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Christmas Treat


James was jubilant. It had been a great game, the lead had changed hands several times, but they had beaten the team at the top of the table 24-19. Not only that, but James had scored a try, which was quite rare for a number 8, chosen more for his size and strength than his speed. But nonetheless, he had gathered the ball, thrown off a couple of tackles, and sprinted a good twenty or more metres to the line, all six foot five, and seventeen stone of him. It had turned out to be the winning try, and when his pal Jeremy converted, the other side were just unable to come back. A great cheer had gone up from the crowd when the final whistle sounded. What a way to finish the last game before Christmas, the last game of the year.

The whole team were there in the clubhouse celebrating. It was not like the old days when his father had played hooker for the very same club, when everyone would drink themselves silly after a match, as the whole thing was taken rather more seriously these days, and with drink driving laws as they are, then the drinking was more subdued.

However, it was the day before Christmas, and it wasn't every day you beat the top team, so that night most of them were really going for it, having arranged for wives and girlfriends to run them home later.

James was unattached, a not unusual situation for him, as he changed his women so frequently, but he knew there were a lot of spare girls there that night, and one of them was sure to run him home if he asked, and so he joined in the drinking, downing pints quite happily with the others.

However, as was his way, he did keep an eye on the 'talent' in the club, most of whom he knew, many of whom he had been out with. There were a few new girls, but the only ones he fancied were really a bit too young for him.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted someone really special. He put down his pint and looked round at her. "Wow." He thought. "She is gorgeous. Why haven't I spotted her before."

He stared at her, catching glimpses as she threaded her way through the crowd in their general direction, at last nudging his mates and saying, " Christ you lot, look at this one coming over."

Most of them ignored him, as they were used to him fancying anything that wore a skirt. Or a dress, or shorts, or whatever really, as long as it was female and at least passably attractive, so nobody returned his comment, or even looked round for that matter, more interested in deciding whose round it was next.

James however continued to look at the girl approaching, really liking what he was seeing. Blonde, down to her shoulders, slim, long legs, good boobs, and lovely face with a lovely smile and big, bright blue, wide-awake eyes. His perfection. She could have been designed to fit his dreams, and he couldn't believe he had never clocked her before. She must be new in the club, in the area even; as there were very few pretty girls in this town that James hadn't at least tried his hand with.

" Christ almighty." He whispered under his breath, " What has she got on?"

Not too much by the look of it. A skimpy, filmy, tiny short mini skirt, that that wouldn't have been out of place on a ballerina, and the top hardly covering her breasts. Both items were in a silky white colour, that went perfectly with the slight tan of her skin.

James felt his mouth going dry, and a distinct stirring down below.

He'd seen a few scantily dressed girls in the night clubs locally, made a point of searching them out even, but maybe nothing quite as stunning as this before. And in the rugby club! And, he couldn't understand why, but nobody seemed to be taking any notice of her. A girl like that would normally get so many looks, and dressed like that --- well who knows?

As she got even closer, James's pulse rate rocketed.

" Bloody hell!" He said aloud. " That outfit is almost see-through. I can make out her boobs, nipples and all."

At this, his pals took a sudden interest. James may have been girl crazy, to the point where even his mates got fed up with him, but if he'd spotted a girl showing her tits off, then they certainly didn't want to miss that. After all, it wasn't impossible, and only last month one girl had drunk too much and stripped off in the middle of the club, only being stopped by her husband as she was pulling her panties down, deciding that enough was enough.

To a man, they all looked round in the direction James was staring, searching for the elusive half naked woman he had spotted, hoping for a Christmas treat.

"Look. Look." He encouraged them, but they all stared with blank looks on their faces.

" All I can see is the Ice Maiden, and she's never shown anyone her tits." Remarked Jeremy, obvious disappointment in his voice.

" You're barmy." Said Ted at last.

" More likely drunk." Countered Alf, who had been with James on boozing trips more often than the others.

"No look at her. Look at her. She's bloody gorgeous. Look at them tits for Christ's sake."

" Oh piss off James you idiot." Responded Alf again.

" He's pissed again. Seeing them when he can't find a real one." Added Mike, a bit of a womanizer himself, though not of course in James's league.

They all turned round, back to their conversation, disappointed they weren't going to be treated to another girl flashing her body, convinced their pal had started the festivities early and drunk too much already.

" If he could hold his drink like he holds a rugby ball, then he'd be better off." Joked Jeremy.

" And if he could catch the ball like he grabbed that Kathy's boobs the other week, then we'd win all the time." Added another, making everyone laugh, referring to an event with yet another of James's women that had amused them all a week or so before.

James continued to stare at the beautiful apparition that had almost reached him, wondering if he was going bonkers. Maybe that bang on the head in the last scrum had been more serious than he'd thought. He just couldn't believe it was the drink making him imagine this little darling, not with boobs swaying around so naturally like that, hardly hidden by that flimsy white top.

" Ah! I've got it." He thought. " It's a joke, a set up, she's some sort of stripo-gram girl they've arranged." But inside he knew it couldn't be true. Girls like this one simply didn't exist in real life. Not in this grungy town anyway. And in any case, everyone would be looking at her, not ignoring her, as they all seemed to be.

" Hi James." Came the tinkling of a girlish voice, breaking into his thoughts as he tried blinking rapidly, to make her disappear from his imagination.

" God, I`m hearing things too." He thought to himself.

" No your not." She said lightly. " I'm really here just for you."

" But you're gorgeous," stuttered James, " You're.....You're.......Well you're sort of...........Bloody hell your tits are absolutely fantastic."

" Shut up" James, shouted three or four of his pals in unison.

" You're bloody women mad." Added another. " Sober up you silly sod!"

James continued to stare openmouthed at the beautiful vision in front of him, but took in his friend's comments. It must have been that bang on the head as there couldn't be a rational explanation, was all that he could think.

" They can't see me. Only you can." The lovely explained, not making any sense at all.

James's complaint that he didn't understand, resulted in someone throwing an empty drinks can at him, which he hardly noticed at all.

" They can't see me because I'm a fairy." The girl continued, " Your Christmas fairy."

James's eyes widened even further. " My Christmas fairy. How can I have a fairy? I really am going bonkers." And with those thoughts, he put his hand to his head, to check out the bump that he knew to be there.

" Don't worry, It'll be OK. Just a little knock." The tinkling voice informed him.

James looked at the girl, his fairy, again, studying her in detail, not an unpleasant thing to do at all. For the first time he noticed her shoes, silver, with straps, and huge high heels that must have been difficult to walk in properly.

" Do you like them? They were designed for you specially so I hope you do." She said noticing his interest in her footwear, and holding her leg up for him to admire them more closely. " They're not the easiest things to walk in, but I'm not planning on hiking up the Andes on this job, so it's worth it for the effect."

" Do you often hike up the Andes then." Asked James, more out of something to say than out of any real interest.

" No, not often, but that's where I was last Christmas." She replied off-handily, as if it was the sort of thing she did quite regularly, making James decide not to pursue that line of conversation. He preferred to concentrate on the sight of her shapely firm breasts, gently heaving up and down beautifully as she breathed, and hardly hidden by the thin, fine material of her top.

" But what about...." Was as far as he got, before his pals started shouting at him, telling to shut up, stop messing about, sober up or whatever.

" I think we'd better pop outside, or your pals will think you are potty." Laughed the fairy, smiling at him encouragingly, secretly enjoying his discomfort, but in a nice sort of way.

James nodded his agreement, turned to his friends, and told them he was just popping outside for some fresh air, which to a man they agreed was a good idea.

" Don't come back till you sober up." Tim shouted as he walked off, and they all laughed at their drunken friend's antics again.

The Christmas fairy led the way, and James was astonished now that he had stood up, at quite how tiny she really was. No more than four foot four or so from top to bottom, but perfectly formed nonetheless, especially perhaps the top and the bottom.

And it was her bottom that he was transfixed with, as he followed her through the crowd, the tiny dress not even fully covering the lovely cheeks of her bum, as it wriggled wonderfully from side to side as she maneuvered her way to the back door on her silver high heels.

He simply couldn't resist it. What man could have?

James leant forward, and reached down to squeeze that tantalizing bottom with his right hand.

But he felt nothing. He could see his hand on her bum, he could mould it round that lovely smooth cheek, but he felt nothing. Nothing at all. There was nothing there, just thin air.

" Hey you!" the fairy cried out, jumping in surprise, before turning round with a fiery expression on her face. " You can look, but I didn't say you could touch. Just you watch it."

James was dumbstruck, but snatched his hand away as ordered, shakily stuttering to her, " I didn't. At least there was nothing there."

The fairy stood her ground, all four foot four of her, looking quite scary for such a petite pretty little thing.

" I'm sorry." Said James at last. " OK so I did, but I couldn't feel anything at all."

" Well of course you can't you idiot, but I can, and your hand on my bum is not on the script for this job. I knew wearing this outfit would be a mistake. I should have worn that chain mail like I first planned."

An image of the beautiful little fairy, in a suit of chain mail, with nothing else on underneath, flashed through his mind. The strength of the image, and the broad smile on his face was sufficient for the fairy to work out his thoughts.

" Well maybe not." She said, changing her mind, trying, but substantially failing, to put out of her own mind quite how pleasant the feel of his hand on her almost bare bottom had actually been.

She spun dramatically on her heels, and carried on for the door, before the man human could spot through her flimsy top, quite how hard her nipples had become.

Once outside, she led him right round the back. It was pitch black, and the temperature not more than four or five degrees, but strangely James felt no cold, despite being in only his shirtsleeves. He could see her as well, quite clearly, in a mysterious creamy sort of light, which did nothing to hide quite how exquisite she was.

"I suppose you want to know what this is all about." She asked, getting down to business.

" No hurry." He replied, which was not what she expected at all. Most of her humans had been desperate to find out, if only so that they could dismiss it as rubbish, so James's reaction was quite a surprise. Then she noticed again, quite how he was looking at her, and realized that her chosen 'vis-form' had been perhaps even more effective than she had estimated. Maybe she should have chosen something a little less extreme, but too late now, too late to start again.

" You're not interested at all?" she demanded.

" Oh very interested?" he replied, and reached forward to put his arm round her waist.

" Stop that!" she cried out, wriggling out of his embrace. " Stop it at once." But James caught her with both hands, unable to feel anything at all, judging just by sight alone, delighted to discover that she couldn't actually escape or dematerialize or anything like that.

" Stop it. You Mustn't. "The little fairy cried again, unable to suppress a giggle as she did so. " They told me you were like this, but I didn't expect you to try it out on me." Her laughter, and sexily little giggles giving him little reason to obey her orders to stop.

He pulled her towards himself, lifting her right off her feet, and held her against his chest, still unable to feel a thing, but delighting in her proximity.

The little fairy huffed and puffed, and pretended to complain, but couldn't stop giggling, couldn't stop letting out little sighs as experiences totally new to her sent shivers down her spine.

It was only when he started to explore her firm young breasts that she remembered her place, remembered her mission, telling him that he really, really must stop.

James first stroked the tips of his fingers over the roundness of her breast, feeling or at least sort of sensing the hardness of her erect nipple through the flimsy top, but puzzling how to proceed further, when he discovered that no matter what he tried, he could not brush that material away to expose her fully naked to his eyes. He couldn't feel the flimsy top, couldn't get hold of it, and he couldn't remove it. It was all most frustrating.

"You've really got to stop now." She repeated, " Or else I'll.....I'll......I'll turn you into a frog! I will, I'll turn you into a frog."

" Can you do that?" James asked, releasing his grip just a little, in as far as he could judge that is of course, just in case.

" Of course I can. Don't you know anything." The little fairy said sternly, with more confidence than she really felt. The last time she had tried it, the human had disappeared and turned up two centuries later in a solar system over a hundred million light years away, but she didn't want James to know that.

James released her and set her down gently, quite getting the hang of handling her without any sense of touch.

"Alors! He said, with a reasonable accent, Je suis une grenioulle, quelle surprise."

" A frog." She reiterated. " A big green one that jumps. Not a Frenchman you fool."

" But Frenchman are very sexy, and you make me feel very sexy." James announced theatrically, gesticulating in typical Gallic fashion.

" Not all of them. My friend Val has a Frenchman and he's awful. Not sexy at all." Spat out the little fairy, remembering the problems her pal was having at that moment, much worse than she was experiencing herself.

James looked at her in surprise. " Your friend Val. Is she a Christmas fairy as well?" he asked, it suddenly occurring to him that there might be other creatures around as wonderful as the one in front of him.

" Of course, but not a very happy one at the moment. She's got problems, but I'm not allowed to discuss them with you. It's banned."

James nodded, accepting the delicacy of the situation, but then asked. " If she's got a name, then have you? Or are you just my little fairy, full stop?"

She laughed out loud. This was proving so much more fun than she had ever imagined, so much better than the last one. And of course, England was so much more pleasant to be in than Siberia, even a town in Bedfordshire.

" You are silly. You really don't know anything at all do you?" the little fairy said between her giggles of mirth. " All fairies have names, and mine is Matilda. It always has been, and always will be." And she stood looking at him, wondering what he would think of that.

" Very nice. Matilda, yes very nice." He confirmed, trying to sound genuine despite not actually being over-keen on her name.

They stared at one another, each waiting for the other to say something, till Matilda took the lead, accepting that she would have to bring this all to a conclusion, despite the fun she was having.

" You have reached the third highest level of existence, and went in the Christmas draw for the wishing well. You came fifth, but that's not bad out of two hundred billion, so you're a winner, and I'm here to sort it all out for you." She seriously reported to him, and stood there awaiting his reaction.

His reaction threw her again. This human really was a bit different from the norm.

" Third highest level?" He demanded, sounding a little upset. Us humans are top of the tree, the highest form of life. It's well documented, been on TV, I've read it in the papers, and my rugby team has just beaten Queens. How can we be only the third highest level?"

Matida shrugged her lovely little fairy shoulders, causing James to sigh with pleasure as her shapely breasts bounced around in front of eyes.

"Don't tell me you haven't read 'Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy' she asked, resigned to him saying he hadn't, despite it having been released specifically for that purpose.

" Golly. Hitch hikers. Ford Prefect and all that stuff." James burst out in total surprise." It can't be true surely. Not dolphins and mice. Please tell me it's not true."

" Matilda shrugged her shoulders again, a habit of hers, which again made her breasts bounce wonderfully as before. James looked at them with a silly smile on his face, stared at them till they steadied down, till her hard nipples stopped moving, and then nodded, effectively accepting a new world order on behalf of all mankind without any form of serious complaint.

" So what's the Christmas wishing well then? Do I get three wishes, anything I want?" the now bemused chap asked.

Matilda laughed at him; a musical little fairy laugh that sent more shivers down his spine.

"Silly. That's a fairy tale, not what fairy's really do now." She chastised him, " Nobody gets three wishes these days, not since the fairy liberation movement got the government to rule in their new rights." She giggled again, amused by his naivety, before going on. " You only get one wish now, that's all. So you had better make the most of it, OK?" The little fairy stood back, and gave time for all this to sink into James's simple human brain. A mouse would have understood her much quicker, and a dolphin..........Well you can't tell them anything can you. She waited patiently for his thoughts, wondering what he would wish for, probably money or fame or something like that. These humans were just so predictable. Above all she hoped he didn't wish for something complicated, which could be misunderstood. All her fairy friends still teased her about the poor chap who had wished for a bird with long legs and a tight pussy, and the unfortunate error she had made.

So she was quite surprised, quite shocked even, but perhaps not disappointed when James looked at her straight in the eye, and gave her his decision.

"I've made my mind up." He stated solemnly. " What I would wish for is to be able to touch you. To feel you properly, like a real live girl would feel."

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