tagIncest/TabooChristina's Journey Ch. 07

Christina's Journey Ch. 07


For Josh, it was frustrating, he wanted to spend time with Asami every day, but sometimes a few days would go by without seeing her, but when he did, all hell broke loose, sexually, they would fuck like crazy, no matter where, and that surprised him at first, she had definitely changed, but not knowing about her and Hiroshi, he put it down to their new relationship. When they were all together, she would tease him, standing behind him, taking his hand and putting it on her cunt. For her, life was wonderful, she had two well hung sex partners, and things were about to change.

Josh ran into Christina at the Uni, she had seen him with Asami, and was curious.

"I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, so many assignments. So are you and Asami a pair now?" she grinned.

Josh shook his head. "No, we're friends, and we get around together with her brother."

"Not what I've heard, Josh darling," she grinned. "You were seen getting it on at the library. Sliding that lovely big cock of yours into her tight Japanese cunt. It is tight isn't it?"

Josh remembered. Asami had been really aggressive that day, stripping off, taunting him, daring him to fuck her right there right then, and of course he did. Books fell off the shelves as they humped.

Asami moaned. "Slower Josh, push your cock harder inside me."

"She's not the innocent cute little Jap girl, you think she is," Christina told him, something he had already discovered. "But I guess you've found that out."

She looked around, there were only a few students heading to wherever. She lifted her mini skirt, Josh checked out her tiny gee string, that didn't cover anything. She pulled it to one side.

"You haven't visited here, for a while," she smiled, and pulled her bra down, she had great tits. "Remember these, got time now?"

Josh's cock reacted as it always did, when a pretty girl flashed her bits, and in particular Christina.

"Um," he tried hard to resist, but seeing Christina again, he now realised he wanted her badly, in fact he wanted both girls.

"Come on, we can do it here," she put his hand on her cunt. "The place is almost deserted, and this is a nice big tree."

She rubbed his cock. "That's what I like about you, you get real horny real fast. Watch.

She slid her gee string down her legs, kicked them off and put them in her bag. Her bra was next. He pushed her back against the tree and kissed her, groping her tits.

"Come on Josh, fuck me," she hissed, undoing his pants. "Bet I'm a better fuck than Asami."

As she pushed her tongue into his mouth, and stroked his cock, all thoughts of Asami were gone, as he remembered what a hot fuck Christina was.

She toyed with him for a minute, running the head of his cock along her wet slit. He started to thrust, and she guided him to her hot fuck hole, groaning softly as she felt him open her cunt and slide inside her.

Christina liked Josh a lot. Of all the guys she had sex with, he was her favorite, he didn't just fuck her, when he wanted to have sex with her, he'd kiss her, eat her cunt, fondle her tits, nibble her nipples, and then fuck her brains out, and by then, she was screaming for it. Their arrangement suited her, she didn't want a permanent guy in her life, right now, she had other priorities, but she needed sex, God she needed sex, and right then she was getting it. Right then she wanted to fuck, forget about the foreplay, and she had found the right guy at the right time.

She wondered how serious he was with Asami, she pondered a threesome. She knew a couple of girls who had been with Asami, so knew she was bisexual, and according to fairly accurate reports, very very hot. She fancied Asami, she thought she was really sexy, and had entertained the idea of hitting on her. Alan and Kelly had taught her a lot.

Her body was on fire, she was starting to come.

"Oh God Josh, yes, yes, fuck me hard."

He held her arms above her head, against the tree trunk, watching her tits shake, as he thrust deep and hard.

She pushed her cunt out. "Give me everything," she said breathlessly.

She wrenched one hand free, slipped it between her legs, and rubbed her clit.

"Oh fuck yes, I'm there Josh, coming coming."

She gyrated and fucked him back. "Fuck me, fuck my cunt."

Josh had felt his own pressures building, and was about to shoot his load into her. Now she had two hands free, and she grabbed his bare arse, digging her nails in, pulling him in hard.

"Uuuuuhhhhh, fuck," he moaned, as he felt his cock explode. He rammed it deep into her, filling her with his hot thick cum.

"Yeeees," Christina groaned, as she felt his cum splatter inside her. "We have to stay in touch Josh, Asami can't have you all to herself."

Asami rang Josh, Hiroshi wasn't going to be home this afternoon, he would probably come home with their parents later. When he arrived, she opened the door wearing the oversized slip from the frat party, she had kept it, because it made her feel sexy, it covered little, being just pussy length, and being big, just covered her nipples, if she was careful. He didn't need to be told why he was there.

As soon as the door closed, he flicked the shoulder strings off her shoulders, they kissed as she undid his pants. They fucked right there in the hall, before going to her bedroom. Asami was determined to a have a long drawn out sex session with him.

Hiroshi, went home early. He had done what his Father wanted, and he had told him to go home.

"You go now," his Father said. "You need to study."

Asami and Josh never heard him come in, they were too busy fucking.

Hiroshi heard Asami's love calls, he knew them well. She was masterbating, he had arrived at the right time. He would wait until she orgasmed, she would be desperate for his cock.

Her bedroom door was open, no need to close it, she and Josh were the only ones there. Hiroshi's first glimpse was in the wall mirror, and he froze in shock, as he watched his best friend's cock sliding in and out of his sister's pussy, right where his normally was, and should be right now. Anger swelled up inside him, he felt betrayed, jealous, she was his. After a few minutes of not being able to drag his eyes away, he realised something else, he was hard, very hard, watching his sister fuck, was turning him on.

"Fuck me harder Josh, fuck my cunt hard, make me come," Asami groaned. "Oh God, you are so big and hard."

Hiroshi also groaned as he came, shooting his cum onto the wall. God, what an orgasm, he was light headed, weak in the legs, as his hand strangled his cock, wringing every last drop of cum from it.

It took him a couple of weeks to come to terms that his sister had another lover, and that lover, was his best friend, but the voyeur in him, the thing that had already made him make Asami do rude acts, whilst he watched, was too strong, and he wanted to watch her fuck with Josh, more and more. He told her he would be late home, many nights, so she would get Josh to visit and have sex. Standing nude outside her door, he masterbated watching them fuck. His visits to her bed, were more frequent now, he slept with her, and fucked her, three to four nights a week, sometimes more, and Asami thought she had the best sex life, her boyfriend fucking her three times a week, and her brother most other nights. Was she having too much sex, she didn't think so, in fact she wanted more, and masterbated when the urge took her. She wondered, as Hiroshi did, if a threesome with her two lovers was possible.

Chapter 8 With the end of the year looming, Christina and Asami share Joshua.

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