tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 01

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 01

byDeckard Kincaid©

Shortly after having started her new job at the hospital, which recently had been acquired by the Raelians, the powerful religious sect whose teachings Darla was supposed to have learned as part of her new job at the Raelian owned hospital, she met Pierre, a recently divorced general practitioner whom had recently been recruited by the Raelians to train new interns. Pierre was a very kind, shy and gentle man, who truly was enchanted with Darla after having met her at their orientation session at the hospital, despite their large age difference, with he being 43 and she only 20. However, after several weeks of meeting for lunch, and despite his shyness and apparent lingering pain as a result of his recent divorce, Pierre finally gathered the nerve to ask Darla out to dinner.

However, prior to their first date, Darla had yet to learn about the Raelian sect's religious practices. All that Darla knew was that the Raelians were not Christian, and were somewhat like the church of Scientology. In fact the Raelians were a sect devoted to the worship of sex. According to the little that could be found on the Internet, the Raelians believed that humans were created by ancient pleasure gods from a distant star. However, despite the sect's large financial wealth, the members of the sect practiced extreme secrecy, and the only known members were those former members who had made outrageous claims against the sect as being a pornographic cult devoted to bizarre sexual practices and rituals (a fact that had escaped Darla's notice since she never took the time to learn about her new employer and benefactor). In reality, the claims of the former members was true, for the cult had its roots during the era of free love, and became a financial powerhouse due to its investments in and the porn industry.

The sect's teachings involved numerous sexual practices, one of which was the 'initiation' of young female recruits at select sites, mainly gyms, where selected females would be seduced and subsequently injected with an ancient African sexual potion called "Mahala." Of the more bizarre rituals for female members was the legendary mating ritual, whereby the female recruit signifies her devotion to the church by giving herself sexually to a genetically modified horse at the sect's secret headquarters high in the mountains of northern Quebec in front of hundreds of spectators. The sect also practices ritual tattooing including the branding of all new members with the sects secret brand on their left buttock.

For the next several weeks Darla and Pierre continued to see one another; however, Darla was becoming frustrated that he would not so much as kiss her. It also bothered her that he had never spoken about why his two marriages ended in divorce. After the fourth date, Darla called her god mother Sofia and asked her for some advice. The advice Sofia gave her god daughter was simple- "seduce him." Sofia then went on to tell Darla that she would need to be the one to make the first move, and not be afraid of being more than a little slutty, but not before playing hard to get. Lastly, Sofia told Darla to start reading the advice columns and stories at Literotica.com so that she could broaden her mind and learn what it was that really excited men. According to Sofia, the stories there would definitely inspire her to reach for the heights of erotic fulfillment

The Friday night that she and Pierre finally consummated their relationship was a special one indeed, and it would also be a night that would signal the beginning of Darla's incredible erotic journey to the deepest reaches of the Dark Continent.

As Pierre and Darla strolled hand in hand into Old Quebec City down the Grand Allie through the Port Saint Louis into the old walled city, Pierre told Darla that he loved this city more than any other place on earth. As they walked around the romantic cobble stoned streets, he commented that in all his 48 years, both as a child and as an adult, including all of the years he had spent away at medical school, no place was so much like home for him as Quebec City, and it was at home where he truly believed that he belonged. As she laid her head on Pierre's shoulder, after they stopped to gaze at the Chateau Fronteac, Darla noted that, unlike Montreal, Quebec City had an open friendliness, a slower pace of life, and there was always time for "bonjour ca va" (hi how are you) even to the stranger as they entered the shops, or walked by others on the streets. The French charm of the city, Pierre remarked to her, was uniquely its own, not Canadian not Parisian, but Quebecois, and that despite the province's latest threat of succession, he loved it all.

Later that evening after a romantic candlelight dinner and dancing to the smooth sounds of jazz at the outdoor festival, Darla and Pierre took a taxi back to her apartment. After the two of them entered her small three room flat. She casually slipped off her blazer, scarf, and undid the top button of her blouse.

"Pierre, I'll make the coffee."

"Would you make a fire?"


"Every thing you need is right by the fireplace," she said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Pierre then built the fire. The sounds of coffee being made floated to him from the kitchen.

Darla returned with two steaming cups of coffee. She had kicked off her shoes and had taken off her stockings.

It had taken Pierre sometime to find every thing for the fire and open the flew. He had just laid the match to the fire when she came in with the coffee. He almost burnt himself. Frozen for a moment by this picture of loveliness silently padding in on bare feet.

Darla set the coffee down and sat on the small love seat and patted the place beside her. It was here where she would make her move.

He took the seat feeling comfortable at her nearness, but he never got the chance to get comfortable, as Darla, who was by now more than ready to make love, gently kissed him, and before he could say anything or react, she softly placed a finger on his lips to silence any possible protests. Then, with the seductive movements of a cat she straddled his legs undoing his tie and opening his shirt to the waist. She lowered her head to his hairy chest slowly pulling at the hair with her teeth. Darla tongue flicked across his left nipple sending a shock through him that caused a very noticeable bulge in his crotch, as a low moan escaped his lips.

Darla then ground her crotch into that bulge and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Pierre fought to breath as their tongues entwined. Passion coursed through him as she stood up and motioned for him to follow her. Once in the bedroom, Darla raised his hands to her breasts, while she ran her hands down to his ass. As they stood in front of the open window, Pierre, with trembling fingers, undid the buttons of her blouse as he pulled it from her skirt, while she slipped his shirt from his shoulders, as they slowly stripped each other until he stood in his boxer's and she in her sheer lace bra and panties.

Darla broke their kiss and slowly stepped back so they where an arms distance apart, but not before Pierre momentarily plummeted form the towers of passion back to reality. What had he been thinking of, she was not of the faith and he was nearly twice her age. Most importantly, his years of sexual addiction, as well as his love of the Raelian art of group sexual meditation, had nearly destroyed his medical practice, and thus forced him into rehabilitation. However, here he was, just a month out of rehab, in the arms of the most beautiful woman that he had ever had the pleasure of being with, who was now seducing him. As he gazed at her lovely semi-innocent eyes, which he knew, because of his addiction, would eventually shed tears once his sexual addiction consumed him like heroin, his mind wrestled with the decision as to whether he should stay, or should flee like a frightened bird.

Darla saw the confusion and hesitation in Pierre's eyes. She had never seen him as a frighten little bird ready to take flight, but always as a soaring hawk. Darla knew she must act quickly so that the hawk would soar and before the little bird took flight. She undid the clasp in the front of her bra letting it slip from her. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties she slid them down her silken legs playfully tossing them away with her foot. Quickly she stepped into him brushing his lips with a kiss. She trailed kisses down his body pausing briefly to run her tongue around his navel. Slowly she went to her knees trailing her kisses lower still. As she pulled down his boxers and pooled them around his ankles, she noticed the strange looking tattoo of six pointed star tattoo on his left buttock, which, when she asked later, Pierre said that he would explain its meaning in "due time." She then cupped his cock and balls in her hands, kissed them, licked them, tongued them, and then slowly drew his cock into her mouth.

Pierre could feel his cock growing, pulsating as she ran her tongue up and down his cock, sucking teasing, and encouraging him. The pressure building in his balls for release and fulfillment was the greatest joy and pain he had ever experienced. It took a power and self-control he never knew he had not to cum in her mouth but to slowly withdraw his cock from her warm succulent mouth, as he sank to his knees. His legs had turned to butter as he guided her to the carpet to lay beside this sensual creature he hardly knew. He brushed her lips with a tender kiss. His hands played over her body light as a butterfly tickling teasing, searching for ways to bring her pleasure.

His kisses floated over Darla's body, teasing her nipples, brushing across her belly. To the velvet softness of her inner thighs, down her legs to her calves, to her feet, then back up again to just behind her knee. Higher still they went till they reached her soft bush. There was no need to spread her legs. She lay there with them open, inviting. An invitation he could no longer refuse. He parted her soft and inviting lips moist with her passion, licking, sucking, tonguing, his tongue flicking across her hard little clit, then nipping it teasing it.

As Pierre orally pleasured her, Darla thrust her hips forward to meet Pierre's probing tongue. Her body stiffened. Her back arched. She pulled his face into her with her hands as she came, moans and screams of passion escaping from her parched lips. However, Pierre could wait no longer, for as he inhaled the sweet smell of Darla's musk, he immediately relapsed and his addiction took him over full throttle. As he slid up her body, he kissed Darla again deeply with all the addictive passion he now felt. Darla's hand soon guided his cock to her waiting pussy, as Pierre entered her slowly at first with deep long penetrating strokes, slowly picking up speed, with each stroke deeper harder than the last. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Pulling him into her, meeting each stroke with a passion to match his. They quickly came together with such a joy and passion as his body and her's had not recently known.

On that first night of making love to her new boyfriend Darla came with such a force that she cried and her hands and arms went numb. They fucked for nearly 40 minutes and afterward they took a nice hot shower together. And then, for the next hour they fucked and sucked again like wild animals, until finally, as sweat dripped off their bodies, they collapsed together in each other's arms, as the firelight was reflected off their naked bodies.

Holding each other close unwilling to let this moment pass Darla and Pierre drifted off to sleep. The following night Darla decided to wear a tight black teddy that she had been saving shortly after she and Pierre had first met. While her boyfriend awaited her to come out of the bedroom she stood naked in front of the full-length mirror and admired her red haired pussy and firm tits. Her mind raced with kinky images since, ever since she had taken Sofia's advice and logged on to Literotica.com, all Darla could do was think of kinky sex, especially when she was working at the hospital, which always reminded her of her first erotic experience. However, the stories on the web site were the ultimate aphrodisiac, since it only took one story to get her hands in motion, exploring first her tits and then her dripping pussy. The stories she read had often aroused her so much that she had to cover her mouth as her right hand fingered her clit and forced her to cum. Now here she was, on the verge of revealing her dark sexual side, reading the latest kinky tale, while Pierre impatiently waited outside her bedroom door.

After sitting at her computer and reading a story of a submissive woman being introduced to the world of exhibitionism and sexual slavery, Darla was ready to fuck, as sweat covered her breasts she forced her self to recover and slipped into her black bra and panties. As Darla slipped on the the bra her breasts, the g-string dug deep into her cunt, which caused her to bite on her knuckle to stifle a low moan. When she looked in the mirror her fiery red hair accented perfectly the black tight bra and g-string, along with her matching black stiletto heels.

Darla then walked out of the bedroom and walked up to her sex addicted boyfriend and kissed him deeply. She then looked at him and begged "please fuck me and make me your slut." She then led him into the bedroom, laid him down on the bed and pulled his hard cock out. She sucked on him for 30 minutes until he grabbed her hair forcefully and ordered her to swallow, as he streamed his cum down her throat. Darla then took charge as she sucked him dry, until Pierre was weak in the knees, and then kissed got on top of him and kissed him full on the lips with her semen coated tongue. For her it had been way to long since she had savored the taste of a man's cum, and she vowed to herself then that she would never go hungry for it again. She then got off of Perrier and pulled out a bottle of baby oil and proceeded to pump his cock back to life. While she pumped, Darla began taking dirty and explaining what her Literotica.com inspired fantasies were, among which was a gang bang at a gym.

"As you can tell I have so many fantasies" she started, "and I want you to help me fulfill everyone of them! Ever since we started dating I have been hooked on this erotica web site that has made me imagine all sorts of things. Since I met you all I have wanted is to be your whore and plaything."

Pierre was floored at Darla's revelation, and he smiled with the knowledge that she would be an easy convert to the Raelian religion, for it was in the teachings of Rael that he learned just how wonderful sex and fantasy fulfillment could be. As Pierre closed his eyes, Darla continued, "My first fantasy I want to fulfill," she said as she massaged his balls "is to be fucked in front of my bedroom window with the light so the tenants across the parking lot can watch!"

With those words Pierre got up, and stripped off his clothes, and took charge of the situation. He then ordered Darla to goto the bedroom, turn the lights down low and open the curtains, as he told her he would be coming soon, after which he stepped into the living room, and then picked up his cell phone and dialed. When the caller picked up, Pierre whispered into the phone and said, "if you look out your window right now I believe that I have found a potential recruit for our Africa mission," and then hung up. As she awaited Pierre, Darla was on all fours on the bed.

When Pierre entered the room, Darla begged him to "put your cock in me now and leave my teddy on. I feel so sexy wearing leather, lace and latex. Just sink your cock into me and then fuck me until I pass out! When you cum again I want you to do it all over my face!" With those words, Pierre, who by now was consumed with addictive lust, pulled her g-string aside and began licking her pussy and asshole, as Darla squealed with delight as his tongue probed her pink rosebud. His tongue was wet with her pussy juice as he licked her clit and then spread her wet pink folds apart and ate her inner most cunt. He then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back kissing her full on the lips. The taste of her own juices sent a shiver down her spine as she wondered if other women tasted the same.

Pierre then startled Darla by slapping her cheeks with both hands, causing Darla to yelp in pleasure as his hands stung her creamy white ass. He struck her so hard that it forced her hands and face to be smashed against the window. All she could see outside was the darkness that covered the apartment complex and then thought about all of the faceless men and women who might be watching her getting thoroughly fucked. Sweat soon started rolling of Darla's skin as Pierre's cock entered her pussy. He then grabbed her firm tits and pulled them out of her teddy, pulled her close and said, "I want everyone out there to see just how magnificent those tits of yours are!" As Pierre said those words, Darla could sense a change in his personality.

Pierre then slowly worked his cock in and out of her as she pressed her sweaty tits against the glass. After 10 minutes of intense doggie style fucking Darla began screaming that she was cumming and collapsed on the bed convulsing. Her boyfriend then pulled out of her and turned her over and placed her head on the end of the bed. He then grabbed her head and began dick slapping her before he stuck his cock deep down her willing throat, as she diddled her wet clit and tugged her g-string up her pussy.

After several minutes he pulled out and aimed his spurting cum toward her lips. She then grabbed his cock and used it to spread his cum all over her face and then rubbed some all over her tits. He then grabbed the curtain and lowered it and shut off the bright light. She got up and stripped out of her teddy and heels and pulled down the bed sheets. She then went over and turned the air conditioner down to 60 degrees and led him into bed. She cuddled him and held his flaccid cock firm as they both drifted off to sleep.

During the night Darla had trouble sleeping because her mind was filled with erotic visions and her pussy was still wet, though sore, from the fucking it had just received. As she slept her hands drifted down to her muff and dipped her fingers deep inside her cunt. She drew them out and tasted her own juice and smeared the rest all over her face and nipples. She finally fell asleep, but was up early the next day to make breakfast. Meanwhile, Pierre, who was half awake, decided that since his little Philly was more open-minded than he had ever dreamed, decided to call his friends at the gym where he knew he could always go to be with his fellow Raelians, who, like him, also shared his dangerous addiction.

As Darla waited for Pierre to fully wake up she turned on her computer and checked her e-mail. The only message was from the hospital that said, "Hi Darla, I am watching you. By the Way Nice Tits! You were magnificent last night as your boyfriend fucked you from behind. Maybe someday I can give you a special examination!" Darla stared blankly at the screen in shock as she recognized the last part of the e-mail address, which was the same as hers at the hospital. Who was it that sent this message? It sounded like it was someone from the hospital, but who? She knew only a few men and women personally, but none of them she knew had her e-mail address.

However, as she sat and looked over at her sleeping lover, Darla's mind went back to her brief interlude last year with the mysterious cowboy on the train. Yet, instead of making her scared, the thought of a mysterious and sexy admirer and stalker actually made her pussy wet, as she looked at and turned her attention turned to the Raelian brochures on her desk, and read more about the topic of sexual meditation. As she read over the material, her pussy got even wetter thinking about a threesome. To bad her Aunt Sofia had left so soon for Paris. Maybe there was someone local she could make contact with.

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