tagLesbian SexChristina: Corporate Revolt

Christina: Corporate Revolt

byChristina Samuels©

The following is a departure for me. It is pure fiction; and although Becky, Rachel and Lisa are all very much real (and part of my everyday life); their actions as portrayed here are nothing more than fantasy. Why this disclosure? A future posting will reveal!


It was shortly after 8:00 P.M. on a Friday night in late March. I had just finished reviewing another pile of tax returns and was ready to call it a day. The intercom rang. I answered.


"Misses Samuels, your presence is requested in the conference room. Now!"

The voice was that of my secretary, Lisa.


"You heard me!"

Abruptly, Lisa hung up.

More than a little irritated, I rose from my desk, stormed angrily down the hall, and flung open the door to the conference room. "Who the hell do you think . . ." I began, then stopped short.

A long-legged, willowy blonde (woman) stared me down, then said, "If you know what's good for you, I suggest you lose the attitude and shut the fuck up. Understood?"

Confusion reigned. My eyes darted about the room. The conference table was pushed against the opposite wall, with a large beach towel spread out in its former place. In the far corner, the chairs were arranged in a half circle, facing the towel. Seated there – all dressed in navy skirts, with matching blazers, high heels and white blouses – were my good friend, Becky (several years my senior); my protégé, Rachel (a few years my junior); and my secretary, Lisa (young enough to be my daughter).

"Allow me to introduce myself." the blonde began, "My name is Veronica Walters. I specialize in corporate takeovers. Not the kind you're thinking of, though."

My composure regained, it was my turn to stare-down Veronica. "Exactly what kind of takeovers do you specialize in?!"

"The kind where employees takeover and make their bosses into their sex slaves for an hour or two; or three; or more."

"What?!" I sputtered.

"You heard her, Chris." Rachel said, "For the next few hours, you're going to be our sex slave."

"Just remember who signs the paychecks around here!" I snapped.

Veronica walked up to me and stood as close as humanly possible. "The same person who will keep signing them." she said.

I drew a breath . . . Started to speak . . . Couldn't. Her scent . . . Her . . . intoxicating perfume had my senses spinning.

"Now. Take off your clothes." she said softly.

I hesitated.

"Something wrong?" Veronica asked, "Afraid someone will walk in? See you stripping for us?"

Again, I drew a breath . . . Started to speak . . . couldn't.

"The men have all gone home for the day." Veronica continued, "The girls didn't want to share you with them. But if it will make you feel any better, go ahead and lock the door."

Another breath.

"Go ahead." Veronica said, with a fearsome degree of sternness.

Like a child scared of the price of disobedience, I hurriedly closed and locked the door.

"Now. Take off; your clothes." Veronica said in a bone chilling tone.

Anger built, I turned to confront her. "What if I refuse?!"

"We'll do it for you." Lisa said.

My eyes darted to her.

Then to Becky.

Lastly to Rachel.

Becky crossed her legs (knee over knee), leaned forward (resting elbow on knee; chin in hand), then shot me a raised eyebrow. Rachel followed suit, her expression sporting a 'try me' grin.

"The choice is yours." Veronica said.

Slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse, and removed it. My skirt went next. Then my heels, stockings, bra and panties.

"See? That wasn't so hard." Veronica said, displaying the most sickening sweet smile, as she collected my clothing.

I could feel my face (and everything else) redden with embarrassment/ anger.

Veronica issued another sickening sweet smile. "Lisa!" she announced.

My secretary rose from her seat. I met her gaze, and gave her my most intimidating stare. To my surprise, she returned it, and approached, removing a pair of clover clamps from her pocket as she did.

Trepidation welling, I involuntarily drew a sharp breath. Lisa stopped, shook her head and rolled her eyes. Acrimony built within me. Amusement within her. She smiled; took a single, purpose-filled step forward, then stopped once more. Determined to win the test of wills, I wet my lips, and raised a 'what now' eyebrow. In response, she heaved a disgusted sigh, then took another, purpose-filled step forward. Another. Then another, and another, until she met me toe to toe. I pursed my lips, and raised both eyebrows. She cocked her head to one side, then dangled the clamps mere inches from my nose.

I tried to appear unfazed.

She cocked her head to the other side, then fit the first clamp in place over my right nipple and snugged it.

Once more, I drew a sharp breath.

Another disgusted . . . make that: self-satisfied sigh, as she repeated on my left.

I tossed back my hair, and gave her my best nonplus look.

Mockingly, she mirrored my expression. "If only you knew who you are screwing with." she said, running her index finger along the fourteen inch long chain that linked the clamps.

"I have a pretty good idea." I said softly, yet forcefully.

Lisa smiled, lightly stroked my cheek, then slapped me hard.

"Rachel?" Veronica said with a laugh.

Lisa spun, and returned to her seat. My associate rose, then advanced.

From where, I'm still not quite sure, she produced a rather sizable ball gag. "Open wide." she said.

I hesitated.

"Don't make her tell you again." Veronica cautioned.

I drew a deep breath. Let it out. Opened my mouth to accept the gag.

"Good girl." Rachel said with a smug smile as she fit the gag in place and secured the strap.

"Christina," Veronica said, her tone daring challenge, "please keep in mind that you are not in charge here. We are. When you are told to do something, it IS in your best interest to follow through immediately. Understood?"

A chill ran through me. "Yes Mistress." I muttered into the gag.

"Good." Veronica said, "Then we understand one another?"

Slowly, I nodded.

"Becky." she said, "Your turn."

My good friend stood and smoothed her skirt. "Kneel on the towel." she said, "Your back to us."

Without qualms, I did as told.

"Down on your forearms." Veronica added.

Readily, I complied.

"Now for the fun part!" Becky laughed.

As she spoke, I glanced back and watched her kick off her shoes and don a rubber glove.

"What. . . what are you going to do?" I asked; my words made unintelligible by the gag.

Like the others, Becky gave me a smug/ self-satisfied smile, then walked over, and knelt next to me. "Veronica? Would you spread her butt cheeks for me?" she asked.


I braced, as Veronica's slender fingers invaded my cleft and pried me apart to expose my puckered hole.

"A little more." Becky said.

"How's this?" Veronica asked.


With my cheeks spread painfully apart, Becky's gloved finger coated my rim with a slimy ginger paste, then forced a large amount inside. Immediately, the fire began to burn.

"Hold her still." Becky said, in her soft, soothing voice.

Veronica's fingers dug in even more. I braced. Winced, as Becky inserted the nozzle of an enema bottle into my burning bung and quickly dispatched its full contents. With my butt on fire, I tried to protest as she administered the second.

The ball gag thwarted me.

A laugh; from Becky. "Time for number three!"

Again, I stupidly tried to protest.

Another laugh. "Number four!"

Never had I felt so . . . full.

Veronica released her grip. "Lisa." she said with her voice dripping of contempt, "Start the timer."

"How long?" Lisa asked.

"Fifteen minutes." Rachel answered with a laugh.

"Make it twenty!" Becky said with a laugh of her own.

I groaned, as the fluid migrated further in.

"Thirty." Veronica said, her voice emotionless.

Lisa set the timer, then stared at it. "So. What happens; now?" she asked, with a dramatic flare, that bordered on the absurd.

"So glad you asked." Veronica replied, with an equal degree of over-acting, " You, Rachel and I get to sit back and watch, while Becky masturbates her."

My mind spun out of control. "What did she just say?!"

"And Christina?" Veronica continued, her tone cold and threatening, "Don't you dare cum!"

"Yes Mistress." I mumbled into the gag.

Becky removed the glove, and sat next to me. "Spread your legs for me." she said softly.

Resigned to my fate, I cautiously shifted my weight from side to side, widening my pose.

"That's a good girl." Becky whispered.

A sharp, cramping pain struck. I groaned in discomfort. Becky ignored, and slipped the first two fingers of her right hand inside me so that they straddled my clit. Wildly, she jiggled them sided to side . . . round and round . . . forward and back. My attention quickly shifted, and a soft moan escaped my lips.

"I thought you might like that." Becky said.

With the same two fingers of her left hand, she pinned my labia and stretched them out.

A less severe pain. A shameful moan.

Trapping my clit between thumb and index finger, Becky slowly rolled it side to side. "I read a study once that said that some women find direct stimulation of their clitoris to be painful, and avoid it at all cost." she said, "Personally, I find it . . . delicious!"

More jiggling. More rolling. More pinching.

Another, shameful moan slipped past the gag.

"Sounds like she does too!" Rachel laughed.

Becky gradually accelerated the torment: focusing her efforts solely on the 'jiggling' method.

"Oh god!" I moaned, unintelligibly.

"What's that?" Becky said, "Faster? More . . . intense?"

A devastating cramp struck. I arched my back, sucked in my stomach, and groaned.

Becky ignored.

Another cramp. Another groan.

Systematically; diabolically, Becky varied both the speed and intensity of the jiggling. It was pure torture! My clit ached, and my need to orgasm was becoming unbearable.

"Oh god!" I moaned.

"Tap on her clit." Veronica said, "Lightly at first, then more and more and more forcefully."

Becky complied.

Another pain. Another groan.

More tapping.

Another cramping pain. Another groan.

"She sounds in distress." Lisa taunted.

"Doubtful." Rachel snipped, "The other day I was walking past her office and heard her making those very sounds, and I don't think she was waiting for an enema to do its thing!"

More tapping. I struggled to fend-off my desire to cum.

"Look at her!" Lisa laughed, "She's dripping!"

Admittedly; I was. With each tap, my juices flowed more freely.

"Don't you dare cum!" Veronica snapped.

Without warning, Becky withdrew her touch. Immediately, the stinging blow from a riding crop found the crease where the top of my thighs met the curve of my butt. Another. Another and another.

I yelped in pain.

Another and another and another found its mark.

A severe cramp racked me. I groaned/ sobbed louder than ever.

"Go back to tapping her clit." Veronica said.

Becky complied.

The mixture of pain/ pleasure was indescribable.

"Oh god." I moaned into the gag.

Lisa laughed, and began a countdown. "Three . . . two . . . one . . . now!"

The timer sounded. Becky removed her fingers from my aching pussy and allowed my stretched labia to close.

"You may relieve yourself." Veronica said, "But do it quickly!"

Trying desperately to hold the volume in, I scrambled to my feet, stumbled to the door and pulled for all I was worth. On the third try it dawned on me. "Locked!" I flipped the bolt, opened the door and ran down the hall to the ladies room.

Urgency built. With mere seconds to spare, I made it!


"Fuck. Fuck!" I muttered through the gag, as I finished the paperwork, "How the fuck did I get myself into this?!"

I rose from the toilet, flushed, then walked over to wash my hands. From reflex, I checked the image staring back at me from the mirror.

"You look adorable with that hot pink ball gag." I muttered into the annoying thing.

Suddenly, the door opened and Veronica entered.

"Bend over! Spread your legs! Grab your ankles!" she commanded.

Without thought, I obeyed.

Veronica circled me. "Have you ever heard of a geisha plug?" she asked.

"No." I muttered unintelligibly into the gag.

"It's somewhat smaller than most butt plugs." Veronica began, "Very rigid, with a weighted ball hidden in the head. A little like those vibrating eggs that go in your pussy, in that it provides a wondrous sensation when set in motion."

The image conjured was an odd mixture of pleasure and discomfort.

I waited. Waited some more.

"Though I should make you wear this dry," Veronica began, "a little lube makes its effects more; pronounced."

More waiting, followed by a hard slap to my right butt cheek. Another. And another; each stinging a bit more than the last.

"Bring your hands up. Spread yourself."

Obediently, I did as Veronica commanded; though more gently than déjà vu dictated. Soon after, a cool, liquid lubricant trickled down my cleft and into my butt hole.

"Ready?" Veronica asked.

"Yes. Mistress." I mumbled into the gag.


Veronica nestled the head of the geisha against my opening and began to push. "Such a nice, tight ass!" she said, taking her sweet time forcing the plug home.

"Oh god!" I groaned into the gag.

Veronica laughed, then used the palm of her hand to slam the last inch or so of the plug home.

"Straighten up! Turn around!" she commanded.

Once more, I obeyed. Veronica smiled an amused smile, then trapped the chain linking my imprisoned nipples in the crook of her index finger, and tugged. "Follow me." She said, using the chain as a leash.

Not wishing the clamps to tighten any further, I readily followed her out of the ladies' room, down the hall, and back to the conference room.

"Who's next?" Veronica asked.

"I am." Rachel replied, with a wry smile that attempted to hide her glee.

Filled with apprehension, I watched my; adjunct, retrieve a large tote bag from behind her chair, open it, remove a silk scarf, and a magic wand vibrator.

"Put your heels on." She said as she strode toward me; her walk exuding a cocky confidence.

Without hesitation, I complied.

"Hands behind your back."

Again, I readily complied.

"Would you do the honors, Veronica?" Rachel said, handing her the scarf.


Effortlessly, Veronica wrapped the scarf around my wrists, snugged it and knotted it.

"Spread your legs, Chris." Rachel said; make that commanded.

Slowly, I worked my feet apart. Rachel plugged in the vibrator and switched it on high.

"Start with her breasts." Veronica said.

Rachel touched the bulbous head to the side of my right breast and guided it up and over. The sensation was erotic. I closed my eyes and enjoyed.

"Slut!" Rachel laughed.

The descriptive stung. I opened my eyes and tried to appear indifferent as she moved it down my cleavage; over to my left; up; over and down.

"Now her nipples. Let it linger." Veronica instructed.

Rachel looked at Veronica and frowned.

"Sorry. Your show." Veronica said.

Rachel shot me another of her wry smiles, then began circling my aching right. "You like that; don't you?"

Saliva found its way around the gag and began to trickle down my chin. Shamefully, I nodded yes.

"Perhaps a little more pressure?"

I whimpered as she pushed the quaking bulb hard into my nipple.

"Too much?" she taunted, before switching to my left; pushing in equally hard.

Another whimper found its way around the gag.

"Move it between her legs." Becky said.

Rachel looked at Becky and shot her an irritated glare, but did as suggested.

"Remember." Veronica said, with a laugh, "That butt plug she's wearing is a geisha."

"I know." Rachel said with a smile, "Double her pleasure. Double my fun."

The quaking head moved over my mound and down to my moist labia. As it did, the butt plug began its tormenting.

"Oh god!" I cried into the ball gag.

"Say something?" Rachel asked, moving the vibrator back up, twisting it hard against my mound.

I lied, and shook my head no.

Rachel laughed. "Right."

Once more, she moved the vibrator along my now sopping labia.

Another moan.

Again, she pressed it hard into my mound. Involuntarily, I moved my hips away. To no avail.

Another moan.

Back to my labia.

Suddenly, wave after tiny wave of pleasure began rolling through me; bringing me nearer to orgasm.

"I bet you'd like to have this inside you." Rachel taunted.

Violently, I shook my head no, fearing the pain of such an intrusion.

Rachel laughed, then squatted in front of me maintaining light pressure on my mound, "You do have a pretty pussy." she said, "No wonder Aaron likes to go down on you."

My heart was pounding. Like a bitch in heat, my need to cum was overpowering.

Rachel removed the vibrator and lightly stroked my pubes. Switched it on high and pressed it hard into my mound.

Again, I pulled my hips away. This time, a stinging blow (from the riding crop) bit into that spot at the base of my butt cheeks. Reflexively, I reversed course.

Another stinging blow. Another. Another and another.

"Christina?" Veronica said, her tone firm, "Now that I have your attention, unless you want more of this, don't try anything like that again! Understood?"

"Yes Mistress." I said, my words still rendered unintelligible by the ball gag.

Rachel pressed the vibrator hard into my mound. As instructed, I did not pull away.

"Fast learner." Rachel laughed.

I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy. Shot them open as the vibrator kissed my pussy lips and began to gain entry.

"No. No! Oh god no!" I cried unintelligibly.

Rachel switched off the vibrator, and persisted. I wanted to pull away, but knew better.

"Go slowly." Veronica instructed, "Don't want to hurt her, just stretch her a whole lot."

"NO!" I groaned.

"Sounds like she's begging for more!" Lisa laughed.

Rachel ignored, and continued to push until the entire (four inch diameter) head was inside me.

"Please! No!" I cried into the gag.

A single click turned the vibrator back on. Another click and another brought the speed to a near intolerable level.

"Better?" Rachel asked with a laugh.

I tried to speak. Couldn't. Drool flowed around the gag. The feelings within grew more and more intense. I was near the edge. Close. So close.

"Oh yes. Yes!" I whispered into the ball.

Without warning, as if she knew the imminence, Rachel switched off the vibrator and violently withdrew it from me. The sound of my labia slamming shut was beyond pornographic. My heart fell at the realization of orgasm-lost.

"Something wrong?" Rachel asked/ taunted.

My juices flowed down my inner thighs. My heart pounded harder than ever.

Another sharp crack from the riding crop. Another. Another. Another. Another. Another.

Rachel's fingernails dug painfully into my thighs. Raked downward.

I winced.

Another stroke from the crop.

Playfully, Rachel smeared my juices over my legs. "Yes." she said softly, "A very pretty pussy."

My entire being quivered.

Rachel stood. Fixed my gaze. Smiled. Licked her lips. "Disappointed I wouldn't let you cum?"

Slowly, I nodded yes.

"Maybe Lisa will." she said, lightly stroking my chin.

I drew a deep breath, hoping to calm myself. No such luck. Rachel returned to her seat. Lisa stood; her face aglow with a telltale grin. "On your knees! On the towel!" she commanded.

My legs shaking, I walked to the edge of the towel and lowered myself to my knees. With what became horror, I watched as Lisa retrieved a small tote bag from behind her chair, opened it and produced the longest, thickest strap-on imaginable.

"Be gentle with her." Veronica taunted, "After all, she is a virgin. Of sorts."

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