knees and started to unbutton his shorts. I felt the hugeness his cock beneath his shorts as they slid down to his ankles. My mouth was getting dry from the nervousness and anticipation of having his big black cock inside of it. I glanced up at him as I slowly hooked my fingers into the sides of his boxers and slid them down. My gaze shifted to his cock right as it sprung free from its confines.

I was so shocked by the sight and size of it, I gasped! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, right there just inches from my face. I swear it was 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, and it wasn't even completely hard yet!

I took his wonderful piece of meat in my hand and started stroking it, pulling his foreskin back as I gently licked and kissed the bulbous head. I felt myself starting to pant and my mouth was so dry, I could barely muster enough spit to wet his cock. I slowly slid my lips around his head and stroked him. With each stroke, I took him farther into my mouth.

As much as I hated to, I pulled his cock from my mouth. I looked up at Derrick and told him I needed a drink and that I would be right back. I rose to my feet, went to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and my popper bottle. When I turned around, he was sitting on the sofa naked. I walked to the TV stand and asked him if he wanted to watch some porn. Of course he did, so I found one that was all interracial, with black men fucking white women, and slid it in the VCR.

I sauntered over to him, lowering myself down onto my knees in between his legs. I started stroking his cock while the porno started. I could feel it growing in my hand as I stroked every inch. I took a big hit off the popper and sucked him in my mouth as far as I could without gagging. My head was spinning from the popper and the feeling of his big cock in my mouth.

I licked and sucked until his big cock was hard as steel. It was an incredible sight! Derrick's cock was close to 10" long and as big around as a beer bottle with large veins running the entire length. His balls were the size of limes, hanging low in his sack. I had never seen a real black cock before, just in pornos, but I guess the myth was true.

I licked and sucked every inch of his beautiful cock and balls. Derrick moaned and groaned with approval, at times pushing my head down and thrusting his hips up, holding me there until I gagged for air. After about 20 minutes of me worshiping his black cock, he told me he was going to cum soon.

"No, not yet. I want you to fuck me."

"I recover fast. All you have to do is let me rest for 5 minutes, then start sucking my dick again and I'll be ready."

"Good, because I want to feel your big black cock inside me tonight."

"Oh you will, bitch. You'll feel my cock where you never felt anything before."

I took a big hit from the popper and started sucking his cock like mad. He started moaning louder, and saying things like, "Oh yea, baby, suck it." I kept sucking for a few minutes when I felt him tense up, his balls tightening as he thrust his hips upwards.

"AAAGGGGHHH!" he cried out.

Derrick pulled his cock from my mouth and shot the first 2 ropes of cum on my face. Then he pushed it back in my mouth and released the rest of my reward down my throat. He kept erupting and I couldn't hold it all in. I gagged a bit as it started running out the corners of my mouth. He must have shot 6-8 good ropes before he was finished.

After Derrick was finished, he rubbed his cock across my face, spreading his cum across my lips and chin as he relaxed. I continued licking and sucking his cock until he was clean and started going soft. I stared up into his eyes the whole time he was cumming in my mouth and when he was finished, all I could do was say, "Mmm, thank you."

I stood up and pulled my skirt back down since it had ridden up while I was on my knees. I smiled seductively as I wiped a glob of cum from my face and licked my finger clean. I let Derrick know that I would be right back.

I went to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a large drop of cum right next to my nose, which was slowly making its way down to the side of my mouth. I helped it along with my finger and savored the flavor.

Gazing at the mirror, I checked myself. My eyeliner was running down my face, my lipstick was smeared around my mouth. My hair was still OK. I dabbed the eyeliner off my face and wiped off my lipstick and reapplied it nice and thick again.

I went to my closet and got a white, see-through lace chemise that fit like a glove and just barely covered my ass. I pulled my skirt off and adjusted my stockings before I slid the chemise over my head. It looked so sexy with my red bra and panties showing through. I checked the mirror, did a quick turn, and smiled. I was ready for round two.

I walked my slutty walk back to the living room where Derrick was slowly stroking his cock and watching 3 black studs fuck some little white slut silly.

"Are you ready for round two?" I asked, smiling seductively at him.

"You know it, my cum slut, but get me something to drink first."

"Sure, what do you want?"

"Another C & C, strong. And bring that bottle of tequila with the shot glasses too."

I made his drink and grabbed the tequila and a couple of shot glasses. I sauntered back to the living room and stopped right in front of Derrick. I bent over at the waist right beside him, showing him my ass. He slapped it pretty hard and I jumped a bit.

"Oohh!" I exclaimed. "Hey slut, you better get used to that if you want me fucking you. I don't give my bitches no mercy when I'm giving them my dick."

"MMMMM. Good, because I like my man to make me beg for mercy when he fucks me."

He started laughing at me and took a shot. He dropped the shot glass back on the table and said, "Fill it up."

I poured the tequila into both of the shot glasses and we both took a shot and chased it down. I sat down beside Derrick with my legs crossed, leaning towards him, and lit a cig. I started stroking his cock while I smoked. I finished my smoke quickly and put it out on the table. Then, I stood up in front of him and asked him if he was ready.

"I am, but are you ready? Have you ever had a dick this big?" he questioned with a smile on his face.

I leaned over and put my hands on his knees. "No, but there is a first time for everything," I answered as I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth.

I could taste his pre-cum already oozing from the tip. I let his cock slide from my mouth and started kissing my way up his stomach, stopping to lick and suck each of his nipples. He was moaning and telling me how good he was going to fuck me. I slowly climbed on top of him and straddled his body. I could feel his hard cock resting between the cheeks of my ass.

I kept grinding on him and kissing him all over his chest and neck. I was so hot and my cock was so hard, I thought I would explode at any moment. I looked into his eyes and said, "I want your black cock so bad! I want you to fuck me so hard."

"If you're ready, let's go to the bedroom," Derrick replied.

I took Derrick's large hand and led him to the bedroom. I pulled the comforter off and tossed it to the floor. I had just bought a set of pink satin sheets the week before. Now I was going to be taken by my first black man in my own bed.

I sat down on the bed with Derrick facing me and took his cock in my hand, stroking it slowly. He moved toward me and pushed me down on my back, asking me to slide up the bed a little. He grabbed my legs, raised them in the air and started kissing and caressing my legs through my stockings. The feeling of his touch was electric!

Derrick ran his hands all the way up to my ass and laid on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him tight against my body. I could feel his big, hard cock pressing against my ass. He was pushing harder and with each thrust I got hotter and hotter! He kissed me up and down my neck as I whispered into his ear, "Please Derrick, fuck me. Fuck me like a whore."

"You think you're ready, huh?"

"Yes, I want to feel you inside me so bad. Please give me your big black cock."

"Get your lube and get ready."

I grabbed the lube from my nightstand and started to take my panties off.

"No, leave those on. I don't want to see your swinging dick," Derrick remarked.

I laid back on the bed. Derrick jerked my panties to one side and I squirted a good amount of lube on my ass. Then I put some on his cock and stroked it until it was well coated, his black shaft glistening. He positioned himself between my legs, spreading them wider, and started rubbing his cock head on my ass. It sent shivers through my entire body when I felt his head touch my waiting hole. I looked him in his dark eyes and begged, "Please fuck me now."

I took a huge hit from the popper that had been sitting on my nightstand as he leaned forward slowly, pushing his engorged cock head against my waiting hole. I could feel the pressure building as he pushed harder. I felt his cock head slowly stretching my hole open to accommodate his girth. The pain was starting to build as he pushed harder against my ass. All of a sudden, I felt a massive shot of pain as his cock pressed past the opening, his head popped in and my ass closed around him. I let out a loud yelp and told him to wait!

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