tagGroup SexChristina's Journey Ch. 08

Christina's Journey Ch. 08


A new world had opened up for Josh, since he and Asami had become a couple, more and more, he had found out she wasn't the demure innocent cute Japanese girl he had thought she was, and this wasn't just okay, it was fantastic, she did way out shit, he would never have thought she would. It seemed she wasn't afraid to get nude anywhere, well almost. Like the night, okay, admittedly it was two in the morning, and there were only two other couples in the place, but she stripped nude, and ate a hamburger and coke in MacDonalds. Asami had deliberately picked a booth in the back. As there were few people about in the early morning, they turned half the lights off in the restaurant, it was perfect for what she had in mind.

"I dare you to join me," she teased Josh. She knew she could get him to come around, she had found that where sex was involved, he was so easy to manipulate.

Josh grinned, dragged his eye's off her tits, and looked around nervously, two booths up, two girls sat chatting and laughing, obviously a bit pissed, and on the other side up a bit further, a guy and his girl, also chatting, and not interested in them. "It's easier for you to get dressed quickly," he told her. "If someone comes." "That's part of the fun," she slurred her words. She was horny as hell, and wanted to fuck him. She stood up, enough for him to see her pussy. And fondled her tits, her nipples were rock hard. "Take off your shorts then, nobody can see that, under the table."

He grinned. "Okay, my shorts." He raised his arse, and slipped his shorts down to his ankles. Asami looked under the table.

"I knew you'd be hard," she giggled. "I'm gonna suck your cock."

She slid under the table, and took his shorts off, then put his cock in her mouth, sometimes taking it out, and rubbing it on her nipples.

"Don't make me come here," he told her.

"Don't worry, I won't," she replied, taking his cock from her mouth. "I'm saving that for later."

She got back up on the seat. "You're nearly there darling, take off your tee shirt, lets be nude in MacDonalds together."

Josh grinned, why not, he could get that back on quickly, and besides the couple had left, and there were only the two girls. He pulled it off, and tossed it at Asami, who giggled.

"We compliment each other Josh honey, we are the same."

He grinned. "Well you certainly are a surprise package."

His grin faded to horror, as one of the girls got up and walked to their booth.

"Hi," her grin turned into a look of disbelief. "Fuck, you're nude."

"Uh, it's a dare," Josh blurted out, the first thing that came into his head.

"Oh Jesus, I don't believe it," the girl laughed. "Annie, check this out."

Annie slid out of the booth, and joined her, and also laughed in disbelief.

"Oh I like it, can we join you?"

"Sure if you strip off," Asami grinned.

"How about tits out," Annie giggled, and pulled down her top. Nice tits, Josh thought, nearly as good as Asami's.

Her friend Mia, did the same, and Josh was in titty heaven, three sets of great fun bags.

"Now how about the rest," he said. "If we can do it, you can."

"Mmmm, I'm not quite that drunk," Annie grinned. "But we'll give you a quick flash, 'eh Mia?"

Mia grinned. "Why not."

They both lifted their skirts, and flashed their pussies, neither wore panties or a gee string, and Asami and Josh had a nice view of their shaved snatches.

"Come on," Asami tried to persuade them. "There's nobody here, only us."

The girls looked around nervously, like Josh did earlier, looked at each other, giggled and shrugged. Their tops came off first, another look around, then their skirts, they were more exposed than Asami and Josh were or had been, standing at the end of the booth nude. Then they slid into the booth, Mia along side Asami, Annie alongside Josh, she made sure her thigh was hard against his.

Josh surveyed the girls, his night was getting better and better.

Annie looked down, seeing Josh's stiff rod, she got the surge deep into her cunt.

She looked at Asami. "Can I touch your boyfriend's cock."

Asami had no hesitation, she nodded. "Sure, as long as I can watch."

Annie grabbed Josh's cock and stroked it.

"I want to see it," Asami said.

Josh raised his arse, and they watched Annie stroke his cock, and then bend her head and take him in her mouth. Asami groaned, and slipped her hand onto Mia's cunt.

Things were starting to get really hot, Asami thought she was going to come, watching Annie stroke Josh's cock, she opened her legs, as she felt Mia's hand sliding up her inner thigh.

Mia put her mouth to Asami's ear, and whispered. "Get your boyfriend to sit on the table, and I'll get Annie to get up there and suck his cock, or if you want, fuck him, she's so stoned she'll do anything."

Asami giggled, and looked at him, he was right into it. Even so, she didn't think he would do it. They were alone in the restaurant, and the employee's were out back, and even if they got caught, what could they do, except kick them out.

"Josh, get up on the table," Asami grinned. "Annie's going to suck your cock more, and we'll be able to see better."

She smiled as she watched him get on the table, sat and leaned back, Annie followed him, and took him in her mouth again, Asami leaned over and fingered her cunt.

They watched for a few minutes, Mia fingering Asami, asked.

"He's got a great cock, can we all fuck him?"

Asami was now very very randy, and was thinking of a foursome.

She nodded, and said in a strained voice. "Uh huh, I think we should all go to his apartment and fuck each other." She watched as Annie straddled Josh, and lowered herself onto his cock, groaning as her cunt swallowed every rock hard inch.

Asami pushed her tongue down Mia's throat, as the girl touched her clit, and then froze, a she heard voices and car doors slamming coming from outside, she and Mia stopped and partly dressed. Josh kept fondling Annie's tits, and she kept sliding up and down his cock, until they came inside.

"Oh God, not now," Mia groaned

Asami pulled up her top. "Come on, lets make their night, and walk out nude."

Mia checked out the group, all teens, maybe eighteen, nineteen, and definitely drunk or stoned, or both.

She grinned and shook her head. "Nooo, not me. I'm wasted, but not enough."

Asami pulled her top down and laughed. "I was only joking," but she wasn't.

"Lets go," Annie slid off the table, stood up, and dressed. "We can have some fun in the carpark, yes? I have unfinished business with this guy."

They all grinned and Josh zipped up with difficulty, his stiff cock not wanting to co-operate.

The intruders, four girls and two guys, laughed and generally made noise, the guy serving them waited patiently. They were Uni students, and he was used to their behaviour.

"Hey we have company," the dark haired girl said. "Want to party with us?"

Josh looked hard, not believing his eyes, it was Christina. She saw him as he slid from the booth.

"Oh my God, Josh."

He grinned. "Hi Christina, party night?"

She laughed. "Sort of. Hey it's end of year, it's all done. Next year we're out into the big bad world."

She had met Alan at The Village bar, for a small private celebration, but he had been called away, by his wife she assumed. She had hooked up with another girl she knew from the Uni, they were heading to a party and took her along.

"I'm a bit wasted," she frowned a grin. "Only way to go."

One of the other girls, Sally, laughed. You bet she is, she's been felt up by all of us."

"And how about you, fucking that guy," Christina replied.

"Shush," Sally grinned. "It's supposed to be a secret."

"Yeah right," the boy chipped in. "In the middle of the room, in front of a heap of people, some secret."

"Mmmmm, I don't remember that bit," Sally frowned. "Must have had a blank spot."

Josh was surprised, he hadn't seen Christina party like this before, but he had been watching her come out of her shell more and more, as time progressed .

"So you want to party with us?" she grinned, and then saw Asami. "Oh shit, sorry, hi Asami."

Asami smiled. "Hi Christina, that's okay, sure lets party, your place?"

She remembered the parties at Melissa's, and best of all she remembered how smoking hot, Christina was."

Christina nodded. "Sure thing."

Two of the girls and one guy, peeled off, which disappointed Josh, one, a small dark girl, Karen, was super hot, and he thought she'd be a real good fuck, he could see her with Asami and Christina, and himself of course. That left him and Ken, the other guy, with six babes, three hotties, and three average, but after a couple more drinks and a joint or two, they all looked pretty hot.

"So you're really letting it all hang out tonight," Josh joked with Christina.

She giggled and looked down at her boobs. "Oh, not as much as usual, you know me."

She pulled her top down, and flashed her tits. "This is me."

Josh laughed and shook his head. "No, I meant, but thanks, love those tits;"

Christina touched his hand, interrupting him. "I know what you meant, I'm messing with you."

Ken looked at Josh and grinned. "How are we gonna manage this lot, I can't believe Graham opted out."

Josh gave him a knowing look. "Oh, we'll cope, they'll help."

At Christina's, Sally produced the weed, and passed around a couple of joints.

"This makes for a real party," she laughed.

Josh's memory of the night was vague. The rum and the dope, had really messed him up. Had he fucked all the girls, he really didn't know, but he thought so. He remembered Mia on the end of his cock, sucking, whilst Ken fucked her doggie style, the others were immersed in their own cunt licking and fingering pleasures, of which he got involved himself, at various stages. He remembered Asami licking Christina's pussy juice from his face at one stage, she was on top of him, his cock buried in her, up to his balls.

"You are mine," she slurred. "You can fuck them all, but you are still mine, Joshua."

He was happy with that, even though he had no idea what she was on about. The next day, he would remember the highlight of his night, when he watched her and Christina getting it on, and then joining in. They fucked, sucked and licked their way through the best sex he had ever had, or could remember having.

When he awoke the next morning, he blearily looked around the room, three nude bodies, besides his own, Christina, Asami and Sally. Even though he felt like shit, he felt his cock reacting, as he stared at the nude females asleep on the floor. He controlled the urge to jump one of them, and went for a shower. * Chapter 9, studies completed, graduation, and a mind blowing wind down for Christina and friends, before heading into the big bad world to make their fortunes.

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