Christie's Gone


Tim needed -- or maybe he just wanted, he admitted to himself -- a few minutes to get used to wearing tights for the first time in a decade. He did find his legs looked pretty good in the opaque green fabric, and it felt just as delightful as he remembered. But it was only when he heard Diane walking past the door that he got down to business putting on the rest of his costume. Embarrassed or not, it wouldn't do to make her wait. It was at least quick work to throw on the green cloak over his t-shirt and set the makeshift cap just right on his head. Pinning the felt to his sneakers was more tedious but didn't take too long. A deep breath and he willed himself not to get aroused at the sight of Diane or at her sight of him in his costume, and he opened the bedroom door.

Diane was standing by the mantelpiece, facing him so that he wouldn't see right away that her dress was unzipped. "Oh, Tim, you look gorgeous!" she said as he stepped into view. "That really suits you."

"Does it?" Tim asked, looking down at himself. Remembering what he'd confessed in the car, and now satisfied that she wasn't going to laugh at him for wearing tights, he looked back up at her and grinned. "They feel good."

"Mine do too, on a chilly day like this," Diane said. "Doesn't it feel good to wear what you want to wear, Tim? Nothing to be ashamed of, right?"

"Thanks to you, Diane. It's kind of a kick to know we're both wearing tights, isn't it?"

"I'm glad to hear you think so too!" She turned around. "Now please zip me up, would you?"

"Glad to." And they both felt a thrill -- she a shameless one, he a reluctant one -- as he did so.

"Thank you." She turned around in time to see he was nervous about what he had just seen. Enough was enough. "Tim. It's okay! We're friends and I'm comfortable with you!" She kissed his bewildered cheek, and he was speechless as they set off for the party.

It was already a short drive to the community center, but having Diane's robust legs to admire in her short dress made it seem even shorter to Tim. He did his best to be subtle about it, but Diane was well aware of it and was both flattered and emboldened. The time was right, and she resolved to spill the beans just as they got to the door. She also took every opportunity to admire Tim's legs at each stop sign. Like her, he was aware of being admired and it only made him feel more emboldened, though not quite enough so to say anything just yet.

"Now, we don't need to stay too late," she said as she parked the car outside the center. "I don't know about you, but I can only stuff my face with so much candy and so many nonalcoholic drinks!"

"That sounds fine to me too," Tim said. "I'm still not sure how I feel about going in there dressed like this anyway."

"Tim, don't be silly, you look delightful!" Having locked the car, she held out an arm for him and hooked it through his for the walk up the steps.

"You do, too, Diane. Thank you for being so supportive on this."

Diane now felt as nervous as Tim had been acting, but one of them had to burst the bubble sooner or later. She stopped him outside the door and turned him to face her. "If you think so, Tim, does that mean you will join me in the hot tub tonight? Doesn't that sound nice for after the party?" She stroked his arm gently.

Tim blushed. Did she know? "Diane," he said very warily. "Didn't you say your bathroom was out of order?"

"You must have guessed by now that was just an excuse, Tim."

"An excuse for what?"

"To give you a look through that hole in the wall, silly!"

"Diane!" Tim's face turned cherry-red, and he wanted to melt into the concrete.

"It's okay, Tim!" Diane clutched his hand. "Surely you can see I didn't mind. And if you liked what you saw...tonight?"


"Oh, no pressure, Tim, and you're welcome to say no if that's what you want. But think about it during the party, okay?" She gave his hand a final squeeze and flashed him a smile that indicated the conversation was over, and sauntered into the lobby where the music from the party was loud enough to stave off any further conversation.

Tim's humiliation turned to something like pleasure as he realized it really was all right. Though he was still a bit rattled by the turn things had taken with Diane, he could hardly argue with what she had said. It was just as well the party was much too loud for serious discussion, as Tim certainly had no idea what to say or even really what to think. So he resolved to enjoy the party and get used to the prospect of his bizarre dream about to come true.

Any apprehension Tim had about his costume was quickly forgotten, as it was a big hit with the women. He didn't sit out a single dance that he could recall later, and he had a great time catching up with familiar faces he hadn't seen in a year or more. Some of the witches, cats, schoolgirls and can-can dancers had him feeling nearly pedestrian in his costume anyway, and at some point he noted he wasn't even the only man in tights. With that realization he was free to enjoy the party, and he did. Many an impromptu hello and reunion around the candy table added to his spirits as well.

He caught only the occasional glimpse of Diane throughout the evening, and they exchanged knowing naughty smiles and nothing else. That was all perfectly delightful for Tim, though, now that the secret was out and he was free to admit he'd found Diane's body absolutely mesmerizing. With every sight of her, he saw less of a heavyset flapper in her dripping jewelry and feather boa and more of the stunning earth mother he'd spied in the shower -- and felt more of the delicious knowledge that she'd welcomed his gazes upon her beautiful body. His hands itched to explore that body, but he welcomed the anticipation as much as the sugary punch and the adoring looks from so many of the other partygoers.

Given how many kids were in the crowd, Tim figured there'd be no slow songs to suffer through. He was wrong, for two hours or so into the party he heard the opening strains of a cheesy eighties love song he'd heard a time or two at the end of his high school dances. Recalling how he had often hoped in vain to dance with Christie on those occasions, Tim decided he was late for the door.

He didn't quite make it. "May I have this dance?" came Diane's voice from behind just as he was almost to the exit.

"And how!" Despite his reticence a moment before, the rush he'd felt when she'd spilled the beans came back with a vengeance, and he was delighted to find himself in Diane's arms. "Hope you've been enjoying the party!" he called out as they swayed to the synthesizers.

"I have, but I do hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable out there!"

"No! You stopped my discomfort!"

"What do you mean?"

"Let's go outside after the song!" He didn't care to scream himself hoarse trying to explain it, and he was enjoying the thrill of being held too much to bother with talking.

"Good idea!" And Diane returned his fond clutches. For the rest of the song, they only looked one another in the eye and smiled, shyly at first and then much more comfortably.

"Now, what did you mean I made you less uncomfortable?" Diane asked as they stepped out into the chilly fall evening.

"I'd been feeling terribly guilty about spying on you," Tim said. "So it was a relief to know you wanted me to."

"That makes sense," Diane said. "Just think of it as an old lady's way of flirting. I figured I couldn't very well say 'your friend's mother wants a fling with you,' so the next best thing was to show you."

"It certainly was a creative way to do it," Tim said.

"Thank you," Diane replied. "Now..." She paused for a cursory look around to make sure no one else could hear, and then continued, "Did you like what you saw, Tim?"

He responded only by taking her hand and placing it on the big bulge in his tights.

Diane burst into laughter. "Thank you! It's been too long since I've inspired that!"

"You've been inspiring it in me all weekend!"

"Shall we go home, my dear?"


Diane found her car keys in her clutch bag and unlocked the car. She got as far as getting the keys in and the radio on before Tim slid up beside her and put his arm around her. "How about a preview?" he suggested, and he leaned in for a kiss.

"You always were a smart boy!" Diane's lips met his, and two days of pent-up sexual frustration dissolved in a passionate kiss that had her feeling absolutely at peace as his hands explored her back and sides. Having very much enjoyed the feel he'd offered her outside, she rubbed his hardness again, and was thrilled but not surprised when he returned the favor on her breasts. She felt her nipples getting hard through the sheer fabric of her dress and bra, and could only hope he took notice as well. Little doubt that he did, as soon he was focusing most of his rubbing on just the right spot.

A few delightful minutes passed before Diane pulled back. "Tim, this is wonderful, but if we don't stop here for the ride home, I'm afraid I might leave a wet spot on the driver's seat!"

"Well, we wouldn't want that," Tim said, and he did slide back to his own side of the seat, a bit frustrated but also delighted with the intimate tidbit Diane had just shared. "Are you wet then?" he asked as she started the car and looked in the rearview mirror to back up.

"If you wanted to know that, you should've checked!" she teased.

"How I wish I had!" Tim rejoined.

"You'll get your chance again soon enough, my dear," she told him with a salacious grin as she pulled out into the night.

If the drive there had been a short one, the drive home seemed to take forever. But it was worth it. "God, Tim, I've been going wild hoping this would happen!" Diane announced as they let themselves in from the garage. "When you didn't join me in the hot tub last night, I thought that was that."

"I really wanted to," Tim said. "But I figured I blew it when I asked you what to wear there. I figured I couldn't show up naked, just in case you weren't."

"I wasn't, but only because I didn't want to scare you away!" Diane grinned as she took his hand and guided him upstairs. "But evidently I wouldn't have, huh?"

"Did you know I was spying on you in the shower?"

"I hoped you were. But no, I didn't know. Couldn't you tell I was putting on a show for you?"

"I suspected it. But it seemed too good to be true."

"Too good to be true," Diane repeated as they reached the end of the hallway and she flipped on her bedside lamp, casting an intimate dim glow over her bedroom. Turning to drink in the sight of Tim in his adorable costume, she said, "I know what that's like! But it looks like this is true!" She turned around and drew her hair out of the way. "You zipped me into this, want to unzip me?"

"Do I ever!"

He did as he was told, and caught another -- this time shameless -- glimpse at her bra before she twirled her big body around with the grace of a ballerina and raised her arms. "It looks a lot more enticing from the front, you know," she said.

"I know," Tim said, as slowly and leisurely he lifted her dress up over her head. When he had it all the way up, she grabbed at it with both hands and tossed it into a corner.

"Isn't this view rather better in person?" she asked. "And without having to look through a hole in the wall?"

"Not only the view," Tim said, and he placed both his hands gently on her breasts again. "Diane, I hope these aren't too much trouble to carry around all day. They're beautiful, anyway."

"Thank you, and a good bra works wonders. But you're welcome to remove this one."

"I do believe we discussed whether you were wet," Tim recalled with a mild laugh. "And I did notice you like to save the bra for last."

"You are an observant young man!" Diane said as she watched Tim peel her tights and panties down. She stepped out of them and spread her legs a bit, and welcomed his gentle touch in her bush, which soon revealed that she was indeed wet. "Oooohhhh, Tim, I love that! Feel free to explore every inch."

"With pleasure!" Tim reverently ran his hand through the abundant hair. "You don't know how badly I wanted to do this last night when I saw it the first time. So beautiful!"

"I'm glad you feel that way," Diane cooed. "Not many guys your age appreciate a big bush!"

"I've always adored them," Tim said, his heart pounding as he thought of the delightful sensations he was giving her.

"No wonder you like mine," Diane laughed. "It didn't get that big until I was pregnant with Christie, you know!"

"All too fitting!" Tim agreed. At last he dared reaching a finger, then two, all the way inside her.

"Ooof! Yes! Don't stop!" she moaned.

"I won't, but want to help me off with my clothes?" he prodded. "After all, you haven't seen me out of mine already. That I know of."

Diane laughed. "No, I haven't. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!" She unbuttoned his cloak and he withdrew his fingers from her vagina long enough to remove it, and to raise his arms and let her pull his t-shirt off. "I almost don't want to take your tights off, they're so adorable," she said, admiring the stiff bulge in them. "But then..." She rubbed it appreciatively, drawing a gasp of pleasure from him as he once again set about fingering her. "Right, then, off they come!" she said, and she pulled down hard on the waistband, springing his cock free. "Doesn't that feel liberating!" she said.

"Wonderfully so!" Tim agreed, pushing the tights the rest of the way off with his feet and stepping out of them, all the while continuing to tease Diane.

"Oh, Tim! Ohhhhh..." Diane undid her bra and swung it off, and then flopped back on the bed with her legs spread. Where Tim had been only reaching a bit inside her, now he slid his two moist fingers all the way in, to her delight. He also latched on to her left breast and kissed her nipple passionately. He found the right one with his free hand, and squeezed gently, savoring the sensation he'd imagined so many times over the years.

"Always wondered what these felt like," he whispered.

"Always wondered how your hands and lips would feel on them," she said. "And they feel wonderful!" She said it in a husky, breathy voice that made it clear she was close to coming, so Tim rubbed harder and looked up to enjoy the beautiful intensity on her face a moment later when she climaxed. "Unnhhhhhhhhhh! Tim! Ohhhhhh." She took a deep, contented sigh, and added, "Thank you. Now your turn." She patted the space next to her. "Lie back here."

Tim was slightly worried that Diane's weight might be a bit much for her to be on top, but the prospect of her breasts hanging in his face was irresistible. In any event, there was little time to worry about it before Diane was squatting over him and drawing him into her velvety wet hot embrace. "Ohhh, yes!" Tim moaned.

Diane groaned huskily and laughed a bit. "Feels great for me too!" Soon she was rocking with abandon, her pendulous breasts bouncing around until Tim got his caring hands on them. "Lovely, Tim!" she said as she enjoyed his caresses and strokes.

He enjoyed his end of the sensation just as much. Her supple flesh felt magical in his hands, and he didn't care for it to end any time soon. Just as well, as Diane came twice more before he felt his own climax approaching. "Come for me!" she whispered breathlessly as she came down from the third time.

"I'd love to!" He kept his firm but gentle grip on her breasts, and closed his eyes to indulge more in the sensation as she continued humping him energetically. It took a little effort to let go of the absurdity of the whole situation -- this was Christie's mother! -- but it worked, and he felt the delicious explosion coming. "Aughhhhhhhh!" He threw his head back and roared with the intensity as Diane's rhythmic pushing finally came to a stop. "Ohhhhh."

"Oh, that's beautiful, Tim," Diane said, reaching down to brush a stray hair out of his eyes.

"Not as beautiful as this!" Tim took both her hands in his and tugged her down onto him, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "It was worth waiting for, wasn't it?" he asked.

"And how!" Diane agreed. "But I do wish you'd taken the hint a little more quickly all the same. At least we've got the rest of the weekend, though."

"Tell me one thing," Tim said, and he burst into laughter before he could go on.

"This one thing must be pretty funny," Diane said.

"How can we convince Christie to stay in England for Christmas?"

Diane joined in on his laughter, and kissed him again with aplomb.

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