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Christie's New Experience


Hello. I'm going to detail some of what I've had happen in my life, and some of what I want to have happen in my life. But to do that, I need to start at the beginning. I'm happily married now to the man of my dreams for 11 years. We got married shortly after both of us graduated, and have no plans to have children. But after we'd been married for a few years, our sex life changed drastically.

It all started, of course, with alcohol. We had attended the wedding of one of my school friends, and stayed pretty late at the reception, with me drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I enjoy it, and I'm a happy drunk. My husband rarely drinks, and to the best of my knowledge has never been drunk at all. The following morning, I woke up sore "down there", and with a typical hangover. As I slowly began working my way out from the hotel bed, my husband looked up from his breakfast and smiled, handing me a coffee fixed the way I like it. I took it with me in the bathroom, where I of course did the usual thing that most people do upon first awakening, and came back out to sit on his lap. He stroked my hair and asked what I remembered about the night before.

Not only is my husband not a big drinker, but he's not big on dancing either. So as I got more and more sloshed and wanted to dance more, he just allowed me to dance with whoever wanted to join me. I didn't get overly dirty with it he said, I just had a good time. The men had realized I was married (or at least taken), and for the most part had kept their hands to themselves. One or two had grabbed my ass I guess, but that was about it. But watching me with them had turned him on a bit, so when we finally left and got back to the hotel room, he was more rough with me than usual. He's always been fairly controlling in our sex life, and I've always enjoyed it. He said that last night, he started unbuttoning my dress as I walked down the hall, having the back of it fully undone by the time I got the hotel room door open. He showed me my bra, the hooks completely straightened from the force of him trying to rip it from me. My panties were completely ruined-those he'd succeeded in tearing from me. He said that then he "tried to fuck the shit out of me", which made me go completely wild. Apparently his new aggression made me remember one of my old boyfriends, because when I came, I was screaming out his name rather than my husband's.

At that point, I became pretty embarrassed. Like I said, I love my husband, and am happily married. I've never wanted to hurt him. But he said not to worry, because it had made him work harder, which made me even wilder, which turned him on even more. He couldn't remember who passed out first from it all, but he laughed about how much fun we'd both had.

That started the bedroom play for us. Sometimes he'd ask me to talk about stuff I'd done with past boyfriends as he stroked himself, or as I slowly rode him. Sometimes he'd have me dress up sexy, and slowly undress me in front of a mirror. Sometimes he'd have me talk about a cute guy I'd noticed at work, and we'd make up stories about what that guy and I could do together.

Eventually, that ended up progressing to him wanting me to dress more and more slutty when we were out of town. Shorter skirts, tighter clothing, more cleavage, higher heels, you know the drill. Then I'd be leaving my panties in the restaurant bathroom and walking out with him, and putting my feet on the dash and showing my pussy to whoever could see in the car as we drove to our hotel, and so on. Then he started pointing out guys to have me dance with when we were out at clubs or bars. All of that turned him on, and he always made sure to "thank" me properly afterwards!

Finally, something inside of him turned loose. On one of our trips, he brought along an outfit for me to wear out. Short skirt, ending about 3 inches below my ass, but not overly tight. A corset, but one that only held up my boobs, but didn't cover them at all. A jean jacket that was small to the point of barely being able to button a single button at the level of my nipple line. And a pair of thigh-high stiletto boots. No bra or shirt, and only my normal g-string underneath. He dressed neatly, as he always does-silky button-down shirt, slacks, reasonable yet professional shoes. With that, we went out to party.

I had my normal slow intake of drinks as we danced at a few places, then we hit a place that was pretty packed and fun. Somewhat crowded, so that if you were dancing, you were almost guaranteed to bump into other people. We found a seat where we could watch the bar and the dance floor, and I was kind of dancing in my seat. I went out a few times when a good song came on, and we pretty much just enjoyed the atmosphere for a while. Once or twice, I picked up a partner for a song or so, and we danced flirty-just the way you do when you're young, buzzed, and have no worries. Nothing too risque-the usual boob-cupping and ass grabbing, some light grinding, but nothing major.

At one point I came back to join my husband-happy, buzzed, but not drunk, I cuddled up next to him, and he pointed out a table of guys nearby that were facing us. He described how they'd been watching me, and suggested that we do a little more tonight. Of course, wanting to make him happy, and not really having too many cares or worries because of the alcohol, I agreed. He smiled and kissed me lightly, and said "I want you to stare directly at all of them, and take your panties off right here and leave them on the floor." My mind went completely blank. We were in a crowded bar, and those guys had a clear view under the table. My husband's fingers tickled my neck between my ear and shoulder-one of my erotic areas, always a good spot to get my sexual motor revved up another notch. I slowly turned my head and stared into his eyes, giving him a slow tongue kiss, my hand rubbing up his leg to his erection. He was rock hard, and dead serious about the whole thing. I gave what I thought was a sexy smile and whispered "ok", then turned back to face the trio across the way. I slid my skirt up over my ass just enough that I could hook my thumbs into my g-string, and stared deliberately at the guys as I worked it down under my ass, and over my boots. They nudged each other, giving me thumbs up throughout the act. As I slid my panties carefully off my boots into a puddle on the floor under the table, my husband caressed my inner thigh. For a while we just stayed like that-me watching the good-looking guys across the way, my husband watching both them and me as he teased my leg. We sipped our drinks slowly, until they were gone (not that there had been much left anyways).

My loving husband had me get up and get us new drinks-the path to the bar would take me directly past the table of guys. As I slid around the table, my face came close to my husbands, and he grabbed my chin, kissed me lightly, and encouraged me to have fun flirting with the guys. As I walked past their table, one of them flagged me down, lightly taking my hand and talking with me, thanking me for the show and the tease. We laughed and joked, me flirting shamelessly, hips flicking back and forth. On one of those sways, the companion sitting closest to me lightly ran his fingers up the back of my leg to the fold of my ass. Remembering my husband's instructions to let their hands wander, I let him tease the area where my ass joined the back of my leg. Within seconds, I could smell my own arousal, so I'm sure both of those guys could too. A few minutes more of flirting, and I made my way to the bar to get our drinks, where the third companion joined me and paid for them. He said even if nothing else happened that night, it was the least they could do for us.

Once again, my mind was a blank. "Even if nothing else happened..." I thanked him mindlessly, carrying our drinks back to my husband. The world was a dead stop for me-I couldn't think. As I sat back down, my husband slide his hand between my legs, where my juices were running down my bare legs. He had the wierdest, loving, teasing smile as he asked if I'd enjoyed myself. When my brain still couldn't process, he slid his fingers into my slit, making me gasp and startling me alert again. He asked me again if I'd enjoyed myself, and when I whispered that I had, he laughed and said he could tell. He asked what everyone had said as his finger slowly grazed my clit to my opening and back, spreading my juices over my hard clit. He continued to push me closer to the edge as I told the whole story. When I finished with the story of the last of the young men paying for our drinks as "thanks, even if nothing more happened", my husband opened the doors. "Would you want something more to happen?" His finger hooked hard into me, making me gasp "Yes!" He chuckled happily. "Why don't you pick one, and offer him a blowjob?"

My eyes shot to the three guys, who were still enjoying the show I was now inadvertently giving them. Out of all of them, the one I was attracted to the most was the youngest one, the one who had bought our drinks. My husband nudged me out of my seat, whispering in my ear to show him my tits, and get pictures. I walked, trance-like, to the table, my eyes never leaving the young man who was my target. I sat on the lap of the guy next to him, locking eyes with the youngest of them, and quietly repeating what my husband had said. At someone else's shock, I started to wake up a bit. I leaned over, giving him a glimpse down my jacket, my ass grinding back onto the hardon I'd unconsciously teased. I stared deep into his eyes as I repeated, a little louder, "It would be impolite of me to send you away, having only teased you, but not offering any release. Would you like to take me out to your car and let me suck you?"

At that offer, he bounded up, taking me hand, and leading me out. I managed a quick glance and smile over my shoulder at my husband, who was standing to follow us. The young man led me out to the side-most row of vehicles, opening the back door of a jacked-up pickup. I needed a boost inside, which he was happy to provide to my ass. I slide across the seat, knees slightly ajar, one leg along the back of the seat, the other along the side, giving him a view directly up my skirt. Once my back was to the far door, I slid down slightly, so that he would have a full view of my bare pussy, and opened the button on my jacket, allowing my breasts to fall free. I mentioned to him about getting pictures, even as his pants were flying open and he was pushing in towards me, quickly slamming the door behind him. He kept the state of mind to pull out his cell phone as I slowly worked him into my mouth, but had hardly started taking pictures before he gasped and started spurting. I've never minded the taste of cum, so I pulled back slightly, allowing him to send his load into my mouth. Once he'd finished, I gave him a look at it long enough before swallowing most of it. He got a picture of it, then kind of rested awkwardly for a minute. I smiled at him, buttoned my jacket again, and slid past him out of the truck, walking toward where my husband stood nearby, beaming at me. That night, I got fucked like a whore...

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by oldbearswitch09/27/18

Good first story, keep going. I am not hesitant to give tough reviews, this was a GOOD stroke story!

Nice description of her slut outfit. You two were great together teasing that table of guys. I doubt I would ever want to share the Feminine Magnificence that is my wife, but if I did hot little one-offmore...

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Smoking hot!

Awesome story. Loved it 5 stars.

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by Anonymous01/05/18

5! One of the best

on here. It's true if annony tells you it bad, you have to read it!!!!

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by Anonymous12/15/17


fag cuck shit.

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