tagErotic CouplingsChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 07

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 07


*Defiance is not common because to rebel is to become friendless*

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


I shared my 'solo' shower time with nine girls, with the good fortune that most of them only expected peripheral moments with me, not real sexual attention. Opal and Brigit, my original shower buddies, were joined by a few others plus my compadres, Iona and Rio. This morning, Brigit got a full-body scrubbing but I spared a few moments for my two closest friends.

"I'm surprised to see you here, Iona," I confessed to her as I ran my hands over her slender shoulders.

"I came here for an education," she smiled up at me. I arched an eyebrow and she flushed in embarrassment. "I mean, I came to school for an education -- honest, that's what I meant."

"I know," I calmed her. "I knew what you meant."

I'd have been happier with the way things were going if I hadn't caught Rio and Opal huddled together giving me conspiratorial looks. Catching my suspicious glare, Rio sauntered over to Iona and me.

"So, Teacher, are you going to give me any education time?" she teased Iona and me both.

"I think you and I are on the other end of the Teacher-Student curve, Rio. Unfortunately, your lessons always involve some sort of pain and/or humiliation on my part," I pointed out.

"Don't be such a baby, Zane. I do what I do out of love...okay, out of the love of watching you squirm, but that's love too, right?" Rio smiled sweetly.

"Stop being so mean to him." Iona became upset and clutched me tightly.

"Maybe if he took me out on a date, like he did Heaven, or spent more quality time with me like he does with Barbie Lynn," Rio snickered, "I'd be too tired to pick on him."

"We went out on a date," I countered.

"When?" Rio questioned.

"Last Wednesday; we went out for ice cream," I reminded her.

"Sorry. If this vagina doesn't get penetrated, it isn't a date," Rio scoffed and Iona blushed. "Rio, I thought our friendship could withstand Saturday night but I'm not going to be someone you pass the empty hours with. I'm your friend and if you think you and Iona are no different than anyone else I know here, you are sorely mistaken," I declared before Iona could have an outburst of her own.

"I don't need you, Zane," Rio shot back after a moment.

"I never said you did. In fact, I need you more than you might need me," I related to her. Rio fidgeted for another instant, then turned and left. Seeing that Rio had left her shower kit behind, Iona gathered their things up and followed her.

I made my way to exit from this embarrassing episode when Opal grabbed my arm.

"If we aren't friends, what are we?" she inquired.

"Infinitely memorable," I answered with a sly grin. That earned me an appreciative look.

"I'll take that," she smiled and let me go on my way.

The Sparks of Rebellion

Considering what our previous few mornings at school had been like, this morning was downright sedate. Rio joined Iona and I as we made our way to breakfast, where we were even permitted to sit together, and Assembly, where we did the same. Had it not been for the final announcement by the Chancellor Melrose Bass...

"Christina Buchanan has stepped down as Senior Class Body President. She has been replaced by Rhaine Ritchie," she announced. There was some stirring; for me, the look I had received from Christina the night before now made sense. They'd stripped her of her position because she's decided to not persecute me, becoming my friend instead. Well, to hell with that. I totally missed Iona's furious activities, though I would value them later.

Rio and I made it easy for them, though we wished Iona hadn't tagged along. I had no real plan until she stepped up to confront me and then the first step of the operation fell into place.

"Zane Braxton, I require your services," the girl with shoulder-length reddish-brown hair smirked at me. She'd brought along three playmates -- how interesting.

"Who is this?" I asked Iona calmly.

"Rhaine Ritchie," Iona informed me, at which point I shouldered past Rhaine, a move Rio instantly followed.

"Wait...what..." Rhaine squawked. "You can't do this," she emphasized by grabbing my shoulder. "If you don't do as I tell you, you will be expelled," she threatened.

Power comes from the belief in authority's ability to influence you. If I did what they wanted, I'd be expelled eventually. If I fought back, I'd still go down, but what the hell, everything ends. In my case, I no longer cared what the Administration had planned for me, I'd fight them standing up on my own terms.

"Lady, I don't know who you are," I lied, "but if you don't step off I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you in front of God and all these students." Our eyes locked and she saw that I was ready, willing, and eager to follow through on my threat. Rhaine let go and took a step back. I turned and left without further comment; that would ruin the whole 'ignore her' effect.

Rio caught up and nudged me.

"What's the plan, Kemosabe?" she inquired.

"I'm making this up as I go along," I confessed. Rio laughed loudly while Iona gulped.

"Don't worry, I'll think of something; I always do," which caused Rio to laugh louder.

English came and went but ended with Ms. Goodswell calling me aside.

"You will be meeting with Ms. Lane at one," she informed me. I nodded before she continued. "Zane, is it impossible for you to do the right thing or are you making my life special on purpose?"

"Virginia," I replied, "if my only concern was to make you happy, I would do it. Unfortunately, I have to live with myself too and I can't stomach what's being done to my friends here. You must know that if I'd been left alone, I'd have done my time here and earned an education," I tried to get her to understand. Virginia reached out and placed one of her hands on mine.

"I know, Zane, and I am doing what I can for you," she sighed.

"Can you do something for Rio too?" I asked.

"Zane," she chuckled bitterly, "I'm bailing out the Titanic with a thimble. I'm not sure what I can do for her. Mrs. Short wants her gone as much as the Chancellor does," Virginia answered. Mrs. Short was Rio's spiritual advisor.

Our spiritual advisors were supposed to help us out at school, both academically and psychologically. I didn't doubt that Virginia had been doing her best to see that I wasn't booted out during my first week at FFU. Rio didn't have that backstop; all she had was Iona and me.

I barely caught Virginia's gaze wander toward the door where a Rhaine-clone was standing.

I hoisted my backpack and made for the girl at the door. It turned out we were far from alone, my confrontation with Rhaine having already made the news.

"Listen, Zane, I'm not intim-..." she got out before I slipped past her extended arm (palm outward), slipped into contact with her, and twirled us around.

She had barely enough time to gasp before I spun free and made my way down the hall.

"Zane!" she called out in frustration behind me. I heard the giggles from the other girls as she took up the pursuit. I found Rio waiting inside the door while Rhaine and a clone waited for her to emerge.

"Sorry, bitches," Rio gloated, "but my ride's here." Before they could react, I knelt and yanked down their skirts, one in each hand. The seniors squealed in surprise and tried to cover up as Rio shoved past them and joined me. She caught sight of my personal tormentor coming so she pulled me down the hall as we made our getaway.

They waited for us coming out of Biblical Archeology with the added bonus of Ms. Gorman, Dean of Athletics, Head of Security, and Coach to several sports including Karate. They smiled, we smiled, and then we slammed the door and locked it. Rio looked at me with a piratical gleam in her eyes as we simultaneously made for the windows and flung ourselves outside.

We took the fall from the second floor and bolted like mad for our next classes. Had I heard (I claimed to be lost in thought) Ms. Gorman calling my name, I would have been forced to stop and face some sort of pointless and painful task, but I made it to Biology safely. A text from Rio told me she'd made it to her class too.

Of course, they could still keep coming, and getting to lunch proved impossible without confronting the new regime. Rhaine waited outside my door with a half dozen other ladies plus Ms. Gorman, who looked absolutely furious.

"I believe you are familiar with traveling on your knees, Mr. Braxton. This time you get to do so with me on your back, my own personal beast of burden," she gloated.

I looked through her, took in the other girls, then made my way to shoulder past them.

"If you ignore this command," Gorman warned me, "that is grounds for dismissal."

"Did someone give me an order?" I asked innocently.

"Rhaine did," Gorman pointed out.

"Who?" I inquired.

"Rhaine...Ms. Ritchie," Gorman growled.

"I don't know who that is," I pointed out blithely.

"I'm...Grrr," Rhaine snarled.

"Fine," a different girl spoke up, "I want you to be my mount on my way to lunch." I did nothing.

"Well?" Ms. Gorman questioned me.

"Well, what?" I responded.

"Are you going to do what Vera has instructed?" Ms. Gorman demanded.

"Who?" I grinned proudly.

"You can't pretend you can't hear students just because you want to, Mr. Braxton," Ms. Gorman snapped.

"I'm required to obey any lawful command of a recognized advanced student," I paraphrased my Handbook. "Any student doing an illegal or immoral action does not qualify."

"These two students have done no such thing," Ms. Gorman pointed out.

"Ms. Ritchie has accepted appointment as Senior Class President, which is illegal. Any student who supports her position is committing an immoral act," I countered.

"Dr. Bass put me in charge of the Senior class," Rhaine stated proudly, "after Christina screwed up and didn't put you in your place." I didn't take my eyes off of Ms. Gorman but I did reply.

"She can remove Christina, I have no argument with that, but she can't appoint a replacement, a fact you would know if you bothered to read the book," I reminded them. Thank God for Iona and her eyes for minutia. This left them momentarily speechless.

"Zane, you will carry my books to the Dining Hall," Brandi interrupted the group of us.

"As you command," I leapt at the chance to escape. Brandi haughtily ignored the baneful looks shot her way as she stepped up and tossed her book bag to me before strutting off with me quickly following along behind her.

"Thanks Brandi," I whispered to her.

"What for?" she grinned back at me with a little extra shimmy in her stride. "Iona promised me some quality time with you tonight but that won't be worth a damn if I let them break you down." Ah, the wonders of enlightened self-interest and the female libido.

When we walked together into the Dining Hall I noticed that Rio hadn't made it yet, which didn't bode well for her. Iona was sitting down and waved to me as I headed into the food line. As I continued to look around I also couldn't find Christina and company, which was odd and spoke of some unforeseen trouble. It also gave me an idea.

When I received my food I maneuvered over to Iona but I didn't sit down, instead holding my tray and waiting.

"Zane, what are you doing?" whispered Iona.

"I think I know how to make our anemic resistance into a full-blown rebellion," I whispered back.

It didn't take long before a few familiar faces began standing up as well in some bizarre show of solidarity for me and the cause they didn't understand yet. More and more students began joining my little protest; most I'd barely seen before. By the time Christina came in, we numbered about a hundred.

Christina and her crew recognized the anomaly of our actions but had no clue what we were up to until they moved to take their new station farther down the Senior Table than before, depicting their diminished status. When Christina sat down, I sat down too, slamming my tray for extra effect. Within thirty seconds a hundred trays came slamming down in sympathy. That was round one.

I wolfed down my food in preparation for round two. Rio arrived battered and bruised with bloody knees and palms. I gave her my water to pour on her knees and hands.

"I have a plan, ladies," I softly told Iona and Rio. "Follow my lead unless I get decapitated, in which case you are on your own."

Taking the steps toward the Senior Table was pretty frightening because my ability to remain in the school and stay in the fight depended on the beneficence and bravery of another. I walked up to Christina as she sat eating and went down on one knee with my head lowered in supplication. I caught sight of Christina twisting and observing me and my stance.

A minute elapsed before Christina finally spoke to me. She knew what she was getting into; there was no tricking her into this role in events. For her, the battle was for pride, while mine was for survival. She had more to lose since the past three years of her life were wrapped up in this place.

"Zane," Christina said in a passionate, caring tone, laying a hand on my shoulder, "Thank you. You may go now."

I rose once more, bowed before turning away, and resumed my seat.

"I think I'm in love," Chastity sighed.

"I'm with you," Hope added, "You don't see many Knights of Christ anymore."

"I'm not sure he qualifies as a Knight of Christ," Heaven stated, "but I like the way he's fighting."

"We are in a fight alright," Christina smiled, "and Zane has put us in the middle of it." Even as she spoke those words, Barbie Lynn, Opal, and Cappadocia all came up and bowed before Christina as well, receiving her blessing and moving on. Iona joined, while Rio kept her seat but shot me a snide smile.

"What's next Boss?" she said between bites of food.

"A rebellion so large they just can't expel all of us; a rebellion with Queen Christina Buchanan at the head," I explained. Iona came up and getting the purpose of our rebellion expressed to the masses began. Our campus was dividing between the Pro-Christina vs. the Pro-Rhaine camps and in thirty minutes it was past the ability for the teachers to stamp out immediately.

A Passionate Legal Issue

My ability to bask in, and suffer through, the effects of our insurgency was diminished by my summons to see Ms. Lane but I had to admit I was feeling full of myself when I walked into her office.

"It is good to see you again, Mr. Braxton. We have a good deal to talk over, so let us begin," she started, her light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, her business jacket and skirt being a tasteful medium gray and her make-up done just right.

She began going over the particulars of my legal predicament brought about by my situation here at FFU but my mind rapidly devolved in a different direction. I dropped my bag and began taking off my shirt while Ms. Lane kept droning on. She didn't miss my display but while there was a slight curl to her lips she kept doing her job as she saw it.

Lane's smile grew as I finished stripping nude, came around the desk and then turned her chair to face me. I pushed her legs slightly apart before kneeling between them and taking her shoes off one at a time. I definitely had Ms. Lane's attention as I started kissing the tip of her big toe then drawing out further kisses along the top of her foot. Throughout it all, she never let up with her legal-ease talk; I had to admire her concentration.

As my hands caressed one calf, knee, and thigh, then another as I worked kisses along her feet, I noticed two things; she was getting excited and she was wearing stockings fixed with a garter belt, both in darker beige. When I hiked up her right leg so I could plant kisses on the back of her knee along the back line of her hose she finally skipped a beat in her speech.

"Aaahhh," she moaned sensually as I kept planting those kisses and ran my fingers up beyond her stocking line to the edge of her panties. I was vaguely aware of her picking up her phone and having a brief conversation but I was a bit too preoccupied to catch much of it.

"I've informed your two o'clock class that you won't be making it today," she sighed happily.

That gave us an extra hour of legal 'consultations'; in Vegas I understand this kind of legal advice can cost me over a $1000 dollars an hour but I was blessed for getting it for free. Ms. Lane put her phone down, stood, and unzipped her skirt.

"My name is Hudson," she smiled at me as she let the skirt slip down her well-toned legs to the ground.

As she stepped out of the skirt I pulled it aside and tossed it away. When she sat down I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her to the very tip of the chair before I renewed my attention with my lips and tongue on her thighs. Hudson went back to her legal-speak with increasingly bated breath.

By the time I teased off her panties with my teeth she had almost given up the pretense of a real meeting and was moaning and groaning from the progress I'd made. When I blew on her freshly exposed bald pussy she lost it, bucking up against my lips. I didn't disappoint her, diving straight in with my tongue flicking her clit before pushing in deeper with a tongue-twister.

"Oh, God!" she exclaimed as she thrust up once more. "Tell me you aren't doing this to the girls here." I replied by flicking my tongue faster over her lips and clit until she vibrated into an orgasm and a few recitations of, "Oh, Sweet God!"

I drank deeply from her pussy, relishing in her tangy flavor for more than a minute. We both knew this was far from over. She spread her legs wider and I started teasing her slit from the bottom with a deep lick inside. She rewarded me with one of the best things a girl can say to a guy.

"You are even better than my girlfriend," she sighed deliciously. I switched to using my fingers so that I could speak.

"I'd be happy to share notes about you with her," I offered.

"She's a ... aaahhh, yes ... a dedicated lesbian," Hudson moaned, "but I think I could say something to her about you."

"Mmmm," was the sound of my slurping her up. "I look forward to the both of you."

"You would want both of us at the same time?" she panted, tantalized by the prospect.

"One at a time; both; if she is half as tasty as you, I'll take what I can get," I mumbled between flicks of my tongue.

Our conversation died as I used my fingers to peel her blossom open and made deep, penetrating explorations of her sex. Slowly, gingerly, Hudson encased my shoulders and neck with her stocking-clad legs. She didn't force, so much as snuggle me into an embrace. There was really no reason to enhance my eagerness for her succulent cunt.

"Ooohhh ... you are very good ... Zane," she purred, "aaahhh ...aaahhh ... aaahhh ... right there ... aaahhh ...Aaiii!!!!" With that last outburst she rose hard against my face, burying my nose into her baby smooth folds while my lips kept up a mighty suckling effort on her clit, a bit of nibbling included.

She didn't say much as she was still getting her breathing under control, but I would have bet money she was a long distance runner, so short was her recovery time. Hudson let her legs fall to my sides as she leaned forward and drew me into her arms in an encompassing hold. We tasted each other for some time in a delicate ballet of discovering our need for one another.

I pressed against her, then broke our kiss while drilling her in place with my eyes. I didn't feel the need to tell her I wanted her; she could undoubtedly read my mind and she gave me a light kiss and a nod giving her permission. As I ran my hands under her thighs she rose up, freeing me to grab each ass cheek and start to lift her up as I stood.

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