Chrysander's Mate


Chrysander saw Alec's retreat and remorse immediately filled him. He'd acted like a youngling at his first year of warrior training. He hadn't meant to frighten the little guy and he cursed his lack of control over his temper. Running a frustrated hand through silky indigo tresses, Chrysander straightened and forced himself to meet wary honey orbs.

"I'm... sorry for frightening you. It was unforgivable. I'm supposed to protect you, not frighten you."

The remorse etched into Chrysander's expression made Alec's heart clench. He didn't like seeing the older man suffer and sought to reassure him. "You didn't scare me I was just... startled that's all."

Chrysander searched Alec's gaze for several silent moments before nodding. "All right, then let us speak of why I've been summoned. My grandmother tells me Earth is in grave danger?"

As soon as Chrysander finished speaking, silence fell. Animals surrounding the couple stilled and a cold chill traveled on the wind, malevolence tainting the atmosphere. The sky darkened, muting all light. The hairs on the back of Chrysander's neck rose and he instinctively placed himself in front of Alec, the need to protect a driving force.

The wind quickened and the malicious aura drew closer. Chrysander drew his sword and studied his surroundings. Animals scampered into the forest, seeking protection. The cougar let out a blood-curdling scream and leapt in front of Chrysander as a fierce tornado suddenly formed and rushed toward the protective warrior.

Alec screamed in denial when the fierce winds swept the courageous cat into the swirling vortex. "I am of the earth and you will not harm innocents!"

Picturing a prison strong enough to contain the deadly twister, Alec slammed his palms onto the ground and thick, sturdy wood sprang from beneath the ground, rushing toward the sky to encircle and surround the unnatural fury.

Simultaneously, a branch separated from the bunch and moved into the forest, a hissing cougar in its grip. Chrysander spared a moment and looked down at Alec in admiration. The little guy had serious skills.

Sinister laughter floated on the wind.

Alec's eyes widened as the prison bulged and cracks formed in the wood. Water began seeping through. Sweat beaded Alec's brow and breathing became difficult as he strained to keep the wood from splintering.

"That wood's not gonna hold. Can you use something stronger to hold it?" Chrysander asked.

"Not enough... time. Easier... to... use... what's... available... than... conjure." Every word cost precious strength as Alec felt himself losing the battle.

Chrysander growled in frustration as he watched the look of strain on Alec's face. He'd opened all of his senses and he still wasn't able to pinpoint the enemy. He could feel the foul taint in the atmosphere but the fierce winds made pinpointing the exact location almost impossible.

You will not remain hidden from me! Narrowing his gaze, Chrysander sheathed his sword and held his right palm forward. "Come to me and grant me thy wisdom," he petitioned.

The familiar tingle followed by a wave of warmth and love surrounded him. He gave a savage smile of satisfaction as a small portal of swirling water appeared. Triumph surged through him as a blue and silver trident with a shimmering sapphire jeweled in the hilt flew into his hand from the quickly vanishing portal.

Now the real fun could begin.

Their opponent had not come to them in its corporeal form so Chrysander knew his sword would be useless in a fight against magic. To be able to wield this much magic without being present— their enemy was very powerful and Chrysander would do whatever it took to keep his charge safe.

Roaring a fierce battle cry, Chrysander slammed the hilt of his trident into the ground at the same time as the wood surrounding the tornado splintered with an audible crack. Instead of raging winds sweeping over them, a huge wave of water rushed toward them with dangerous intent.

Chrysander laughed in anticipation.

He allowed the water to come within inches of them and then aimed his trident toward the water. Just as they would have been swept away, the trident began absorbing the flood, soaking up every drop.

"Return to whence you came," Chrysander commanded, his voice roaring with authority, slamming the trident into the earth once more.

Alec gaped in astonishment as he watched the scene before him. He'd thought the warrior was beautiful before, but now, glowing with power and silver sparks swirling in the lavender orbs, he was glorious.

An infuriated shriek rent the air as Chrysander slammed the trident into the ground a second time. There was a booming crack of thunder followed by a brilliant flash of lightning. The earth stilled once again, a disconcerting silence left in the wake of that awful screeching. The clouds parted and beaming rays of sunshine bathed the weary soldiers in a golden light. Animals came out of their hiding places and resumed their normal activities.

Chrysander looked down at a wide-eyed Alec and gave him a reassuring smile. "It's over."

"For the time being," Alec whispered, shivering. The demon was so strong and already he'd gained the air and water elements. If he gained fire and earth...

Chrysander pulled the unresisting form into a firm hug, trying to offer as much heat and comfort as he could. "He was just testing our defenses today. He must have learned that I had arrived and wanted to see what he was up against."

The redhead nodded and tightened his grip around his anchor. "I knew Kestro would be powerful, but I never dreamed..."

"We will defeat our enemy. I am the most powerful Water Nymph of my grandmother's guards, how could we possibly lose?" Alec smiled at the arrogance in Chrysander's tone. He felt the tension fading from his body and he squeezed the narrow waist in thanks before taking a step back and releasing his hold.

"Grandmother? Do you mean...?" Alec's eyes widened in surprise.

Chrysander laughed. "Yup good ole' Gaia is my granny."

Chrysander's laugh was infectious and Alec found himself laughing with the nymph. "Wow. I didn't see that one coming. So what's it like having a goddess for a grandmother?" Curiosity burned bright.

Chrysander shrugged. "Never really thought about it. She wasn't a goddess to me— she was just my grandmother. Someone who baked me chocolate chip cookies and hugged me when my parents couldn't be bothered."

Alec nodded, heart constricting. He knew all too well what that was like. Hoping to lighten the mood, Alec changed the subject. "You're a nymph, huh? Shouldn't you be off somewhere having sex instead of warring?" Alec teased.

A seductive chuckle rumbled in Chrysander's chest. "Is that an offer?"

Yes! Alec's mind shouted. "Um no, I don't think so," Alec said audibly, unnerved by how tempted he was to say yes.

"'You don't know'? Do you require assistance to come to a decision?" Chrysander eyed Alec like a hawk, the intensity arousing and unsettling at the same time.

Alec moaned when he realized he'd taken a step closer to the alluring nymph. Desperate, Alec steered the discussion back to its original track. "I knew this would be a difficult battle when Gaia warned me I was in danger, but I guess I didn't realize how powerful our enemy would be. Next time he won't have a chance to get away."

Pride shown brightly in Chrysander's eyes as he nodded approval and Alec felt a warm glow in his heart. "We need to find a way to draw his corporeal body into the battle. It is the only way Kestro can be defeated."

A rosy blush marked Alec's cheeks at the loud rumble of protest from his stomach and Chrysander threw his head back, laughter ringing throughout the forest as the rest of the tension drained away.

"Perhaps we should go and get something to eat before planning any major battles?" Chrysander teased with a raised brow.

The color on Alec's cheeks deepened even as he nodded. "Performing magic drains me of energy and I'm always hungry afterward."

Chrysander nodded in understanding. "There should be a restaurant around here somewhere. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready," Alec confirmed.

"I used a portal to get here so we'll travel together."

Alec rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Of course we will." Chrysander laughed and slapped Alec on the shoulder, leading the way out of the forest.


"Would you like to get a room?" Alec drawled.

"No need to go to any trouble, your car or the alley in back will do just fine," Chrysander answered absently, never taking his gaze from the blonde sitting at the counter in front of them.

The male was watching him intently, his pink tongue slipping out and slowly licking his lips. Chrysander frowned when his body didn't respond to the blatant invitation. He was a nymph! His body was always interested in sex!

Impatient fingers tapped on the counter and Chrysander fought to contain his smile as he cut his eyes to his companion. His dick hardened in interest as amber eyes shot him looks of displeasure. A predatory gleam appeared in lavender orbs as Chrysander accepted the inevitable. The blonde shivered in arousal from the warrior's look, certain he wouldn't be leaving the establishment alone. Instantly dismissing the blonde, Chrysander sat back to rile his redhead further.

Alec was mad as hell, his gaze promising Chrysander a swift death. "What was that about my car?" His tone resonated with untold dangers.

"It would make the perfect place for a quick fuck, wouldn't you agree?" Chrysander turned his gaze back to Alec, barely suppressing his laughter as he waited for the fireworks to begin.

He was not disappointed.

Anger exploded through Alec and his fingers clenched as he fought the urge to bury his fist in Chrysander's face. He ignored the niggling voice in the back of his mind telling him it was another emotion driving him. He was not jealous! He simply did not want that overgrown ass having sex in his car with that nasty slut at the counter. Alec turned his head and met the skank's eyes. The bitch smirked and ran a hungry gaze over Chrysander.


Alec's control slipped a fraction.

A low rumble sounded in the distance. Silverware rattled slightly on the table. The amusement abruptly left Chrysander and he took a closer look at Alec. Sitting forward he grabbed Alec's hand, squeezing to gain his attention. There was a wild gleam in his eyes and Chrysander swore he saw a predator staring possessively back at him "Alec, if you don't gain control of yourself, you're going to cause a major earthquake."

Alec didn't visibly respond for a few moments, and then he took several deep breaths, his gaze returning to normal as the tremors faded. An embarrassed blush covered Alec's cheeks and he lowered his head, peeking shyly up at Chrysander through the mop of red curls.

Chrysander sucked in a sharp breath, his jeans becoming uncomfortably tight at the heady look of seductive innocence from Alec. "Keep looking at me like that and I'll have you bent over this table in front of everyone," Chrysander said, voice rough with unslaked lust.

"Would that be so bad?" Alec purred. Alec's eyes widened as he realized what he'd just said.

Was he really flirting with a guy he'd met only hours before and thinking seriously of going to bed with him? Chrysander shifted, muscles rippling sensuously. Alec's mouth watered as all the blood in his head traveled south.

Everything within Chrysander stilled as he scented Alec's arousal. His vision tunneled and hands trembled as he fought the most intense compulsion to drag Alec across the table and claim what was so freely offered.

Anticipation hummed through Alec, every nerve ending becoming highly sensitive. His nipples beaded and breathing became difficult as heat spread like wildfire throughout his body. Could he do this? Have sex with someone he didn't know even if the male was the sexiest guy he'd ever laid eyes on? Yes, yes I can. Oh wow I feel like the shallowest person on the face of the planet! Alec laughed softly to himself. But being shallow was going to feel so good.

Alec banged his head onto the table a couple of times as he fought the urge to laugh hysterically. He couldn't believe he was arguing with himself the pros and cons of sleeping with a nymph.

"Alec, are you all right?" Chrysander asked, concern etched in every part of his body.

Alec gave Chrysander a sickly smile. "I'm fine, this is just uncharted waters."

Chrysander's concern deepened. "Are you a virgin? Because if you are--?"

"I'm not a virgin. It's just... I don't know how to handle casual sex. I don't know what to expect." The last was whispered in shame as Alec's gaze returned to the table; certain Chrysander would think he wasn't worth the hassle.

"Hey, whatever this is... its not casual sex. From here on out, there will be no others—for either of us." The determined glint in his eye eased Alec's fears and he smiled in relief.

"Good," Alec murmured and licked his lips. He fought off a blush and prayed he looked seductive rather than foolish. He sighed in relief when Chrysander yelled for the check, grabbed his hand and pulled him from the table.

Alec turned an evil eye to the slut-bitch when they passed by his table, allowing a spark of his power to show. "Try it and die," he hissed when the tramp reached out a hand toward Chrysander. The man's face paled and he jerked his hand back, swiveling around in his seat to flick imaginary lint off his shoulder.

Chrysander looked down at Alec and shook his head mournfully as he opened the car door. "What would my grandmother say if she knew you were using your powers for evil?"

Alec fought a grin. "She'd thank me because I saved that man from a night of boredom."

Chrysander's eyes widened in surprise and then he burst out laughing. "I'm going to enjoy making you... suck those words," he purred, voice rough with lust.

Alec stumbled as heat exploded through him. Chrysander reached out and grabbed Alec's hips to steady him. Alec's breathing quickened when Chrysander brought his body flush with his. Wrapping his arms around Alec's waist, Chrysander leaned down and nibbled his ear.

Alec moaned softly in encouragement and tilted his head, inviting further play. Chrysander planted soft, heated kisses down Alec's neck before he sucked gently, needing to leave his mark. The quiet mewling sounds coming from Alec was driving him to distraction, making his cock throb painfully.

A haze washed over Alec's mind when he felt the hard length of Chrysander's erection press into his ass. Alec whimpered as need threatened to overwhelm him. There was a roaring in his ears and his cock already slick with pre-cum ached for relief. Chrysander suddenly spun him around and pressed his back against the car door. Placing both hands on either side of Alec, Chrysander swooped down and captured the petal soft lips in a hungry kiss.

Both men moaned aloud at the first taste. Alec's knees buckled as Chrysander's tongue swept demandingly into his mouth, finding and subduing his. The kiss turned wetter, hotter and Alec's mind fogged as passion blazed out of control.

Alec whimpered as his jeans rubbed the sensitive head of his cock and he pressed closer to Chrysander, seeking relief. Chrysander growled and pressed closer to Alec. His big body shuddered in ecstasy when Alec wiggled against him and he clenched his fists, fighting for control. Breathing harshly, he broke the devastating kiss and fought the overwhelming urge to throw Alec into the back seat and release some of their pent up frustration.

Eyes closed and lost in passion, Alec groaned and tried to recapture Chrysander's lips. He'd never lost control or felt such pleasure in his life and he wanted to experience it again. Alec grunted in displeasure when those succulent lips remained elusive and opened his eyes. Chrysander's eyes were blazing and he looked as if he wanted to throw him down and take him on the first available surface. Alec shivered as he pictured Chrysander taking him from behind with savage, brutal strokes.

Alec stepped closer, needing to make that vision reality. Chrysander groaned and stepped backward. "Drive. Now," he gritted out, going to the passenger side.

Alec nodded shakily and dropped into his seat, knees buckling. He sat for a second breathing deeply as he tried to stop his hands from trembling.

Chrysander reached over and covered Alec's hand, gaining his attention. "The faster you get us to your place, the sooner we finish what we started."

Alec broke every speed limit going home.


The drive home had been tense and filled with anticipation and now Alec stood in front of his door with the key in the lock and Chrysander's tongue down his throat. They hadn't gone more than three steps before he had grabbed Alec and pulled him into his arms for a deep, bruising kiss. The slight edge of pain when Chrysander nipped at his lip only heightened the pleasure suffusing his entire body.

Chrysander reached around Alec and struggled to open the door, unwilling to relinquish the most powerful kiss he'd ever experienced. Guiding Alec inside, Chrysander kicked the door closed and spun them around so that Alec's back was against it.

Kissing his way down Alec's neck, Chrysander grabbed the small hands resting on his shoulders and pulled them high above his head, anchoring them with one arm. He pressed a knee between slightly spread legs and deeply palmed the soft globes of his ass, kneading the supple flesh.

Alec's head fell back as he surrendered to the burning hunger thundering through him. His lungs struggled for breath as he rode the hard length of Chrysander's thigh. The pleasure was incredible but it wasn't enough and he sobbed in frustration. "Need," pant, "more."

Growling, Chrysander released Alec's hands and tore his shirt off. Leaving a trail of blazing kisses down his chest, Chrysander lightly circled a sensitive nub with the tip of his tongue. Alec groaned when moist heat surrounded the cinnamon nipple. Each suckle seemed to have a direct link to his aching cock as it jerked with every sensation, the head leaking profusely.

Alec's hands instinctively grabbed fistfuls of the soft blue hair as he rocked his hips, needing to cum. Chrysander reached down and slowly unzipped the tight jeans, reaching inside to skim the heated length.

Alec screamed at the touch. His body locked up and his sole being focused on those talented hands gently drawing his throbbing length out of its confining space and ridding him of his pants. Chrysander leaned forward and kissed him deeply, his thumb slowly circling the sensitive slit.

"You have a beautiful cock Alec. Will you allow me to suck it?" Chrysander's voice had deepened in timbre, become sexier.

Oh god! The mental image almost caused Alec to spill and he gasped, fighting for control. His control shattered when Chrysander dropped to his knees. The sight of the mighty warrior on his knees leaning forward to pleasure him was almost too much to bear. Chrysander leaned forward and licked the excessive juices dribbling down the rosy hued cock before licking back up and sucking the sensitive head into his mouth. The slightly tangy taste made his mouth water for more and he suckled, drawing the length deeper inside the moist cavern.

His hands on Chrysander's shoulders were the only things holding Alec upright as pleasure coursed through him. The intensity of the feelings left him shattered and he could do nothing to stop his release as Chrysander deep-throated him. Knees trembling uncontrollably, Alec could do nothing as Chrysander lovingly cleaned him before standing up and sweeping him into his arms.

"Bedroom. Now," he commanded and Alec gave him directions, too sated to take exception to the overbearing tone.

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