tagMind ControlThe Professor's Accidental Harem

The Professor's Accidental Harem


As always:

Thanks to "Boheminxen" for editing.

Thanks to "Doc" for story consulting.

Author's Note: This story takes longer to develop, and therefore the erotic features appear later. If looking for something quick, I do not recommend this.


I barreled through the metal double doors into the Research and Development building and ran down the hall. I had my white lab coat draped over one arm with a couple file folders in that hand while I was desperately trying not to spill my coffee in the other as I plowed through the last door, the door to my laboratory.

"Shit." My head went down and I immediately threw away my coffee and then wiped the burning liquid from my hand on the convenient napkin known as my pants. "Sorry I'm late everyone." Being that I'm 45 minutes late for an 8:00 am start time, I now wonder why the snooze buttons exist on alarm clocks. I looked up and saw only 6 of my 25 volunteers still here and those were students of mine trying to either suck up, hope to increase their grades as I offered extra credit, or, as I believe is the case with senior Shelly Sheridan, to annoy the crap out of me for giving her a B+ on the last test, hurting her chances of receiving an A in my class and directly impacting her precious 4.0.

Shelly immediately started up. "Being a professor of psychology, you should have a better grasp of time. But I suppose that's why you're at a mid-level college rather than having your own practice somewhere." She just oozed an angered sarcasm.

"Thanks for the insight Shelly." I composed myself while I put on my lab coat, more to hide the coffee stain than anything else. "We might as well get started. I need each of you to fill out a waiver form while I explain why we are all here."

"Blah, blah, blah." Shelly mocked. "We're here because the university thinks you're some sort of whiz kid at 29 years old and you want us to be guinea pigs for some experimental memory drug. And because you couldn't get enough volunteers for your whack job experiment, you gave lower grades to students like me to ensure we'd come and get the grade we deserved in the first place. Is that about right?"

The other students were looking at me to see if this normally docile nerdy brunette with glasses was going to push me over the edge. "Shelly, you don't have to be here, but if you can hold your tongue, the pill I have for you is an all natural memory enhancer." I began to sound like an infomercial. "You take it, sleep for an hour to let the vitamins and herbs take effect and all you have to do is read something once, and you'll remember. If you had this a week ago, you would've deserved A on the last test." I held up the little green pills and with a smile, I glared at Shelly. She shut up. "All right, everyone sign the forms?" I grabbed a paper from each student. "Great, everything appears in order."

"Professor Carter?" Eve, a flighty red-haired senior, who I have no idea why she signed up for this as she has decent enough grades raised her hand in the air.

"You don't have to raise your hand Eve. Now what is it?"

"Sorry, um, this can't hurt us, can it?" Eve was biting her lower lip.

"No, as I said, this is all natural. Nothing even remotely harmful went into this."

"Professor?" I turned my head to the two sophomore boys here; John and Lucas, twins who have long black hair and are pretty much stoners.

"Yes, boys?" I really didn't care what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had to say. How did these two pass their first year? I wonder if their parents have incriminating photos of the Dean. <3

"Now with this extra credit, we're going to pass your class, right?" Lucas spoke, but both of their mouths hung open in anticipation.

"Yes, gentlemen." I use that term very loosely. "With the extra credit you receive today, you will pass. Barely, but it's still passing."

John and Lucas high fived each other. "All right!"

"Ethan, sir?" Kennedy another one of my seniors who has auburn hair and my resident klutz - really she trips and knocks over everything - called out. I'm amazed she has the coordination to play softball.

"Professor Carter please, and what would you like to know Kennedy?" I have to remind her to not call me by my first name every day. I've never gave her a reason to, but she does anyway.

"Okay, um, how long will this last?" She began twirling a pen in her hair.

"Well, once you take the pill, it should knock you out quickly. Once I notice all of you are sleeping, I'll set the alarm for an hour. Afterward, I will have a document for you to read followed by quick round of answering of questions about what you read. The whole process should take about two and a half hours, depending on how fast you read." I put the waivers in an envelope and glanced over at the students one final time. I noticed everyone had a question but a shy freshman girl named Lydia, a platinum blonde who really kept to herself. "Any other questions?"

Everyone replied with some sort of "no", with Lydia just shaking her head slightly. "Okay, let us begin. The chairs you're in lean back like a recliner, so get comfy and take your pill. If you need water, there is one located on the right side of your seat in the cup holder. I'll wake you up in an hour. Sweet dreams everyone."

Each person took a pill, laid back in their chairs, and rapidly dozed off. I set the alarm clock for an hour and passed out a boring dissertation paper a former student of mine wrote. I had pulled one randomly and had copied it. I opened another file folder and started to grade papers I had my freshman class do on Sigmund Freud. As I read a few, I became grateful that none of these students were English majors. I started to succumb to slumber.

Four Hours Later...

"Professor? Professor Carter? We gotta get going dude."

"What time is it?" I groggily raised my head and stretched out my left arm, which was uncomfortably laying on something, and I wiped away some drool I accumulated with the other.

"About 1 o'clock man," John informed me.

"C'mon John, we better hurry if we're going to make our appointment with our dealer, I mean, um, tutor," Lucas added.

I looked at the clock and noticed my arm had been lying on that damn snooze button. "Wait boys, did you read the packet I put on your tables?"

"Yeah, we did," John started.

"That was some boring shit," Lucas continued.

"What can you tell me about it?" I pressed.

"Wait, did you want us to read all of it? Because we only got through about a half a page," John said and Lucas nodded in agreement.

"That's fine. Can you tell me what you remember about it?" I was on the edge of my seat, eager with anticipation. I don't know what the paper was about and I didn't want to know. I didn't want to influence the student's answers with leading questions. If my calculations were correct, they should be able to quote verbatim what they read.

"Uh, something about love and seeing, I think," Lucas responded.

"No, it was about having a love of construction sites," John interrupted. "We didn't think we were going to be tested on it. Can we look at it again, like an open book test?"

I failed. "No, that's alright. You two can go now and you still get your extra credit," I sighed. "See you in class Monday."

"What? We still have to go?" Lucas looked more disappointed than I am.

"Yes boys, the semester isn't over for another week. You still have to attend class." I began to rub my temples, wishing for nothing more than peace and quiet.

"Aw man," The two said in unison as they left.

I took a deep breath. Best get the girls up. I can't wait to hear Shelly go off about my time management again. "Ladies," I said in a loud voice. "Time to wake up. Rise and Shine."

The four of them began to stir and stretch and then finally focus on me. I gave them a beaming smile and tried to be as upbeat and chipper as possible as I delivered the bad news. "Things ran long today, so I am sorry to inform you that it's a little after one in the afternoon. If any of you need to leave, you're free to go and thank you for participating. But if you have the time to read the pages in front of you, I would appreciate it," I asked with hope, assuming none would stay.

The four all seemed to look around, smile at me, and started reading. "Of course, being so late, you don't have to read all of it." All four of their heads jerked forward, eyes on me. "Just read the first two pages and we'll go from there." Their heads went back down to complete the task assigned.

It didn't matter. I already knew the outcome. The formula was designed so anyone could recall information. I was actually counting on my two stoners to be the ideal candidates. They would've been perfect. I could parade them up to the board of trustees and say "Look what I can do with this." I would point at the boys and they would start rattling off Stephen Hawking's 'A Brief history of Time'.. "Ta-da!" The board would clap, give me handshakes, and most importantly, give me more grant money to continue my research. Life would've been good. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

As I watched them, they all seem to be periodically looking up at me, smiling. I would make eye contact and reciprocate the act. I know it's kind of warm in here, but I thought the girls would blush at this and smile wider before their heads went back down. Even Shelly did this, which I suppose is better than listening to her incessant bitching. Suddenly, all four girls were staring at me. It was eerie. All at once their heads lifted and they gazed intently at me, smiling. I swear I could hear the twilight zone theme off in the distance.

"All done reading?"

In unison, they all responded, "Yes."

I gave a chuckle and all their smiles got bigger. "Then flip your papers over." I then pointed. "All right Shelly, let's start with you. What did you read?" I wanted to get her done and out of here before she went bat shit crazy. Again. Shelly seemed excited she was selected, while the other three appeared almost dejected.

Without hesitation, she spoke, "Love at first sight is a myth that is true. Whether you believe it is caused by endorphins, oxytocin, or the chocolate theory of love, it doesn't matter. Love can happen immediately. It can be a smile, a slight laugh, or just someone's appearance that can make you gravitate to them. And when you find that someone, your heart warms at the sight of that person and your brain can't stop thinking about them. You yearn for their touch and the sound of their voice. All answers are found in that person as you complete each other. If you find a love like that, don't ever let it go."

I raised my hand. "Stop for a minute please." I scrambled to find my copy of the paper and started reading. It was verbatim. Every sentence, every word, every letter was exact. Shelly even reflected appropriately each punctuation mark. I laughed out loud and the girls seemed happy that I was happy. "Let's try someone else." I pointed at the blonde. Hell, I couldn't even remember their names for the moment. She was precise as well. I switched students after every paragraph. I then switched after every sentence followed by every couple of words. I just kept pointing at them randomly. It worked. My pill worked. They were all getting into it as my euphoria grew.

I pointed at Eve again. She stopped after just one word. Her excitement quickly evaporated to a near panic. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" She was squirming in her seat as if there was a Bunsen burner under it. Her eyes began peering around the room, searching. "It's alright. Don't be nervous." I smiled and that seemed to quell her tension. I looked the other three over. "Does anybody know the next sentence?" The panic Eve just felt spread over to the others like wildfire as they glanced at each other. "How about just the next word?" The girl's uneasiness became worse. "Anyone?"

Eve, Lydia, and Kennedy were now staring at Shelly and she knew it. "Professor Ethan Carter, no one knows the next word. You said to only read two pages. Please don't be mad." They all hung their heads.

I looked down and sure enough Eve had said the last word on page two. All four of them stopped right there in the middle of the sentence. That was odd. Normally a person completes a sentence before stopping. I shook my head and laughed. The uneasiness in the room dissipated. I gathered my things. Any sense of abnormality I was feeling was vanquished by my giddiness. It worked. It actually worked.

"Ladies, I want to thank you for your efforts today. You were invaluable. I'm sorry it took so long, but it was appreciated. Thanks again and you're free to go." Their smiles returned as I left.

Normally I wait until my class, or in this case focus group left before I did, but I was eager to get home and log my data on my computer. You just can't blast the radio in the labs. I found the other professors get pissed off at me when I do saying it's too distracting and inappropriate in the workplace. I was in high spirits as I briskly walked the four blocks to my home.

I went inside and rushed to my computer. I opened my media player and searched my playlists to find the perfect melodies to match my mood. A-ha, this one. As I went to select my swinging jazz playlist, there was a light knock at the door. So light, I waited to hear it again to verify I actually had. There it was again. I got up irritated. I really didn't want to be bothered by some girl selling cookies.

"I'm sorry, I don't," I opened the door, "want to buy any... Oh, hi girls. What brings you here?" The four girls from my experiment were standing before me with Shelly in front.

Shelly glanced back at the other three and they all gave a head motion, urging her to ask whatever it is they wanted. "Sorry to bother you Professor Ethan Carter, but we were wondering where we should go?" Shelly asked timidly.

"What do you mean Shelly? The experiment is over, you all did well and you're free to go."

"Free to go where?" Shelly pleaded.

"Huh?" I was perplexed.

Shelly stamped her foot on my porch. "Free to go where?" She raised her voice to a demanding, frustrated tone and then much softer added, "I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me for that."

"Let me get this straight. You girls want me to tell you where to go?"

All four looked straight at me, smiled, and nodded emphatically the affirmative.

"I don't know. Go hang out in your dorms, study in the library, or its a perfect day to go to the beach. Why not go there?"

All four of their faces brightened with that last one and they all turned to leave my porch, satisfied. I shook my head as I shut my door and returned to my computer hoping like hell I can get back to the joy I was feeling moments ago before that unusual encounter. I went to click the first song when another knock hit my door. I opened the door and the four girls were back again with Shelly still in front.

"Shelly, I'm quite busy right now," I said, as irritated as possible.

"We really are sorry for bothering you," Shelly shyly responded. All four of them looked on the verge of tears. "But we need to know where those places are at."

Something was wrong. "Why don't you four come in and get comfortable and I'll get some sodas?" I went into the kitchen and grabbed four beverages and a bag of chips. When I returned to the living room, Eve, Kennedy, and Lydia were on the couch and Shelly was on the loveseat. I set everything on the coffee table and sat in my computer chair. "Ladies, what do you remember?"

Shelly answered. "That's easy. We remember you waking us up. We remember that paper you had us read. We remember all your instructions. And we remember following you here."

That explains how they know where I live. "Nothing else at all? Nothing prior to me waking you up?" I'm now worried.

"Nothing else Professor Ethan Carter," Shelly replied.

"And how do you know my name Shelly?"

"You're lab coat had a name tag on it."

"Oh, I see. And what about them?" I gestured to the three on the couch. "Why are you the only one answering my questions?"

"They feel I'm the leader of our group because you named me."

"Wait, they don't know their names?" I was exasperated.

"You haven't given them one. Why should they know it?" Shelly said it so simply with purity, as if I should've known better.

Oh shit. I offered them a smile, but it was just for show. "You're Eve, you're Kennedy, and you're Lydia." You would think they just won the lottery. They were giggling and overwhelmed with excitement. Shelly moved over to them and they all embraced. I ordered pizza. When I was done, I looked over the quartet. All had beaming smiles and were crying tears of joy. What did I get myself into?

I had to think. "Shelly, a person is going to come to the door. I want you to give him this and they'll give you pizza. Tell him he's all set. I'm going to use the restroom." I set the money on the coffee table and took a step toward the hall.

"No problem Professor Ethan Carter."

"Oh, and one more thing, and this goes for all of you." I had the group's full attention. "Please, just call me Ethan."

All of them said some sort of yes as I headed down the hall. I locked the door and sat on the toilet. I didn't have to go; I just needed to be alone to concentrate. I started to rub my temples. Okay, possible solutions. The concoction, and I say concoction because no vitamin or mineral should have caused this, could wear off. Maybe if it runs through their systems or maybe they just need to sleep it off. What if it's permanent? No, don't think that way. I need their student files. Maybe knowledge of the past will bring back their memories like an amnesia patient. Anything else? Oh yeah, the twins. They didn't seem affected at all. Why? Okay, I now know what I'm going to do. First, have them all switch to water, a couple of glasses each. I'll let them sleep here tonight and I'll examine them in the morning. Hopefully they'll be back and I'll just be fired for having a slumber party with a bunch of co-eds. If not, I'll get my teachers aide to cover my Monday classes, locate the twins and then see about getting their files so I can have a session with the girls that evening. One of those has to work.

I came out of the bathroom to find the four of them in a semi circle at the front door with Shelly arguing, loudly. "Listen, Ethan didn't say anything about boxes. He said you were bringing pizzas."

"But ma'am, the pizzas are in the boxes." The stunned delivery boy was desperately trying to plead his case.

"I'm not ma'am, I'm Shelly. Ethan told me so. Now give me pizzas, not cardboard!" She spoke with defiance while the other three girls forcefully nodded in agreement behind her.

Shit. I ran down the hall. "It's okay Shelly, we want the boxes too."

The four girls in unison looked at me, smiled, and then turned back to the frightened delivery boy.

Shelly snapped the boxes with a huff. "You're lucky Ethan said it's okay." She gave him a hard glare and slammed the door in his face. She turned back to the other girls with a proud expression. "Pizza's here!"

"Yay!" The other three shouted as they jumped and clapped with what could be called borderline hysteria.

I rubbed my temples. I learned that when I give instruction, I'm going to have to be as detailed as possible and outline all possible scenarios until I get their collective minds back.

Shelly set the two larges on the table and the quartet dug into the boxes in a flash. I wasn't hungry, but I tried to eat something. I now had to babysit four girls with zero common sense and the collective IQ's of an amoeba. I'm going to need my energy. I wish I was able to drink my morning coffee.

I felt someone staring at me. I glanced up and saw it was Shelly with a curious look on her face. "What's on your mind Shelly?" I asked as politely as possible. It was then I noticed that when one of them was speaking, as Eve was currently talking about her happiness, they all concentrated on that person. No infighting. They didn't argue or try to talk over each other. When I spoke, I ruled over all of them. Even though Eve wasn't done talking, as soon as I said one word, she stopped to listen to me. Strange indeed.

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