tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChristina, Slave In Training Ch. 4

Christina, Slave In Training Ch. 4


When we last left our heroine Christine, her boss had just finished fucking her in his office. For the benefit of those whose memories may be a bit fuzzy because of the author's procrastination, Chapter 4 begins with a flashback to the end of Chapter 3. (O.K., I know its hokey, but it worked in those Charlie Chan serials that went along with the double feature cowboy 'shoot 'em ups' I once went to see every Saturday at the old 'Queen' movie house).

* * * * *

Before dressing, Christine was careful to plug her cunt with toilet paper. Why had Stanley been so insistent that she keep Rick's load dammed up inside her? He had some devilish scheme to humiliate her no doubt. Christine had to admit though that Stanley's little games could be terribly erotic. She almost always got off on them.

It was well after 6 by the time Christine opened her front door. All the way home she mulled over what she was going to say. Just how does a girl tell her husband she has just fucked another man, and still has his load of cum in her cunt? He would know that already of course. After all, she had only done what he had demanded of her, but the devil was in the details. Should she tell him how much she had enjoyed riding Rick's cock? Should she admit how her orgasms had come, not just one, or once, but in bunches over and over?

She was still debating the level of her confession when she opened the front door. What she saw sent her problems onto the shelf to be dealt with later. There was Julia, stripped naked and on her back, bound and spread eagled upwards across the low end of the foyer staircase. Her body, ass, and legs were draped over the front edge of the individual steps. Her legs were spread, and tied at the ankles to the end newel of the bottom banister. Each arm was stretched out at right angles, and tied tightly at the wrist to a baluster. Stan was sitting on a stool in front of the bound and sobbing woman with a buggy whip in his hand.

Julia cried out to Christine, half screaming in indignation, and half sobbing in pain and terror, "Please! Please, help me Christine. This lunatic husband of yours has raped me, and now he is torturing me! Make him stop! Call the police! Get help! For God's sake, do something."

What was going on? Had her husband and master indeed gone crazy? What should Christine do? What COULD she do?

It seemed certain enough that Stanley was abusing her friend. Marks across those lovely breasts and the insides of her spread thighs showed where the business end of that whip had bitten into flesh. Tears were running down Julia's face. A closer look revealed a dildo buried in the feminine core between those spread legs, and from around its edges a white male seed was leaking. She had been recently fucked, no doubt about it.

The whip flicked out once more and landed high on an exposed thigh. Julia screamed.

"Shut up bitch!" Stan demanded of his captive. "I'm tired of hearing you whine. Let's tell the truth now, Julia. You see, Christine, this bitch arrived by cab at 3 o'clock. At 4:45 she comes bouncing out of the shower all wet and randy, showing me her tits and pussy, putting the make on me. Yeah, I fucked her, fucked her good, but it was a long way from rape, and I have a tape to prove it. If this bitch doesn't straighten up pretty quick I'm going to make her husband's divorce lawyer a present of the sounds of sweet Julia getting dicked where she likes it best.

Julia went white. "You wouldn't you bastard," she sputtered.

"I will if you don't shut the fuck up," Stanley snarled at his victim. "I saw you and my wife last summer licking each other's pussies on that cruise ship. You lez bitch! You thought you could come here and wait out your divorce and alimony award while Christine licked your cunt. My cock would be icing on the cake. What you didn't know was that there is a new order of things around here. Christine is not just my wife, now she's my sex slave, my concubine, my harem girl. You don't get into her pants anymore without my permission."

Then turning to his wife, Stanley asked, "Isn't that right Christine?"

When the only response was a puzzled nod, his tone grew angry and he demanded, "Lift up your dress Christine. Show your lezzie friend the pussy she came here so hungry to eat." Christine wanted no part of that buggy whip he was waving at her menacingly. She was quick to do as he asked. She lifted the hem of her dress above her waist exposing her sex. Stuffed into the slit below a neatly trimmed bush was a white smear of toilet paper.

Stanley popped the tip of his whip on one of Julia's breasts and then asked her, "See that paper sticking out of her cunt? What do you think that's for? Don't know? Well I'll tell you. Her boss fucked her not more than an hour ago, and the paper is holding in his cum. You want to suck my wife's pussy do you? I hope so because I'm going to let you do just that. In fact, I insist upon it. While you're about it, be sure you clean Rick Green's nice fresh wad out of her."

Stanley turned back to his wife who was still dutifully holding up the hem of her dress, but shaking her head in disbelief. "You don't believe I raped this lying bitch do you Christine?" he asked. "Well, if you do, get an ear full of this."

He held up a small dictating recorder in his hand and flicked to 'play.' Julia's voice was clear as a bell. "Oh god ye-essss Stan, fuck me. Fuck me please. Oh you're so deep. You f-feel so g-good. O Stanley, I'm cumming. I'm CUMMING!"

"Does that sound like rape to you, Christine?" Stanley's grin was positively evil.

Julia let out the wail of an animal in pain. "Please, for the love of God Stan! Don't give that to my husband. It will ruin everything. I'll be out on the street with nothing."

"Sure Julia," Stanley answered, "I don't owe your husband anything, but there will be a price."

"Anything! Anything! I'll pay you. How much?"

"No Julia, you misunderstand. I don't want your money. I want…YOU! You, every bit of you, mind, body, and soul! I want to own you, as in slave... my sex slave. I want you to come to me crawling naked on your hands and knees, begging for my cock. I want you to offer me your tits, your mouth, your pussy, and your ass… and then beg me to take them for my pleasure. My price is your body…YOU Julia!"

"No, no! I won't do it. I fuck whom I want. I won't be anybody's slave," Julia's voice was strong in her refusal.

Stanley flicked her exposed pussy with the tip of his buggy whip, earning a scream of pain from Julia. "Ah but you will my little whore. You will because you have no choice. You have it exactly right. If I send this tape to your husband's lawyer, the shit hits the fan. You will be out on the street renting your cunt by the hour. Think about it Julia, and THEN tell me your ass doesn't belong to me."

Julia was sobbing hysterically now. Whether is was from the pain of that whip on her pussy, or from the choice Stanley was demanding of her, Christine could not tell. Finally the tormented woman gathered herself, and speaking thru choking sobs she gave in.

"All right! I'll do it! Slavery is better than being broke. You own me, you bastard. I'll be your God damned slave."

"Good! I thought you would," Stanley was gloating now as he accepted the surrender he knew was inevitable all along. Then turning to Christine he ordered, "Strip slut, and get on top of Julia. Lock your legs behind her head so you can put your face between her legs without sliding down hill."

"Julia," he said turning back to the bound woman on the steps, "I want you to chew that toilet paper out of her cunt with your lips and teeth. Catch what leaks out in your mouth, then suck out and swallow whatever is left of Rick Green's scum. While you are emptying Christine's hole, she will clean your pussy of the gift I left behind in you. You two lezzies like to lick each other's cunts so much… well, get to it and enjoy yourselves."

Christine took one look at her husband's stern and angry face and began to peel off her dress. Four steps up the stair, she mounted her friend's pretty face. "This was going to be messy," Julia thought, but she didn't hesitate to begin chewing on the paper plug that was holding back a flood of male semen. She had little choice, and after all, under different circumstances she would have enjoyed eating Christine's pussy.

Christine was more reluctant, and for a long moment or two, she sat upright and motionless on Julia's probing tongue. Under her she felt Julia's mouth at work as the paper plug loosened, and then give way. The seal broken, the heavy wad of Rick Green's cum leaked into Julia's mouth. Julia swallowed, and her talented tongue began to scrub away what was left of Rick Green's semen. A low whimper escaped from Christine's throat certifying Julia's pussy eating skills.

"Now Christine!" her husband commanded. "Her cunt, Christine, suck her cunt!"

By now, Christine was on fire, willing and ready. She was her husband's sex toy. His word was law, but how to do as he commanded? Julia lay at a steep angle on the stairway, and Christine wanted to be sure that as she lowered her head into Julia's crotch, her own pussy would remain anchored on Julia's mouth and that delicious tongue.

Fortunately there was a way to defeat gravity. By hooking her calves behind Julia's head Christine could lock her sex firmly over Julia's face. With that hold she could brace her arms and hands on a lower step as she hung over her friend's open thighs. Before going down on that open and waiting pussy, however, Christine raised her head to search her husband's face, curious about his reaction to his wife about to eat a woman's pussy. She found his eyes frozen intently upon her, and across his lips an evil half smile spoke volumes.

"He is enjoying this," Christine thought full of resentment and humiliation. "The bastard is getting his kicks making me do this while he watches. Look at him. He is almost salivating he is so close to getting his rocks off at degrading me."

"Do it." Stanley commanded his wife. "Take out the dildo and eat her Christine. Taste her. Taste me. Clean her. Fuck her with your tongue."

Whether motivated by her husband's demands, or Julia's warm mouth and gentle tongue, Christine was ready and willing to begin. Her arms slowly gave way at the elbows easing her breasts downward to cover the soft smooth female belly that was thrusting upward to meet her chest. She pulled away the dildo that plugged Julia's freshly fucked pussy, and replaced it with a live finger that probed the waiting hole under her chin. It was a vagina already stretched and sensitive from its recent union with Stan's penis, and the dildo that had filled it since.

Behind her, Christine heard Julia catch her breath in surprise, and then a muffled whimper of protest... or was it only a desperate signal for more? Whichever, more was on its way. Even as her finger searched for the G-spot in the walls of Julia's pussy, Christine ran her tongue across the soft inside of Julia's lovely thighs. Moments later, her mouth pressed hard at the very top of Julia's feminine slit. With a flicking, teasing tongue Christine pealed back the folds of female flesh that guarded the clit hidden there. The little nub responded, peeking out from its cover tentatively as if seeking the who, and the why, of its awakening.

With Julia's pussy button on its way to erection, Christine's tongue replaced her probing finger and began a gentle, almost tentative, stroking between labia swollen with blood and need. Wet with juice and cum, the pouting lips of Julia's cunt tasted of raw, unsalted, uncut sex, both male and female. Momentarily distracted, Christine reflected on that distinctive pungent flavor.

"How often since her hiking trip to Bakersfield had this sweet but acid bite of sex been on her tongue? Ruefully she realized she had lost count. What a little whore she had become."

Julia's hips churned her cunt into Christine's face, demanding more mouth and tongue. Stanley's taste was fast disappearing from Julia's slit, only to be replaced by a flood of female wet that spilled out onto the carpet of the stair step. Julia attempted to speak, trying to tell everyone of the spasm of her pussy and the cramp in her belly, but Christine's pussy muffled her words. Christine in turn was pressing her own pussy hard against Julia's mouth, and her thighs were clamped tight around her female lover's ears. Christine's climax followed quickly behind Julia's, and it came in multiple waves.

As her orgasms subsided, Christine raised her head and cursed at her husband. Since they had returned from Bakersfield he had been such a bastard, humiliating her at every turn. Christine had to admit, however, her husband's cruel little games were certainly erotic, and she most surely did get off on them.

"All right you two, that's enough. Time to feed your master," Stanley announced as he released Julia from her bondage on the staircase. "After we eat, we are going to have a couple of guests drop in."

Around his wife's pretty neck Stanley buckled a broad black dog collar that matched the one already worn by Julia. To each collar he clipped a leather leash, and with a rein in each hand he led his two concubines into the kitchen for a meal of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Naked, silent, and subservient, their leashes hanging down between their breasts, the women prepared the food for themselves and their master. Kneeling on the floor beside his chair, the two slaves fed both their master and themselves. His own hands were otherwise occupied playing with the tits and pussies that were his property.

Finished with their meal Stanley showered with the help of his suburban harem. One naked woman knelt at his feet to soap, rinse, and suck, his cock and balls. A second stood behind him scrubbing his back to a tingle, then rubbing herself against him, soothing him with the soft touch of her breasts and nipples. No Middle Eastern Sultan attended by concubine slaves from his seraglio ever had a more sensuous bath, or enjoyed one more. He had Christine shave him, and Julia to brush his teeth, and dress him only in his jockey shorts. He said the guests he was expecting knew that things would be 'casual'.

Just how casual the two girls were soon to learn. Slave collars and leashes only was all Stanley allowed them. Christine was horrified and humiliated. This bastard husband of hers was going to parade her before some unknown guests naked, and on the end of a leash.

"Are these people we know?" she asked him.

"Oh yes," he answered. "You know them quite well."

"No Stan," she protested, "You can't put me on display bare ass naked in front of friends. I will never be able to look them in the eye again."

Stanley grinned. "Don't worry my pet, they know what to expect, and I daresay they are looking forward to it. Anyway, you shouldn't be embarrassed. After tonight, you will know them so much more intimately."

Christine was pondering just what he meant by that when the doorbell rang. "Answer the door Christine. Greet our guests, and invite them in." Stanley was enjoying his wife's discomfort so much that he could hardly keep from laughing at her out loud.

"No, Please! Please Stanley! Please don't make me do this."

"You forget yourself Christine," Stanley said frowning. You forget what you are now. You are not just my wife anymore. You are now my slave woman. You will do what you are told…or would you rather have a taste of the whip?"

Christine could see that there was nothing she could say that would do any good. Blushing she went to answer the doorbell, her leash bouncing between her breasts with every step. She swung open the door. "Damn! This was going to be even worse than she thought." There in the doorway was Stephen Carter and his girlfriend, Vanessa Church.

Stephen was a member of the same rock climbing club as Christine, and they worked out at the same gym, often together. Stephen was a stud, big, very strong, and very much a narcissist who never wore anything but T-shirts too small for his broad chest. Despite his overwhelming ego, Christine had always found Stephen sexy and interesting. Her attraction was more of an unresolved school girl crush than anything serious, but the big bulge in his crotch always left a tingle in her pussy. She would choose him as a climbing partner whenever she could, and when she masturbated she would fantasize that it was Stephen who was fucking her.

Vanessa was something else again. She had been Stephen's girlfriend even back in high school, and she was a jealous bitch. She didn't like it one bit when Christine would come smelling around 'her' man. She hated Christine, and the feeling was quite mutual. "Now," Christine thought, "thanks to my God damned husband, I am being shamed not only before Stephen, but that bitch Vanessa as well. "It was true! Vanessa was gloating at the way Christine was being made to parade naked wearing a dog collar in front of Stephen. The bad blood between Christine and Vanessa was not likely to be improved by this evening.

"Come in, Stephen, I...I…I…I know how this looks, but…but…" Christine began to stammer. She would like to have explained, but in her embarrassment she was grateful when Stanley interrupted.

"Sure! Come on in, Stephen, Vanessa!" Stanley welcomed his guests. "Christine is afraid it is a social faux pas that she is not properly dressed, but hell, why stand on ceremony between friends. As I'm sure you know Stephen, she has had the hots for you and your muscles for a long time now. Mostly though, she has been interested in that muscle between your legs. She is ashamed to be naked in front you, but she was going to be later anyway. Surely she wouldn't expect you to fuck her with your clothes on." Stanley was grinning smugly at his little joke.

Stephen didn't know quite what to say. He blushed a little and shifted his feet. For all his ego and reputation as a cocksman, he had never been in a situation quite like this before, and he was damned uneasy about it.

Vanessa on the other hand was grinning from ear to ear. It apparently didn't bother her a bit when Stan announced that her boyfriend was going to fuck another woman. That puzzled Christine. What was going on here that she didn't know about?

Stanley smiled back at Vanessa warmly as he explained what he had in mind. "I mean to take good care of you too Vanessa. What about it? I know that the two of you don't like each other very much. Would you like to have my stuck-up wife as your slave for the evening? Would that compensate for her using your boyfriend's cock? Of course it would, especially if you kicked off our evening by going first. Well, she's all yours Vanessa! What would you like Christine to do for you?"

Vanessa had been waiting a long time for a chance like this. She didn't need to think it over. "I want the bitch on her knees eating my pussy," was the almost instant answer. "You cuff her hands behind her back for me, and I'll sit right here on the couch with my legs spread. I'll pull my dress up and she can crawl between my knees and go down on me."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Stan said as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from the canvas bag by his chair. He yanked Christine's arms behind her back and snapped the cuffs closed around her wrists. Vanessa pulled her dress up to her waist, then took her seat with her knees spread. Her panties were a lime green and had a noticeable dark wet spot in the crotch.

"Come on Christine," Vanessa taunted her female toy. "Stephen has been playing with my tits and pussy all evening, and I have been so wet. I must be especially tasty down there." Vanessa was openly mocking her victim as she continued. "Poor, poor, Christine, she doesn't have any hands to help her get my panties out of the way. Too Bad! I guess poor Christine will just have to chew the crotch out with her teeth before she can reach my pussy with her lips and tongue."

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