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Christina's Idea of Fun


It was the late summer of 2003, and I was working in a 5 star hotel in Dubai. Nothing well paid, mind; just a job as a hotel porter (or 'dogsbody', as the title should more accurately be known). I had just finished school at the age of 18, and had been offered this job for the summer by a family friend. I saw it as a great way to see another part of the world before returning for the start of university in the Autumn, and of course, a way to make a little money.

I was a shy boy back then, and a virgin. To be frank, the prospect of university scared me a bit, and the job in a hotel dealing with the public was also a strategic move to bring me out of myself and build up my confidence with other people. (And boy did it work by then end!)

Anyway, this was a top hotel. Basic rooms would go for $500 per night, and it had everything. And I mean everything: the place had a helipad on the roof for Christ's sake! The place had 20 floors, and overlooked the sea on one side, with a great view of the thriving city on the other.

Because of the location and the quality of the place, we often had famous people coming for a stay. Half the time I didn't know who they were until some colleague would call me aside and say something like 'Hey, isn't that the German foreign minister', or something. But sometimes there would be someone recognisable to someone like me: an actor, a presenter – or a singer, maybe.

Ah yes, a singer. It was the start of August by now, and there had been word going around for the past week that Christina Aguilera was coming for a stay. Later I would learn she was coming straight from her Stripped tour, to recuperate in a location where she was less likely to be mobbed by fans. I didn't think much of this at the time. Yes, it would be interesting to see such a famous person 'in the flesh', but on the other hand our contact with the guests is always minimal, and tending to the more 'important' people is usually left to the more senior staff. Such unprofessionalism as to, say, ask for an autograph is strictly forbidden, and could get you sacked on the spot.

So when the day of her checking-in came I wasn't particularly anxious. I guessed I'd get a glimpse or two of her over the fortnight of her stay, but little more.

I was retrieving some coffee cups left on one of the tables in the large foyer.

'Mark', barked my manager, Michael, appearing from one of the officers, 'I need you and four other porters. Ms Aguilera's flight has come in early and she'll be here in 10 minutes. Johnson and De Sousa haven't come on shift yet, so you'll need to deal with her arrival with me and a few others.'

(Johnson and De Sousa were the two most senior porters who would normally get this sort of job.)

I rallied round the foyer and kitchen, managing to get hold of 3 other porters, and we returned to Michael.

'Right', he said, 'David, Philip and Wendy come with me ready to greet her outside'.

'Mark', he said, turning to me, 'you're the newest here so you can wait inside the door. You can help carry the bags if need be'.

So I stood patiently for a few minutes. Eventually I heard a two cars pull up, and the racket as Christina's entourage emerged. I heard Michael give his usual sickening, sycophantic greeting. They seemed to have been talking for ages, when about ten people marched through the door, mainly men in suits. Through the crowd I could just make out Christina. She was beautiful, even from behind, her wavy long black hair shining, and as she turned to the side briefly, I saw her radiant face.

I was snapped out my trance by Michael.

'Mark! Don't just stand there! Help carry the lady's baggage!'

I nipped outside and picked up the last two cases, then proceeded back inside to follow Christina, her entourage, and the other porters up to the lifts.

By the time I arrived at the premier penthouse suite I'd hardly seen anything more of Christina, but as we entered the room the people dispersed, checking every last detail of the room, and so I saw her in full. She looked amazing, even though she was wearing an unremarkable pair of comfortable trousers and a plain white (tight) t-shirt. My gaze guiltily hesitated on her right breast as I was startled by the clear sight of her nipple ring under the material. Evidently, she didn't do bras.

Did she catch me looking? I felt her eyes on me as I tried to busy myself. Along with the other porters I moved her stuff into the bedroom, and returned to the main living area where Christina was chatting to one of her suits.

'Right', exclaimed Michael, the Manager, 'we will leave you to it, Ms Aguilera. If you need anything please just call down..."

'Er, Christina would like someone to help unpack and arrange the rooms', said one of her people. Christina smiled.

'Of course', responded Michael, 'errr...David will assist you, and we'll get one of our more experienced porters to help when they arrive too, if you like.'

For the first time, Christina spoke audibly.

'Actually', she said, 'those three have been so good getting my things from the car', referring to the other three porters. 'Couldn't...Mark do it?', she asked, reading my name from my badge.

'Okay...no problem', said Michael.

She looked at me and offered me a sweet smile. I gulped with anticipation. I was terrible at meeting new people, even when they were normal people like me! How was I going to handle this?!

Michael brought me to one side as the others made finishing touches to the room.

'One wrong move and your fired, Mark, ok?' he whispered. 'You know I'd never let someone as new as you do this, with such a high profile client, but it seems I have no choice at the moment. This lady is going to spend a fortune in this place, so best behaviour. Understood?'

I nodded nervously.

The other hotel staff left, and after a minute of further checking and pandering, the entourage slowly filed out to find their rooms.

'Are you sure you want us to all leave?', I heard one of them ask her.

'Sure, I'll be fine. I'll page you if there are any problems.'

The silence was deafening as the door closed, the room now empty except the two of us. I plucked up the courage to break it.

'So, do you need me to help you unpack?'

'No', she replied bluntly, looking straight at me from just a few feet away, a gentle smile creeping across her face.

'Erm, I can rearrange the furniture if you like?'

'No, that's fine...Mark.

'What do you require me for, then?', I asked cautiously.

She hesitated and looked to the side.

'Look, Mark', she began, again piercing me with her beautiful gaze, 'I'm here for 2 weeks. My management insist I need a break, and to relax, but I'm not really a relaxed kind of girl.'

She paused again. I tried to think of something to say, but couldn't.

'I like to have fun; a little excitement, to break up the boring routine of that lot'. Presumably she was referring to her formidable entourage. 'I like to break the rules. Do you know why I chose you?', she asked, slowly pacing around the room.

'No', I replied.

'Because it doesn't look like you've ever broken a rule in your life, Mark', she said emphatically turning to face me. 'I think you and I should have some fun together. I think we both need it, and I can tell that you're not the sort of person who will go around boasting about it. I think we should have some secret fun together.'

'Er, I'm not sure if I know what you mean'. I could tell I had gone bright scarlet, and my heart was pounding, thinking back to what my manager had said.

'Okay', she said brightly, 'I'll show you. Come with me.'

She walked into the adjacent bathroom. I slowly, nervously followed, for the first time seeing her amazing, tight ass wiggle as she walked ahead.

She closed the bathroom door as I entered. She folded her arms (squashing her boobs around in the process) and there was a pause. I went redder.

'Now strip. Strip naked, Mark', she said starkly, smirking.


'Strip your clothes off', she repeated dryly.

'No! It's...it's....completely unprofessional! I can't be doing things like this, I'll get fired!'

'Do it!'

'No, I'll get into trouble'.

'That's the whole point', she confided, 'it's dangerous. Look, if you're worried about getting fired, how about this: if you're not naked in the next ten seconds I'll phone reception and tell them you groped me.'

'What! No please don't...'

'Ten, nine, eight...'

I had no choice; I couldn't call her bluff. I rampantly stripped my starchy, horrible uniform off. I wasn't quick enough though. Bare-chested and struggling with my trousers, Christina's countdown had finished, and she picked up the bathroom phone and dialed 0.

'Yes, it's Christina Aguilera here, in the Penthouse. I've got a problem..."

By now I was down to my underpants, and managed to whip them off in almost one movement. I stood naked, two feet from Christina, and for some reason spread my arms as if to emphasize it.

Christina's eyes looked over me, and as she listened to the receptionist her eyes moved down to my crotch. I suddenly felt even more uncomfortable.

'Actually, it's ok', she said to the receptionist, 'I couldn't find something, but I've...er...seen it now. Bye'.

She giggled and put the phone down slowly and turned to face me. I had by now used my hands to cover my groin, and as an uncomfortable silence grew I couldn't help but notice Christina's nipple ring again. I felt a twitch in my cock, and too scared to say anything for fear of what she might say (or do) in response.

With an evil, satisfied smile she ordered:

'Into the shower, now. Turn it on, and close your eyes.'

I did as she said, stepping into the shower unit, closing the translucent door behind me, and turning the shower on. Obediently I waited with my back to the shower wall, hands placed over my dick again, eyes closed, with the warm water showering over my chest. My heart hadn't calmed down, and I was sweating in fear and anticipation. As I said, I was a virgin back then, and just being seen naked by a girl was terrifying. And what was Christina going to get me to do? Why did I have to close my eyes? And how long was this going to take? If I wasn't back downstairs soon one of the other porters might come to the room to check up on me.

As my mind raced the shower door was opened again. Was Christina getting in as well!? I smelt her perfume, and before I knew it I felt what could only be an ass cheek graze gently against my hand as she got into the shower in front of me. I heard the shower door close again.

'Now open your eyes, Mark', she said.

I did so. She was standing in front of me with her back to me, facing the shower head. She was only inches in front of me, but glancing down I could see her slender, smooth back, and her pert, round buttocks. And of course her long, black, wavy hair. I could feel my dick was beginning to inflate.

'Now Mark, I've had a long flight this morning and I need to freshen up. And I find it's a lot easier if you have someone to help you.'

'Okay', I offered, only just managing to squeak the word out.

'Start with my hair, and make sure you're thorough', she said with the tone of a school teacher, handing me a bottle of shower gel she had brought in.

Reluctantly I moved my hands away from my growing cock and put some gel in my hand, and began lathering it into her silky mane. I started at the top, bunching her hair into a pony-tail. This isn't so bad, I thought. But before long I had to move down the hair, and my hands inevitably brushed against her soft back. The sight of the suds slowly sliding down her body and over her prominent ass cheeks made my dick twitch again.

I had now done an adequate job of the hair, but even before I finished she had more plans.

'Now, my body. You know I'm used to having everything done for me don't you?', she said jokingly.

This was getting too much. I had a full on hard-on now, and she was asking for more. I started with her shoulders, massaging the soap in, and my heart skipped a beat as she let out a little sigh of satisfaction. I moved down her back, lathering in the suds. I stopped at her lower back.

'Keep going...', she said.

With a deep breath my hands began to rub over her ass. It was beautifully soft, yet tight. My cock was no longer just hard, it was throbbing, but I was beginning to enjoy this. Still nervous, I managed to reason that I had no choice in the matter, so I might as well try to enjoy it.

'That's enough of the back, she said, before I'd even got to her legs, 'now do my front'.

Without responding I slowly moved my hands around her and rubbed some soap into her tight midrift. I needed to move in closer to her to do this, and to my horror my penis nudged against the small of her back.

I tried to keep my ass pushed backwards to avoid this, but it was too difficult. She hadn't reacted, so I moved in closer again, and let my cock rest against her back and the top of her ass.

'Seems someone's got a bit excited', she said teasingly, but not nastily.

I proceeded to massage her tummy (too frightened to move my hands anywhere else) and the movement meant my cock rubbed ever so slightly up and down her slick skin.

'Don't be shy', she said, and took my hands, placing them firmly on her tits. I gasped in excitement. I'd never seen a pair in real life, and now I had a pair – a very famous pair – right in my palms. When she moved her hands off mine I gained a little confidence, and began rubbing them gently, spreading some of the soap from her belly upwards, my hands lightly pushing her breasts up with the movement.

I felt a twinge in my balls. For a second I thought I was going to shoot cum up her back then and there. I took my hand off her breasts for a while whilst the feeling passed, then returned to them. Now I concentrated on the nipples. The façade of 'freshening up' was past, and I was fully engrossed in this sanctioned groping session. I tweaked her left one a few times, and it hardened in my hand. I played with the ring in her right one for a while.

All the time Christina said not very much, sometimes letting a little moan out, sometimes directing me with her hands. After a few minutes I plucked up the courage to move my hands south, down her breasts, over her tummy. Just as my right hand felt the border of her pubic hair she pulled my hands away.

'No, not there Mark', she said brightly. 'But you have done very well, and you've been very obedient. Now, how about your reward.'


'Yeah...'. She pushed herself back, pressing her ass into my groin, and for a few wonderful seconds massaged my cock with her bare, slick cheeks. '...You seem quite excited', she continued. 'At least that's how it feels to me'. She turned her head to look at me, a cheeky smile across her face.

'Come on', she said, and shuffled around, moving behind me, with me facing away, so we had switched positions.

Without the chance to regain my composure she reached around and grabbed my penis in her hand. I gasped and instinctively pulled back, but this merely pushed me back against Christina and her boobs. Reaching around my chest with her other hand she reassured me, and slowly began to jerk me off.

It was incredible. Despite being a virgin I had of course jacked off countless times (once, ironically, to her Dirrty video on MTV), but I never thought another human hand could feel this good. My breathing was shallow and fast. I almost felt I was going to faint at first, and had to put a hand against the wall in front of me, but I eventually got used to the feeling of her working my full 8 inches. She mixed it up, obviously experienced at this, sometimes moving up and down the shaft, sometimes massaging the balls, sometimes just squeezing and releasing it quickly. At one point she took my cockhead in the tips of her fingers and squeezed and fondled it so hard I let out a loud yelp.

Of course, it wasn't long before I was ready to cum, just a few minutes in fact. Not sure of what I should do I just said:

'Christina, I think I'm about...to...'

'Don't worry,' she breathed, 'Just relax and let it happen. It's okay. Just let it happen.'

I don't know whether she picked up the pace then, or whether it was the sound of her alluring voice, but I was tipped over the edge. I got the familiar twinge in the balls. My body tensed up, and I reached behind me and grabbed onto Christina's buttocks to stabilize myself.

Sensing what was happening, Christina showed new depths to her talents, with her left hand firmly massaging my balls, and with her right hand rubbing her thumb over the top of my cockhead. The sensation increased tenfold, now in some ambiguous between pleasure and pain.

'Urrrrgggggg!!', I grunted.

'That's it honey', Christina comforted, 'Just let it happen'.

Thick strings of cum shot from my cock all over the shower wall in front. After the second Christina moved back to jerking my off normally, milking every last drop out.


Fully spent my bodily finally relaxed, my mind in a daze, and my cock enjoying the gentle jerking.

I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. For a few seconds I let Christina rinse and play with my dick in the water from the shower.

'You see, fun with me isn't so bad, is it?', she said, getting out the shower unit, giving me another sight of her perfect ass, and then turning around fully to give me a sight of her front. Again she had that trademark cheeky smile.

Drunk with pleasure, I didn't care where I looked any more. For the first time I got a proper view of her full, firm, pert breasts. Still glistening with water they were enough to get my dick to begin hardening again already. Further down I saw her pussy – again the first pussy I'd seen in my life – and boy was it something to behold. Mostly shaved, she just had a tuft of hair left at the top. It was pink, smooth, and likewise shiny with water. My heart skipped again, and I was semi-hard already.

'Thank you', I eventually spluttered, not sure what I was meant to say.

'Oh come on, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for me, Mark', she said, now drying herself off. 'As I said, things get boring for me sometimes. What is there to do in this hotel? Watch TV and use the gym and pool? I'd rather have some real fun. And...', she continued slowly, 'you, Mark, are going to help me out over these weeks. Who knows what we might get up to'.

I stepped out of the shower. The pleasure having almost worn off I was now anxious about getting back. But now she was enticing me again. I couldn't help myself but press her about this.

'Like what?', I asked, trying to be as provocative as possible.

She paused, then seemed to have an idea.

'Come here mark', she said, dropping the towel.

I walked up to her, and she moved towards me as well, reaching to grab onto my dick as she did. Again, I couldn't help but jerk backward, but managed to get used to her gentle, expert touch again.

'You're a virgin, aren't you?'

'Well', I started, 'Doesn't that...what we just did...was that...'

'No, Mark, that doesn't count'.

'Well, yes I am a virgin then, yes', I confessed, faintly embarrassed.

When I said this she stepped a bit closer, and slowly looked down. I followed her gaze, and when fixed on my dick she began rubbing my cockhead against the outside of her pussy. As she used it to massage her bare pink lips my eyes were given a sight that caused me to get completely hard again, and then with that feeling of being close to cumming again. Please don't let my cum all over her, I thought.

'A virgin then? Well, Mark, maybe we'll see what we can do about that', she said.

I was convinced she was about the push me up inside her, and I even lowered myself slightly and pushed forward in anticipation. But as soon as she said it she let go of my dick and stepped away.

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