tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 10

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 10

byDeckard Kincaid©

The next day, after Shelly had left, it was time for Darla and Sofia to say goodbye. Their time together had been very brief, but Sofia promised her young protege that they would soon each other again. Finally, after one last lovemaking session, they bid each other adieu. For the next several days, Darla's life seemingly returned to a more normal routine. After Sofia had left, Isabella and Bruno, as well as Louis and Lola, also left town in order to attend a Raelian retreat in Calgary. Meanwhile Shelly had been assigned as the supervisor of the neo natal section at the hospital, which the Raelians had just acquired. As for Darla's stalker, Dr. Anderson, had been arrested and taken in for questioning after a bootleg copy of Darla's exam was sent, by Pierre from his new home in Germania, to the provincial police sex crimes unit.

The reason Pierre sent the police a copy of the tape, under a cloak of anonymity, was because Dr. Anderson had betrayed Pierre, not by his exam of Darla, but rather because, after he had left Canada, Pierre learned from Nurse Bebe, that the dirty doctor had planned on a second exam, whereupon he was going to drug her and then sell her to the Russian mafia. Once in the clutches of the Russian mafia, Darla would be forced into living the life an unwilling sex slave in Asia. The arrival of the tape, and the quiet arrest of Dr. Anderson, was never revealed or known by Darla. Instead, Darla was heading down another road to sexual slavery; however, on this road, she was far from an unwilling participant.

Meanwhile, back at Mombassa's apartment, he and Theodore were busying themselves with their approved plans to bring Darla and Shelly to Kukuanaland, where they would be put to work in a remote army field hospital, as well as provide sexual services to Mombassa's men. However, before such a bold plan could move forward, Mombassa needed to inject both women with an ancient African sex potion known as Mahala. Once both Shelly and Darla were under the spell of Mahala, he would then administer a number of other Raelian designed drugs into their bodies. By the time each woman was finished, their body clocks would stop, and simultaneously they would be forever protected from all of the jungle diseases that Kukuanaland was known for. After the drugs were administered to their bodies, both women would be returned to their beds in the middle of the night. The next morning they would awaken and see and feel noticeable differences in the size and firmness of their breasts, as well as the tightness of their pussies. The drugs that Mombassa and his men planned on injecting in both women would forever stop the aging process, and in turn make all of their future sexual experiences feel like their first. The genetically altered Mahala was especially designed to make white women sexually insatiable.

Mombassa's plan was straightforward, all of the men, in teams of four, who were with the girls at the Oreo Club, just several nights before, would go to each girls apartment, and then, once each of them arrived home alone, the men were to blindfold, gag, and gently rape each of the women. Afterward, under cover of darkness that were to kidnap and take them to a secluded area, on Raelian property, near the banks of a river, and then string their lithe bodies up from a tree and take turns raping them, until the arrival of the medical team, after which the administering of the Mahala and the other drugs into their bodies would begin. Mombassa then instructed his men to go to the Army surplus store and buy all of the needed supplies such as a large tent and plenty of military grade rope. In addition, just days before the planned capture and drugging of the women, the drugs, which were needed to reverse the aging process and prevent any infectious diseases, arrived safely from a clinic in Paris.

Several days later, and just a few days before she had to return to the hospital, where she was going to be working under Shelly's direction of the neo-natal unit, after a late night workout at the gym, Darla returned home and turned on the lights in the living room. However, just as suddenly as the lights went on, the lights suddenly went out, and with no windows the room was pitch black. Darla turned to head back towards the door but she wasn't sure where it was.

Then suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands on her body, which caused her, in fear, to squirm away but they pushed her down. Darla couldn't tell how many but she felt at least three pairs of hands on her body. She was flat on her back with someone holding her arms down. She then tried to kick but someone else had a hold of her legs, as she felt a blindfold being tightly wound around her head, but not before she could catch a glimpse of the men, all of whom were towering over her and whose faces were hidden by gas masks.

Darla then she felt another pair of hands undoing her shorts and pulling them down her legs. The hands grasping her calves released one at a time so that the shorts could be removed. next she felt hands slide under T-shirt and grope her firm, round tits through her bra. She tried to scream but another hand clamped over her mouth. Another hand slid over her naked thigh and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She tried to ignore it, but her body betrayed her and her juices began to flow. She heard muffled whispers between her attackers and thought she heard one of them say she was getting wet. Then she heard one of them call her slut before her T-shirt was ripped from her body. Darla then went stiff with shock, unable to protest as she felt her bra being undone and stripped from her body. Then what seemed like dozens of hands were groping and fondling her tits. Her nipples were growing harder by the second and her labia were starting to open as she felt hands pulling her panties down.

Darla was now completely naked. With her sexual excitement of the rape betraying her, she felt her legs being spread, and then she felt something probing at her pussy. Then suddenly Darla felt a hard cock penetrate her and slide deep into her liquid center. The cock then started pumping vigorously in and out of her tight cunt and she began to moan through her gag. Then she felt another hard prick slide between her tits, while her globes were squeezed around the fat cock that began to slide back and forth.

Darla's pussy was now clenching around the cock inside as she was being driven towards orgasm. However, before she climaxed, she felt a gush of hot sperm rush into her cunt and then the cock was pulled out but was soon replaced by another which quickly brought to her orgasm. She screamed through her gag as her body trembled and her orgasm rippled through her naked body. Suddenly she felt something land on her face. The cock fucking her tits had erupted spewing its load all over her face and chest. As with her pussy once the cock between her tits was withdrawn another quickly replaced it.

After a few more minutes Darla's gag was removed and was replaced with another shaft of meat which she was ordered to suck. The second cock erupted inside her cunt and was removed, but not replaced. When the cock between her tits was spent it was also removed but not replaced. She then finished the cock in her mouth swallowing its great load of cum even though it made her gag. Darla then thought they might be through with her body but that hope was shattered as her gag was replaced and she was rolled onto her stomach.

A pair of hands grabbed Darla's hips and pulled them up into the air. Her thighs were spread and she felt the head of another cock pressing against the entrance to her anus. She screamed in pain and pleasure as the fat head of the lubricated cock stretched her ass and slipped inside. Unfortunately the gag muffled her screams to little more than whimpers. Her eyes began to tear as the shaft of the cock slowly violated her ass and sank deeper inside. Finally it bottomed out and slowly was pulled back so that only the head remained inside. Then it started pumping in and out, slowly at first, but quicker with each thrust. Her screams of pain had quieted and were now replaced with low moans of pleasure as her body adjusted to the stiff rod penetrating her ass hole. Then her head was lifted form the floor, her gag removed, and a cock was placed in her mouth which she dutifully went down on.

Darla soon felt her orgasm building slowly within her cunt as the cock now slid easily in and out of her anus. Meanwhile, the cock in her mouth was thick and salty and she thought she caught a hint of her own juices on it which turned her on even more. She lifted one of her hands to help stroke it as she tickled the head with her tongue, quickly bringing it off and giving her another load of warm cream to swallow. At the same time the cock in her ass seemed to grow a bit thicker until finally then it released its load deep within her. The hot cream splattering inside her anus sent her over the edge and she squeezed as tight as she could around the cock still fucking her ass. Her body broke out in a sweat and she began thrusting her hips back against the intruder as she desperately tried to intensify her orgasm. After several minutes her trembling stopped and she felt the cock slide out of her anus.

She screamed and was quickly gagged by a leather glove containing one very strong and muscular hand. She then heard the mystery man, with a familiar French-African accent say "We've been watching you tonight and waiting. If you scream I'll break your neck and if you run I'll shoot you. Now lie still as I bind and gag you." Darla stayed silent as the man tied cord around her hands and feet and bound them together. He then placed a hood over her head and tied it close. Once her attacker was finished he motioned to the others to put her clothes back on, and then to get dressed and roll Darla up in the carpeting. Once she was rolled up, the men picked her and the carpeting up and walked out to the van.

For the next hour, Darla moaned in fear from the back of the van. The rape she had just experienced had been both sexually exciting and fulfilling, but now, as the van rolled along to parts unknown, Darla sensed danger, which only served to excite her pussy even more. Finally, after having survived the bumpy roads, the van stopped, and the men unrolled her from the carpeting and then effortlessly carried Darla's petrified body the 100 feet to the camp and then set her down. Finally one of the familiar voices asked, "are we ready?" To which another familiar voice replied, "yes, but only after we tie her up and then cut off her clothes."

Darla was sweating with fear as she suddenly felt her arms and legs being hoisted, arching her body forward so that her limbs were spread eagle behind her. Darla didn't know if she was about to breathe her last breath, and as her breathing became more difficult as she felt the ropes became tighter and strained her body in every direction. She then heard another familiar male voice say "that's enough she is in no position to resist us now." Her blindfold was then taken off and she saw two gas masked men in black with knives attached to their legs.

Darla, then instinctively moaned for help, but was instantly slapped and told to shut up. She then saw the two masked men remove their hunter knives and drew them to her. She trembled as the men shredded her clothes and threw them to the dirt. They cut her bra off exposing her full and luscious breasts that heaved up and down in fear. After her clothes were fully removed one of the men began applying a liquid form of natural Mahala all over her struggling body until the entire spray pump container was emptied. After the liquid Mahala was applied, the other masked man then blindfolded her again. After she was blindfolded, the men then decided to let their captive feel the cold steel of their knives, just like Mombassa had done to her, by pressing the cold steel against every sensitive part of her body. As the knives traced her breasts, Darla's nipples became harder and more sensitive to the cold sharp steel, which she knew could take her life at any moment.

Finally one of the men shredded the thong that guarded her pussy and ran the knife lightly over her clit, lips and asshole. The light touch of the knife was making her very wet against her wishes. As the two men traced her body simultaneously with the knives every sexually nerve in her body clicked on and the juices began to flow. The attacker then removed his gas mask and smelled her pussy juices, after which he gently stuck his rubber coated finger up her twat and slid his digits easily in. He then turned his knife around and began slowly fucking her with the handle. As Darla moaned in pleasure, the other attacker came around her, spread her cheeks apart and began licking her bunghole. For the next hour the men never fucked her, but teased her in a way that only made her wanting more, bringing her to the brink at least 70 times, and then withdrew before she could go over the erotic edge.

The attackers assaulted and pleasured Darla's body relentlessly, but for her the frustration of not being able to orgasm was becoming almost too much for her to bear. These unknown men who had planned her capture so brilliantly were now raping her again, under the stars, but for some reason her body and mind was responding in pleasure not fear. She knew now that normal sex for her would never do, and that her body was an instrument that any man or woman could easily dominate and control. Darla had now become a slave to sex and loved the feeling of being at the mercy of her attackers. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Darla went over the erotic edge and passed out from an earth shattering orgasm that she willed from the bottom of her soul after nearly a whole evening of endless pleasure and torture. After she had passed out, Mombassa removed his mask, and then took from his medical first aid kit a syringe that contained enough tranquilizer to place his captive in the deepest of sleep.

As Darla slept, Mombassa's men covered her body in more Mahala, so that their captive's pores would be saturated with the legendary love potion. Days earlier, Darla and Shelly were Mombassa's first subjects, on whom he had given the African love potion, the first time they had met at the Oreo Club. When the women were not looking he poured the potion in their drinks. Less than 24 hours later, the potion had turned each of the women into complete sex addicts.

After Darla was lowered from the tree, Mombassa's men carried her over to a tent that was filled with the fumes of Mahala. Inside the tent Mombassa and his men were already busy working over Shelly's naked body and injecting her body with a myriad of ancient and modern pharmaceuticals. As an added precaution, to protect the men from the intoxicating and eye burning fumes of the Mahala, Mombassa and his men all wore protective chemical masks to keep them from ingesting and getting high on the invisible gaseous aphrodisiac. Hours later, after each woman was completely injected with the breast growth hormones, anti-aging drugs, and dose after dose of Mahala, the women were taken back, before sunrise, to their apartments, and placed into their beds, where, when they woke up, all they would remember was the intense erotic dreams of being raped and molested by men in chemical gas masks.

In that dream, Darla would recall seeing before her over 15 men in camouflage and gas masks standing in silence around her naked vulnerable body. As her eyes adjusted several uniformed figures with whips approached and stood in front of her. One of the men then produced a very large syringe and injected it into Darla's tight buttocks, as the others began slowly and roughly caressing her tender skin, with there leather gloves. Soon the flow of her juices welling deep inside of her body increased, as she succumbed and savored the pain and pleasure that was now being inflicted upon her, as her eyesight dimmed, and she slipped back into her dreamy erotic state...

Among the most vivid erotic images Darla later recalled, was the dream of the snake. In that dream, Darla found herself naked and laid out on a beach where there was a shadow at the water's edge.

Darla's heart missed a beat as her mind registered a presence, right there on the beach. It was as if her dream had come alive -- the beast of legend, and of her fantasy, sat just out of the water, sizing her up. Darla froze. Her eyes, now wide in disbelief, took in the shape of it. Long and fat, with a bulbous head, which even in the dim twilight she could tell was a deep shade of purple, the serpent bore an unmistakable resemblance to a large, erect penis.

It moved. Just a shudder, at first. Darla's heart pounded in her chest as she realized that the beast had come for her, and here she was, naked, laid out on the beach like some virginal sacrifice to appease the dragon's desire. The serpent's head swayed, and then the beast began to approach her. There could be no doubt where it was heading. Darla's legs twitched at the thought of its scaly surface on her skin. But though she wanted to get up and run as fast as she could, as far away from the creature as possible, she found she couldn't move. Fear -- or fascination -- held her captive, and she could do nothing as the fabled serpent moved ever closer.

She could smell it now; a musky scent wafted up to her nostrils -- not unpleasant, but its effect was instant. Darla's pulse quickened, her legs began to quiver in anticipation of the creature's touch, and with a gasp she realized that she was far from dry between her thighs. Soon the serpent was almost upon her as pebbles clinked as the beast slithered over them, and two tiny eyes blinked amid the scales covering its large head, at the front of which a shiny, needle-like tongue flicked from its dark slit of a mouth. The beast swayed, lifting its head above the obstruction of her foot. Darla wanted to withdraw that foot, to jump up, to run. But the beast had her in its gaze, and it ignored her shriek as it moved its reptilian body across her ankle.

It was clear where the serpent was aiming. It slithered over her shin, homing in on the intimate junction of her splayed legs. She cried out as the creature's body slipped upwards against her inner thigh, its scales rubbing her soft skin in pulsing waves. Darla bit her lip and tried to control her trembling as the beast raised its bulbous head, its thin, forked tongue tasting her scent in the air. That bloated, purple head, so like some others she had been glad to know -- but larger and more engorged -- now lowered, and advanced on her. She stiffened, waiting for the creature's ultimate touch, the final invasion, as its tongue flicked out, which in turned made Darla shudder, as she felt the tiny touch slip between the folds of her swollen sex, making her widen her legs, inviting the creature into her.

The serpent pressed its head against the cleft of her entrance, flicking its tongue inside her. The sensation of that quick, delicate exploration made her twitch, and as the serpent's head began to slide into her, its scales traversing her wet flesh, Darla cried out in unexpected delight. This was something incredible. The beast's long body snaked along her leg, its tiny feet paddling her thighs as it maneuvered its absurdly phallic head within her, thrusting deep, withdrawing, and plunging deeper still, each movement sending shivers of pure pleasure through her stimulated membranes. With each push, the creature's tongue explored her innards, flicking out, extending to all parts of her intimate interior. The serpent, intent on its purpose, paid no heed to Darla's repeated cries. She arched her back, gasping for breath as the pleasure built, each thrust of the beast's bulbous head sending her to ever increasing levels of delight.

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