tagFetishChristian's 2nd Date with Emily Ch. 02

Christian's 2nd Date with Emily Ch. 02


"Don't you guys have somewhere to be?" Christian asked his friends impatiently. He glanced toward his office door, not for the first time. It was already after eight thirty in the evening, and Christian couldn't help but repeatedly glance at his watch and the door.

Neither Manny nor Logan made any attempt to stand up, or even acknowledge that Christian had even spoken for that matter. Christian growled with his frustration, but neither of his friends paid any attention to that either. Manny sat forward and feigned a deep interest in the business magazine he had been flipping through. Logan sat back and made a show of demonstrating just how comfortable he was. Neither of them had any immediate intentions of leaving. Wise-asses, Christian thought to himself testily.

"Alright guys! I am serious. We are friends, but get the fuck out! I have to get these contracts together." Christian snapped. He walked over to his office door and yanked it open. The office beyond his door was virtually silent. Most if not all of his co-workers had already headed home for the evening.

Christian wasn't normally in the office at this time either, but he had finally closed his big business deal and now he had the contracts to draw up. He could have taken his work home, but it was easier just to work in the office instead of lugging all the files home and back. The contracts were due early the following morning. Christian already suspected they would maybe late if his date proved to be too much of a distraction, of which she always seemed to be! Just thinking about her milky tits made his mouth water and his groin heat.

Manny kept his eyes trained on the 'drier-than-toast' magazine, but Logan finally turned toward Christian. "What's your problem, man? Why do you want rid of us so badly? Don't lie to us and tell us this is about work! She is coming here, isn't she? You don't want us to meet her! " He accused. "The only woman to ever grab your attention and you want to hide her away, why is that?"

"Yeah Christian! We're just not used to you showing an interest in a girl for more than one, or two fuck-tastic nights! We're just curious about what makes this one so damn special. We want to meet her." Manny added, finally putting down the magazine. Christian had known Manny and Logan since high school, so the seemed to have a sense of when he was hiding shit from them. This annoyed Christian endlessly.

Christian's eyes flashed with his barely concealed temper. He didn't want his friends anywhere near Emily. He didn't know why exactly, but he just knew he didn't want them to meet her this evening – if ever! "Guys, I swear you will get to meet her soon enough. Now get the Hell out!"

"Ok, ok!" Manny finally said, throwing his hands up in defeat. He got up and walked toward the door, with Logan following on his heels. "We'll leave this time, but we want to meet this hot piece of ass soon."

Christian's temper notched up with Manny's unflattering term for Emily. He chose not to say anything this time.

"How did you meet this chick, anyway?" Logan asked.

"A co-worker set me up with her." He answered distractedly. He just wanted them to shut up and leave.

The two guys had just shuffled out the heavy frosted-glass door, when Christian saw Emily winding down the hall toward them. She wore a tight fitting pink sweater and a chocolate brown A-line skirt. Her shapely legs were covered with sheer nylons and on her feet she wore a nice pair of dark brown high heels. The cable knit sweater did little to conceal her large tits. In fact, it almost seemed to be straining to contain them. Her cleavage peeked intriguingly at the v-neck. Christian noticed his friends noticing Emily. They seemed quite interested in what they were seeing. No doubt they figured out who she was. There was just no avoiding the introductions that would ensue.

Christian felt an unsettling twinge of jealousy flip flop in his belly as his friends appreciatively checked Emily out. At the same time he felt an urge to protect her from their leering eyes. These were not common emotions for Christian to feel, and they were already giving him a headache. He couldn't blame his friends though, Emily was one hot Mama! She wore her flowing red hair down, but she had pushed her sunglasses back on to the top of her head. The way the sunglasses held the hair away from her face, gave her air of breeziness. Her make-up was light and natural, with sexy glossy lips in a pretty shade of pink.

Emily noticed Christian and smiled. Christian felt his dick stir in his pants already. He knew he was becoming more and more lost with every moment he spent with her.

Logan and Manny noticed Emily smile past them. They turned to look at their friend, and neither of them missed the goofy grin that Christian wore on his face. There really was something special about this woman. No other woman had ever turned Christian's head like this. What special talent did this woman possess, that no other had Manny wondered. Manny knew well about the talents of Christians prior lovers. Christian had told Manny about one woman that could put her feet behind her head, about another woman that only liked to have threesomes so she brought her hot cousin along to fuck, and not to be forgotten but the woman that could actually ejaculated when she came. Christian had had some hot fucks, but it was this woman that seemed to really take hold of his friend.

Christian stepped further out of his office to stand with his friends as Emily came to join them. She seemed nervous. Christian beamed a boyish smile at her. "Emily Lane, these are my friend Manny Sanchez and Logan Garrett. They came to congratulate me on closing my deal today, but they are just heading out. Guys, this is Emily, the woman you wanted to meet so badly." Christian introduced hurriedly.

Christian watched as Emily shook hands and made pleasantries with his friends. He couldn't miss the slightly annoyed look she suddenly wore on her face. The guys didn't seem to notice and reluctantly made their exit shortly thereafter. Once they were on their way out, Christian stepped aside to allow Emily to enter his office ahead of him. She didn't budge.

"What's wrong?" Christian asked. He glanced around the floor and still saw no one. Good, he thought, because his mind was racing with his plans for a naughty office tryst. The very idea of fucking Emily in his office and watching her milk spray, made his hands itch with his need to touch her. If all things went as he planned, after this evening his office would never seem the same to him again.

"I think I have made yet another grave mistake." Emily said. Her voice was decidedly cool when it washed over Christian like a cold shower.

At that moment, Emily wasn't sure what she had ever seen in Christian Drake. She strongly suspected he didn't want anything more than a physical relationship. Sure, he was an amazing lover, but surely she could find another man that could pleasure her. However, that then brought her to her milk-filled tits. Christian whole-heartedly seemed to enjoy them, instead of just merely accepting them. Emily had asked herself several times if she could be the type of woman to just be a bed-buddy? She didn't think she could be in the long run, but then there was the small problem of her strong addiction to Christian and his hard dick. They had been intimate several times since the evening of their second date. However, tonight she now had no intentions of staying. Not after discovering that he had bragged to his friends about her, and likely told them all about her body's little secret. She knew a lactating woman wasn't all that unusual, but it embarrassed Emily terribly to think of Christian telling his friends all about the way her milk sprays when she cums! She was suddenly quite pissed!

"What do you mean? Come on Em! Let's go into my office and talk." Christian walked into his well appointed office leaving the door open for Emily to follow. He was momentarily relieved when she did step over the threshold and close the door behind her. However, she remained firmly in place, standing by the closed door. He knew he was in trouble when she put down her purse and a plastic grocery bag so she could fold her arms over her big beautiful tits. She fixed him with a cool and steady glare. Christian felt his chances of being buried in her cunt slipping away. He would have to fix whatever was pissing her off and fast.

"Won't you sit down and tell me what I did wrong?" Christian asked. He was sitting now, so he patted the brown leather cushion next to him. He pointedly reminded himself that this was what he hated about the concept of a relationship. Moodiness! When he just stuck to fucking a girl a few times, they rarely had time to get all moody on him! Not, that he considered what was going on between him and Emily a relationship by any means.

"You told them, didn't you? You told them all about your newest fuck friend and her milk-leaking- tits didn't you?" Emily accused, with fire burning in her eyes.

Christian was stunned silent for a moment. He wasn't so shocked by her accusation, but he was surprised at himself. He had not told his friends a single detail. This was a first for him. Usually after hot fucks with new playmates he always shared the dirty details with Manny and Logan, but this time he had kept it all to himself. He just hadn't wanted them to know about her body, about their pleasures together. He felt particularly protective with regards to her milk producing mounds. They were all his and he found it delicious to keep them to himself.

"Listen Em, normally you would be right. I normally would have told them, but I just didn't want to do that this time. I didn't tell them, I swear." He reasoned. Christian tried out his best sad puppy-dog face.

Emily's arms dropped to her sides. Her tits bounced nicely when she released them. "Then why were they so interested in meeting me?" She sounded surprised about this, and Christian realized that Emily seemingly had no idea how amazing she was to him.

He wagered whether to tell the truth or come up with a convincing lie. He looked at Emily's big green eyes with their small gold flecks. He didn't want to tell the truth, but he couldn't lie to her. "They were curious, because I didn't share details, and because they know we have seen each other so many times. I am behaving out of character, and they wanted to meet the woman that could cause that."

The fire in Emily's eyes visibly lost its flare. She wasn't angry anymore. "I guess I overreacted. I am just really private about my body and its quirks."

"I know." Christian said softly. "God how I love its quirks!" He added, almost to himself.

Christian stood up and went to Emily. He wrapped her in his arms and hugged her tightly. He could feel her breasts pressed against his chest. They were hard and assuredly engorged with milk. He smiled and pulled in a deep breath. He could smell her shampoo, and it smelled fruity. She felt quite good in his arms, and that just seemed so wrong to Christian. He was supposed to be Christian Drake the Lone Wolf, as his friends called him. Not, Christian Drake Emily's Wolf. It shouldn't have been so, but the second title appealed to him more while he stood with his arms around her. When he leaned down to kiss her, she ducted out of his arms and scooted away.

"What? I thought you forgave me?" He asked, spinning to face her again. He threw his arms out in playful disbelief.

"I do! Well, I had nothing to forgive you for, really. You didn't do anything wrong. This time! " She was so sweet and playful; it was melting him against his will.

"Then what is the problem here?" Christian asked as he closed in on her again, but again she moved just out of his reach.

"I don't want you to set my milk off yet! I brought some deli sandwiches from Peggy's Deli. I thought we could have some dinner together. You take me out and insist on paying every time, so this is my opportunity to provide you with a meal!" She smiled then, a breath-taking smile that made Christian's heart do something new. It fluttered. Actually fluttered! He thought about calling 911 for a second, but then decided that maybe this was a natural thing. Just something he had never encountered before. At the mention of her milk, he knew he wasn't hungry for food, but he would be a good boy and play along. He knew he would get what he wanted soon enough. He hoped anyway.

"Ok, I will try very hard not to make your tits leak, but you're going to have to promise to eat fast!" Christian kept his eyes on hers, but it took effort. He wanted badly to look at her full tits.

"I'll do my best."

Christian picked up the bag that Emily had brought in with her. He carried it to the tiny coffee table in front of his office couch. Emily set about taking everything from her bag. She had thought of everything. She had the sandwiches, and deli-style pickles, paper plates, condiments and even two cans of pop.

While he watched her set the sandwiches onto the plates, and arrange pickles beside them his mind wandered off in its own naughty way. He pictured her cooking for him in his kitchen at home. He felt his dick stir in his pants, as he imagined her wearing nothing more than an apron. Her breasts would be pushing against the thin material of the apron, and maybe her areolas would be peeking up above the apron's bib, but her actual nipples would be hidden. They would be hidden, except for the fact that he would be able to see their erectness through the thin cotton fabric. There would be wet spots on the fabric as well, from her leaking milk. Christian's cock was thickening rapidly now. He was hungry, but not for her food.

"Is your sister watching Gracie for you?" He blurted, trying to refocus himself and control his arousal. She had produced some potato salad from her bag and was adding it to their plates. Christian thought about telling her he didn't care for it, but decided he would gladly eat every bite.

"Not this time. Larry has her this weekend." Emily explained. If she held any ill-will toward her ex-husband, Christian had yet to see it. She had just explained to him that they hadn't been right for each other. She never said a mean word about the guy. Christian wondered how any man could let those tits, attached to that woman walk out of his life. Then he mentally reprimanded himself for having such a thought. His cock throbbed.

"May I sit next to you?" Christian asked sweetly. He was trying for boyish, but she looked at him as if he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Do you promise not to touch me?" Emily asked. Her smile was warm.

"Nope!" Christian didn't wait for her ok. He got up from his chair on the far side of the table, and joined her on the sofa. He sat very, very close to her.

"Are you almost done fussing there?" He asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Sure, here." Emily passed Christian a very full plate. Not only did Christian avoid mentioning his dislike of potato salad, he also avoided telling her that he had already had a light bite to eat around five thirty. A stab of pleasure shot to Christian's groin, when Emily brushed against his arm with the side of her firm breast. Dinner couldn't be over soon enough.

"We have a beautiful view of the sunset from up here." Emily said, as she glanced out the floor to ceiling windows that made up one whole wall of Christian's office. The sun was lowering considerably. The sun set was unfortunately mostly blocked by other large office buildings, but the sky was painted in the most stunning shades of pink and gold. It was almost as captivating as Christian's dimples when he smiled.

"I special ordered that for you, baby!" Christian joked. They both froze at the word 'baby'. They had outlawed that word about a month before when they had stupidly fucked like animals, but neglected to use protection.

"Speaking of which," Emily paused, and put down her sandwich. "I was able to take The Test today. I took two actually."

"And?" Christian asked. He felt as if his head might explode. He was finally going to find out if he had royally fucked up. He couldn't read Emily's expression.

"Christian, it is your lucky day. I am not pregnant" Emily finished her sentence, but her voice caught a little. Christian visibly swallowed a bite he had been unconsciously holding in his mouth.

"Wow that was a bullet we dodged, huh?" Christian said almost too quickly. He hoped it didn't sound callus, but he thanked the Heavens above that he had not impregnated Emily on the first night they had fucked each other. He didn't want to be anyone's Daddy. Sure, he didn't mind when a kinky lover wanted to call him Daddy, but that was about as far as he liked to go with that. There was, however, a small niggling sensation at the back of his mind...something about having not been sexually potent enough to have impregnated her. He let that thought go as quickly as it entered his head.

"I suppose you could put it that way." Emily said quietly, pushing her potato salad around her plate. She kept her head down, and Christian sensed sadness. He decided to change the subject in order to keep his sanity. She couldn't possibly be sad over discovering that their indiscretion with birth control hadn't turned into an unplanned pregnancy!

"So, tell me about your family?" He asked, gently.

"What do you want to know? I have told you lots about Gracie, and you know she is the light of my life. We live with my sister and brother in law." She said.

"What are their names?" He asked, prompting her.

"Lydia and Frank, they have been married for eight years and have two kids. Gracie and I live in the basement of their home. We have two bedrooms, a washroom, and a family room down there. We go upstairs to use the kitchen. The arrangement works out well, and allows me to be able to afford to send Gracie to private school."

Christian realized that there was so much about her life that he didn't know about. He also realized that, he sort of wanted to know about it. This was a revolting train of thought. He changed the subject yet again, to an area he felt more comfortable in. He knew it was dirty, but he had to ask.

"May I ask you something about Lydia?" He asked. She didn't look at him, but if she had she would have caught a slightly sinister grin.

"Sure, ask away." She answered without reservation.

"Well...I was just kind of curious if...um...if she has milk too?" He paused and cleared his throat. "I mean, you said you had milk in your breasts right from puberty, right? Is it the same for your sister?"

Emily was quiet for several long minutes. They ate in silence, while Christian fiddled with a salt and pepper packet, trying to open it to pour over his potato salad. He didn't think she was going to answer, and he couldn't get the image of two beautiful milk-spurting women out of his head. His cock was decidedly hard now. He wanted nothing more than to be milking Emily's breasts and fucking her pussy. The food tasted good, but his hunger was for the woman sitting beside him.

"Yes, she does. She is breastfeeding her son currently, but much like me she has always had milk in her breasts." She finally answered. Christian was thrilled with this revelation. Two lactating ladies, the possibilities seemed endless in his mind. He watched as Emily took a delicate bite. He assured himself that this meal wouldn't take that long. They would finish soon and then they could move on to the evening's more entertaining festivities. He glanced at his laptop on his desk. His work would wait. It would be a late evening for him. If it didn't get done tonight, it didn't get done.

"Interesting," Christian finally said, hoping to sound casual and only half interested. He didn't want Emily to think he would have any interest in her married sister. Sure, before Emily, he would have been interested. Married...single...he hadn't cared. He loved them all, but more recently something had changed in him. Something he didn't care to think about.

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