tagNonHumanChristina and The Trolls

Christina and The Trolls


Sally walked through the woods as she spend the day looking for old things. She was a history buff and heard of the things hidden in the woods. She had on her tight jean shorts and tight tank top. She was blonde and twenty. She was happy and was always on for a history walk as she called them.

She came to an old, burnt out farm house. She walked up taking pictures of it. She went to it and peeked inside and snapped a few shots. She went around back and found a shed. She opened it up and looked at the empty shed. She left and went on for more. She had found her first bit of history.

Sally walked for a while longer and came across an open area. She took pictures of the area and zoomed into the woods across from her. She saw a large, dark, shadow. She stood still and looked again, it was gone. She shrugged and went any way. She wasn't trusting her gut feeling.

Sally entered the forest and looked around. She kept going and got to an old stone structure. She stood in awe at the large building. She opened the door and peered inside at the darkness. She pulled out her flashlight and went into the dark. Sally was deep inside the building and heard the door close. She turned and went to look. It was closed and locked from the outside. She tried to get out and heard scuffling behind her.

She spun around as a large hand grabbed her throat and lifted her up and off the ground. She gasp for air and the light caught his face, a troll looking man. He eyes widened as he took the flashlight and smacked her with it. She was tossed to the ground and he tore her top off and revealed her nice breasts. She cried as she tried to run.

He grabbed the waist line and ripped her shorts off and revealed her black thong and nice ass cheeks. She was almost naked. Sally felt a foot stomp on her back and hold her down. She kicked and pleaded as her tore the thong off. He smiled and looked at the flashlight. He grabbed her hair and he dragged her to his room. Sally's screams filled the large building as he laughed.

He tossed Sally onto his so called bed and pinned her down, on her back. She had tears running down her face as he felt her firm tits and smiled as he felt his cock get hard. She felt it and looked as it protruded from his tattered pants. He grabbed it and began to jerk off as he fondled her tits harder. Sally closed her eyes as her face was covered with his vile smelling cum. He groaned and tired her wrists to the bed posts. She struggled as he tied her ankles also. He pulled out her flashlight.

Sally looked wide eyed as he put it between her thighs and slowly used it on her pride. She was nearly a virgin, only once did she ever have actual sex and that was when she was eighteen. Now two years later, a flashlight was slowly beginning its journey into her virgin body. He smiled as she wiggled around with only a little bit of it inside her. She looked at him and was mad.

"You rotten son of a bitch! I'm a virgin! Stop you ugly fucker!" She screamed.

He stopped and a frown came across his face. Then he looked at her with a devilish smile. She thought she had stopped him, wrong. She pissed him off. He rammed the flashlight into her and shot pain through her tightness. She screamed as he continued his attack upon the young woman. She was now really crying as he made it go deeper into her. He decided, it was his turn and pulled the flashlight out and let her juices drip onto her face as he laughed at her.

"My turn whore!" He said tossing the light aside and aiming his cock at her wet pussy.

Sally felt him slam into her body and realized, he was bigger than the flashlight he had used! She screamed as it felt like her pussy was getting torn in two. He continued his attack as her fluids worked and he was going in and out of her rapidly. She was getting fucked by a troll, she didn't believe he existed and well, found out the hard way.

She was getting pounded by the troll as her body grew weak. She felt sick to her stomach and was about to vomit when her body suddenly betrayed her and her pussy flowed free with her juices. She closed her eyes and arched her back as she orgasm. He felt the rushing of the sticky liquid and went faster. Sally was now letting herself go. The trolls cock grew and exploded inside her. Sally fainted as he finished and he pulled out of her.

Her crotch dripped cum down to the bed. He smiled and left the woman. He used her torn shorts to wipe off his cock. He got to the door and it flew open. Two women stood there, aiming at him. He dropped the shorts and saw both of there sexy bodies. He eyed Christina and grunted.

"Where is the girl?" She asked.

"Girl?" He said eying her partner, Tiffany.

"Her name is Sally, and by the looks of it., we are late." Tiffany said.

"She was tight." He smiled and pointed at Tiffany. "I'm gonna fuck you next." He said grabbing his cock and firing a wad of cum into her face.

Tiffany screamed as it burnt her eyes. She staggered and began firing. Christina also began to fire as he rushed them. She aimed for the head and emptied her clip. He fell to the ground in front of Tiffany. He had grabbed her top and tore it open as he fell. Tiffany stood with her tits out as she wiped the cum away. She looked down at her chest and she put a few more bullets into his skull.

"Bastard." She said tying her shirt up to cover her nice rack.

"Nice tits there Tiff." Christina joked.

"Screw you. Thanks, wanna feel them?" She joked as they walked inside looking for Sally.

"No that's okay. Lets find Sally and burn this place down." Christina said as they separated to search for her.

Tiffany was about twenty two and sexy. She had long brown hair, pretty eyes and a great rack. She was best known for her sexy ass and always wore tight clothes, like she was wearing now. Skin tight cut off jeans and a newly torn flannel blouse. No bra but had on a thong. Christina had taken her under her wing since she lost Jessica about a year ago on an island. Tiffany didn't ever expect to be attacked like that. She promised herself and Christina.

Tiffany walked down a small hallway and found a room. She went in and looked around. She used her flashlight and found a room full of torn clothes and female items. She heard a noise and turned. She looked in the hallway and went down farther. She held her gun out as she entered a dimly lit room. She found Sally and went to untie her. She got to the bed as Sally sat up and smiled.

"Sally?" Tiffany asked.

"Yup, I am dead now." She said falling back, dead.

Tiffany checked her vitals and saw an arrow sticking out of her chest. Another one fired and grazed Tiffany's top and reopened it. She looked as he aimed at her she aimed her gun at him. It was a stand off. He smiled and went to fire. She opened fire and killed him. She moved as the arrow grazed her hip. She fell to the ground and made sure the little troll was dead. She got up and went to the hall.

She walked down to the end and found a large room. She stood looking around in the dark and shining her light around. She was in an empty room. She stood worried as she heard a noise behind her. She turned as two dart hit her in each tit, She was instantly weak and tired. She fell to her knees as he walked up to her. She dropped her gun and sat there almost out cold. He dropped his pants and smiled as she fell to the floor.

Tiffany was stripped and he began his attack upon her tight body. She was conscious but couldn't fight him as he sank into her. She felt her pussy lips open up to his huge dick. She felt it go deep into her body as he began to pound her. He had the huntresses partner and was fucking her silly.

Tiffany's body was responding to the sex and began to take it. He groaned as her juices flowed around his cock. He had her body under his control, but not her mind. She laid still as he rammed her deeper and harder. She was his rag doll and he was loving her every minute.

After a while she could move and he didn't realize she had gotten her gun. He filled her up and over flowed her pussy as he grunted. She pulled the trigger and he fell onto her. She was pinned under him as his blood soaked her body. She felt his hand move and around her throat it went. Her eyes widened as he sat up and gripped tighter. She fired more as he tightened.

Then he fell to the floor and there was a crack sound. Tiffany fell to the floor, dead. Christina had heard the shots and ran in. She found them and checked Tiffany's vitals. She was dead. She ran back into the hallway and ran towards the front door. Christina had to burn the place down. She got to the main room and tripped over the dead troll. She rolled and laid on her back dazed for the minute.

She stood up as she heard scuffling. Then two small trolls attacked her. They was maybe three feet high but were strong. She kicked and fought as they pulled her jeans off and revealed her red thong. She stood now in her red thong and white tank top. One ran up and jumped as she tried to block. He wrapped his legs around her waist and tore her top off and popped her bra. Christina was topless as he began to suck her nipples.

She was hit behind the knees and fell to them. The other one ripped her thong and began to suck her other set of lips. Christina was getting ate out and titty sucked by two horny trolls. She saw her gun and went to move but fell to all fours. She reached as the on on her tits grabbed her face and shoved his cock into her mouth. She gagged on it as it went deep into her throat. She sucked it as he held her to it. The other one rammed her nice tight body and they had there way with the famous huntress. They indulged her tight pussy and her lips as she slip them over there cocks.

After they fucked her and filled her mouth and pussy, they stood over her laughing. She looked as they went to leave. She grabbed her gun and killed them both. She stood up and ran outside. She tossed a gas can inside and shot it. It exploded as more small trolls ran after her.

She ran out as they ran outside burning. They screamed as they went for her naked body. She fired at them and the building was engulfed. She staggered back and watched it fall. She grabbed her and Tiffany's bags and left. She stopped to redress as the police rolled up.

Christina left as they all let it burn. She had killed the trolls of the woods like they paid her. It took her partners life along with the bait girl, Sally. Christina got into her limo and left the town. She was going home to get her next monster hunt.

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