tagErotic CouplingsChristmas Redemption

Christmas Redemption

byR. Richard©

My name is, well call me Juan Hernandez. The Hernandez family adopted me after my parents died. The Hernandez family didn't have much money, but they were hard workers and perhaps they showed me the way to make something of myself.

The Hernandez family took me in and saved my life. However, I had to work and work hard. I was a big kid, but no sports for Juan. I worked at a market after school, stocking shelves. After work Mama Hernandez made me do my schoolwork. She told me if I was going to be a Hernandez I would just have to make something of myself.

It wasn't easy. But maybe it was all for the best. I couldn't run with the Mexican gangs at school, I didn't have the time. I had to work for a Mr. Johansen down at the market and he didn't put up with any schoolyard slang, Mexican or otherwise. It was all yes sir, no sir and damn respectful. OK, I hated the bastard.

When I graduate from high school my graduation present is a cheap suitcase and a ticket on the iron dog. I ride that bus with the dog on the side up to my uncle's place.

My uncle gets me a job at the casino he works at. Well, my uncle actually gets me an interview with Mr. Adams who runs security for the casino. If Johansen was a bastard, Adams is a super bastard. Adams tries to get me mad, to see what I will do. Hell, I am so used to taking crap from Johansen that I just 'sir' Adams to death and I am ready to walk out near what I think is the end of the interview.

Adams then laughs in my face and tells me to relax. He then asks me if I am as strong as I am big.

I tell the man that I have been doing hard labor since I was a kid in grade school. I am as strong as any of the jocks in high school and I can handle myself.

Adams hires me and puts me to work as casino security.

OK, I am just a dumb Mexican. However, Mama Hernandez had showed me the way to my future. I take classes at the casino after work and I pick up a little polish. I also pick up a little unarmed combat, maybe a lot of unarmed combat.

If you come into my casino looking for trouble you will find yourself out on the sidewalk, probably talking to the police and wondering exactly how you got there. How you got there is Juan Hernandez.

On Christmas Eve I spot a lady who looks like real trouble. She has lost everything. I don't mean just all her money; we get a lot of that. She has lost more and she is just about to lose it all.

I get the lady into one of the little hidden rooms they have all over a casino. I talk to her. I tell her that she is in big trouble. The kind of big trouble that will cause trouble for the casino. My job is to see that she does not cause trouble for the casino.

Janice, the lady looks at me with dead eyes. She tells me that she had come to the casino with a little under a thousand dollars. All the money she had in the world. She would either win enough to give her back her life or she would kill herself.

I ask what life she has lost. Janice tells me that she is the daughter of a rich man who has lost everything when the Internet boom went bust. The only thing that she is trained for is to be the rich bitch wife of a wealthy man. To snag a wealthy man she has to have clothes, jewelry, credit cards and all the other stuff that a rich girl has. Without the stuff she is nothing but a whore and she will kill herself first.

I tell Janice that there are whores working the streets and whores in the legal brothels outside of town. The casino does not get involved with whores.

I tell her that she can get a job as the 'wife of a rich man' if she can pass the interview.

Janice laughs in my face.

I grab her and yank her to my face. I tell her that she does not laugh in a customer's face; ever. For the purposes of her interview I am a customer.

She is scared as hell.

I sit her back down and ask what will she do now?

Janice straightens up and says that she doesn't believe me.

I tell her that is the kind of response I am looking for.

I then tell Janice that the casino has rich men, high rollers, come to visit every day of the year, Christmas included. The rich men like to gamble and they like to have a hot young wife. Not some whore off the street, but a rich man's wife. A wife who knows how to behave in a fancy restaurant or in the company of other rich men's wives. The hot young wife has to know how to act in public and also in private.

A small spark of hope flickers in her eyes. Janice asks if I would like to discuss her last trip to Palm Springs.

I would and we discuss.

Janice knows the names of the restaurants and of some fancy ladies shops.

I know the restaurant names and, although I do not know the names of the ladies shops, her words ring true.

I ask, "Do you have any idea how few women have actually lived in the world that you have lived in?"

Janice inhales and then relaxes. She tells me, "Only a few young girls have the kind of social background I have." Janice then asks me, "OK, I am a rich girl. Exactly what will I have to do?"

I tell her, "You will have to make sure that your high roller has a good time and that he wants to come back and gamble some more. The casino makes their money from gamblers." I then tell her, "You will not only 'date' high rollers, you will talk to them on the phone and entice them to 'come out and spend a few days in the sun,' in a voice that says that there will be a lot more than just sun."

I can see I am getting through to Janice. I then point out, "A lot of the high rollers have married young and have fat, ugly wives at home. They want to come out and live a dream for a few days."

Janice stands up and looks me in the eyes. She finishes the first part of the interview by telling me, "Dreams are me!"

I call Mr. Adams and give him the code for a possible high roller girl. Mr. Adams gives me the go ahead.

I get the hotel staff to get Janice's luggage. We load her stuff into my car. Then we drive to my place.

Janice gets things from her luggage and arranges her items in my bedroom. Then she insists on making coffee. She serves me the coffee as I sit in my favorite chair and then she sits on the footstool like my obedient little slave girl.

I sip my coffee and tell Janice, "I have made big money at the table today and do you know what I want?"

Janice tells me, "High stakes gambling makes a man very tense. A tense man needs to relax to sooth away all that tension. I will show you how to relax." Janice disappears in the bedroom and when she comes back she is wearing a fancy see-through nightie that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination except how good it is going to be when I get my cock inside her.

We go into my bedroom and Janice lets me take over. I strip quickly and approach Janice.

She reaches down and grabs my raging hard on and tells me, "Take it a little easy on me because I am still the new girl on the job."

It is fake, of course, but excellent fake!

I lay Janice on the bed and then mount her. I don't know exactly what they teach rich young girls, but I suspect that it includes a course in fucking.

Janice doesn't just lie there and let me fuck her, she helps. Janice's pussy is very wet and I am able to get all of me inside her on the first stroke. Janice's body makes it quite clear she wants all the cock I can give her; the harder and faster the better!

I give Janice hard and deep. However, I use slow instead of fast. I can feel her internal muscles gripping my cock as I stroke. It is as if she wants it as badly as I do. We build to a truly memorable mutual climax and I then roll off Janice.

She is not capable of making meaningful conversation. However, she presses her lush young body to me and gives me a few moans of appreciation. When her breathing has returned to something near normal she tells me. "A poor young girl like her is not used to being ravished by a big, hard, nasty man like you. I lost all control and will not be held responsible for my actions.

It is, of course, completely fake. But what a fake!

A little later, we get up and Janice serves me a cup of coffee with a dollop of my good scotch in it. She has the damn effrontery to look me in the eye and tell me, "Well, I was drunk before, otherwise I certainly would not have given 'that much' of myself to a man on the very first time."

It is fake. I know damn well it is fake. My cock does not know it is fake. We go back into the bedroom and I 'make' Janice strip for me.

The strip is a little cock tease including a little hand over her pussy when she removes her panties.

I then make Janice suck on my cock 'to get it good and wet.' The sucking is not needed, but she handles it like a pro! I manage to get her on the bed before I shoot cum in her mouth.

This time, I am in a little better control and I savor every erotic stroke I put into Janice. It is as if she and I are the only two people in the world and there is nothing else but the interaction between us. I want it to go on forever and am so involved that when Janice climaxes it is really a surprise for me. I don't let the wicked rest but stroke again until Janice recovers a bit.

She then pretends to climax a second time, but, by now, I know what her real climax is and I don't let her fool me. She begs for it harder and deeper. This, even though I am getting into her up to my balls already! Then the pleading dissolves into moans of total surrender.

Finally I can feel Janice getting ready to climax again and I join her.

We have one last session that night, hell it may have been Christmas morning, I sort of lose track of time. I play the big loser. Janice tells me that what I need is to change my luck. It seems she has just the thing I needed to change my luck. I turns out that it is the same thing that make a tense man relax.

Janice has put on some kind of whore dress to play the game. She bustles about serving me coffee and manages to show me damn near everything she has while she still has clothes on!

When Janice catches me staring down her dress, she teases me like a pro. She peels back the top of her whore dress to expose her tits. She tells me, "They aren't as big as the girls have down in the show room, but they are a direct link to my pussy and if you use them right, they will turn me into a wild woman."

We go back into my bedroom and she makes me wait while she slips out of the whore dress. She tells me. "I get so damn hot when a man plays with my breasts that stuff starts to run down my legs."

I put her on the bed and start to lick and suck her tits. Sure enough, Janice starts to lubricate to the point I can feel the flow from her pussy. I put Janice's legs over my shoulders and stick my cock in her once again. This time I have all the control and all she can do is wiggle a little and try to bring me to climax with her internal muscles. This time I win. I bring her to one final, mutual climax and we sleep until the next day.

We get cleaned up in the morning.

Janice is still playing her role and playing it well. She puts on a revealing cocktail dress, not quite a whore dress. She doesn't really have any underwear underneath the skintight dress, although she does have a garter belt and nylons on.

I phoned Mr. Adams while Janice was in the bathroom and he has a luncheon set up.

I introduce Mr. Adams and Janice.

Mr. Adams introduces Janice and me to a lady he calls Moira.

The four of us eat lunch with quite a bit of conversation back and forth. On several occasions I am sure that I am missing some of the clever little things that are being said, but I do the best I can.

Finally, the two girls go off to the ladies room.

After they leave, Mr. Adams lectures me. He tells me, "Juan, I am going to fuck Janice."

I nod and then tell him. "I understand that there is an interview process and that I told Janice that she would undoubtedly have to screw one or more times to get the job."

Mr. Adams asks, "Is that was OK with you?"

I tell him, "I want Janice to get the job." I also tell him, "When I first found her, she was ready to kill herself on Christmas Eve. Now she is at least willing to live. I think that she will do what she is told and she is sure as hell good at it!"

Somebody calls Mr. Adams on the phone and he talks briefly with whoever it is. He finishes the conversation, and then smiles briefly at me. He tells me, "You have done well. We are going to evaluate Janice. Both Moira and Heather are impressed with Janice so far."

I don't really know who Moira is, but Heather is the bitch queen. If it involves the casino ladies, Heather has the first say, the last say and all the says in between. If you want to fuck Heather, you damn well better be the president of a major corporation, a movie star; someone like that.

Mr. Adams watches my reaction and then smiles again. He says, "Whether Janice makes it or not, you did well. In the next few days Heather will contact you. You will go where she tells you and do what she tells you. Do you have any problem with that?"

I realize that it is the end of the interview and I tell Mr. Adams, "I am ready anytime."

Mr. Adams nods and tells me, "You have the rest of the day off, with pay."

A holiday and a lunch are fine with me, but I have already had my Christmas present!

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