tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristmas Surprise

Christmas Surprise


My family and I were traveling over the holidays and got caught in some nasty weather. We had been planning to drive straight through to see relatives, but when the weather turned ugly we immediately started thinking about other options. Some good friends had recently moved to a city not 50 miles out of our way, and if we changed course immediately we could probably make it to their house before it got too dark.

Our friend Katy had been asking us to come visit not too long after she and her husband had moved. We simply hadn't had the time yet. Now Katy was pregnant with their second child, and I wasn't sure she would appreciate unexpected overnight guests. We started heading in their direction and then my wife Allison called, because we had to turn off then and there or risk getting stuck on the road.

Katy said they'd love to have us. They had relatives coming for the holidays too, but they weren't expected for another couple days. As it was, it didn't look like they would be able to make it anyway with all the storms that had passed through recently. So yes, they'd love to have us.

With the bad road conditions, it took us far longer to get there than we had ever dreamed possible. By the time we found their house and pried ourselves out of our car, still reeling with shock from our drive, we were too exhausted to do much more than say hello and grab a few things we'd need overnight. Our friends were warm and rested and wanted to sit up and talk, but neither my wife nor myself had the energy.

Katy was looking very pregnant, and she gave me a warm hug. Not too long before this I had admitted to her that I'd always had a crush on her. She had been feeling unattractive and huge as a petite pregnant lady. She's quite short and lean, so seeing her like this, I could imagine she felt awkward. I remember she was very happy the first time she was pregnant, but being a few years older (and wiser?) now, she was not feeling quite as positive about a second child, the old "What have we gotten ourselves into?!" syndrome.

I'm not sure why I admitted my attraction to her, other than to bolster her spirits. I thought perhaps she had suspected it, but the truth remained unspoken for years. Actually, I'd known her almost as long as I had known my wife. We were all colleagues from grad school and work. Katy and her husband had moved away to pursue new careers and both found jobs together at the same place, a rare thing any day, let alone in today's economy. I was sorry to see both of them go, but such is life.

Allison has always known of my attraction to our friend. I have even been inside my wife and told her I wished I could fuck our friend some day. She never said no, but warned me that realistically it probably never would happen. Of course, I knew that already.

My wife never seemed threatened by my desire for our friend, but I guess she probably never figured out that it went way beyond a simple desire to bed her. Part of her lack of jealousy must have to do with looks. Katy is simple, short, petite; not curvy, not vampy nor trampy, and seldom made-up. Allison likes to dress up and has been known to dress sexy for a night on the town. Katy is conservative, while Allison can be daring. But in terms of personality, their basic day-to-day humanity and intelligence, they are quite similar. So why was I attracted to Katy? She's cute, she's smart, she's easy to be around. I instantly had a good rapport with her. We also spent a lot of time together, so I suppose it's inevitable I would think of her in other ways beyond just friendship.

After having crashed through most of the night, I realized I really had to take a leak sometime in the early morning hours. I guess I forgot to go the night before in my exhaustion. Katy had told me about how the pregnancy had messed up her sleep, to which I joked she might as well get used to it, because breastfeeding would do the same soon enough. But I wasn't thinking about that as I rolled out of bed, still half-asleep, and headed for the hall bathroom. I only remembered about Katy's lack of sleep when I saw a light coming from the living room or kitchen. I thought I'd better take care of business first. Afterwards, I could go see who was up.

It was like 5:00 AM and there was Katy sitting in a recliner reading. She was wearing a large (on her, anyway) bathrobe. I saw she was barefoot and her toenails were painted a bright red. I guessed this was for the holidays, because I didn't ever recall seeing her with either toe- or fingernail polish on ever before. I also wondered how she could have painted her toenails and quickly guessed her husband must have done it. I know: it's strange to have all these things going through my head, but at that hour the mind wanders ... well, you get the idea!

Katy greeted me with "Hey! I couldn't sleep ... You?" I told her I just had to use the bathroom and thought I should go back to bed. This was the first time I had seen her, let along been alone with her, for a long time. It certainly was the first time since I told her I was attracted to her. I felt awkward, but if she did too she never let on. She told me to come and keep her company for a few minutes and motioned to sit on the sofa close to her. I thought it would be a good vantage point to sit and ogle her cute little feet with their red nails, so how could I refuse her offer?

We talked about nothing for a few minutes, and I realized that sitting next to her, where we both would have to turn a bit to look each other in the eye, made it easier to face her, because we weren't facing each other at all. Again, I was still half-asleep as I reasoned this out. I decided to guide the discussion towards her, so we could avoid talking about the feelings I had expressed for her. Anyway, our marriages, her pregnancy, and the fact that we both had kids made it all a safe fantasy. She knew I wouldn't make a play for her, and so did I (and my wife). - I had no idea if she had told her husband how I felt about her or not.

I asked Katy about her pregnancy, mentioning how she had told me on the phone how she was less enthusiastic and a little more concerned about changing from their comfortable existence this time around. She laughed she was too old to be doing all this again. I could only respond, "Then, I'm ancient!" I reminded her I was a couple years older than her. By this time I was really enjoying listening to her laugh, watching her cute feet, and wondering what was under that robe.

Katy picked up her mug to take a sip. She asked if I wanted something too, and I blurted out, "Don't move." I had to explain quickly that I meant in her condition I could get my own and that I was fine anyway. I didn't tell her how I was giving her the once over, of course. Suddenly, I realized my sleep pants were betraying my preoccupation with her body, as I had a big tent pole sticking up. I know she had looked far enough over to have seen it but hoped she hadn't.

Just then, Katy turned a little, drawing her legs up into the chair on the opposite side from where I sat to face me better. From that angle she must have noticed my condition. I had no idea what to do or say. I was too erect to shift my position to try to hide it. I would have had to tug on the front of my pants even to attempt that. I started to move a hand close to it but suddenly realized that might draw more attention to my hard cock, so I let my hand drop down next to the sofa.

My friend then asked how we were doing, life, work, love, parenthood, etc. I guess that meant either she was ignoring my condition or it wasn't as obvious as I thought it was. I always told her my troubles and problems, so I wasn't surprised she was asking about all these things. We even talked about our sex lives half-jokingly. Katy said they had been so busy with everything for a while that nothing much happened, until ... "Well, all it took was one time!" As she said this, Katy gestured towards her pregnant belly. She had told me before maybe a year ago that they were trying again, so I said something along the lines of all it takes is not trying for it to work. She laughed at that, and said, "Just my luck, one night of fun!"

Then, Katy went into her body-image issues. At first, I wasn't going to say anything, just listen. I knew whatever I said would sound biased to her now that she knew I had liked her for years. She did start asking my opinion though. How did I think she looked, fat? Did she look too old to be having another baby? She especially thought her face betrayed her age. Remember, Katy is petite and lean, so she is often mistaken for being much younger than she is. She always said only her face gave her away.

I mentioned that her bulky robe and the way Katy was sitting curled up in the chair made it hard to judge her appearance. With that she stood up, did a little modelesque twirl and faced me, putting her hands on her hips to reveal her figure. She turned to the side to show me her profile and pushed the robe in above and below her considerable bump.

I looked down at her feet and she pulled the robe up a bit to reveal her legs just up to above her knees, and she turned to face me again. "Am I huge?" she asked. I told her she wasn't and looked fine to me, just as good as during her first pregnancy. She laughed and plopped down beside me on the sofa. Her robe was open a little up to her thigh, and I tried to lean forward slightly as we talked to see if there was anything to see. As I did this, I realized I had forgotten all about my pants problem. I noticed then she was clearly looking at it! I tried to lean back and adjust myself to reduce how obvious it was she had me totally hard. I figured she already knew, but at least I could still be polite.

After an awkward silence, she laughed, "You really do like me, don't you?" Then to my total surprise she opened her robe a little further to reveal more thigh. "Would you really like to see? Would you like to look at this old pregnant lady?" And she bit her lip a little, as if surprised at her own brazenness.

Before I could protest against her self-criticism, I found myself murmuring, "Yeah."

Katy looked around, and as she did, she leaned forward to grab both my hands. When she did this, her hand and arm brushed across my pants and over my hard cock, because she wasn't really looking at what she was doing. As she gasped and said she was sorry, I instinctively said what I would to a child playing too rough, "Careful!"

My friend looked at me with concern and replied, "Awww, I'll try. I'll try to be gentle." We both laughed, and she put my hands on her robe as it lay barely still covering her legs. She undid the sash under her pregnant belly and looked at me and smiled, inviting me to bare her beautiful pregnant body!

I was breathing shallowly and was so very nervous, as I slowly pulled Katy's robe open to reveal first some white satin panties through which I could just make out her thick, dark bush. I was wishing her legs were apart so I could see more, but she kept them together. I continued pulling the robe slowly and saw her bulge. It was huge! She is so petite that she had no belly button left with all the stretching. This is exactly the way my wife said Katy had been during her first pregnancy. I never figured out how Allison got a chance to see Katy's pregnant tummy back then and I hadn't.

"Can I touch?" I asked.

"Yes." She neither smiled nor looked at me. Instead, Katy looked down at her own swollen belly as I slid my hands gently across it. She said she hadn't felt any kicking for a while now, and I should have seen her earlier that day. You could see the baby move without even having to feel it.

I just gasped again and whispered softly that I thought she truly looked very lovely and feminine. She could tell I was both aroused still and curious about her pregnant body. Her hands sort of trembled and she looked flustered as she mumbled, "You've already seen this much ..." And with that, she open the top of her robe and revealed her large swollen tits.

I panted a little now and could no longer control myself fully. Without asking or saying a thing, I instinctively lowered my mouth to her large, dark nipple as I continued to rub her belly. Katy giggled and said, "Well, you have seen me breastfeed!" After a pause, she continued in a serious tone, "I didn't really mean for you to ..." I knew she was right and I shouldn't be sucking her nipples. But it felt so right and warm and wonderful, so I just leaned over to reach her other breast, the one farther away from me. As I did, I rubbed my erection against her thigh, without really intended to do so. Katy let out a little moan, which is something I had always loved to hear her do, like when there was good food, but this was the first time I had ever heard her do it in a sexual context.

In truth, I didn't suck too long (or not long enough anyway, in my estimation), nor did I put my hands anywhere but where she had given me permission. I was tempted to try to feel how wet she was through her panties, but I decided she must not have wanted me to, as her legs were still closed when I raised myself back up from her breasts and looked. My hand continued making circles on her beautiful pregnant tummy.

Katy looked so vulnerable and sweet lying back on the sofa totally exposed like that. I really desperately wanted to kiss her, something I'd wanted to do for years, but I thought she wouldn't like it if I tried. Instead, after a few moments of me looking over her gorgeous body in the height of its feminine form, she asked me quietly, "Well, what do you think?"

It occurred to me then that this was no come on or invitation to play; Katy really wanted my impression of how she looked. I composed myself, sort of bit my lip, and told her what I really though: she was far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Yes, she was pregnant, I thought to myself, but gosh, she sure was gorgeous! Of course, her belly was huge and her tits looked unnaturally big for her petite frame, but that was how she was supposed to look right now. Seeing her smile at me as my response sunk in was just so sweet.

To my disappointment but not surprise, she started to cover herself up again with her robe. I asked her not to, said I was sorry for going so far earlier in kissing her breasts, and told her she might not think it was appropriate but I really, really, really wanted to look at her some more. I promised not to touch or "do anything," just to look. Katy said, "OK. Just look, ok?" I promised.

As I sat next to my good friend with her reclined back on the sofa, she looked at me and smiled. She was so cute! After a minute or two, Katy asked me, "Would you do something for me?"

"Sure, anything!"

"Would you take it out and cum for me?" Katy requested shyly, blushing as she said the last few words. I was totally shocked and thought I must have misheard. I asked if she meant she wanted me to masturbate in front of her, and she murmured, "Mmm-hmm," while nodding her head yes.

I didn't need to be asked twice, so I stood up and let my sleep pants and boxers fall to the floor. Katy giggled when she saw my Christmas boxers. For a second, I was very self-conscious, thinking she was laughing at me or my newly freed cock. "What?" I pleaded.

"I like your boxers," she replied pointing at them on the floor.

"Oh," I said feeling embarrassed.

For me, there was an indescribable feeling of freedom and naturalness being exposed in front of my friend Katy and having her lying nearly nude next to me on the sofa. I was so wishing something more would happen: she'd touch me or allow me to touch her, she'd use her sweet mouth on my prick or at least kiss me, she'd offer her breasts to me, this time without me taking any liberties, something, anything! But all she did was sit there and watch me, her gaze moving from my cock being slowly stroked by my hand to my eyes. At least, she smiled when she caught my glance. That made me feel good. I smiled back and told her again how beautiful she looked.

I really wanted to shoot my load on her, but I thought I had better not, unless she indicated she wanted me to. I was thinking it would be great to aim for her tits, perhaps getting to rub the head of my spurting prick on her nipples. Her legs looked soft and smooth too and would have been a great target. I really wanted to touch her legs and feet, just to run my free hand over them. I imagined for a minute putting my cock on her bare feet with her cute red toenails and covering them with cum. Then, I thought about putting it in Katy's mouth and her sucking up every drop. I was getting so close. Katy could tell too because I had really quickened my pace.

Then, I decided just to go for a little of what I was wishing for and put my free hand on her thigh. To make it clear I wasn't trying to touch her pussy I immediately started moving gently towards her knee. I had been sort of sitting back next to her, but now I leaned forward to let my hand continue down her leg. I stooped a bit and touched the side of her ankle. That was as far as I could reach, and it was hard to keep stroking myself as I bent over. Fortunately, that's all it took, just touching her, and I could feel my orgasm well up quickly from deep inside of me. I was trying to keep quiet, remembering everyone else was still asleep. I laid back and sort of groaned a little, and my load came squirting out and flew onto her thighs.

To my surprise, Katy didn't pull away or say anything about where my cum landed. She hadn't said anything about me touching her leg either. Katy let out another of her little delectable moans though, and I was in heaven hearing her. I was brought to my senses by her asking me to get some tissues for us to clean up. I handed her a few and she wiped my juices off her legs. Then, to my utter astonishment, Katy took a tissue, gently held my still-erect cock, and dabbed the cum off my head! I was still sensitive and laughed a bit as she did that. I also throbbed in her little hand.

She looked at me and smiled, "Was it good for you too?"

Of course, I was the one who got to release my tensions, not her, so we both laughed. I finally just blurted out what I had been thinking, "You're amazing, Katy!"

She replied, "Thanks. And thanks for doing me this favor."

I decided to push my luck a little and responded, "It was my pleasure, but can I ask you a favor too?" Katy nodded. "Can I touch your pretty little feet again?" She giggled and nodded.

"Do you like the polish?" My friend had no need to ask me, because I was already getting fully hard again as I ran my hands over both her feet and ankles. What I really wanted to do was hold her by the ankles, push her legs up to her pregnant tummy, and fuck her silly. But I knew I couldn't do that, nor should I even suggest it.

Katy asked me to help her up and held her hands out to me. It felt nice to hold her little hands, even if just for a moment. I looked over her body one last time, and she slowly closed her robe. Then, she looked at me, smiled, and told me I'd better get myself put back together and go back to bed. To my surprise, she puckered her lips and stretched to reach me, but I had to stoop down for her even to get close. I wasn't sure whether she meant to kiss me on the mouth or cheek, so I just aimed for her mouth to see what she'd do. We had a nice brief kiss, and Katy told me that she thought maybe she could sleep some more now too.

The next morning, she and I shared lots of looks and knowing smiles at breakfast. I know my wife suspected nothing, and her husband was generally clueless anyway, so I don't think he had any idea. After eating, my family piled back into the car and set off for our original destination. As we said goodbye at their door, Katy gave me a nice warm hug and said we should come back soon. I could hardly wait!

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